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About blogging… I saw a post with TSK last week, and it worried me. It stated that too much posting is not good. Well, I’m guilty. Here’s what I try to do when I can keep it up: first, I like to record thoughts on some biblical text (I’m a Bible teacher, after all). Second, I try to have a more “let’s think together” series going on when I can come up with an idea. Some work; some don’t. Third, I’m usually doing a book review for those who’d like someone else to tell them what’s in a book they might not be able to read. And, fourth, I like to have something light and fun and personal. I don’t always get all this up, but I think I’m in trouble with the TSK.
Our good brother up in Grand Rapids, Ted Gossard, tells a nice story. One we can all benefit from.
I won’t tell you where this is from, but if caring what others think of you and caring about the wrong things gets to you, then you just might need to check out J.. M…… I don’t know if this dear brother knows this, but he’s got the soul of an Orthodox priest, and that’s a high compliment for me.
1. This was a big week for “Emergent,” or should I now call it “Emergent Village.” I simply couldn’t manage getting up to Solomon’s Porch and Minnesota for the events with my busy writing schedule this month. At any rate, glad to see Jamie Arpin-Ricci posted about it and here’s his second post. (Tony, on that picture. Here’s all I’ll say: when you are 45, that picture will still be your mug shot for publicity. I’ve got some that are now about 20 years old.)
2. Wisdom from a NT specialist who urges us all to begin thinking outside our narrow fields: Mark Goodacre. Hope you check it out.
3. One of our fellow bloggers, Karen Spears Zacharias, had a nice piece in the NYT. Good for you, Karen!
4. Brian McLaren has a lengthy post about learning to live above the line. I must say that Brian does better at this than most of us.
5. On tattoos. More than I thought. I learned this week that some think the word “Scot” was originally a Scottish word for “tattoo.”
6. An excellent link to add to your blogroll: Apollos. It has good articles on Bible and Philosophy/Theology (the pieces on atonement are good ones to read). (HT: John Sabatino)
7. Good for Dan Kimball’s Vintage Church.
8. I’m willing to bet money that I sang “Puff the Magic Dragon” 1000x as a 5th grader. Thanks to Peter, Paul, and Mary. I wonder if you young emergers have even heard of that never-gonna-get-any-better song?
9. Len Hj…. has a nice post on post-Christendom hermeneutics.
1. Wrigley Field, this year at least, is for pitchers who seem to be having a farewell year before the fire sale. Let’s see where we are: Prior and Wood on the disabled pitch: a pitching staff decimated. Derrek Lee on the DL: the heart of the order decimated. And now, Thursday, I see that Michael Barrett hurt his back. It’s time for the Bears.
2. My apologies to all Minne-SOt-ans and Canadians from the bottom of my heart: The other day I saw the Oilers were playing the Hurricanes and I thought it was an early pre-season football game in Texas.
3. Here’s a summary from the Chicago Tribune. Catcher gets plunked twice; Ozzie Guillen wants his pitcher to retaliate; he doesn’t; pitcher sent back to minor leagues. Only in the American League does such nonsense occur. In the Big Leagures (=NL), pitchers bat and that means retaliation has its limits. Tribune article: Catcher A.J. Pierzynski is hit twice by Texas pitcher Vicente Padilla. Guillen pulls rookie pitcher Sean Tracey after Tracey fails to retaliate on two inside pitches to Rangers slugger Hank Blalock, who eventually grounds out. Tracey clears out his locker stall and is optioned to Triple-A Charlotte.
4. All I can say about Tiger Woods is that I feel bad for him all around.

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