Jesus Creed

Peter Rollins has written what I predict will be a firestorm of a book — no one will agree with all of it, most will find challenging insights, and everyone will be brought to the table for a passionate discussion. The book runs a mad dash from the borderline brilliant to the most challenging suggestions I’ve read in some time. Here’s a brief summary of the first half of How (Not) to Speak of God, which is about theology (the second half about praxis — it is creative and emotive and very emerging and controversial):
“This understanding [of the emerging theological movement] includes a rediscovery of ideas such as: concealment as an aspect of revelation; God as hyper-present; the affirmation of doubt; the place of silence; religious desire as part of faith; Christian discourse as a/theological; God-talk as iconic; a recognition of journey and becoming; truth as soteriological event; and orthodoxy as a way of believing in the right way” (73).

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