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On the news last night I heard that VP Cheney and his wife made 8.8 million last year, and gave away to charity almost 7 million. CNN Story. Congrats to the VP!
Story of a young man as told by Jim Martin, and then get to his main page and read the one about learning about grace.
World Magazine has a good piece on immigration, and it ends with this: “What’s called for, more than anything, is a different tone. And it’s hard to think of a tone more helpful, more creative, more constructive, more tenderhearted, than the voice that says: “Don’t be harsh with these aliens. Whenever you’re tempted that way, just remember that you too used to be one yourself.” ” (HT: Dave Anderson, my blog builder)
1. Kudos to TSK for his fair response to Chuck Colson.
2. Peeping Marko.
3. Fr. Rob has a splendid, simple, plain English explanation of the Gospel of Judas.
4. P.E. ought to be required at all levels of education.
5. Gospel of Judas fun: John Frye found it, or talked to the guy who reportedly found it — discoveries are like that. The RCC Gospel of Skip and Muffy.
6. I do lots of books on this blog, and it is always nice to see the authors offer comments. Carmen Butcher did this week, and she adds to the book with a nice link.
7. I want to be told that Steve McCoy’s picture of this tractor is unedited; man, are the colors cool on this one.
On the Master’s: Good for Phil, and good for the young kid who got second. I’d love to play Augusta National, but I don’t know how one can hit it so long, so straight, and then have the nerves for rock-hard greens that never give away their secrets. I would love to play #16, and I imagine hitting a light cut to shape it into that green, landing softly and then (in my case) probably dribbling back into the water. And maybe, with some luck, I’d hit it over to the left so I could try Tiger’s famous shot.
The Cubs: as some of you may know, our son Lukas, was drafted by the Cubs and played five summers in their organization (Mesa, Boise, Lansing, Daytona, Jackson, TN). His rookie year he roomed with the #1 pick of the Cubs, Luis Montanez. We went to Spring Training Luke’s second year, and the new hot prospect, playing the same position as Luis, was Ronnie Cedeno. I saw him play that Spring, and it was exciting to watch as he seemed to take over the whole infield with range. Then we watched him climb his way into the Bigs, where he is now playing splendidly for the Cubs at SS.

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