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Blog of the week: Hamo’s got a great one on a problem with youth ministry — front doors are busy but so also are the back doors! I don’t know the stats, but I’d like to hear from those who do.
Greg Mutch, at Too Mutch, has a vulnerable post about learning about the faces of forgiveness.
A compliment from the one who deserves the compliments. Tall Skinny Kiwi.
1. If you haven’t read Karen Spears Zacharias, I hope you will. Her daughter married a man with the unenviable family name of “Sinner” and Karen calls him “The Sinner.” Read the latest installment.
2. Global warming warning — this is serious.
3. Online prayer and healing: read this post by Dan Brennan. Dan points out that God is spirit, that God’s presence can take place through IM prayers, and that internet relationships have that unusual balance of both intimacy and distance that can create space for genuine honesty to do some healing.
4. This piece by David Fitch deserves more than a mention here; it deserves the conversation that has already begun at his site. What will an emerging theology look like?
5. What do you think about profanity? Read this piece.
6. Happy Birthday to Apple! Makers of the finest computers and the iPod.
China Dolls on DL.

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