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Here’s an update on Bob Robinson. Keep praying for Bob.
Hello, all. Today is Sunday, March 5. Linda gave me an update to pass along. The doctors are hoping to get Bob off the vent (trach) and onto a smaller one. If he can pass a swallowing test, he may be able to skip the insertion of the stomach feeding tube and begin taking in nourishment the normal way. They are trying things to test his readiness for these things and it is difficult and unsettling because he has to relearn and reawaken his muscles. He also is very nauseous, possibly from medication. He was able to whisper some today, but couldn’t work on that for long because of feeling so sick. Bob did very well today sitting up and the nurse was happy with his progress. It wore him out, though.
Linda said she thinks Bob is realizing the seriousness of his condition and has fear about all that has happened and must happen in recovery. Please pray that he can:
1) Be off the vent
2) Pass the swallowing test
3) Relax and be motivated and calm in the next steps of recovery
4) Receive strength and comfort from Linda’s presence and feel peace

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