Jesus Creed

Joe Thorn gets my top billing this week: excellent post on how to talk about one another. The Ninth Commandment. (HT: Steve McCoy)
But Bob should get it too.
1. An Islamic televangelist of mercy, grace and coexistence. Nice story and good pic.
2. One of my favorite writers is Flannery O’Connor, and she went to Georgia College and State University, and now they have lectures on iPods — Flannery rolled in her grave on that one. Ever read her brilliant essay on peacocks?
3. Nice summary of Scott Smith’s book by Alan Hartung.
4. Now that I look like David Crowder, and now that I know Dan Kimball, I can link to Dan’s time with David.
5. Emerging: What difference does it make? Check out Ryan Bolger.
6. Be careful little blogs what you blog.
7. Stephen Shields has a wonderful post about the cost of information. He details how he can now get S. Lewis Johnson’s tapes so easily online — well, that got me to thinking of my friendship with Lewis Johnson (who was a great golfer). We had many nice chats in his office, as we shared an office at TEDS at one time. As a student at TEDS, I one time tried to persuade him that the author of Hebrews was an Arminian and that another passage in 2 Corinthians taught a Calvinistic view — he said I was “confused” in his southerndrawl.
8. Bono’s everywhere, and he’s taught Steve Taylor, a kiwi, some things about worship, and he’s got some nice things about offering God our musical passions.
9. Here, here Willzhead: on calling the church to live out the spirit of the beatitudes (I think they are the sorts of people, rather than virtues, but those folks had virtues that Jesus was characterizing as kingdom stuff).
10. I just saw Brad Bergfalk’s post about praying with some nuns — and if you read it, say a prayer for him.
11. Stopped into Jim Martin’s blog again and learned how to handle stressful days.

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