Jesus Creed

We’ve been traveling often this year, and that gives our Bichon Frise an opportunity to go to his favorite place: Marilee’s Bichon Bed & Breakfast. Sometimes Marilee has more than a handful of Bichons, and if you know anything about them, they are all alike — happy, intelligent, but not always cooperative. They love to sleep; they love to eat; and they love to play with one another with some of the most unusual moves. Here’s a picture of a bundle of Bichons:
Our Bichon, Webster (aka, Webby), is aging. Last week we were gone from Wednesday to Sunday, and weren’t able to pick up Webby until Monday morning. Webby was not only exhausted, but his hind legs were exhausted, too — so he didn’t want to jump up steps or run around. It has taken him two days to get his strength back. My take on his condition: if you take a senior citizen to Florida for a week, and ask him to play golf every day, and 36 holes a day or more, well, when they pull back into the home in the Midwest, there will likely be lots of naps. Webby’s been catchin’ up, I figure. Here’s a pic of our Bichon:

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