Jesus Creed

This is from Matt Robinson. Bob has taken a turn to the worse, and we need to pray now more than ever. Please pray for Bob and Linda and the kids.
Hi. Today is Tuesday, Feb. 7. Some of you received an update from Donna N. already today. I just talked to Linda. Please continue to pray for Bob Robinson and his family. This morning he took a turn for the worse. Linda gave me this update: Bob’s oxygen levels dropped a lot this AM and they checked him for blood clots and infections. He is back on full support of the machines because of this. His lungs are not functioning, so he is on 100 percent oxygen and has “acute respiratory distress syndrome.” The doctors are working to figure out why this is happening. Pray for wisdom and excellent judgment.
Please lift up Linda and the kids through this very difficult time. Visitors are still welcome — it helps Linda to have people praying and visiting.

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