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Good story of the week: HT to Bob Smietana.
New blog of the week I’ve found: Donn Johnson, formerly a Covenant pastor up in Minneapolis and now (feel sorry for him) in Santa Barbara, has a blog called “Jibstay.” Check out this post on rescuing seals — which doesn’t happen in Minneapolis.
I’ve been in San Diego hanging out with pastors and not had as much time for blogs of the week, but here are some I came across:
This explains it (Dan’s hair).
By the looks of it, I may be one of the very few in the Western world who does not yet have a cell phone. And the news about Blackberry, and I think it is a cell phone, makes me think some others might soon be joining me. My colleage, Boaz, has a Blackberry. Commuting time for me is not time for phone calls, but time for prayer and listening to Andrea Bocelli. When do those Blackberry folk do those things? Latest news is good for Blackberry owners, and I saw lots of them in San Diego.
Fr. Rob speaks for many who are priests in the Episcopal Church when he weighs in on why he is Episcopalian. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Join him in that conversation. It’s not quite a “Ask Father Rob” but getting there.
1. Kerry Doyal’s eulogy of his wife, Robin, and marriage. Good job Kerry. What did Robin think of this one?
2. So it is wheat and milk that makes McDonald’s fries what they are? What’s in the burger? Kris has an inborn GPS in her mind that detects if I go to McDonald’s, and my doctor has made his points with me.
3. I did not grow up Wesleyan, and am not Wesleyan today, but I’ve always found his reading a spiritual challenge. Thanks to Allan Bevere for including some of his quotations — and Wesley was a master with words.
4. Ode to worms.
5. The fellas , like Bonds and Sosa, who had help making muscles are starting to retire. I wonder why.
6. Marko does it again: great story of reconciliation.
7. Jim Martin and I had breakfast this week, and now I see this post of his and think it is an excellent reflection.
8. Joe Thorn’s picture is magnificent — reminds me of what it looked like in San Diego this week.
Probably many of us have watched some Winter Olympics; I like the competition of speed skating and the zaniness of flying downhill on skis at 60mph, but when judges are deciding winners, the sport is no longer sport but entertainment. For me, a rule for determining if something is a sport is that there has to be a ball involved.

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