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A question for you and I hope a brisk, informed conversation. But first a brief explanation. I have been hearing of late, from a variety of quarters, that more and more churches are starting “satellite campuses” and, in effect, “satelliting” […]

How can you tell if a prophet is true or false? Jesus has a very simple solution: “By their fruits you can recognize them” (Matthew 7:15-20). False prophets deceive in appearance but inwardly are ferocious wolves. Fruit, Jesus says, is […]

This, our second post on Jesus and homosexuality, begins our survey of the central themes of Jesus’ ethical/moral teachings, and asks how such a theme might shed light on our discussion. I think we can agree that there is no […]

The following story is from Becky. She sent this in on a previous post and I’ve asked her permission to re-use her story of God’s embracing grace that has the power and force to help each of us with our […]

There are, the famous opening lines of the Didache state, “two paths: one of life and one of death, and the difference between the two is great.” These were some of the lines I was asked to translate when I […]

Kris and I were at NorthBridge Church this morning, a wondrous new church in Antioch, IL. Mark and Michelle Albrecht are the pastoral leaders, and they have adopted a genuinely missional approach to gospel work. This was the first Sunday […]

Mark Roberts’ series in response to Bart Ehrman is very good, and anticipate a series I plan to do myself. I’ve linked to only one post in the series. 1. I really like my son’s post on Airports. I’ve been […]

I’m not saying Benedict XVI has read Jesus Creed, but his first encyclical is a very nice and clear presentation of a theological and biblical understanding of love and he gets it going with Jesus’ modification of the Shema. (HT: […]

There was a blog-fight about the Emergent S3K discussion, and here are some reports about what was said and responses: Ryan Bolger begins here. Any responses?

Some people, so I’m told, sleep soundly all night long. Others, and I know not the statistics for they do not change my life one bit, do not sleep soundly all night long. For about 45 years I slept soundly […]