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Rusty Peterman’s link to Ten Paradigm Shifts for impacting your community is my top blog discovery of the week. A .pdf link is provided. Or is it Stephen Shields‘ wise post about interfaith dialogue? Or is it Kerry Doyal’s story about justice turned into mercy? Thanks to each of you.
Right now, the coolest blog has got to be Brother Maynard’s: the images are nothing short of “way cool.” Jordon Cooper‘s got a new blogsite. Very nice.
A confirmation of the importance of relationship when doing theology; just read Tony Jones’ post about going to Southern Seminary.
1. I’ll be checking out this blog: Musings by Lauran (HT: Phil Sinitiere).
2. I met Michael and Angie Mangold last year, and am glad they are getting their story about their Down Syndrome son, Jon, into print. A White Rose for Jonathan is a story we all need to hear.
3. Turnabout is both a dance and a set of pictures.
4. Bob Robinson’s critique of James Dobson is good.
5. Attentiveness to now is what Jim Martin writes about through the eyes of Vera. She’s a new Veronica.
6. John Frye had a nice conversation about why people believe the DaVinci Code. I’ve got my own reasons, and some of John’s readers have weighed in — but I believe this is the most important question we need to be asking about this book and the upcoming movie.
7. Marko’s tired and has what he calls “no margin.” I think he means no time to relax, but folks in California have special terms for next to everything. They used to call their pickups “woodies” and now they call open parts in their schedule “margin”; I’m way out of date because I call that time “hanging loose.” Marko, my advice: tell some folk “no” and stay home, but I’m not sure how you’d say that. And another thing: doing an 11-part series, which exceeds my longwinded studies, is a way to wear a person down.
And, if you don’t stop at Brad Boydston’s blog occasionally, you’re missing a laid-back, dry-humored set of comments on random news items. A new lime green background, three columns, well… visit him.

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