Jesus Creed

This is getting to be a long series, but Matthew 10 is long and it is important to stick it out to see what Jesus has to say about missional work.
In our verses today, Matthew 10:26-33, there is a strong warning on Jesus’ part: fear God and don’t fear humans.
The point being that missional workers, regardless of what our vocation is (and I see teaching as missional and vocational and one where I find myself often plopped into liminality), is that we serve God — we follow Jesus in what we do. Which means the assaults of humans, as long as we following Jesus, can be deflected — even when they mean pain and suffering and insult.
Jesus calls us to confess him and he promises to call us by name in front of his Father.
To me this means the willingness to be a gospel missional person in both performance and proclamation, both in how I live and in what I say. When the former lags, the latter is hard, so I pray for God’s grace to sustain the former so the latter will partake in authenticity. Still, even as “earthen vessels” we are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.

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