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If you want to purchase a fountain pen, I’ll give you some tips. Unless you’re wealthy and can toss gobs of money into corners you may never again visit, I suggest that you get a good fountain pen catalog and look through it carefully. My recommendation is Fahrney’s Pens. Their online site is very good. Here is where to begin.
There is also a nice catalog to sort through at Levenger’s, but they sell all kinds of nice library and office stuff, so you can easily get distracted from the main business of getting a fountain pen.
Good, solid fountain pens are made by Waterman and Pelikan. I recommend using the converter option (or a piston filler) instead of cartridges, but I’m only partly telling the truth when I advise this for eco-principles. In fact, I like the act of filling pens from bottled ink. You can learn rather quickly how to use a converter. Over time you can acquire two or three (or more should you choose) and then get a stand or a case.
I use blue ink on vacations for no other reason than that I can see blue underlining and marks in my books and it takes me back to the vacation when I read it. Otherwise I use black ink. I always prefer fine nibs rather than medium or bold.
Once you buy from these folks, they’ll never forget your address so you’ll get catalogs that will keep you aware of their offerings. Without doubt, Fahrney’s pens has the best catalog. You’ll see pens that oil magnates can afford.

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