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Hello again!The real digging in with the final writing and editing process has clicked in for Take Care! It has really been incredible to work with not one, but TWO fantastic editors—a mother and daughter dynamic duo. The mom, Cathy, and I have been emailing back and forth between California and Pennsylvania. The daughter, Abby, has joined us as much as possible from a vacation at sea…from stops including Helsinki!The mission of the book: to help caregivers take care of themselves by erasing the barrier of perceived lack of time, is being validated by the experts I continue to interview for background information and tips.Just this week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Daniel Shade, director of the Allegheny General Hospital Sleep Disorder Center; and Dr. Randy Hebert, a hospice doctor, whose research has focused on caregiving, and the relationship between spirituality and medicine, among other things.In February of this year, Dr. Hebert was named the Medical Director of Forbes Hospice (the Hospice I worked with to take care of my mother-in-law).I video taped Dr. Hebert so you could hear some of his important talk for caregivers: The more that word of Take Care! filters out, the more stories from caregivers come in (please share your story with us, too). I’m hearing from people who really cover a wide caregiving spectrum…a young mother who’s running around taking care of toddlers and doesn’t have time to brush her teeth most mornings, let alone try to develop a regular self-care routine….a woman in her late 60’s with health issues of her own trying to take care of her 93-year-old mother…a woman in her 40’s who is frustrated trying to hold down job and family, while making 5-hour trips to check in on her sick father (and make sure her mom’s OK too)…and it goes on and on.Feeling that need continues to energize all of us working behind the scenes on this project. This week we’re nailing down the Introduction, where I’ve rounded up important facts and stats about caregivers for you, as well as my personal caregiver story, and some fantastic ten minute tips to get you in the right frame of mind to be willing to move forward and make taking care of yourself a priority.We’re also putting finishing touches on the chapter on Fitness. Wonderful new research supports the idea that you absolutely CAN achieve health benefits with ten minute workouts. The tips in this chapter give you great little action plans and the reasons behind why they will work for you. As I write in the book, “I’m not saying that one ten minute workout will get us ready in case Sports Illustrated calls and needs us for the cover of the next Swimsuit Edition, but a ten minute workout can definitely have you feeling calmer, stronger, and wanting more.”I have more interviews coming up, and I’m close to being able to tell you about a celebrity I’ve been talking with about Take Care! Check back soon for that.j.

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