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Why wasn't The Jay Leno Show successful?  

Jay_leno1 I watched Leno regularly on the Tonight show but not as much in his new times slot.  Actually, if I'm honest, I rarely watched a full episode of The Tonight Show, rather, I would watch the news and then tune in to see the monologue, headlines (on Monday nights), and then I turned off the TV unless there was a must-see guest.  And therein lies the reason why I think Leno didn't work at the earlier hour:  Variety may be the spice of life but story keeps our attention–story is what we were made for.

NBC makes it money from viewers staying through the pre-news hour and then carrying over to watch their local news.  But with Leno that wasn't happening, at best, people were only watching portions rather than the whole of The Jay Leno Show.  What is needed to to keep people late into the pre-news hour to hear the local news teasers and then then watch the news is a story–drama, mystery, narrative.

That's why this week a rerun of a rerun had better ratings than The Jay Leno Show.  

We were made for story.  We crave beginnings, middles and endings.  We need dilemmas created, mysteries revealed and endings resolved.  It's the way God made us.

Could that be why the majority of the Bible is in story form rather than a series of propositions?

I think so…what about you?

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