The Jazz Theologian

Sometimes we sing the blues because of what other’s have done to us and then there are those times when we sing them because of what we have done to ourselves.

It makes absolutely no sense why we choose the temporary insanity of sin.  In light of who Christ is, why would we ever take our eyes off of him?  Yet we do!  And when we do, we sing the blues.

After the prophet Nathan confronted King David about his sin he lamented in song.  Ps. 51 is a classic blues saga.  Full of begging and pleading, honesty and acknowledgment and it even possesses "tragicomic hope."

You almost laugh when you read verse 13

"Then I will teach transgressors your ways and sinners will turn back to you."

What?  If God has mercy and will grant the audacious requests of hiding his face, cleansing and restoration of joy then David has a deal for God.  He will teach sinners the ways of God.  It would be funny if we had not prayed the same prayer ourselves.

Thank God for grace!  Amen?

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