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This weeks picks are in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…

Lady Ella, the First Lady of Song, gets a stamp! (click here to read the story on the official Ella Fitzgerald site)

Recently, Jamey Johnson posted "A Man’s Love Affair…"  It’s about how we men love our automobiles.  I’d be embarrassed to admit how much I think about cars.  I read about them, test drive them and compare the 0-60 stats. Audi’s […]

Remove the mystery.  Remove the romance. Freshness in any relationship has elements of expectation and mystery.  They are the stuff of romance.  If we are going to remember our First Love we will need to guard the embers and stoke […]

I’m am in the midst of a second round of TV withdrawals.  About a year ago my wife and I rearranged our house to maximize family relationships.  In the process we moved our television upstairs out of the main traffic […]

God asks the question… "…for who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?" Jeremiah 30.21b I know that this question is rhetorical and the context is messianic but all I know is that it has become […]

The blog of Leadership Journal/Christianity Today, a controversial album by one of the greats and a book that is the theory behind the praxis of reaching this place we call the USA…

James Lucas gives us the ingredients to embracing the paradoxes of God and living with the mystery.  His components in part are… a truth an opposing truth a willingness:  We choose to press the two truths against each other as […]

Lucas describes an ancient way of interpreting the Bible, one that he argues Jesus used, it’s called "halakic reasoning."  Simply put it is holding "both strands of a paradox in tension and balance, knowing that with God both sides must […]