The Jazz Theologian

Simple2_1 I can’t believe what turned up at the used book store the other day.  "Simple’s Uncle Sam" by Langston Hughes.  The store knows to call me if any title arrives by Ellison or Hughes.  They called and I dropped what I was doing and raced downtown.  Merry Christmas to me…

LangstonquoteIn addition to be one of the original jazz poets, Langston Hughes, was a newspaper columnist as well.  He created a character named Jesse B. Semple to express the views of ordinary black men facing issues such as church, relationships and fighting Hitler while serving in a segregated military.

I only heard about old Jesse but have never read any of his character.  I’m already enjoying it and wondering…

What if I did this?  Have you ever wanted to create an alter ego to say things to others that you really believe but weren’t sure if you could say them yourself?

Hmmm…who should my alternate personality be?  That is, other  than being the Jazz Theologian!

P.S.  The quote in the picture reads:  "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly."

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