The Jazz Theologian

Practicemakesperfect Ensemble Community has a variety of assumptions.

When somebody shows up at a jam session it is assumed that they have an instrument and that they have spent a lot of alone time honing their chops.  There are Jazz Standards that any good jazz musician knows by heart.  In summary, the basic assumption of Ensemble Community is Practice, Practice, Practice!

Mastery is not expected, nor is flawlessness, but a basic understanding of the essential grooves and riffs is not only needed but expected.  What if that was the expectation that we had of fellow Christians?  What if we assumed that we were all Practicing Christians.

We often hear of Jews referred to as "Cultural Jews" and "Practicing Jews,"–are we at the point that we need to make these distinctions among Christians?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to assume of any Christian that you encounter that they are "practicing."–that they have a basic understanding of the essential groove of God and that while perfection is not expected, you can at least jam together?

What would you like to be able to assume of everyone who calls themselves a Christian?  What would your top three Christian practices be?

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