The Jazz Theologian

Jazz and Christianity are communities of the past, present and future.

Not to long ago I went aHughraginnd heard my favorite horn player, Hugh Ragin–he’s an amazing person and artist.  He’s been rehearsing his current band a lot and they have finally found their groove.  They all took the stage for the second set as some background music played.  As the music faded, Hugh looked at the speaker, picked up on the last note and continued the song.  For the next minute or two the other’s followed and then seamlessly they transitioned into an original Hugh Ragin composition.  It was a song that I have heard them do a few times because they’ve been working hard on perfecting it.  And then came the biggest surprise. 

As the pianist neared the end of his solo, he realized that he was not only playing with his present ensemble but the late John Coltrane was with him on stage too!  Somehow he had begun to play Coltrane’s classic, "A Love Supreme,"  As he began the unmistakable groove, the rest of the band joined in and they played a few more minutes on that note.

Jazz and Christianity are communities the past, present and future.  Do you see it?

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