Is it the End of the World?

Next weekend, March 29-31, the Mid-America Prophecy Conference will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Seven of the best Bible prophecy teachers in the world will be there, so this is a great opportunity for prophecy enthusiasts—or Bill Maher—to attend and hear 15 compelling topics about the Bible and the times in which we live.

Readers of Beliefnet are an eclectic group, I know, and if you are not a student of prophecy (or if you are a pagan, critic, or anything in-between) this will be a tremendous opportunity to learn more about this community.

Often, prophecy teachers and students are denigrated, but I know all the speakers at the upcoming Mid-America Prophecy Conference and not only are they not sensationalists or Harold Camping wannabes, they are in fact intelligent, sophisticated men who love truth.

Plenty of evangelical leaders in America today openly (and privately) mock prophecy teaching, but they rarely engage anyone who teaches it. Next weekend will be the right opportunity. Topics include: “The Beginning and the Ending: The Integrity of God’s Word,” and “The Covert Middle East War.”

I encourage anyone and everyone to attend the Mid-America Prophecy Conference next weekend in Tulsa. If Bill Maher shows up, I will personally give him a tinfoil hat.


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