Is it the End of the World?
January 2012 Archives

We have nowadays around us a class of men who preach Christ, and even preach the gospel; but then they preach a great deal else which is not true, and thus they destroy the good of all that they deliver, […]

There is a most compelling prophecy given in Psalm 83—although it is controversial (some do not believe it is a prophecy meant for the end times). In essence, the Psalmist asks the Lord to preserve Israel against her enemies, and […]

One of the great proofs that the Bible is true—and that we are indeed living in the last days, despite the catcalls and mocking from the critics and skeptics—is the survival of the Jewish people. They are a sovereign nation […]

One of the weapons anti-Israel leaders in the American Church use is the idea that “the Jews of Israel are not religious.” This is used as a reason not to support their right to dwell in their ancestral land. It […]

“Only those who are unfamiliar with the statements of the Bible itself will be impressed by the oft-repeated claim of the critics that their theory regarding prophecy is based on a careful, objective, and scientific study of the biblical data.” […]

Visiting a church today, I was dismayed to hear the pastor minimize the importance of Bible prophecy. His sermon was rolling along wonderfully, when he detoured and spent several minutes discussing the spiritual “immaturity” of those who study (or teach) […]

One of my favorite moments from the great documentary, The Last Waltz, is when the Band’s magnificent guitarist and songwriter, Robbie Robertson, leans into a microphone and smiles at the excited crowd: “Still there, huh?” The audience endured that night, […]

For those who believe Bible prophecy is valid—and for those who wonder—a huge sign of the end is apostasy in the Church. That is, the majority of the visible Church will move away from the faith. That has been going […]

While looking at the website of my good friend, Carl Kerby (, I came across an amazing and sad statistic: every day on this planet, almost 155,000 people die. Think about that for a second. Each of the 155,000 is […]