Is it the End of the World?
November 2011 Archives

While walking through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City earlier this year, I noticed posters in the window of a sweets shop. I wondered how many tourists would understand what the posters are. As is popular in Palestinian culture, […]

Palestinians decry the Israelis’ security barrier, erected in the face of withering terror attacks. I am greatly disturbed by the condemnation of the barrier by Western Christians, who increasingly affirm the Palestinian narrative. Bottom line: the security barrier (called an […]

The title of this post is tongue-in-cheek. Many readers no doubt would think it overly sarcastic. Yet the Arab obsession with seeing everything Jewish in the Middle East as a disaster makes the title not too far off the mark. […]

After the UN’s Partition Plan was approved on November 29, 1947, everyone knew hostilities had only just begun. Both the British and the French realized that trying to manage a blood feud between two peoples was a losing proposition, so […]

November 29 marks the 64th anniversary of the “Partition Plan,” approved by the UN. The plan, which passed by a majority vote, called for the establishment of a Jewish state and a Palestinian Arab state, on what was left of […]

When my son and I visited Israel over the summer, we visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Since the Muslim wakf is in charge of the area, they frown on non-Muslims praying or reading their Bibles. I was actually ushered […]

I once read a long-time Bible scholar who claimed that Job was really sort of an imaginary figure created by a Hebrew writer. The scholar also went on to say that no one in Job’s time (perhaps the second millenium […]

I’m constantly amazed not only at the number of Jewish conspiracy theories, but also by the sheer audacity of them. A new book by Dr. Alex Grobman, License to Murder: The Enduring Threat of the Protocols of the Elders of […]

It is historically obvious that Israel’s many enemies have all gone the way of the dodo bird. Assyria, Babylon…the Nazis. A fresh wave of Palestinian terrorism has been launched against the state of Israel in the last century, virtually unabated. […]

In the 37th chapter of Isaiah—you should read it—we find the amazing story of Sennacherib, the powerful king of the brutal Assyrians, who came against Judah in the eighth century B.C. Sennacherib himself was arrogant and boastful. Hezekiah, king of […]