Deepak Chopra and Intent

Deepak Chopra and Intent

What We Can Do To Stop Childhood Obesity

I struggle almost every day to get my younger daughter to eat fruits and vegetables.  Since she was a baby, she has just refused to open her mouth to certain foods, and I have tempted all sorts of games, rewards, punishment, tricks, bribes, you name it.

So I was very excited to speak with Rick Delashmit, one of the first winners of the year-long Pepsi Rerfresh Project as he has a plan to get kids to try vegetables.

Rick will be using his $25K grant to push forward his Taste Buds program, where he drives around in a truck full of fruits and vegetables to different elementary schools and quizzes kids about nutrition facts, where food comes from and the nutritional benefits of different foods. In order to win the game, kids must at least one small bite of three different vegetables and two fruits.

And, if they all try it, they get Vege bucks which they can use at the local farmers market to redeem fruits and vegetables. Its a bit of healthy peer pressure to get them to try something new.  I found this tactic actually worked in with Leela!  I showed her the bucks that Rick gives out and told her that if she tries some new vegetables, I would ask him for some.  And, she actually tried some corn! :)

Click on the podcast below to listen to my conversation with Rick. Rick talks about the original inspiration behind the idea, what he plans on doing with the $25K grant and how crucial it is to get kids to know their fruits and vegetables at an early age.


Childhood obesity is a problem that affects all of us. I invite all of you to read through our exclusive Intent series "How To Prevent Childhood Obesity," where 11 different Intent Voice contributors share their insights on what we can all do to prevent childhood obesity in this country.

Don’t forget to watch our exclusive video starring our very own Intent voice, nutritionist and mom Renay Matthews, who shares with us three different kid-friendly recipes we can making in our own homes to get our kids to eat healthier.


Read the rest of Childhood Obesity Series here

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posted May 19, 2010 at 11:47 pm

As we continue to grapple with Obesity, a question that is not getting too much attention is the role Alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda can play in controlling / curingObesity. A system based on Nature can not be all that bad :-)

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