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Why does bad news make us sad? Why does getting a raise make us want to celebrate? Not many people have thought about these questions. They seem too simple, yet in a way they are deeply mysterious. In fact, the […]

by Robert Lanza and Deepak Chopra Can decisions we make now change the past? Modern physics tells us that particles possess a range of possible states, and that it’s not until the actual act of observation that they take on […]

We’ve all been conditioned to look upon time as our enemy. This belief is wrong, but it’s so deeply ingrained that if affects even the most gifted people. Years ago, I was riding in a car with a woman who […]

by Robert Lanza and Deepak Chopra The universe evolves backward in time, not the other way around as we were taught in school. “The histories of the universe,” concedes Stephen Hawking, the famed physicist “depend on what is being measured, […]

Dear Readers and Friends, In our quest to grow and evolve, we all run into obstacles. We meet resistance. Change proves stubborn and at times impossible. Anything that I can do to overcome these obstacles is a contribution I never […]

They mystery of the human brain recently took a step closer to being solved. This didn’t happen through a single breakthrough or because of an Einstein moment. Instead, an old belief was overturned by many separate researches. The old belief […]

Last week was a big one for the human family tree — it grew by a million years. With considerable splash the media announced that our oldest ancestor was Ardi, short for Ardipithecus ramidus, an upright walking hominid who lived […]

What makes the best ‘case for God’ to a skeptic or non-believer, an open-minded seeker, and to a person of faith and Why? The Trappist monk and writer Thomas Merton remarked that God is always a step ahead of the […]

by Robert Lanza and Deepak Chopra This year, the world celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. But now that all the backslapping is nearing an end, it may be time to reflect on where things really stand. When Darwin finished writing […]