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It’s amazing how laughter is contagious. I watched this video and could not stop laughing myself. Here’s a video that shows how great it is to laugh all the way from infancy to the golden years. LAUGHS! from Everynone on […]

Did you know it’s healthy to laugh? It’s good for your body, soul and mind. So watch this video from our Inspired Faith section and give yourself a boost! More from Inspired Faith: Joy and Gratitude Make Gratitude a Habit […]

There’s something contagious about laughter, and sometimes when you start you can’t stop. Watch this bride get a case of the giggles that just won’t go away. See More Videos: The Royal Wedding Dance Talking Babies Brain Break: Surprise Wedding […]

Doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you’re even human or not. Everybody loves bubbles. This video is proof… Baby Cracks Up At Dog Attacking Bubbles – Watch more Funny Videos More Videos: The Royal Wedding Dance Talking Babies […]