Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

The Pursuit of Peace

“… Seek peace, and pursue it.” – Psalm 34:14b

Yesterday, I was lying in a yoga studio listening to a woman softly tell me how to breathe. It was the end of our practice, and we were supposed to be resting. I, however, was thinking too much. I wasn’t worrying; it was just the on-going, never-ending train station of thoughts.

Our yoga instructor reminded the class, “As thoughts come into your mind, just acknowledge them and let them go. Concentrate on your breathing.”

Yeah, okay…

I’m an over-thinker. Always have been. I plan, analyze, deconstruct and pick apart just about everything. Sometimes it’s good, because I’m a problem-solver by nature. However, in the words of author Donald Miller, “I think joy into a coffin.” I’ll take something easy and make it complicated. Truly relaxing and letting go of my hurried mind is a daily struggle.


Of course, it got me thinking, why do I do this? Why do I participate in activities where people have to teach me how to breathe and relax? Why does anyone do this? Because, secretly, underneath all the mental striving, we all want the same thing: peace.

We need that calm feeling, the release after the tension, or a moment of silence that deafens all of our cares and concerns. From the busy stay-at-home mom to the banker on Wall Street, everybody covets peace.

However, the thing is that peace doesn’t just fall in your lap. In this noisy world of 24-hour news, Twitter feeds and five different email accounts, you can’t wait for peace to come to you. There’s too much in the way. You’ve got to go out and find it.


The older I get, the more I need to make peace a priority. I am of no use to anyone if I’m stressed out. So, a few years ago, I began my pursuit of peace. I took up reading books again and making sure I got plenty of sleep. I started running and cooking, because I found that the focus needed to do them helped clear and quiet my mind.

It didn’t take long before I realized I was slowly building an inner core of peace – this unshakable center of stillness. It took effort and still does, but I am nowhere near the franic, worry wart that I used to be. And it gets easier every day.

So what is peaceful for you? How do you unwind, reconnect and re-charge? Find a way to work those things into your daily life. And don’t forget to breathe.


  • Susanne Goffe

    I found true peace when I found Jesus and realize that life was not up to me alone.
    I however practise yoga which brings a sense of calmness to my daily living and aleviate stress.

  • Natalie

    I’ve found peace lately by just being happy. Sounds simple, right? But to truly find peace, I’ve found that appreciating each blessing in my life makes me happy. When I’m stressed out or depressed, I think about all of the good things I have, like my sons!, my husband, my mom, etc. When you count your blessings, it’s easy to find that inner peace.

  • Kathleen m peterson

    I always say to myself,I am grateful,blessed and thankful.And i am!!!

  • ken

    Sometimes talking to someone who seems to be at peace; gives me a peace if only for a few minutes of the day (and there is one)./

  • Sharon

    I find peace in when I take moments to relax and think of past events that I have enjoyed. I’m a marathon runner so I have lots of thoughts of the outdoors, sky, clouds and even the sun! Being thankful for everything in my life brings me peace also.

  • Linda

    I find peace in my FAITH in God; thanking God for all my blessings as well as asking for peace for others, and than to ask for what it is I am being challenged with or just asking and beieving in the unseen and I practice yoga and make it a point to meditate a few times a day for at least 10 minutes and my life is very peaceful. The key is to have FAITH in that which you are praying for and than go about your day! It works and I know it takes courage to have this kind of relationship with God. My purpose in life is to bring others to that which is most missing in life, and that is God! Of course there are other natural laws that we must follow such as refraining from gossip, exercising, eating healthy meals, being kind and helping others, being a blessing to others, finding a way to enjoy your work, taking daily walks outdoors and getting some sunshine.

  • Joanne

    I have found peace thinking of someone I love,the good times and laughs we shared, the smell of him, his eyes, soft lips and tender touch,just everything about him. But most of all I reflect everyday on the blessings that God has given me, what he has done in my life.I thank God everyday just to be granted another day, to spend time with the people I love and who loves me back. I pray for all, especially those who seem angry, confused and seem to be having severe issues with reality, all the children,the sick the heavy burdened and those who are just simply lost, with no one to love them, and if your reading this and you fit the last bill, then you need to stop hurting the people who love you the most, learn to love yourself, then you can have love for others,,,, MAY GOD BE WITH US ALL IN EVERYTHING WE DO….

  • S. Percy

    I find peace while walking, I love walking on a nice warm day or on a rainy day. When I first step out my door I take a deep breath and relax my mind and let God into my thoughts and my mind is at peace, then I enjoy what ever beauty that my surrounding has to offer.

  • chantal lathuliere

    I find that when I am in tune with the Spirit of God I am in Peace When my faith is strong and I feel the presence of God surrending me there is no more worries or fear and I am in Peace

  • Mitch

    I’m really new at finding peace so I don’t have allot to go on at 47. I started the other morning by waking up earl and watching the sun rise. Today I started a new book on how to tame my overacted mind, I registered on this site and before I go to bed tonight I will pray. Tomorrow I will remember that our health is not just physical but combines, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. One can’t be the best without the others.

  • Loretta

    My peace is to be still and know that he is God.

  • Patricia Leonard Moore

    I find peace,standing at the ocean shore breathing in the power and energy of the pounding waves,whether it be a foggy misty day or a day of sunshine,I am surely standing in the warmth of total spirit,and I am at peace.


    The following phrase helps me everytime I read it: “…the motivation for this course is the attainment and the keeping of the state of peace. Given this state the mind is quiet, and the conditon in which God is remembered is attained.” It’s from A Course in Miracles (ACIM.ORG).

  • Your Name

    This one is so very tuff for me as well. I am now learning to do this. I’m an entertainer & a creatively expressive person. Which sometimes makes it hard for my mind to shut off. I used to have some not so good habits that would help me find peace however the end result of that peace was a nightmare. My peace now is to study the word of God or just listening to God. I have begun to work out a little. It’s working & all I can do is celebrate the small moments of peace and not hold on to anything else. One day at a time. i’m almost there.

  • jurie

    finding inner peace is not an easy task, for me it takes a lot of awareness. it’s guarding ourselves as well not to be swayed on things that are pulling us out from the core. once you are swayed it takes a process to go back depending to what extent you have been swayed away from your core. so long as you know you’re turning point anyway, you will always find your way home…

  • Mike

    Interesting! I try to enjoy myself,but itsn’t easy!

  • Mike

    Interesting! I try to enjoy myself,but it isn’t easy!

  • Mike

    Interesting! I try to enjoy myself,but it isn’t easy! I’m sorry about the typo in my first post.

  • gustave verdult

    Doing God’s Will, is the only sure way. The deeper the awareness of our sin-nature (All the things we did wrong) the more aware we become of out self-destruction. Remorse, sorrow, humility, makes us empty of pride, and…. guess what!, There is room for God to enter, the Only One who gives us internal

  • mona

    I have forgotton what peace and happiness really feels like but I am beginning to learn how to cope with this now by thinking of all the good things that God has given me and to go one day at a time. It is so hard but everyday it gets easier and I become stronger.

  • mrs.wetton

    i am looking for ways to find MY inner peace.ive read quite a few stories of how others have and found them very encouraging,but ill continue on MY journey through prayer faith and believing that MY higher power will lead me there very soon.thanks

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