Idol Chatter

The new “Hawaii Five-O” made its debut on CBS last night; it was fast-paced, action-packed, modern and current. It paid homage to the old show while creating far more depth in the main characters. If it was short on only […]

My wife is a real George Clooney fan, although she admits “he sometimes really does make some weird movies.” So I went to see his latest, “The American,” as a favor to her and also figuring it’d be better than […]

It is rare when someone from the field of science–especially the kind of science that is almost impossible to understand–becomes a pop culture icon. But Stephen Hawking has long been known far outside the academic community as the Tiger Woods […]

This post brings with it a bit of pop culture social commentary and I’m curious as to your opinion of the following: USA Today and should launch the Celebrity Love Index. What? Well, for quite a while now, USA […]

I’ve posted (ranted?) before in this space about the ridiculous stuff that passes for “news” and/or “features” reported in and about our culture. I saw another wasted news item this week regarding Paris Hilton and her drug arrest. Really, who […]

I remember one of my favorite things to do with my granddad–I’d climb up into one of his big chairs and we’d watch Hawaii Five-0 together, looking forward to some new way in which Steve McGarrett and his team would […]

The fine line between talk show host, newsman, media commentator, pop culture icon and spiritual leader has rarely become more cluttered than during the performance of Glenn Beck at the Washington, D.C. “Restoring Honor” event. “Something beyond imagination is happening,” […]

If I told you I watched a concert with a hip guy wearing a sequined covered suit with a band full of old white guys in matching dress–crooning in their version of a rockabilly style–you’d probably think I had bought […]