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September 2015 Archives

“It’s not what you drive–it’s what drives you,” is a line from John Schneider’s film “Adrenaline.”  The words are fitting for the award-winning actor with 35 years in show business. What drives the former Dukes of Hazard star is passion, […]

The animators of Hotel Transylvania 2 were not happy using a computer software program so they expanded the possibilities by streamlining a way clothes and the hair of the character’s were the correct proportions. If this is not correct and constant, […]

Yogi Berra, one of the most talented catchers in baseball history died Tuesday night at the age of 90. Berra was one of the greatest to ever ball the game of baseball and often mesmerized people with his humorous malapropisms […]

The ultimate resting place for the infamous Noah’s Ark has been a mystery for over 2,000 years. Now director/producer Brent Baum is taking the expedition onto the big screen with Finding Noah. Baum and his film crew followed explorers on […]

The second season of “I am Cait” received the green light on the E! Network to premiere on March, 2016, BuzzFeed News reported. The show follows Caitlyn Jenner and her life as a transgender after her transition from being Bruce Jenner—something […]

  Based on a true story, Brian Nichols was on the run from authorities in a citywide manhunt.  Armed, desperate, and looking to connect with his baby son–the fugitive takes Ashley Smith (Kate Mara) hostage in her own apartment. Smith […]

Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight. This inspiring 26-year-old was bullied by peers relentlessly. If this wasn’t enough, she found a disturbing video on YouTube calling her “The World’s Ugliest Woman,” and […]

GOP candidate for president Donald Trump shared on Facebook that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be his replacement for the next season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC. “Congrats to my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger who is doing next season’s Celebrity Apprentice. He’ll be great & […]

Three-time NBA MVP and Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Moses Malone, 60-years-old, was found dead Sunday in hotel in Norfolk, Virginia. Malone failed to appear at a scheduled celebrity gold tournament, which prompted the discovery of his body. There is no […]

David Oyelowo stars in the new thriller “Captive” based on a true story about faith, forgiveness, and redemption. Listen to what he wants to share with you. “Captive” opens in theaters on Sept. 18th. Don’t miss it.