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God Wants Kurt Warner to Keep ‘Dancing’

It’s not the devil making making former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner shake his groove thing but Jesus Christ. At least that’s what Kurt Warner tweeted earlier today regarding some of his fans apparent concern over his appearance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”
Actually, Warner did more than tweet about it. He wrote a three page explanation about his decision and posted that for his fans as well. Warner decided to address concerns about his dancing with a beautiful woman who wasn’t his wife, hanging out on a secular show and other problems at length and explain that God had clearly called him to be on the show. in his “DWTS” manifesto he said that ” I have been placed here to direct the ‘sick’ to where they can be healed and to go into all the world and preach the gospel.Right now, that world is found and the sick are tuned in on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC! ”
Okay, I have been a fan of Warner’s in the past and I absolutely don’t doubt his sincerity, but such long-winded declarations of religious zeal stil make me wince. Are there people out there that worried that Warner dancing on a reality show will corrupt his soul? Did Warner – or his fans, for that matter-watch “Footloose” too many times growing up? Why didn’t God remind Warner about those Scriptures about dancing before the Lord if God wanted him on “Stars”?
These are just a few of my – lighthearted – questions, Kurt. Tweet me back.

  • Dr Lynn

    I think the bible is very clear that we are to be in the world but not of it…That is exactly what Kurt Warner is doing….I loved how he connected with his wife after Dancing…He is an example of GODS directive brings glory to God….GO KURT! I am praying for you…to be a light in Hollywood!!!

  • Mae

    I believe he is opening up a door up for himself and his family to be greatly greatly. I pray it does not happen but I see no where in the Bible where it tells us to run into temptation. I wish he would have chosen to not do this.

  • Heather

    I don’t see why it’s a problem at all. Gosh people, no where in the Bible does it say ‘thou shall not dance’. Dancing is a beautiful art form and wonderful exercise. If Kurt is rooted in his relationship with Christ and honors his wife and his marriage vows I see no reason why he shouldn’t ‘give it a whirl’.
    Christians are allowed to have fun =)

  • julia

    God does not use sin to teach His word. The Bible clearly speaks on the issue of lust, immodesty, and impurity. The fact that he is dancing with another woman other than his wife, and that she is immodestly dressed (to put it lightly!), and touching her all over while dancing is clearly against God’s word. He better be very careful who He is listening to. I decided to stop watching the show this season…not only because of the dancers and their attire, etc..but the hostess, Brook, dresses very provocatively and the whole show is looking very sleazy. Christians are cautioned to avoid every temptation of evil…yet, still commanded to go and teach the gospel. There are other venues he can use, being a public figure…he doesn’t need to do it on DWTS.

  • Leigh

    I think it is fine that he is doing this, we need more Christians in the limelight. Instead of hiding behind the scenes. Go for it Kurt!

  • Millie

    I love to dance and love to see good dancing, and still love God. Go Kurt.lawless

  • dolapo

    Its very strange when i see people making comments about dancing with the stars being temptation…..I wonder what u would say about someone that works in a brewery or works in a tobacco company? or a seamstress working where they sew these clothes…Christ said make a difference where yu are and where u find urself….and that won’t take place in the church….its out there in d world u get@ make a difference and if Kurt can dance with the stars and still make a stand for Jesus and still love his wife…then cool…sides who are we to judge

  • Bobbi

    Judge not, lest ye be judged.
    I think this is the type of thing that turns away many non-believers…this judgemental attitude. So many Christians are too worried about what someone else is doing. If he is right with his Lord why should it bother you so much??? Remove the log from your own eye brother, before you worry about the splinter in mine.
    Look at all of the NFL & NBA players who have a girl or 5 in every town, married or not and kids all over the place that they never see or take care of…Kurt is obviously a devoted husband and father who is being a REAL role model for young men today and I think he should be commended for it.

  • Renia

    What are you going to do. To me that’s his choice who are we to say what is right for his life. Look life a worldy christian. But may God bless Kurt.

  • Linda BumbleBee

    Judge not…least U B JUDGED! Jesus walked amoung the lost that needed that devoted loving, caring helping hand to be found out of darkness, & was still able to clearly give His Msg to SAVE :o)+++
    My only thought is I pray that Kurt & his beautiful wife continue to get down on their knees @ night & pray for GOD’s daily guidance & to put that hedge of protection around them both to not fall into temptation, while trying to accomplish The Mission of Christ Jesus, which is to be used as a witnessing tool…
    Prov 3:5-6 Isa 54:17 Hosea 4:6 John 3:16
    B…zzzzzzzzzzzz Strip the sting of death with HIS LIGHT……

  • matmat

    I think Kurt is O.K Did David dance before the Lord with all his might? See 2Samuel6 and because his wife, Michal did like it the had no children all the day of her life. Kurt you dance with all your might and praise and give honor to the Lord. God Bless You

  • pat

    YOU know Jesus says to do all things , and when HE walked with sinners his actions was that of purity and not of what everone thinks about going to church, you know we need people out therte that can do these and not get into thier lifstyle, showing Christ can live among the sinners you look around these people and see how many attend church. would you put them down if they went to your church>

  • Sharon Allen

    Our Lord went out into the world, because He knew the world would not come to us. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”. I applaude Kurt for his boldness in Christ. Matt. 28:18-20, Joshua 1:9 Trust and believe

  • Terrie

    I think it is wonderful that he is able to have his faith that shows he can learn to dance & it’s obvius the way he looked at his family that they are important in his life!
    Just look at the way he looked at them & them him!
    He’s an inspiration for other to have faith & fun too!
    I love to go out & dance & have jun & spread the word when your making connections! & he has a great opportunity!

  • Wayne MacKirdy

    Simple question to the author: Can you give us chapter and verse where it says we are not to dance, even if it is with a professional dancer?

  • CharChar

    Personally, only God sees the hearts and intents of all men, and we are not to judge. Like the others said, Jesus went out amongst them, and He commanded us to do the same. I’m sure that Kurt and his wife are fully aware of that, and I pray that the Lord “will” use him in this show. *S*
    I watch it all the time. I think it’s great entertainment, and I don’t feel that Jesus wants us to sit around with sour faces. He alone fills the joy in our hearts, but at the same time, I’m sure HE understands and knows all of our hearts. *S*

  • Kris

    Wayne: I have no problem with dancing at all. The post was simply pointing out others reactions to his choice, not mine.

  • Kitty Katz

    You can’t be a witness to others for Jesus Christ if you don’t put yourself out there and seek out the lost souls. If you only associate with like-minded, Bible-believing people, you can’t reach others who need to find Christ and to have the happiness and peace that comes from a personal relationship with our Lord. I applaud Kurt on his courage and conviction to be on DWTS, and I pray he finds strength and encouragement to not fall into the wiles and temptations of the devil while he’s in Hollywood practicing and training with those gorgeous women who are not his wife. Satan will be working hard, Kurt, to tempt you into sinning. Be strong and ask for God’s strength to see you through. As you know, He never give us more than we can bear.

  • http://flipperthedolphin Phillip Smith

    I remember reading about this in both our local newspaper, as well as in our national weekend paper “The Weekend Australian”, and, as long as they are having fun, and not doing anything too….let’s say untoward, what’s the problem. It’s interesting that this article has come up, as my local church community, have a monthly 5pm service on special saint’s days, which they celebrate in the Anglican/Catholic tradition . The sermon our rector preached was on,among other things, how the sacred and secular can be intertwined, and how God can be experienced, not just through Christianity, but also other world religions, and such things as: poetry, music, and yes, even dance!! I say, like I said before, as long as they’re having fun(within reason, of course), GO FOR IT!!

  • roberta

    i cant believe what i read, let him do and feel good about his dancing, the bible shows how dancing is a sign of worship. enjoy you are a believer and GOD BLESS YOU

  • Kathy

    Please people do not confuse Christianity with being a human being.
    We are human and we do human things, which is OK with God, as long as we do not put them first before God. Jesus came to give us life and life abundantly. We have freedom of choice and if we sin, we only answer to God not to anyone else….. Do not judge least you be judged…

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