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Tori Spelling Claims She Made Contact with Farrah Fawcett from Beyond the Grave

Tori SpellingRemember that scene in “Ghost” where “medium” Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) tries to make contact with a woman’s husband, but instead (to her surprise–since she was faking her “abilities” the whole time) she contacts the newly dead Sam Wheat(Patrick Swayze)?
That’s what I imagine the scene was like when actress/reality TV star Tori Spelling had a sit down with psychic John Edwards in an attempt to contact her father Aaron Spelling but instead spoke with his “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett.
In an interview with Access Hollywood, Spelling revealed that she was shocked to contact Fawcett–who passed away last year after battling cancer— but received messages from her and was asked to pass them along to Fawcett’s family, longtime companion Ryan O’Neal and son Redmond.
Spelling said she did write O’Neal a letter with the information Fawcett gave her, which apparently contained very specific details about her life that Spelling wouldn’t have known–but hasn’t heard back from him. She says she hopes he doesn’t think she’s crazy.
What do you think?
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  • norzsan

    whhat i beleive
    all this is gene games, as we know that with us now have gene, Setan, and other alien so what muslim believe is..
    Farrah was no more his body be as ass, but her soul go to hell or shagging depend what she do in her life.
    what you get now is from gene ..we believe that all of us human have friend or accompany we call gene..this gene some good and some bad.
    and this gene who let us know but all fake….
    this is my opinion

  • Dharmashaiva

    I’ve had a psychic tell me info that I did not know, but later confirmed with family members.
    Now, whether John Edwards is such a “true” psychic, I don’t know. Perhaps Ryan O’Neal knows.
    And there are always the “fake” ones who prey on the gullible.

  • Tracy Rigdon

    I’m gonna have to weigh in on this one… Tori, like so many Hollywood types are both gullible and misguided. I don’t believe in mediums, fortune teller’s, fortune cookies, bruja’s or anything of the like. I find it to be quite sad that so many people from the left coast, Hollyweed in particular, find it necessary to seek the guidance of such crack-pots rather than consulting with the Holy Spirit, and even more disturbing, and in bad taste, that she would find it necessary to contact Mr. O’Neal with the details. Shame on Ms. Spelling doing so, and for shamelessly seeking media coverage of it.

  • oferdesade

    i dont believe i actually clicked on this.
    i dont believe im actually responding to it
    my life is so sad and empty. the only thing that will save me at this point is probably religion.
    i dont believe someone is actually paying me a salary to waste my time like this.
    farah, farah, farah, farah.
    tori, tori, tori, tori.

  • davi J

    who can say anymore,is it a ploy to regain so face time in front of the camera’s-Who knows-IO guess Farrah’s husband can answer better
    than anyone but how long till then,untill then leave the poor man alone,And don’t pick on Tori,She’s just as cute as ever and has had a hard time with whwt happened with her Dad and what Her Mother Or Step
    did,I don’t know the whole story there either.So I stop not-fingers tired-both of them

  • Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA

    Farrah Fawcett, frêle et radieuse incarnation de la féminité à la face hyper sexuée d’où, paradoxalement, émanait une chasteté quasi angélique, créature magnétique à large dentition contribuant à faire de chaque sourire un pur ravissement, rêve incarné dans une chevelure luxuriante et un visage éclatant est morte en tant que mythe durablement momifié par la renommée certes, mais principalement en simple vieille peau qu’elle était devenue…
    Ce parfait produit d’une Amérique superficielle, artificielle, télévisuelle n’en fut pas moins dans sa jeunesse une authentique beauté, les fautes de goût de sa toilette yankee n’occultant point les charmes innés de sa nature.
    Blonde, charmeuse, séraphique, cette Eve typiquement texane fut tout aussi spécifiquement américaine dans la déchéance de sa beauté… Qu’importe ! Ses laideurs tardives ne feront jamais oublier sa gloire révolue tant il est vrai qu’elles furent plus éphémères encore. Farrah Fawcett aura vieilli avec un masque de grande douleur, celui du cancer bien sûr mais également celui de la Beauté devenue Hideur. Née sous le souffle de Vénus, elle finit ses jours sous le signe du crabe, avec pour uniques parures la ride et le sanglot, derniers cosmétiques déposés sur son front par la Camarde…
    La chute vers la tombe n’en fut que plus vertigineuse.
    On a de la compassion pour cette défunte si belle sur nos écrans, si épouvantable sous la stèle.
    En ce monde toute beauté est vouée à la putréfaction.
    Toutefois Farrah Fawcett aura emporté l’essentiel dans la fosse : sa superbe dentition qui, comme ses ossements, pendant des siècles témoigneront crûment, mais secrètement, de son passage sur Terre.
    Mais surtout, et c’est là la force et la consolation du poète qui partout ne voit que le beau, je crois que depuis sa sépulture le visage décharné de Farrah Fawcett -visage devenu crâne- définitivement dirigé vers le ciel, figé en direction de l’infini avec son superbe alignement de dents carnassières, continue de charmer l’Univers.
    En adressant un sourire éternel aux étoiles.
    Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA

  • Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA

    FARRAH FAWCETT: faint smile lighted
    Farrah Fawcett, frail and radiant embodiment of femininity in the face of hyper-sexual, ironically, came from a chastity almost angelic creature magnetic wide teeth helping to make a pure delight every smile, dream embodied in a luxuriant hair and a radiant face is dead as a myth sustained by the famous mummy of course, but mainly just old skin had become …
    The perfect product of superficial America, artificial, television was no less in his youth an authentic beauty, the faults of taste of her toilet Yankee overshadow the charms of her innate nature.
    Blonde, charming, seraphic, this Eve was just as typical Texan specifically American in the forfeiture of her beauty … Whatever! His ugliness will never forget late its past glory as it is true that they were even more ephemeral. Farrah Fawcett has aged with a mask of great pain, the cancer of course, but also of beauty become hideous. Born under the breath of Venus, she ended her days under the sign of the crab, with unique ornaments for the ride and the tears, filed past cosmetics on her forehead by the Reaper …
    The fall to the grave was all the more breathtaking.
    It has compassion for the deceased on our screens so beautiful, so terrible in the stele.
    In this beautiful world is doomed to decay.
    However Farrah Fawcett has prevailed mainly in the grave: his beautiful teeth which, like his bones for centuries testify crudely, but secretly, his passage on Earth.
    But above all, and this is the strength and consolation of the poet who sees everywhere only the beautiful, I think since his burial face gaunt faces of Farrah Fawcett-skull became permanently directed towards the sky, frozen in the direction of infinity with its beautiful carnivorous teeth alignment, continues to charm the universe.
    By sending an eternal smile to the stars.
    Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA

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