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Enter to Win: Joel Osteen’s ‘Living In Favor, Abundance, And Joy’ Audiobook Prize Package

Living in Favor, Abundance, and JoyIn celebration of pastor Joel Osteen’s new audiobook “Living in Favor, Abundance, And Joy,” (which includes 10 of his most inspiring semons, recorded live at Lakewood Church), we are giving away one grand prize: four of Osteen’s audiobooks which includes “Living in Favor, Abundance and Joy,” “It’s Your Time,” “Good, Better, Blessed,” and “Become a Better You.” Four additional winners will receive an audiobook copy of “Living in Favor, Abundance, and Joy.”
Want a prize?
Post a comment below by May 10, 2010 answering the question: How do you live a joyful life?
Make sure you include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The best response–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors–will win the Joel Osteen audiobook collection. The three runners-up will receive tthe “Living in Favor, Abundance, and Joy” audiobook.
Please read the legal stuff before entering.
And check out a clip from the new audiobook on the Simon & Schuster website.

  • Cindy Brown

    How do you live a joyful life?
    I Live a joyful life by takeing each day as it comes knowing everything that happens is in Gods hands and enjoying Gods Blessings.

  • ginnie brandi

    I live a joyful life by accepting what I can’t change,having courage to change those things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. The serenity prayer is my mantra!

  • Gayle Geisendorff

    I live a joyful life by trying to take one day at a time and living without regrets, knowing I can’t change the past, just make the future brighter

  • mellanea Greer

    Believin in Jesus Christ is my Joy and my Strength…My children that He blessed me with give my joy each and everyday in spite of my situation…we have joy and peace just where we are…knowing that we are tithers and seed sowers…and God will provide for our every need…Thank YOU JESUS! I LOVE YOU!

  • Aneta


  • Jan

    Appreciating my family and not taking my health for granted.

  • Priscilla

    I try to live a Joyful Life by 1st knowing that I am not here alone…That God is always on my side..I try to live it as best as I can taking one day at a time and being Prayerful…thinking positive works but when the going gets tough I pray and read a few Psalms..that’s always soothing and reminds me that The Holy Spirit is near always! Thank you Jesus for ALWAYS being there for me as well as everyone else! xoxo

  • Ramona Wagner

    How do you live a joyful life. A smile. If everyone could make one person smile a day then we all would have joyful lives. No reason to worry for tomorrow will have enough troubles of its own. A smile can come from you smiling at someone and acknowledging that person as an individual, a joke, or a unknown gift. A smile is priceless.

  • Judy A Morse

    By striving every moment with praise for Jesus and living a peaceful lovig and caring life! Praise Jesus!!

  • Sanet Bates

    I look into the eyes of children.. they are always happy!

  • Sanet Bates

    I look into the innocent eyes of children… they are always happy! And I praise God!

  • Connie Messmer

    Knowing that I have Jesus in my life and thanking Him everyday for the blessings he has given me. I love the Lord…

  • Anna

    I live a Joyful Life by living “On Purpose”… on ‘His Purpose’. Every day I strive to be more compassionate, and helpful to others. I have learned that in “giving”, you receive God’s Grace back tenfold. I never feel alone anymore because in being faithful & ever-present with Him, I feel Him by my side ~always. I’ve never felt more true Peace & Joy in my Life, than when I learned to “see” and “appreciate” all the beauty that God has surrounded us with, & began truly living “On Purpose” :).

  • Harmony Faith

    By putting all my faith in God.

  • terri jordanhazy

    I try to stay out of God’s way.

  • To blessed to be stressed

    How do I live a joyful life?
    Very, very carefully and by loving, trusting, believing and putting God first and everything and everyone else second. This way I know God has my back, not my neighbor’s, nor the Doctor who counted me out when I had a brain tumor or the Doctor who says I will only be healed with another back surgery, but my God who has already healed me and is my only quarantee that I will live a joyful life. Because He died on the cross for me, I know I serve an “awesome” God. It is God who gives me wisdom to know what is right and the knowledge and understanding to discern the difference when it is wrong. This is how I live a joyful life.

  • Vanessa Frazer

    How do I live a joyful life is simple Rest in Him!

  • christian myers

    To live a joyful life is not simple, I found out I first had to step out on faith and choose Gods path even though it might have not been what I was looking for, in the end I know God already knows what he wants for me and his love has and will lead me home. A joyful life is given to us all we have to do is listen and recieve Gods grace.

  • Chris Casper

    I live each day as though it is my last. I start and end the day with GOD and spend every moment with HIM throughout the day

  • aracely

    To live a joyful life one must be grateful and be abel to feel the gratitude for life, grateful that we woke up, grateful to hear the birds chirping grateful to see the sunrise,grateful to see god’s creation, grateful for each person in our lives, and each thing. When one is grateful and truly feels that gratitude they can live a joyful life. Gratitude will bring joyfulness



  • Delane Lynch

    I live a joyful life everyday by waking up & praying first thing. If I wake and give up my day to the Good Lord, & trust in Him, it has to be a good day everyday. I thank him for everything I have & everything I don’t have. Wherever i am is where God put me & if it is His will, then I am happy to be there.

  • dawn

    Living a joyful life is easy when you wake with the man of your dreams and have 4 children who cannot wait to hug you all the time. We eat as a family every night and pray together. Even when the “tough” times seem to try to creep into our lives it doesn’t budge our joy. Our world around us each day shows us gifts we cannot ignore. Graditude for each day we have and every thing we have helps the joy to spread. Thank you for reading.

  • Karen Young

    I try to live my life the way Jesus would want me to live, filled with joy, peace, love and compassion for others. It’s been hard after going through a divorce, but with God’s help he has gotten me through this storm in my life and made me into a much stronger & better person. I wake up each morning and end each day through prayer thanking the good Lord for each day and all the blessings he has given myself and my family.

  • Lynn

    I live a joyful life by trying to take each moment at a time. During certain events in my life, I have to reflect on each breath I take just to remember it is a blessing to be alive. I’ll look at my son’s baby pictures or my wedding pictures and a feeling of joy will overwhelm me. There is a place in everyone’s heart that is quiet and peaceful and joyful.

  • Joyce Tipton

    I live a joyful life by living every day as the gift it is. As a breast cancer survivor, I appreciate my family, my friends, my enemies. Everyone that has crossed my path has left footprints and helped me to learn and grow. I thank God every day for each beautiful day he has given, whether it be rain or shine. I help my family and friends with any problems they may have and have gained so much pleasure from helping fellow breast cancer survivors during their struggle and helping many families. I’ve been able to give ideas to people with family out of state with breast cancer that helps both sides to feel a closer bond. God gave me breast cancer for a reason, and I feel that reason is to help others understand their faith and put their life in God’s hands. keeping that positive attitude and prayers going have made all the difference to them as well as myself.

  • Carolyn Biggs

    I live a joyful life every day because I know that whatever happens here on earth whether good or bad, that I have an eternal home in heaven! There are those that will not except Jesus Christ as their savior and will have to go to an eternal hell. This is very sad, but according to Gods word there will be those that will not make heaven their home. What a awesome privileige it is to have a personal relationship with the lord Jesus Christ, to feel his love and presence with us every day!!!

  • Judy Young

    After being brought up in a Bible Based Church I confess that I have become a little jaded. Not without faith, or hope – but I have faced very difficult challenges most of my life from the time I was born. My mother seeing me as “the bad seed” since she was very ill for 7 of the 9 mos. that she carried me. Then scapegoated by the members of my family. I have been divorced 4 times (none for the past 25 yrs.) & have worked in some endeavor since I was around 11 while attending school. I was a classic co-dependant and married men with a variety of addictions. I have worked since leaving secretarial school around 19. I will turn 70 in July and was let go from a job that I loved last Oct. 21. I have battled breast cancer, abuse of various kinds and other ‘tough times’ but this is the most depressed I have ever been. I listened to your messages Sat. & Sun. p.m.s and consider each time I hear you a true blessing. Your messages are so positive and encouraging. I loved the encouragement you gave your daughter after she sang in your service. Thank you & God bless you, Victoria & your entire family. Thank you again.

  • Kathy Wilson

    I keep my faith strong with my belief. Jesus is my leader, my advisor, my running buddy, my healer, my confidant, my all..No matter what I do I am in consult with the Lord. I can wash dishes and talk, in the bathroom taking care of my business in conversation with the Lord. No matter what I undertake, whether it is successful or a failure, I am in constant conversation with God. This is the only way that I keep my path happy and secure. No matter what happens I know that God is driving my life, my car, my being so whatever the result, I am happy. Tomorrow is another day and another surprise and another day that I can talk to God. What a privledge and a joy!!…He keeps me built up with knowing that I am excited about what he is going to do next. I want a new car, he gets me a used one that lasts longer with no problems than a new car. I laugh, cus I say God your alway ahead of me and sometimes I smile when I ask him for something or want him to help me make a decision. It happens so fast I laugh out loud with him, cus he snuck up on me again..Praise God, so glad he is in my life or better yet, HE IS MY LIFE. Have a blessed day.

  • Ann Whalen

    I try to live a joyful life by surrounding myself with joyful people. However, this strategy doesn’t work as much as being close to a joyful God, something which hasn’t come easy for me. I would like to learn more about being joyful and perhaps practicing joy more than I practice negativity, which is a very hard habit to break, even in the church!

  • Jill L

    I live a joyful life by understanding that it’s really the little things that can make us happy. Like Joel said once, don’t be living for the mountaintops. They are not so frequent.



  • sandy

    by appreciating what I have and getting rid of the toxic things in my life

  • Sarah D.

    I try to live a joyful life by living in the moment and by not sweating the petty stuff.

  • Angela J

    I try to keep a positive attitude

  • Your Name

    all good stuff

  • Thomas J

    I lead a joyful life by being happy with what I have, looking for the positive in the negative, putting my trust and faith in the lord, and let him guide me in the tough times

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep a positive attitude,

  • Liz H

    I love Joel Sermons.

  • Annette D

    I try to find something to be thankful for each and every day!

  • Shelia Stoddard

    Greetings in the name that is above every name…JESUS!!!
    This is something that I have found that when you become involved in the life of others… you are the happiest..for being an encourager, a blessing, a giver, to others, my life is continuously being filled with much joy loving on GOD’S people…

  • ky2here

    By trying to help others and appreciating the environment.

  • jen gersch

    i count my blessings

  • Debbie Groce

    Would LOVE to have this. I enjoy all of Joel’s sermons :o)

  • Tracy S.

    By being grateful for everything that I have every single day!

  • dianna wheaton

    when i wake up in the mornings i thank the good lord and i feel so happy just knowing that jesus is going thru the day with me and he is going to be there in case anything goes wrong he will be there to take care of it and when i pray it also gives me a joyous feeling deep inside of me if everyone would listen to the lord they cant go wrong he is filling their mouth with the words to speak and walking with them where ever they go in other word just having the lord inside of you is a geart joy that sums it up.

  • Jean Loving

    How do I live a joyful life? I live for the Lord. 10 years ago I was told I had less than 2 yrs to live because of breast cancer. Today I am alive , healthy and teach a ladies Sunday School Class. Every day I awaken I thank my Lord.

  • Kevin Johnson

    I thank God for everything I have every single day!

  • Brandon Ralston

    I do what I can for others. This makes my joy overflow within.

  • Harrison

    The key to living a joyful life is having faith, and seeing the world with spiritual eyes. If we see everything that way, it will put everything else in perspective and affect the way we treat people. Seeing the world with spiritual eyes will help make you happy with who you are, and will influence how you treat the world and those in it. That mindset might evidence itself in our lives by showing love, patience, kindness and healing of emotional wounds.
    Having a joyful life means living in such a way to not be dependant on the approval of people, wealth, luxury, material posessions for our happiness. I hope all the readers here get to know that joy, no matter what their faith. And, when you do get to know that joy, share it with someone else!

  • Nicole L.

    The very first thing I do each morning is pray. I don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep a positive attitude.

  • Alexa

    I don’t believe that I am living a joyful life. I was hoping the book would help me with that.

  • deborah buffamanti

    Live a Joyful Life by doing something significant for someone else. Or many others.

  • Mike Weisberg

    would like to win this

  • Denise Stevens

    God has made such a wonderful assortment of people. I just love getting to know perfect strangers!! I am that women who will talk to you in line at the grocery store and say hello as you walk by. I get so much joy just seeing someone else smile!

  • Patrick Bruckart

    I love animals and spending time with my two cats, and the time I spend with them is what brings the most joy to my life. Animals are less complicated than people, but, in my experience, more attuned to important emotions like love and compassion. Their simplicity is of a profound nature and I learn many things from my cats, and other animals, like slowing down and paying attention to things that really matter. To me, animals are spiritual in the sense that seem naturally attuned to God, to the natural world, the universe. I learn about my own nature from animals, as well, even if they are just reflecting facets of this nature back to me.

  • Eva D

    Joy is something I have been working on in my life. I am way to negative and I am working hard on changing that. This prize could help me in the journey to joyfulness

  • Jennifer B

    Reading a couple of your books, getting your daily inspirations and watching your sermons have helped send my spiritual growth into overdrive!!! You are using the amazing gift that god gave you by saying the Word and helping bring people to God!
    Thank you so much for what you have done and my life and some MANY others!

  • John C

    I’ve forgotten and I need to know.

  • Dove

    We can live a joyful life by focusing upon the Lord instead of our circumstances, our inheritance as our Lord’s child and maintaining an
    attitude of gratitude.

  • Valorie Totten

    First of all putting GOD Frist in everything you do, not just some I mean everything, and seek first the Kingdom of God and all thing shell be added unto you, and what joy of life will not over flow if you follow these thing, these thing will have you beleiving, trusting, having faith,patient to wait on GOD for what ever and joy while you wait,faith without work is dead,living for him is the keys to the kingdom, what ever you need God got it, so just make up your mind because God has a plan and it is mighty sweet so that why it joy in living for God and that why I can keep that joy throught and in my life.

  • Janice

    I live a joyful life by celebrating every day all the blessings that God has brought into my life. I try to use the gifts he gave me by working with people and trying to be an example to all who come in my path of the love the Lord wants us to have for one another.K

  • Laura McLendon

    I am working on it!! This prize would help my on my journey.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Dametta Sanders

    I live a joyful life by waking up every morning and thanking God for this day, no matter what the weather is like I still feel that it is a beautiful day because He has allowed me the chance to wake up and breathe another day. I make time to talk to God before I get ready for work, and being quite and listening for his answer to questions I am asking him. As I travel to work, I take the time to admire all the beautiful trees, flowers, animals, clouds, sunshine or rain and feel joy in my soul marveling at everything God has created. As I go about my day I make sure I smile at everybody, and give out lots of compliments to my co-workers and do extra on my job to make it easier for the next person on that process, it only takes a little effort but it makes a difference. Even though both my daughters are away at college I take the time to talk to both of them on the phone 2-3 times a day, telling them each time that I love them and that I am proud of them and that they are doing a great job. God has blessed me with a wonderful life and family. I am a single mother and it has been and still is hard. I put my daughters bills before my bills but I don’t worry about my bills being paid. I have faith in God that he will help me with all my problems.

  • Alma E. Garcia

    How do i live a Joyful life? Well I have learned that living my life under Gods will being obidient to his commands my chances of doing things wrong will minimize and My consecuences of good life decisions will come rewarding me with blessings and helps me getting related with others as well and my life under GODS will is Joyful in every way!!!!

  • Scott

    My life has been filled with harships. I’m not one to complain, but in order to say how I live my life with joy, i have to tell you the bad things too. In 1986, I was in a serious accident when a driver plowed into the back of my car. I was sitting still and he hit me going, according to the police, 45 to 55 mph. He was trying to look at a woman walking down a sidewalk when he should have been paying attention. It broke my back in 2 places, my neck in 1 place, and it knocked me out cold for over a minute. The driver that hit me was on a suspended lisence. He was on drugs(methanphetamines), and all he got was a ticket! Turns out, he had done it before. I woke up in my back seat to people pounding on the windows yelling at me, “are you alright”. I’ve had 2 surgeries and am on pain killers. I have to get shots, epidural steroid injections, every 3 – 4 months. I am disabled. I cannot work to support my family as I so much desire to do. I have been married to the same amazing woman of God for over 26 years now, and if it was not for her, I would have ended my life long ago. My wife’s mother passed away in 2002. She was a woman that if God made another million women, none would be as kind and gentle as this one was. My wife and her mom were very, very close. She lived next door to us. She helped during all of our hard times without asking for payback or even a thank you. She just did it. My father-in-law was a very hard man. He did not treat his wife well at all and now, I take care of him. He has parkinson’s and alziehmer’s diseases. Through all of this adversity, trials, heart-aches, and being suicidal, God has given us so much more than what the enemy has tried to throw at us. WE HAVE JOY!!.We have struggled with financial hardships for so long, we don’t know anything else, but…….WE HAVE JOY!! GOD HAS BROUGHT THIS FAMILY THROUGH THE HARDEST TIMES I CAN IMAGINE, BUT WE STILL HAVE THE JOY AND THE GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY! I want to say to Pastor Olsteen, thank you. I watch your sermons when I get the time. They always help me and it’s funny, everytime, it seems that your message is exactly what I need to hear. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family.
    Most sincerely with the love of Christ,
    Scott and Sue Miller
    Springfield, Mo

  • Sonny Franco

    I live a joyful life by following God’s plan for my life. This includes listening to the direction He provides regarding the big and small things that we have to deal with in life every day. The key for me is to listen to what my heart and intuition is telling me; and then follow through accordingly. This of course is God speaking to us. In addition, it’s important for us to listen carefully to the signals that our body is sending to our mind each day. God made our bodies to give us signs when we are out of balance. Therefore, we come into physical and spiritual balance when we say yes to moderation, and no to excess; yes to regular rhythms in activity, and no to erratic schedules; yes to deep rest at regular intervals, and no to lack of sleep; and yes to being in your comfort zone, and no to constant stress.
    As we practice this, we become more aware of how our environment and personal choices negatively or positively affect our state of being. As a result, we become more present; and this allows us to not only hear God’s voice more clearly, but also to fully enjoy God’s creations, as well as become aware of His desires for our life. As a result, we not only sustain our joy, but over time it also becomes enhanced.
    This is how I sustain my joy every day.
    “When you correct your mind, everything else will fall into place.”
    — Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher

  • lynn Clark

    Over the years I have used these ways to live joyfully and have pass these ways on to my children also. Some of the ways are: 1. Get moving, don’t sit idly by, but do what I can for my self and ask God to do the rest. 2. Remain as active as possible for as long as possible. 3. Never stop challenging myself. 4. Remove the word failure from my vocabulary. 5. Reach out to help someone/a stranger and 6. Keep my word.

  • Philip Dias

    I live a joyful life only trusting in Jesus and beleving that he paid the ransom for our Joy Psalm 23

  • Debbie Stufflebeam

    To live a joyful life I put Jesus first in every aspect of my life. Just knowing that He loves me makes my life extremely joyful! I do the work He has called me to do by singing. I find that doing His calling makes my life happier and fuller than it was before. He has seen me through so many things and has never let me down, not once! I can turn to Him in any situation and He is always there. He is my ever present help in times of trouble. How could I not be joyful?

  • Jeri

    first of all i have a disabled husband so life starts everyday at all times day or night as he is always in severe pain i work 40 plus hours and help everyone i come in contact with either by a smile and good words or the food from my house or the clothes from my back or a simple joke or a shoulder to cry on or an ear to hear what they have to say and if they ask why why do you make sure everyone gets thier favorite cake or pie or sweet on thier birthday or on holidays everyone gets a card, gift or what ever, why is it important to you WHY well because i feel everyone is important and specile and should be treated that way and most people dont know what someone elses life is like such as do they have some one to say happy birthday to them will they recieve a valentines day card a christmas blessing.. or are they alone and hurting and hiding it….. I have been there done that and then god came into my life and unless you realy know me all you see is someone realy happpy all the time very busy and praising god if you realy know me you know the pain and worryies and troubles and burdens everday brings and you ask how i can think of others much less be so happy and i say cause im living life as god wants me too and he handles my worries just as he cares for the butterfly so i just help him by helping others and by showing them how much of a difference god makes in our lives and i show by example and just want everyone to feel specile as god made us all specile and in his image and is always there for us we need to be there for everyone and be joyful and spread his love but people dont always believe what there hear but if they see it lived and shown and in thier eyes proven by example then they can believe and change and let god help them to help themselves be happy and joyfull!!! my husbvand is house bound and we watch Pastor joel all the time and he realy enjys him so i would love to recieve this package as i would then give them to my husband as a way for him to be able to listen to him anytime he wanted to add more joy and happiness to his daily life but even if i dont win then i am still blessed by god as he gave me the best husband in the world and god makes my life very joyful and blessed!!! god bless everyone!!! remember to smile and pass on a spirit of love and joy and realy listen to someone try to walk in thier shoes and be thoughtfull of them and show the joy living for christ can give you and them!!!

  • fred moore

    Loving, Living and Giving are my Motto in my daily living and this keeps me grounded and forever grateful for Jesus’ love and Mercy that endureth Forever…….Thank you God!!!!!!!
    Fredrick E. Moore

  • laurine elzy

    I can’t do anything with out the help of god’s holy spirt that lives in me and guides me through life’s storms every day,by prayer and faith and most of all trusting him no mater how the things in your life my hurt or seams unfair to you,you have to have faith and he promises to never leave or forsake us,he knows how we feel because he lived on earth as human have faith,trust him no matter what(smile)

  • laryea kingsley


  • Sharon Young

    I am just learning to give God all my problems so I can live in his joy.

  • doris kessie

    I believe in God’s Favor and Blessing for my family at all times. He is always before me, behind me, at my side, above me and beneath me.

  • doris kessie


  • Melody Gonzales

    I was blessed to be able to attend Joel’s Praise and worship at Dodger Stadium, way more exciting than any Dodger game!

  • Sissy Thompson

    How do you live a joyful life?
    I never let my heart harden, even towards others who hurt me the most or with envy of the things I don’t have.I believe in unconditional love, love should not have a price tag.I won’t help throw stones and be judgmental.Life is a big book of lessons, without mistake’s how would we learn? I give forgiveness like I want to receive forgiveness.True forgiveness you learn, grow, move on and should not be able to take back. I have personal relationship with God, he’s my God. God loves me!

  • John

    the best way to live a joyful life is to let God be God.

  • Maddy Rubi

    I have learned to be present with the Lord and remember that he is with me in all my situation, because there is always more than meets the eye. I accept what is and put my faith in the Lord because he knows where I must go from there. I try not to complain or wallow in my sadness, I have faith and the willingness to learn what can be learned and a readiness to do what must be done. I have faith that God gives me what I can handle. So I try to let things go, and putting my trust and faith in God. I am very grateful that it leaves room in my heart for joy to manifest.

  • Anita L. Parker

    I live a joyful life by praying, not just for myself but for others as well, everyday, studying Gods word everyday and doing what his word says to the best of my ability.

  • Mary Taylor

    I live a joyful life by being connected to the source of my joy,Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. He has made my mourning into dancing and brings unspeakable joy to me in the mist of confusion. I just want to thank Him for all He’s done for me and when I do that I receive more joy.

  • Pepper

    At This moment in time, And being A Christian, I am not living a joyful life. With that being said, That is why I am entering to win this Audio. I need direction and prayer. I reckon’ that’s enough said.

  • Chrissy P

    Living a joyful life is simple…meditate on and follow the word!!

  • vergie suarez

    I believe when Jesus is your focus and your life is in order with the word of God you have an abundance of joy….JOY is our strenght that we recieve through the relationship we build with the Lord in our hearts..our JOY is eternal and cant be taken away…Joy is our fulfillment.

  • David Beard

    To live a joyful life one must not dwell on materialistic goods but find the good in all things. For God is in everything. I myself live in poverty and struggle everyday to keep my family safe, but praise God I can still stand and sing his glory. To live a joyful life is to know Christ and know that someday soon I am going home.

  • Robin

    It was God taught me through Tozier so many years ago – Blessed are the poor in spirit. He taught that it means that I am truly impoverished spiritually, bankrupt and destitute… without God. Therefore, when I have that right understanding of who I am and what I am, EVERY thing makes me rich! Happening to see a turtle in the water next to the road is a delight! Finding a penny on the ground is a reward. Making someone smile basks me in warmth. Expect nothing, delight in everything and have a culture of thanksgiving. That hallmarks my life – any life – with joy.

  • Vicki Sparks

    I live a joyful life every day by believing in the Lord even when life gets rough. Those are the days that he comes most in my life by giving me even small things to be thankful for. I’ve learned that the Lord does what is best for us even when we have those dark days and people forget that he is a loving Lord.
    I am going thru a horrible divorce that I do not want and yet every day he gives me something to smile about and I try so very hard to remember to tell him that the little things as well as the big things are so much appreciated.

  • Phyllis Newland

    To me to live a joyful life is to forget about yourself and look around you to see what good and joy you can give to others. When you forget about “me” and concentrate on the needs of others, you begin to find the joy that only God can give when you give of yourself.

  • Susan McEwen

    I have been going to church for almost 2 years. It took me a while, but I finally decided to put Jesus first in my life. I have had such bad luck in life. I finally decided to turn my life around, I got Baptized last year and this year I joined the Ladies Word of Life conference. We are going to New York for weekend to spread the word and speak for our church. I have felt so relaxed since coming to church. I know Jesus is with me.

  • Vickie Fedrick

    I live a joyful life by trusting in god and living everyday to its fullest…and my 6 grandkids help make that possible
    and I remind my self I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me and also I tell my self This is the day the lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it……I love the lord and thank him so much for my salvation.

  • Jeanne Sauer

    My Joyful life comes from knowing Christ lives in me. Through thick or thin, high or low and then being able to share this undeserved love with others. Teaching my grandchildren how to give of themselves with Christ as their first thought. Praying for those around me in their time of trouble, lending a hand, a shoulder or just a smile.And still being able to hear God’s voice in all of this gives me such great comfort and joy, For “this is his day and I will rejoice in be glad in it”

  • nina byers

    ilove your shows and hope i win joel osteen living infavor, abunden thanks nina byers

  • Jackie Martinez

    How do I Live a joyful life?
    I begin each day surrendering my life to Christ, this helps me to realize that I can do all things through Christ whom strentghens me. Also asking the Lord to give me His favor each day throughout the day! This helps me know that no matter what the day will be a joyful day cause it is a day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad! Spending time with my grandchild whom has a terminal disease helps me to know that God truely does help us each day, for each day my grandbaby lives is a joy!!!!

  • Roberta Henry

    I’ve always found joy in nature. To look at the animals and see how they live is a relaxing and joyous thing for me. I’m always amazed by the way they interact, get their food, etc. I have two Jack Russell Terriers who bring such joy to my life! They make me smile just by being near me. It’s sweet to watch them care for one another, and to even care for me! Often they cuddle with me, or offer a lick to show they’re standing with me. I see God at work through them as they care for one another, and for me.

  • Barbarett Corbbins

    I learned to live a joyful life everyday through my service to others! I work in the Emergency Room and everyday I see people from all walks of life entering and transitioning. And they all have a story. It keeps me humble and grateful. And it reminds that the joy of the Lord is my srength. THAT YOUR WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT BUT YOUr JOY SHALL COME IN THE MORNING.

  • Camillus Igwegbe Stevens

    By accepting Christ as our sole redeemer,provider and advocate.
    By acknowledging God as our loving Father.
    By being in His presence always.
    By approaching him unceasingly in prayer.
    By studing the holy scripture regularly.
    By turing our lives into the Holy scripture for others to read.
    By enjoying being always in the midst of our brothers and sisters-in-Christ.Above all,by showing love and making peace to mankind and all of Gods creation on earth.

  • Mike Diemer

    Taking each day as it comes, as a Blessing from Our Savior. Sharing the quality times possible with my loving wife. Giving praise and glory to our Risen King each day.
    These are just a few of the Daily exercises I try to participate in each day in order to keep the joy and happiness alive and well on this Path directed by Our Savior.

  • jimmy pope

    how to live a joyful life,i do it by faith in knowing that i have to love not only my family members,but all those around me,to do this i must pray daily,and ask god to forgive me of any sin that i may have commited knowingly are starts with me and a relationship with my creator,each day i give him praise through jesus christ my savior thanking god for him dying on the cross for my sins,asking him to guide and come and stay in my life everyday

  • myrna rodriguez

    I live a joyful life by always looking towards GOD and counting on HIM for everything; I keep myself focused on HIM by praying and praising everytime I get a chance—that is my way of communicating with HIM. In spite of all the struggles and tribulations I encounter in my life on almost a daily basis; I know that I will have joy in my life because HE always comes to my rescue and I know I will see the light at the end of the tunnel.Before I became real close with GOD I would live in stress and anxiety always but I have learned that I can conquer anything with GOD on my side; I receive Joel Osteens word everyday for about 2 years now and it is always a comfort to me and others because i make it my mission to forward his word in my job to all the co-workers that I can and I can testify that it has spoken to my life and the life of others.

  • Mary Villarreal

    Glory be to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ! I say this always knowing that the Lord is with me where ever I may go and whatever circumstance I am in. I pray for patience, I pray for love and understanding and knowledge and wisdom to get through each day. I get inspired listening to songs of praise and reading my daily devotionals. Attending church and listening to the word of God; This brings strength to my soul. Always acknowledging that my Lord Jesus Christ paid a price for each and everyone of us! Who are we? We are his!

  • stephanie murphy

    You can live a joyful life by living the way Jesus would.And always thinking of four words WHAT WOULD JESUS DO. Jesus will never you or forsake you. We are children of the most High God.

  • Neil Clutter

    THis may sound silly but I am a 31 year old recovering drug addict,and as a result of years of heroin use, my teeth have gtten bad. Although no one can really see them anyway, I know they ar bad, and as a result, I waje up daily feeling down and depresed. Butyesteday, something was different. I went into the bathroom at McDonalds (of all places)to wash my hands after sloppily eating a caramel sundae and there was my enemy in front of me. And that enemy was a mirror. I do mybest not to look at that awful-looking thing but ,for some Godly eason, I did look and I said to myself, “Neil, you are a really good ing person.” Not in an arrogant way, bt in a way that I knew that I was a child of God and he doesn’t make ugly people. And that small moment brought me a great amount of joy.

  • Roberta Roach

    I think the secret to living a joyful life is to be of service to those around you. Further, living by the golden rule Jesus himself set forth is a good basis with which to start. By treating others the way you would want to be treated we start a never-ending cycle of love.

  • Patsy Rivers

    To live a joyful life, you have to let go and let god have his way. you have to stay in communication with god constantly and believe that god has only good things in store for you.He wants us to prosper, so we have to know that we will give us great things. we just have to believe…

  • Goddess Person

    Knowing that God is a God of correction and corrects those he loves should give us all joy. ALthough none of us like punishment, it is better to get corrected here and reign with the King than to be wrong and burn forever!

  • Maury Schiowitz

    I live in a community of helping others…this is the worldly community in which we all live. I give all the Glory to God and Jesus My Savior for all of my successes and for those few failures I have had along the way.

  • Brenda Sgaggero

    I know that our God is a friend, Savior, and he loves us and wants us to be joyful in our life. Anytime that I fell worries come on I sing Amazing Grace believe me I really have gotton good at that song. 2 weeks ago I was found dead in my kitchen. After 45 minutes of cpr and multiple shots, tubes etc. God let them bring me back for a second chance. I know that God wants me to be joyful and that Love with everyone. Its not very often that we see the gates of heaven and then their gone again. It gives you a reason to smile because you know what you have to look forward to. God can and will make you smile for no reason and that smile makes and abundance of Joy in your life.

  • Joni LaCentra

    One of the basic keys to living a joyful life is to realize that the only thing you can fully control in life is your own attitude. Keeping a joyful mindset requires that you keep your attitude in check by maintaining a close personal relationship with God through prayer and studying the sermons of Jesus. Another requirement to having a joyful life is best simplified by a quote from Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now”: “It’s vital that you accept yourself and learn to be happy with who God made you to be.” When you live a joyful life, others who don’t have that joy will ask you how you do it, which opens the door for you to share the grace of Jesus with them.

  • Abe Rodriguez

    I lost my job and had plenty of anxiety attacks, my wife would slip up once in awhile and release her stings upon me. But knowing King Jesus has my back, little by little I resumed my battle position in armor. Praying and talking with GOD everyday through out the day brings peace and joy. When you have this and share a smile and are grateful for everything no matter how small or big….you cannot stop it, but to receive even more abundantly that which you have sowed. By the way did I tell you what our King Jesus is doing for me? Funds became available to pay our bills and feed my family and I’m going back to work soon…..I have a loving family, GOD’S Love and I have love for everyone. A joyful life is a gift from GOD everyday we seek to please our Heavenly Father………Peace and Love to all.

  • Tammy James

    Real joy to me is knowing Jesus. That I have a relationship with a god that is in control of all things. Which means everything is going to be alright. Sure everyday there is evil lurking around but real comfort and joy comes with my relationship with Jesus. Praise God

  • Alice Coyle

    Joel Osteen sermons make you want to have a better life and makes you stop and think about your attitude before you make judgements. I want to have a joyful life and people around me do the same.

  • Janice Vinson

    I first start my day by hitting my feet on the floor,letting oh satan know I’m up don’t mess with me.I Pray thru-out the entire day. Giving every one a smile all day when asked what are you smiling about.? I tell them about my Lord and Saviour and what he did for all of man kind.
    A song in my heart,smile on my face,having a friend to lean on all day.
    Knowing if the devil does try to come knocking, I politely ask the LORD would you Please get the door.

  • shirley talley

    I wake up thanking my lord for allowing me to see another day and always thanking him for my husband, our famlies, our church families, my work families, our friends, our foes, our brothers and sisters from other countries who’s going thru situations which they can not control but i ask him to forgive all his childrens from their sins and protect us all from evil and temptation but to allow his holy spirit to guide us to do his will which is pleasing to him and while i’m at work i never stop praising him with a song and prayer for my co-workers are young but if they need help i never stop letting them know that our father knows them and their situation and there is no better person to trust and depend on then jehovah and his son jesus for there will always be something but with faith in god everything is possible just keep the faith and try your best to live right and follow god’s rule while reading his word and applying the word in your life for the road won’t be easy but it will be the right path to follow in order to save your soul but remeber the main to rule which will always seem hard 1. to have no other god before him and to love your neighbor as yourself for we all must have love and joy in our life no matter the situation

  • Dave Reyburn

    I live a joyful life by simply knowing that God provides for my every need. I seek His direction according to His will and accept things as they come. I strive to be the best me that God intended me to be and I keep an open eye and ear for the bountiful opportunities that God puts in front of me. I maintain a thirst for knowledge and read every day so that I have the best opportunity to receive God’s communications to me. So many things in life are a choice and joy comes as a product of those choices.

  • Maxine

    I live a joyful life by Loving everyone (even my enemies). Love is what is needed today. I do not hold grudges anymore. I start my day with prayer each day, thankful for another day and thankful for life.

  • robert walker

    i belive that life has many trists and turns and even many disappointments. but man is put here on earth with a purpose .when we find out what that purpose is and submit to it and unto god i believe life become more easyer to live .we have a sence of direction and purpose. than learn to live one day at a time with purpose. submitted by robert walker

  • gregg brown

    i belive ,trust and worship GOD everyday

  • dhell

    i always watch ur show at 8.30am every sunday, at first i dont lyk it bec. some pastors i know dey just talk bec. of fame, money…, but wen i try 2 hear 1 of ur …i would’nt say sermon bec. i find it instead sharing ur experiences, ur life, ur interpretation of d bible, after dat i was addicted not bec. ur good looking lyk wat ur saying (though its true)but bec. its all about daily life based, and i was able to have a fellowship even its only in t.v., but once in a while if i happen to get a chance with my friends we talked about your sharing, teaching and were happy bec. we wer able to do 1 of JESUS teachings…wen 1 or 2 gather in MY name IM in d midst of them,we feel d joy dat JESUS promise, through you we are all reminded of JESUS story…teachings, promises…GOD BLESS you, your family, your t.v. station, staffs, hope you, we, could reach more “neighbors”. PRAISED GOD, THANKS BE TO GOD!

  • Keyva Jones

    I live a joyful life because I am living and trusting that God is leading me and guiding me. I am now concious of how great “My God” is! I am Abundantly blessed and Highly favored!! I know that God is the head of my life and He is leading and guiding me to that purposed life that He has prepared for me. There is power in the name, JESUS!!! Thank you and God Bless.

  • Eileen Hicks

    I always watch u Joel and u always make me cry when I see u. (in a good way) I live a joyful life by waking up in the morning and saying THANK YOU LORD FOR WAKING ME THIS NEW DAY LET ME SPREAD THE JOY THAT U GIVE TO ME TO OTHERS AND TELL THEM HOW GOOD GOD IS ALL THE TIME. THAT SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO DAY. I LOVE KING JESUS.
    Thank you Joel for teaching the word of GOD with such truth tenderness and kindness. Thank you Lord for my Life with out u I am nothing Love King Jesus.

  • Joan Davidson

    My daughter and I are going through kinda of a hard time right now. We would appreciate prayers.

  • Faith

    I try to stop being a moody, angry, impatient person. I strive to be at peace with myself and the world and loving every day of my life. Maybe growing older has helped, but certainly changing a few things has made a lot of difference. Analyzing what I can or cannot change has allowed me to stop worrying about the day-to-day stuff and focus on what I want o be and how I want to live.
    I look for joy. Finding joy in life can take practice, but it will eventually become second nature. You may be late leaving because the kids wanted to say goodbye, but you may have just missed being in a major head on collision. Either way you are still late, but your attitude will be different depending on how you look at it.

  • Dianne Fulton

    I live in joy by knowing that because He lives I can face tomorrow. In the midst of the storm there is peace and joy in my life.

  • Jeanne Whitworth

    How I live a joyful life is by understanding first what the Lord did for me on the cross. Konwing what it means to be called and being chosen to do waht the Lord has choosen me to do. The pit He called me out of was severely dark, took me back to do His will in that pit and my joy comes from seeing the light of Christ transferred from me to the people I left in that deadly pit. As well as,the hope I see and feel in the eyes and hearts of the ones God has choosen me to minister to, gives me the joy that sustains me. If I were blessed with Joel’s audiobook, I would find the joy of the Lord in the ones that I would share it with. Hearing Joel’s messages myself when I was at the end of my rope gave me the hope I needed not to give up. I would love to bless you with my testamony and then I know this message will come come back viod. God’s word never does. May the Lord continue to bless Joel and His service to his calling. Amen



  • Linda

    Living a joyful life for me is living a life of gratitude and listening to Joel Osteen every chance I get..My family has gone through a rough time the past couple of years..Loving and supporting one another is the most important thing. Looking into my grandson’s and my daughter’s eyes help me to renew my strength daily and the joyful life comes from the gratitude for life. Amen..

  • Lori Dunn

    I live a joy filled life by knowing that Jesus Christ has given me everything I need & secured me a place in Heaven when I die, even though I am not worthy. He has given me such beauty on this earth to behold & abundant blessings which I do not deserve. There is a special joy in the heart of the born again believer because we know that the beauty the earth possesses in nothing compared to what we will have one day. I thank God everyday for all the blessings He gives me, large & small. I acknowledge all good things come from above & weather I go or weather I stay, I know I am a winner anyway.

  • Lisa Lesesne

    How do I live a joyful life?
    By waking up and giving god the praise and glory for another day and asking for the direction to do his will. I’m thankful for to be able to hear a message from a soilder of God and I beleive Joel is that. I pray that God continue to bless him and his family as they continue to bring the word of truth and a life of promise to the world.

  • ella chalk

    hi joel,GOD bless you and your family. I live a joyful life cause I put GOD first . thank you so very much your’re just what the doctor ordered’ love you.

  • Your Name


  • Elaine

    Hold onto Jesus and worship, worship, worship, the joy of the Lord will fill your soul and what is in the soul will radiate out of your mouth and your whole walk will be different. What’s in the bucket comes up in the well, others will see this inward joy and will be drawn to you and to the Love of Christ within you. In the Lord is fullness of joy, and apart from Him there is no true happiness or peace. But with Him life can be more rewarding and joyful than we can ever imagine.

  • Barbara Hayden

    I live a joyful life by knowing that abundance doesn’t always mean money. Thinking of the entire wealth of my life, my friends and my family, most importantly my daily relaionship with God. My life is full of abundance if I look for it. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. I am the branch and God is the vine…..this is where I try to focus daily as I go through the trials that the world puts in front of me daily.
    I am looking so forward to seeing you in Tampa in June. I have followed you and your teaching, by reading your books and following you on TV. Look so forward to the opportunity to be in your ministry in June.

  • Debria Mills

    I live a joyful life in the Lord by being obedient to His word & knowing in my heart that there is a better place waiting for me when I leave this world!!!!

  • Dinah Clayton

    How do I live a joyful life? Our faith justifies us, Jesus dying opened the gate of regeneration, adoption into the Kingdom of Our Father. His blood atones our sins, his grace and mercy and reconciliation all work together to propitiate our relationship with Jesus. So, all we have to do is trust in Jesus power of the Holy Ghost that it will do what Jesus said it will do, comfort, guide, protect, teach, and intercede on our behalf. Therefore, we can rest assured that God has our back in all that we do that is according to the word of God. I follow the above plan that is how I live a joyful life.

  • Lenora Walker

    Watch your program as much as possible, always record the program to view later or share with my children. Lifts my spirit and keeps me on track with the commitment to God’s Plan for me. Love the humor!
    read the article recently of Buzz Aldrin “Communion on the Moon” when he landed on the moon so many years ago, drinking of the wine and eating the bread and realized how important we must keep Jesus in every walk we take.
    God Bless you Joel for taking a walk you where uncomfortable with some years ago. When we step out of the box and have those uncomfortable feelings, place those feelings in Gods hands, as you well know he will keep us on the right road.
    Thank you for that you do in God’s name.

  • Peter Glenn

    I live a joyful life by remembering what God has given me: life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness in Christ’s favor. Since my lung transplant, each day I can get up and remain healthy gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment. My wife helps me live a joyful life with her smile and her attitude of commitment in Christ. I also remember that God asks us to serve others, and I do so cheerfully. I have had a lot of tough times lately, with the house being flooded and I was in the hospital for a week, but I still remember that God has favored me with his Grace and this makes me joyful. Having Joel’s audiobooks would allow me to share my peace and grace with others in my circle of friends and acquaintances.

  • Mary Rita

    I see those troubled and in despair every day. I take the time to ask them to envision the times when they were the happiest – to hold those moments close to their hearts – to take those feelings and wrap them around themselves – and to remember that those times were when they felt the arms of God around them – and to not forget that those arms are still there, they just aren’t bothering to remember to pull them close. When I say this to these people, it makes me remember to do the same thing.

  • Ivette Luperena

    I have lived a joyful life since the Lord set me free from being a slave to depression, negativity and all the obstacles that have come against me. 13 years ago I was told that I was going to die and the chief of the maternity ward told me I should have an abortion because my child would not make it. My daughter is 12 yrs old now. An honor student, currently scheduled to appear on dishnetwork, on her way to an acting career and she states that God answered her prayers. God answered my prayers too when man said it was impossible God brought joy to my life. I can truly say the Joy of the Lord is my strength. I live life to its fullest there is no greater joy than serving God for he is an awesome God that is always on the move, he is our saviour which has saved us from so many negative things. I have learned that the Lord is a God of provision, our healer, he uplifts us when we are down and gives us joy. We are more than conquerors with him on our side.



  • Brian Lyons

    Stay with God and Family and take care of those in need of God.And at Gods speed to Laugh and Live life to the end.

  • Deb Steinike

    I have to hang onto the teaching and examples that have been set forth in His word! By doing this I can have a joyful life. I’ve learned that in life there are just some things that I don’t even need to grab hold of as they will squelch the joy in my life! Also learning to look for the joy and teaching in every circumstance helps too. Seeking out good strong christian support is also such a benefit to having joy in your life! I also have been given the blessing of many children(10) and if you can’t find joy in each moment of the day when you’ve been given that many blessings along with a strong man of God ….. well ya better dig deeper in His word!! Thank you for the work you do!

  • Cindy Golightly

    I had moved to Houston in 2004 scanning thru he T.V. channels I received Joel and Victorias show of ministery in the old church that his did preached in WOW. His simple prayer he would start every morning was great as he would tell his joke to begin the morning would get you going to receive the word. He has a abundant power voice from the Lord who wont’t want to listen and when Victoria spoke you could listen as well. Another excitement was when his mom would speak what an honor to listen too. Joel could get right to the point that was one thing I really like about his ministry with a laugh(in a good way. To see all the people to gather as one in the church sermon was out of this world to see. What a glory from God to bring all together to praise and pray together as one unit. I wanted to go to his church while I lived there but I never got to,but I did keep up when the new church was being built WOW to that one to. One neat thing is I bought the wookbook and hardback of “Purpose of Life” these materials got me thru a lot of tough times..I went thru a no so good divorce, moved back home and of course pick up and start over but with men like Joel that has the Lord in him so strong and answers e-mails from troubled people and to give HOPE (which is a stong word you cannot ever loss) helpes so much. Well I could talk highly more of Joel and his people. Time to go.Havea very blessed day..Cindy

  • dee

    im struggling but im trying….life has had so many hard balls…but im a believing lol

  • Rita

    The secret to living a joyful life is to be true to God and constantly do the work he has led us to do. We are not all pastors or singers but it gives my heart such joy to help those in need in this world and by doing this I am serving my most High God.It is such a rewarding feeling to know you have done something to help others no matter what it may be.

  • Rozlyn Wade

    I keep God first in my life and spend time finding ways to help others. I love to see a smile on a senior’s face when I bring them a sweater or a flower. I am secretary in the Missionary Ministry in my church.

  • Raymond Hall

    God lives.

  • Gloria Hunter

    I live a joyful life by taking one day at a time and not forgetting that God has everything in control. I also live each day as if it were my last by doing unto others as I would have them do unto me. Love, patience, understanding but most of all putting God first in everthing that I do. Also knowing that he died on the cross for each and everyone of our sins. All we have to do is trust and obey. God loves each and every one of us.

  • ahanmisi kelly

    I live a joyfull life by aprecieating whom God has created me to be.
    If you may asked, Whom did God created me to be? I will say God created me to have life to the fullnes according to John( 10v10b,) and in (jer 29v 11)which says I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end. knowing this truth, elivate me from fear,so I wake up every morning full of joy and encitment.
    Though terible things do happens around me, i am not move because I have the joy of the lord.

  • Janice Nikitin Stravinskas

    Jesus said: I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5). This is the secret of it all! I pray every morning before leaving for work, and keep Our Lord Jesus as my partner in absolutely everything I do. By staying focused on Him, I am able to lead a joyful life, because even when the going gets rough, He has always, always helped me through it. Then, the good times seen even more wonderful when they come. By staying focused on Him, everything in life is in the proper order: God, family, work (finances too). I was supposed to die of colon cancer 4 years ago and thank you, Jesus, I am still here!!!!!

  • Julia M. Fielder

    Hello, I miss listening to Joel. He gave me hope and joy the same as the gospels do. I am quite old, and ill, also live on a small income. I have thoughts of need, but then I read my bible, and I am encouraged and I go on. I also try to cheer up others, because I know that many people struggle with daily tasks. When I read the apostle Paul’s reports I am ashamed of ever feeling sorry for myself. He overcame so much more than I do, but was never ashamed to praise the Lord. Thank you for your messages. (I have not been able to see them, as my TV has not worked since the change to digital TV, even though I bought the converter box. Blessings to you, and love in Jesus’ name. Julia M. Fielder.

  • Laureen Tsoukalas

    I live a joyful life by putting God and Family first in my life, and teaching my children to do the same.

  • Bill

    I am a single dad on total disability raising 18 %`15 yr. old daughters along with a 9 yr. old granddaughter. I live in joy because God has given me this opportunity and joy in the twilight of my life. The experience to share my love and wisdom he has given me, and to see his glory and love everyday through their eyes, is a joy only I and I alone can experience. Living in joy is to experience God and not allowing the inventions of man to become the gauge of your joy.

  • Deborah Young

    I live a joyful life by not worrying what other people say or do.I enjoy my family time together.I also listen to the gospel station to keep me focused on all the good things in life.Life in itself is hard enough why stress about things you have no control over…..

  • Linda Bishop

    To me focusing on the blessings all around me is the key to living
    joyfully. So many wonderful children of God have blessed me in the past
    and present that I can always find something to be thankful for. If
    I feel upset, I remember how Joel says, “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.” That does it for me – I just don’t let them. God is so good!
    Thanks for your wonderful positive ministry.

  • Mary Erixon

    I read the daily “Today’s Word w/Joel & Vicotria” everyday and print them out. I keep some of the copies at work, at home and some in my purse. I work 2 jobs so when I get tired or depressed I read one of the daily devotionals and that gets me back on track again. They help me set my day and helps reminding me how to keep the joy in my life.

  • Hemy, NY

    I live a joyful life because his word says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him and he willd direct thy paths, and I try to do that and teach my kids to do the same. I trust and love him and that gives me joy.

  • charlotte summers

    Every morning i Thank the Lord for another day,an blessings to me and my family to be safe, nurtured in God’s word to be blessed through out the day by his glorifed joy an love for us.Jesus gave his blood for all.We need to all come back to the true sign of salvation,for the Kingdom is ours an ever lasting life.For one day i will walk on that beaitful shore with JESUS

  • Brad Haskins

    A joyful life can be lived by believing that God is with us always. By stepping out of the boat like Peter did I can see how powerful God is and stepping out of that boat tells God that I trust that you won’t let me sink. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phillipians 4:13)

  • Cathy

    Pastor Joel I have not always been a joyful person. I was very selfish and self-centered. But, when I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Savior and Lord, I was so happy, grateful and joyful, all I could say is..thank you Jesus for saving me. I develop a relationship with God the Father by accepting Jesus Christ into my life, I am just so thankful that He gave me time to repent of my sin. His mercy and grace saved my and I am just so happy to be one of his children!!!
    Now that I am saved from the penalty of sin and death; I am joyful that I can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others. It a great joy to be able to help, and serve others with the love (Agape) of Jesus Christ!!!

  • Crystal

    I live a joyful life by trying to die to my life and by keeping HIM first place in my life: with a good attitude !!! All the other things and more than I can imagine, are added to my life.

  • Karen

    How can one live a joyful life? Many of us always ask that question, I believe that we all can by believing God’s words, pray and always be obedient to God’s will. In addition a positive outlook on life helps because we believe and accept God’s will for our lives. Spreading the love of God to others, constantly reading and studying God’s word all makes our lives joyful and peaceful one. Reading Joel & Victoria Daily Word also helps cement my belief in God and make me look forward to his coming and in the meantime live a joful and fullfilled life on Earth.

  • Carolyn Wuebbles

    The only way for me to obtain joy is through the Lord. He gives me the joy and peace and it is because I keep my mind stayed on Him. I find that when I get my mind off Of Jesus and on to me and my problems, joy leaves. So I keep my mind on Him and trust Him. I love Him.



  • Dottie Hansen

    I live a joyful life by getting up each morning and thanking the Lord for everything He has given me and my family. For thanking Him for even the ‘bad’ things that might be happening to me at the moment because I know He already knows about it and I know He is in control and will bring it about for my good.

  • Stan Hoyes

    I believe the best way is to keep his promises before you otherwise the curcumstances can depress you.

  • Sandy Smith

    Every day when I wake up I start my day thanking God for his wonderful blessings and allowing me another day to worship him. I thank him for his precious son (Jesus) who gave his life for me even though he knew I would fail. When I think of how great that uncoditional love is, I can’t help but be joyful. Someone actually loved me that much that he gave his life for me. What a wonderful God we serve!No matter what my circumstances are His love is greater. This is how I start my day filled with joy, peace and love and the desire to share with others.

  • yolanda mcduffy

    I live a joyful life, by putting the past behind me and pressing towards the mark of the high call in Christ Jesus.



  • Donna Ellis

    How do you live a joyful life? From my own experiences, I can say that as a infant through adulthood, through proper nurturing we are preparing for a great life that is expeceted of us. As long as we been nurtured, be began to grow like seeds need sunshine and water,to grow into beaurtiful flowers, we are infants being fed by the word,so that we can blossom into beautiful children of God. We will experience the highs and lows of life, because that is part of our journey, so that’s why we have to trust, obey, have faith, know and believe that whose in charge and allow him to take control over us and our lives, then there’s nothing that we must fret for. God handles all our needs, therefore we can sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

  • Emilio Alvarez

    The best way to be joyfull is by been greatful for everything, by making sure That sharing, giving & helping others to be happy, we can be joyful.

  • pauline a pitts

    bless the LORD

  • Hosea Mbah Fon

    Dear Pastor Joel,
    Thanks for your great impact on the lives of millions of people around the world that you messages have affected positively. Being one of them, I would not have known what living a joyful life could mean, until I became a new creation being, being BORN AGAIN.
    Question: How do you live a Joyful life?
    Answer : Simple, Just let the love and peace of God, which is his word, JESUS, and or the Holy Spirit envelope you evry day and every moment, living in conformity with the word of God, seeking his wisdom before acting in every thing or deciding on anything and you will enjoy peace and joy like you have never had in your whole life, one that transcends every human understanding. Just give it a trial and experience the joy and happiness you have looked for through out your world and life, that you never thought you could have one day. A life time experience, as you discover that other methods of deriving or gaining happiness have been all failures. God’s ways are not our ways.

  • Sadie

    Yes,the only way to live a joyful life in todays world is to live for GOD. you can’t have any joy in your life if you try to live for people you cannot please people so you have to live for GOD and live right no matter who you live with or what your situation is. you can’t change anyone but yourself no matter how hard you try. you have to be an honest peson and do what is right even if the people you live with don’t do right and that is the only way to have any joy.

  • Janice Featherstone

    I live a joyful life by living everyday to the fullest and in all things I acknowledge God and give him praise. Then on Sunday’s I enjoy a nightcap by watching Joel Osteen before going to bed. Who could ask for more. Life is good and all praises and glory go directly to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Elizabeth Sneed

    Soon it will be six years that Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the beginning of my life being changed. It took several weeks before we found out that our familes were alive and safe. Then the weekend before Hurricane Wilma hit Florida we got the phone call in the middle of the night that our oldest daughter was involved in a bad auto accident…every one was ok but it could have been worst. Then Hurricane Wilma hit and we watched as all the repairs from the previous season were destroyed. Once more our neighbors grouped together and helped each other. Then on the night of October 30th my husband suffer a massive heart attack and died. I held him in those last minutes and watched and prayed. He left me with the most precious gift of gifts…that death is beautiful. The weeks following my yougest daughter was in the hospital twice with no insurnace. My mother was diagnosis with cancer which would the begiining of three different cancers. I had lost my job in March following my husband’s death. Then I was told that I had Multiple Sclerosis. My faith in God grew after each of these. I thanked God and ask him to continue using me as his servant…I knew that greater things were in store for me. I feel that God has selected me for a special mission and that I am the lucky one. My goal is to set an example for my daughters to follow as they grow and mature into young adults and the challenges they will face as they travel along life’s path. Thank you God for putting a smile on my face each day no matter how difficult it is. Greater things are in store for me.

  • Brigitte Saffold

    How do you live a joyful life? I live a joyful life by putting God first. Knowing that anything that happens is all in God’s hands! I don’t worry, I pray. I leave the past in the past and live each day to the fullest. I give God all the praise, honor and glory. Knowing that without Him I and my life would be nothing! I find something to smile about eachand everyday and I share my goodness with others. I welcome each day, knowing that it is a blessing. I remind myself and others that this is the day the Lord has made and I say “I will rejoice and be glad in it!”

  • Marsha B.

    I live in joy by getting an hour of cardio every day and that gives me the energy to help my 91 year old Dad (with the help of my 21 year old son!) Our three generations laugh together, and enjoy the simple things in life like last night’s beautiful full Moon. How joyful it was for the three of us to stand at the kitchen window looking up at the Moon in amazement!

  • Cyndy Aguero

    I live a joyful life by trying to be the one to affect generations to come. I try to break the strongholds in my mind and think positive thoughts. I have faith in God.

  • Randall “Rock” Blackburn

    Upon awakening every day I am blessed to be able to thank God for another day.I ask Him to direct my thoughts and guide my actions.It is only by the grace of God that I am able to experience the joy of being able to be of service to God and my fellows. My fellows includes everyone with whom I come in contact with.It is a blessing to me to have been given the gift to encourage others,sometimes its just a text message in the morning to let someone else know that they are being thought of, or sometimes a phone call to see how their day is going.Doing this helps me be a better me.When I get out of myself and put other peoples needs ahead of my wants I get to experience what true love is.By showing my thankfullness I am gratefull and when i am gratefull I am full of joy and God’s favor. Thankyou for the oppoyunity to share what I have been blessed with. “Rock”

  • Micheline Mathis

    I love God. I praise God Micheline

  • Beulah Parker

    You can live a joyful life by counting your blessings and being thankful to God, and resting in the Lord through the trials and storms of life, trusting in Him, and knowing that He is with you at all times. See Him taking you through victory after victory …

  • Nancy

    Three years ago I was finishing a busy year of cooking and could hardly wait to get on the first train ride to California to see my son and his family. I had just gotten there when I received a phone call from my husband telling me that our 26 year old son had osteosarcoma in his hip. I went into prayer mode and asked God why my son. The answer I got was not what I expected when God said “Why do you question when I gave the only son I had and you have four”. That was the start of my journey of nine months. My faith was questioned by the doctors and we were told why don’t we just give up and die it would be so much easier by his doctor. He fought for nine months, chemo, great pain, surgery to remove a 35 pound, volleyball size tumor that had shattered his femur and when he finally went through the gate he went his way. Peacefully and with his family close. This experience has changed the way I look at things and people. I try to give more and talk to people more about my faith and how when bad things happen you don’t give up and hide you go out and search for the good. My son found God by listening to your program and reading your books. His life had been filled with deep trouble but in the end his faith brought him back to God and I know where he is.

  • http://Gratefulness Lynda Warren

    I’m so grateful each & every day for all of my family, friends, & relatives. So thankful for everything I have! Helping others is also something I try to do each & everyday, whether I do it physically or just by praying for them. Praise God!!

  • Eddie Marie Calhoun

    I first start my day with a prayer, in witch I try to include every body, family of course, the world also. I say this prayer throuth the day also. there has been a lot that has happened in my life, but I try and work on remembering what GOD has done in my life, when I think of how far he has brought me, just that in itself is enough to keep me joyful for a life time. There is no better joy than knowing the LOVE of GOD.

  • Rudy Harrison

    Living a joyful life is not an easy job given the present conditions both worldly and personal. I have however resigned myself to seeking GOD’S SALVATION, in a “No Holds Barred” manner.Chief among these are resigning myself to keeping the 10 commandments no matter what comes. Their is going to be a lot of sacrifices to be made and the idea of turning my life around puts me in a joyful frame of mind. Bit by bit I’m doing the things that are required of me and the relief that comes from “Taking A Stand” is tremendous! Everyone should take upon themselves to do this. Praying and constantly keeping the commandments present in everything I do and say, minute to minute is a rough job. I will keep the faith and keep experiencing my joyful feelings.

  • Sue Rogers

    I live a joyful life by living my life in Christ. I cast all my cares upon the Lord and live my life in Him. I try to invite all of my friends to church and everyone I come in contact with so I can share the wonderful life in Christ. I have seen first hand miracles that Jesus has done. How can anyone wake up in the morning and say there is no God when they open their eyes to His beauty. How can anyone go through the life that God has given them without beleveing in Him.

  • Nora McLendon

    I thank God for every day for His many blessings in my life. Being a witness for Him is one of the many christian things that I do. Always keep God in your heart and let His light shine through you. You never know who will be touched and/or blessed.

  • Clara

    I live a joyful, by first putting the lord jesus christ first in my life. Second, giving awawy the love of jesus christ to other. Lastly, letting someone know that the lord jesus christ love them enspite of their problems and that there is no problem that he can’t solve for them.

  • Maria Ester Fernandez

    I live a joyfull life by giving the most and the best of me.
    I live a joyfull life by asking God to give me the strenght and the resources needed to improve living conditions of people and animals in need.
    I live a joyfull life by asking the Lord to increase my faith.
    I live a joyfull life by begging Jesus Christ to give me the priviledge to act guided by his wisdom and mercy.
    I live a joyfull life by giving, serving and loving in every way I can.

  • Cathy Crayton

    I seek it from the scriptures, from his creation such as babies, flowers, foliage, laughter from a child, art; most importantly, me. I turn inward deeply reflectively for the goodness in me. Turning out, filtering out, and diminishing everything or person who seeks me harm, hurt or pain. That constant cleansing and purging and detoxing helps me in turn to be forgiving, tenacious in my endeavors of loving, success and prosperity in every arena of life.
    It is a constant, everyday, every hour, every minute exercise. At first, it was a chore, now, it is my destiny. Things I can change, change, things I have the power to change, change. People, never try to change, just pray that they will see through the revelation God brings.
    Live every day as if it is your last and learn everyday as if you have a lifetime. That is my mantra as iterated by M. Gandhi. The battle is not yours, but the Lord’s as revealed by God.
    This is how I have joy in my life no matter the circumstances.

  • bridgett j belcher

    I live a joyful life by starting my day everyday in the word of God. I made up my mind, when my two youngest children, were also taken from me, (4 altogether), to no matter what comes my way, that this is the day that the Lord has made, And I WILL BE GLAD AND REJOICE IN IT!!! You see the plans the Lord has for us is for hope and a future, to prosper us and not harm us. Jeremiah 29:11. So keeping that in mind, when satan comes and robs us of things in our life that we are happy with, it is to snatch our joy from us. ABBA loves us and want us to really be HAPPY. We must honor our LORD always by keeping his joy, by believing his word and promises.(Its like this: We love our children and want them happy always. When someone else does something to them and they become sad we don’t want them that way. We want them to be happy. No one wants a sad child. We want them to know, no matter what happens, just be happy with us and everything will be alright.) I had to learn this. I almost died of a broken heart when my children were taken from me. Literally! But GOD said no!!! Because HE has plans for me. And from then on its been a learning experience. I’m fighting to get my children back. While I’m waiting and fighting, the Lord has inspired me to focus on HIS will in my life. I’m, along with a few friends, are in the process, of starting a non-profit for children. And then, a business taking care of the Elderly. If I wasn’t in the word of GOD, I would be mixed up, unjoyful, doing something else. I live a joyful life by, when the Lord wakes me up in the morning HE is the first person that I say good morning to. Then I begin my meditation on HIM and pray. I then turn on TBN, to hear what the LORD is saying to me. I do this from 6:00am up until 10:30am. So I listen, study and worship with the TV preachers, monday thru saturday! On sundays if I don’t go to church, I delight in listening to the different styles and messages of the LORD from TV preachers and teachers. This is how I keep the LORDS JOY, in my life daily. Don’t get me wrong, I still have disappointments, but I don’t dwell on them. I look to the hills from where my help comes. And remember to be content. Grateful that the LORD gave me One more day to do HIS WILL in my life. Until my children come back home, or the GOOD LORD calls me home, I’m pressing on, fighting the good fight, in the JOY OF THE LORD.

  • Diane Roberts

    I live my life joyfully by reminding myself about the abundant blessings that God has sent me in the most simple ways. I am thankful for my health, for the love of my family, for the support of friends and co-workers and most of all for the fact that God has given me the ability to work through him to be of service to others.

  • Judy Douglas

    I live a joyful life every day because the lord has put joy into my heart. and I let everyone I know I don’t have any problems because the Lord is with me. and I thank him so much for that.

  • Tammy Hicks

    By turning all of your worries over to God. People stress over so many issues in today’s society instead of letting go and letting God and this steals their joy. Even though it seems hard, just turn your problems over to God because if he brought us to it he will take us through it.

  • Carla Bancroft

    I live in Joy because I know that I am a daughter of a Heavenly King who loves me. How with that knowledge can I ever not have joy.

  • Audrey Jackson

    I give all praise and worship to me Saviour Jesus Christ.I know that without him i can do nothing.

  • Kathleen Colburn

    I listen to Joel whenever I am in my car. The sermons that Joel gives to us are not so much a sermon as a daily reminder of what God has, can and will do for us. He truly works for the Lord and we are well and truly blessed from listening to him.

  • kenny napper

    Lasy feb. i found out that i had CLL, that is a type of cancer, liver de. & my wife said she did’nt want to have anything to do with me or my bills. she took me to court & she & the judge took everything i had & i mean everything even things she gave me for christmas. i really don’t understand the way things turned out but god has a plan & i know he let this happen for a reason!!! i am a new child of god for a year & a half. I love my life now & i know god will give me what i need & TERESA will have one more court to face. I thank god for everything!!!!

  • Sharon Sale

    Good day to you…blessings from one traaveling heart to a billion others. It is a great day to wake and let my feet hit the floor with a big “Thank You Father”. Abundance and joy are a choice I make each day to look for every adventure to give a smile, a cheerful word, a hug if someone’s energy is not on target. We do not know another’s burden or joy…but we can be ready with our’s to empty our cup on others. I have been blessed to know what it means to have little and to have more than my daily bread….What a wonderful life we have to feel joy in a sun’s ray from heaven, a snowflake among billions falling down, a raindrop that turns a thunderstorm into dynimite in the sky….and to find the refuge of our heart in silence before our wonderful creator and teacher. Let’s all look out and up…for our cups truly runneth over….and a big blessing to all at belieftnet for their many effort to encourage our daily walk.

  • Floyd Richardson

    By helping others.

  • kay

    I am blessed and joyful in knowing that when I wake up each day I have been given another day to praise his holy name. I am testimony that Jesus Christ has carried me and my family through life this far and the future.

  • Brenda Asche

    I live a joyful life by keeping my Savior # 1 in my life. I always told the students in my Sunday School class in order to have “JOY” in your life you have to put things in order:
    1st Jesus = J
    2nd Others = O
    3rd Yourself = Y In that order, You will experience “J O Y”..
    If you keep your eyes focused on HIM, making sure you don’t have time to watch what other people are doing or saying, You will have sweet fellowship with your Savior… PRAISE Him at all times, whether in good times or bad times, Always Praise HIM!
    REMEMBER: We can ‘always’ run under HIS wings for safety and protection…Anytime satan is bothering us, we can hear HIM softly call, “Come, run under My wings…” Just as the mother bird was found in a forest fire, burned but upon removal of her singed body her lil babies were found alive and well because she ‘covered them with her wings’. Thank GOD for HIS shelter in our times of troubles!

  • Tamara Gonzalez

    I have not always known God. But he has always known me. I look back on my life and see all the times he was there for me, though I was trying life on my own. I have lost two children and he was amongst us during that time of sorrow. I have been in other trials and I can look back and see, He loves us (me). We are not holding onto him, he is holding onto us (me). He said ok Tamara, I have watched you try to do life on your own terms for so long, now its time to try things my way. I found Peace and forgivness for thoes I thought I could never forgive. Praise the the Lord! I am free through Christ Jesus. I will always Praise him, even through the storm. All I have to give to him is me and the best I can give with my Faith in him. I am not perfect, But Praise God I am forgiven! Because of My freedom, I am joyful always in Christ. Life is beautiful. I share the word when I can and pray for thoes who wont recieve him. Amen.
    Peace and Blessings to all. Tamara

  • Dlew

    I live a joyful life by spreading joy to others. Whether by saying a kind word or just allowing the joy in my life to spread to others through my actions, it is all of our responsibility to help each other. There is enough hardship in life. We all have it and live it. What separates God’s children is the ability to make a positive impact on those around you. Leave your troubles to God and spread your joy to His children.

  • Lucy B. Hayth

    I live in joy because I have known from early childhood and continually remember that the Lord my God is the One. It is a wonderful feeling to just be able to say this to myself and others. The Lord has blessed me and kept me all of my life. He has given me many talents and skills. I never knew that I had them until others tell me what a joy it is to them to know me and the little kindnesses that I share with them. I try to live my life by example so that others can see my joy in both my walk and attitude.
    In addition, when I look around and see all the beautiful things in nature that my God has created I cannot avoid being joyful.

  • Hadiya

    By remembering each day that I’m blessed and highly-favored, appreciating what God has done for me, and loving my family and friends.

  • Chiquita N. Kingdom

    Living a joyful life for me is constantly staying in the rest of God. In His secret place of the most high. When life obstacles come flooding the atmosphere of my life and Satan think he has won; that’s when I go to the word of God and cast all my cares over on him. In God all battles are already won!!! My motto is to trust believe and receive what thus saith the Lord and God will take care of the rest!!! Living a joyful life is everyday goal and strive to fulfill it daily!!!

  • Barbara Bussell

    My faith in our Heavenly Father has kept me going. Knowing that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and I am forgiven, keeps me going. Why did He have to die,why did He not speak up for Himself. You and I know. He died to save us. To be resurrected on the third day, Easter Sunday.



  • Kathleen Keilman

    My comfort comes from the Father.My friend and confidant, attorney and comforter, my strength and soul mate is Jesus, the one I seek wisdom and courage from is the Spirit. These three personages of my God have Loved me, held me up in the worst of times, never left me even though I have left them. Thank You Father for your Son and Thank You Jesus for your Spirit and thank You God for Loving me.

  • Valerie Strawmier

    I live a joyful life because I refuse to let the past drag me down. While it may not have been fun or enjoyable or anything I would like to live again, I have realized that I can take those lessons, even if unwillingly learned, and use them to make today’s life more meaningful and more positive. With the support of my family and friends, I find that each day holds new promise and it’s not always in the expected places. Smile and look forward because looking back will not benefit anyone.

  • Emily Lewis

    I live in joy by doing as I was instructed by Jesus, “love thy neighbor as thyself”. I am a widow of six years and have spent that six years in trying to give back. I do volunteer tutoring in the local elementay school two hours a day five days a week. I have been volunteer church treasurer for 25 years and I sit with my neighbor’s wife when he needs to get out or go fishing, his joy. She is a quadraplegic patient and he cares for her seven days a week, week in and week out.
    At 81 years of age, I feel joy and fulfillment in my life by keeping busy doing the Lord”s work. It is difficult to describe this joy except to say that I am happy with my life and with my Lord.

  • Mellissa C

    I live a joyful life everyday by being thankful and knowing I am loved by the father.



  • Anita

    I live a joyful life by expecting joy and love and peace. It comforts me to know that there is someone looking out for me and providing for me while I’m here.



  • Dianne Elizabeth Pearson

    I live a joyful life becuase I have the assurance that Christ died that I might live, and by his stripes I am healed. I have the hope that if I live according to his word, I will live with him in glory.
    It also give me pleasure to know if I can help somebody as I travel on, my living will not be in vain.
    I am thankful that Great is his faithfulness, that morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed his hand has provided, great is his faithfulness unto me.

  • donna k

    I Live A Joyful Life by keeping God first. Being grateful,forgiving, treating others the way i would like to be treated. I ask my God each day to help me to do his will and not mine. When im walking with God i am a all around better person. I try to make someones day a little bit brighter everyday. i do alot of prayer and meditation. God has giving me a life that I only dreamed about having. And, for that I am forever grateful. I pray that everyone finds God and keep him first in their lives. My heart is full of love today, which makes me the best mom, friend, etc. that i can be. god bless you all.

  • Marie Seymour

    Because of a gambling addiction, I fall into despair everytime I ignore the vows I make to quit. I give it to God and take it back. Joel has seen me through some very bad times by reminding me that it is Jesus who has already saved me. Not my being good or being bad – it is Jesus who still loves me always no matter what. That gives me hope and brings me back to being thankful and joyful.

  • Richard Santee

    I live a joyfull life knowing that God is with me even though I am homeless and living in the woods of Kissimmee Florida. I know that he is testing me to make me a better person. I kinda wish that he would test others. I mean HOW many times can a person keep losing EVERYTHING and still keep believing?



  • irene relerford

    thank you for this offer,i like joel because he keeps God positive in your life.

  • Shirley W

    I have found that the closer I get to the Lord the more I am talking about how he is so good and has help me so much within my heart and how I know he has always been there for me. The more I talk to them and the more the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ becomes a reality to them the more my heart is filled as I know they will in time feel the love I do and they will receive the greatest blessing the Lord has to give, a beautiful loving soul. This is where I find the greatest joy in life. Shirley Willingham

  • A Cook

    I try my best to tune out the negative and only take in the positive!

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep a positive attitude, and I pray.

  • David McGahan

    “Every waking moment is pure joy for me, since I have given my life to Christ all that I want to do is glorify His name, and through His Grace help lead more of His children to Him”…

  • Marsha Ingraham

    I live a joyful life knowing that as long as I keep my mind focused on God, I will have perfect peace. The joy of the Lord is my strength! – he promised me he will never leave me nor forsake me. Through every test & trial I stand on that promise & thank him for his love, grace & mercy daily – God is an awesome God!

  • Mary Scott

    I wake up and offer every minute of the day to God and place all my thoughts and worries in His hands. I let go. but things do creep in at times. Then I talk to HIM again. Mary

  • Grace Cirillo-Fiore

    I am joyful; in spite of all the obstacles surrounding me. I know that God is in control; and is working on my behalf. When your plate is full;as mine is; God is holding my hand and sending angels to intervene. Thank you Joel Osteen for being so positive and uplifting in your ministry, May God continue to richly bless you.

  • G-MA

    Lord you have helped me before, but now I really nead You. Please show me the way to make my life pleasing to You.

  • Donna Wright

    Thank God for all things,keeping Him in my thoughts keeps me joyful, and hearing a joyful message from Joel Osteen will only help increase a joyous day!!! Thank you for this opportunity. Donna

  • Lanie

    How do I live a joyful life? I am fully aware of my Heavenly Father’s presence within me, everyday I experience the Love of God. I awake daily thanking God for another beautiful day, for His goodness, mercy, lovingkindness in my life, no matter my circumstances, praying for myself and others. I allow God’s correction and discipline in my life. I worship and praise my Heavenly Father daily, being grateful for all that He has done and all that He will do (according to His Will). Everyday I say THANK YOU JESUS. Everyday I am filled with Joy because I am maturing in Christ, a believer AND a follower. EVERYDAY I am filled with joy because I am still here because of His grace….

  • Catherine B.Ramos

    Hi,Pastor Osteen is this your spiriual daughter from Albany, Georgia it like 3 hour away from Atlanta Ga. Me and my teenage daughters watch every Sunday morning for we go to church.That my word for today listen to you everyday too for 5 years.

  • Kathy

    BY KNOWING THESE THINGS :’To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’ When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better, and by concentrating on this sentence: “The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you”

  • Martha

    Living in the presence of God, doing good to others and giving thanks to the lord for all the gifts we have received in live.
    Martha from New Jersey

  • Jill Siro

    I Love HIM… I Love HIM.. Thank you God for knowing my heart because now I don’t have to explain how much I LOVE YOU…I feel my heart melt when I feel your love. HE Knows All!He Knows our Hearts!!!!!!!!He knows we try. How awesome it that!
    He picks us up when we fall and He is Always there for us. There are no words in this world that can express HIS Beauty and LOVE for us. Precious is He…Thank you for knowing my heart Jesus! Thank you for everything! I Adore you..Amore’

  • maria edwards

    Hello Pastor Osteen, I wake up in the morning and thank God for another day he has given me and my children to be able to use all parts of our body, still have breath in our body, and thank for the protection he has and is still giving in and out the day and night. I also pray to keep all that is negative and bad away from us and to bring the positvie and good that will us to continue on our everyday journey, and to help better us. I pray that God help me to be a better person (mother, friend, a better child of his, and be more consisted), and to find a church home I usely do at home with my children before bed or watch you on sunday nights when i catch you.

  • liz stamper

    Keeping God first in my life, ( i believe that sums it up)!

  • Janice Marie Doss

    I put my faith and trust in God, where he leads me I will follow. When I pray, I thank God for all the things he have done for me. Keeping a peaceful heart helps me to deal with everyday life situations whether good or bad, God is always there, he will never leave me, and knowing that makes me joyful to spread God’s words.
    I agree to the terms of service, rules of conduct nd privacy policy (the “agreements”). I understand and agree that any contendt I post is licensed to and may be used by in accodance with the agreements.

  • Karen Zeiset

    I try to live in the moment in terms of always being aware of the blessings, in the form of people and scenery, that surrounds me. Every moment can be a “God Moment” and an opportunity for joy. In painful times, I allow myself to feel the pain but then I pray for myself and/or others, believing that God will help us in our circumstances and joy is revived.

  • Helen Morisrawles

    How do I live in joy? Simple. The Lord is with me and he guides me throughout my day. When thee is something to b done, I ask the Lord how shall we do this and he shows me just what to do. It is just me and the Lord to do whatever needs to be done so I just give it to him. I have the holy spirit on the inside and it does guide me and lead me where I need to go. I enjoy watching Pastor Osteen and he is so inspirational. Heencourages me so much that I do not want to miss him when he comes on. I usually can see him on Friday nights and that is my inspiration to get a good night’s rest. Thank God for blessing Pastor Osteen to encourage and inspire others.

  • Carmen Pearlta

    I live a joyful life when I hear my family laugh out loud at a corny joke their father made or when the television is shut off to talk about our Lord and Savior and how much our life have change since we became Christian! Oh! and knowing that the day I pass away I will meet my Lord and see my mother how awesome is that?

  • Denise

    My life has been very hard to say the least, Joel’s books have helped me deal with life and be a better person, i now know that god will see me through even when things are the most grim. I have 2 of Joels books and i keep re-reading them, i cant afford tp purchase any at this time so i hope to win one of these audio book!! I receive his daily word email every day, and thank god for putting Joel in my life.

  • Glynda Morris-Jones

    I would have to say that I live a joyful life by loving and caring for my kids and husband but mostly being assured of God’s unending love for me. It’s as simple as that.

  • Romeo S. Burgos

    I trust and accept my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ into my life and by sharing His love to my family they’ve accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour too. It’s a wonderfull to know that after our travel in this temporary dwelling we will be together again.

  • PJ Brown

    I thank the Lord every single day for everything in my life, which springs living joy.
    I am most thankful that I do not have to judge anybody, but just love them. 😀

  • Mary

    I live an enjoyful life by keeping God first in my life, to feel love and kindness toward others, whereas, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps me also to develope inner happiness and peace. By putting my grateful thoughts toward Heaven in a most complete prayer “Thank You”, and through laughter which is God’s sunshine.

  • Charese

    I struggle everyday to live my life walking in God’s word. As a teenager I was plagued with mental illness and a childhood that was less than favorable. This has left me with an unpleasant attitude toward life and I have emotional control problems. I always watch Joel on Sunday morning or in the evening. His words are so uplifting, I write down the messages and scriptures and refer back to them all week long when I am having a difficult time dealing with my life. Praise God that I was healed of my mental issues, I find my strength and joy in prayer. I am blessed to have a child and read to him out of a children’s bible. I am joyful that he will have a foundation in Christ. My joy comes at the moments during the day when I realize that God loves me regardless of my shortcomings. God Bless you Joel, for a pure message that does not condemn those like myself who fall short.

  • rosalee

    a joyful life is one in which you are contented with the state or situation you are in and it brings happiness.This can be achieved by putting you faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the liberator!
    practicing to laugh at our disappointments and mistakes helps us to quickly drive away all fears and stress! we must trust in the Lord with all heart and never lean to our understanding. This will produce a life of joy unspeakable and full of glory!

  • Suzanne Goodson

    I appreciate Joel’s reminders to untie God’s hands and thank him for what he has done and is doing in my life.

  • Ronamay

    God has been good to me. He never forget my item on His agenda. Pray for a relationship that I am currently involved in. Need to make that closeer walk with my Lord and saviuor. I will write again. Enjoy your sermons.

  • Margaret

    In today’s world of confusion and lovelessness, I am grateful for all the christian resources available to us and supporting us to live joyfully not just in our families but throughout the world. That we are afforded prayers via internet to spread his word and live accordingly.This knowing this gives me great joy.

  • Diane Gothot

    I love how Joel continues to remind us that our God is a God that delights in our good fortune and has already set up a wonderful life for us if only we follow Him.Joel makes God more of what He is supposed to be, a loving, caring Father who wants us to have a incredible life.

  • Toni Ivanhoe

    My life is joyful because of my mom. I live with her and she is so upbeat and has such a trust in God that it helps me to do the same. So, we pray and really trust God to answer our prayers and we laugh and tease each other alot and give our cares to the Lord which is what He wants us to do.

  • lori misko

    I have been saved for 3 decades and still need the word every day. I have recently lost my home,car and job. These things do not matter but what does is keeping the hope, faith and love alive in your heart. Joels night of hope helped me so much when I felt discouraged in the natural man. I pray he realizes the impact he is having on the people who have lost hope in todays economy and keeps on giving the gift of faith in God! Thanks for obeying the voice of God Joel and Victoria.

  • carol D. Gill

    Joel…I have prayed for my “baby” sister for a long time, for her salvation. One day she told me she just ‘happened’ upon your show, and was hooked! Praise the Lord, what an answer to prayer. She is going through a rough spell right now but says your show and reading the Psalms really helps her keep focused. Thank you Joel! Carol. P.S.-Every week I call her and we talk about your show! :)

  • Al

    My life is joyful and peaceful because I know that what ever is taking place in my life is for my good as it is inspired by God. I have learned and practiced that we were all created to give and care for others as our mission here on earth. We were created and chosen by God to be a child of God and to belief that God is always acting in our best interest.

  • Veronica Daniel

    I live a joyful life knowing I’ve done something to impact an individual’s life daily. Life is not worth living if I can’t give unconditionally to those in need.,even if it’s just spending quality time with those in need, or just loaning an ear to their concerns or giving hope to those in need.
    There are many adversities we all must face, but facing them with joy in knowing there is hope in Jesus Christ my Lord and personal Savior, gives much hope, joy and peace within.
    Many Thanks to Joel Olsten for how he has ministered to me throughtout the years.

  • Debi Meade

    When I feel sad or loney all I hve to do is pray.Jesus always has the right answer or the passage for me at the right time!!! God gave us the most precious gift anyone could recieve.

  • Midred

    Living a joyful life in this time withthe worldthe way it is is very hard. But even through it is hard my learning to live a Joy Filled life after my son was killed it brought a whole newmeaning to my lie, I raised three children by myself after my husband walked away from us it was not easy but because of God and his love for me he brought me thru it. After my son died I had to find the strength to forgive the young man that took his life was I joyful about it no but I also knew that in order for me to hae any kind of peace or joy in my life I had t forgive and thank God he gave me my joy back.



  • Teresa

    Praise God Almighty. I know that Jesus is Lord. And that God is the Head of my life. Every time I’m feeling low. I turn on the TV and there you are Bishop Joel. And it’s nobody but, The Father the son and the Holy spirit. Telling me peace be still. I know that without Thee, there’s no me or us. I love the Lord Jesus for loving me and mine. And even though we are going through the storm. I always make sure that I thank God first and at the end of my day. I thanks Thee again. If I continue to trust Thee as I do and be me for the good by just being nice to people as much as I humanly can with the Holy spirit guiding me. Then by making a little difference it will make someone’s day and keep smiling to know that we ( my kids and me) are saved by his Grace and Mercy. Everything is going to be alright. “The Joy of the Lord is my strength.” 8:10. Amen.

  • Teresa

    “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength. Nehemiah 8:10

  • Marvin Merillat

    How do I live a joyful life?
    I live a joyful life by serving my God, Family, and community in every possible way every day. I have served my country through Active Duty Army for the past 22 years “In God we Trust” “One Nation Under God” as I am very joyful to have my life from all the demands and expreiences he has demanded from my service. I am thankful for my opportunities and express through my joyful daily serving, life is tough, demanding and rewarding all at the same time.
    I live a joyful life by having mu priorities in place by bringing joy to others from who I live and serve with and for. My best quote is from other people happiness and joy, brings me my happiness and joy. I bring and share that happiness and being joyful comes from knowing and being happy from within, it starts with what I have that is with me forever, my God, my wife, my daughter and son, and my heart of love for all.

  • Colleen

    I fellowship with other christians at my bible study each week and in church on Sundays. Reading daily scriptures and prayer are a huge part of my life.

  • cindy g

    I live a joyful life by believing Gods promises he already made.
    I live a joyful life by living with Aloha-love for all.
    I look for God’s hand in everything and pray to him for my daily life choices and He always see’s me through.
    I believe for favor, abundance and joy!

  • PAT

    The joy of the Lord is my strength, therefore if I continue to walk in obedience to his words and trusting in him realizing the his promises are yea and he is a God that CANNOT fail then no matter how sad my situation, I automatically live in Joy because he is the holder of my life and I believe in him totally.

  • cheryl

    i have always enjoyed listening to you and reading your books are very touching to me.

  • Kim Campbell

    by doing the work I do with homeless veterans

  • Francis

    The Lord is my joy and salvation, I live have my being in Him. Being a servant and serving others bring you more joy and fulfillment then anything else in life. A hard lesson but it worth learning!

  • Jannie Ross

    I have always lived my life in joy, but lately that joy has been challenged by life ups and downs. I lost my job in June, and then it took a domino affect from there, with the lost of my home and then my body was stricten with colon cancer (stage four). I tell everyone that I meet I had my own JOB experience. But with all of that being said I still live my life in joy, because I know the JOY of the lord is my strength. I’m thankful to God everyday for life, I have another opportunity to spend time with my grandchildren, and was blessed to actually be a coach for my latest grandson while in delivery. I thank God because being divorced for nine years, had the chance to find love again and hope to marry in September of this year, provided I have the money to have a wedding, but I know God will provide. Today I stand to proclaim that God is good to me. I’am cancer FREE!!! so I will do as Psalm 66 reads to make a joyful noise unto God all ye lands, sing forth the honour of his name; make his praise glorious. AMEN

  • Polly Johnson

    By staying sober, and living my life as the Lord would have me live it.

  • sharon malone

    by thanking the lord for each new day,reaching out and touching others through prayers,phonecalls,email,and sending freebies in the mail to widows,and single parents.i loved how positive you always are a such a blessing to me and others.may god bless you ,victoria and family abundantly,and meet all of your needs in a mighty poweful and prayers from sharon

  • osuzyq

    My life has been filled with sorrow. My first born son died 6 years ago, one month before his 18th birthday. Two years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My dearest friends daughter died last September from brain cancer. My marriage has been on the rocks for the last 15 or so years. But I am able to find joy in my life through my relationship with the Lord. He offers me such comfort. Had it not been for the Lord and the joy he gives me, I wouldn’t even made it through the first day of my son’s death, let alone all of life’s other trials. And one of the most important things the Lord has taught me is to laugh and help others to laugh. There is too much sorrow in this life. Laughter helps you get through it. Makes it bearable.

  • Sharen Terrell

    I live a joyous life by saying a prayer to God each morning,before my feet even touch the floor. I thank Him for waking me up, then I thank Him for whatever the day will bring. I try to remember throughout the that “This is the day that the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad. Because I have had enough sadness to last me 49 lifetimes, I smile everyday, I laugh everyday, I pray everyday.
    I rebuke the spirit of depression everyday.

  • Verinia

    GOD is my main man, Jesus is my big bro and the Holy Spirit is my comforter. The trinity never gives up on me even in times when I have given up on myself. I’m so thankful to my personal relationship the Father.
    I know that I’m not perfect and make mistakes from time to time. However, as long as I repent and ask for forgiveness GOD will always welcome me back into his arms.
    Man can fail you however Father God will never fail you.

  • Deacon James Telfer

    Living a Joyful Life has it’s challenge’s and pit falls as everyone knows. Living it joyfully, is always tested by someone’s personal agenda that conflicts with yours. Acceptance in every phase of life helps one cope with these challenge’s and keeping your God/ Jesus Christ/ whatever your higher power is, part of your daily existence is the strongest antidote to the devil and his ways! It boils down to “in him, and with him” is the way, knowing that some xday you can be with him for eterinty, it’s your choice.

  • ruben

    stillness creates strenght,the key to joy is balance,recognize when you are out of balance,focus on what GOD is doing in your life,not on your weakness, stop complaining and communicating to the HOLY SPIRIT,get in touch with how you feel,eliminate stinking thinking,take preventative measures,celebrate your victories,benefit others,to give more,I must sometimes give less,be a living sacrifice,you give but little when you give of your possessions,it is when you give of yourself,that you truly give.JOY is this,it is more bless to give then to receive.

  • Cassandra

    Joel is one of the ways and reminders for me to live a fulfilled and blessed life. I am 27 and have had six miscarriages, my husband and I finally had lucky number seven. Of course she is Heven sent so we Named her Angel. She is the reason I know god is real he knew I wasn’t ready for a baby and when he wanted me to have one he sent her straight down from heaven. I am scared though I grew up in an unloving home my mother choosed my step-dad over us kids. Now that I’m older I know she did it out of fear. I’m scared since I wasn’t shown love I wont be able to give love. But everytime I watch Joel something inside comes alive and I know I can Love God, Myself and my Lil Angel.

  • Nicole

    I live a joyful life by always praising God and having a spirit of thankfulness in my life, especially in the hard times, when my faith and patience are tested. I live a joyful life through, and with, my son, and showing him what it means to have joy in your heart every day, showing people we met the Spirit of God and His Grace towards us all.

  • Terry M. Herndon

    I sister Terry Herndon watch Joel alot on channel 2 at 8am
    in the morning on Sundays. What he preach about makes me feel like I
    have a chance to obtain a closer walk with Jesus.

  • Laura Reed

    I want to live in abundance, joy and love everyday! Praise the Lord for he is good! I try to walk my life as if I would be proud to meet Jesus and not ashamed of my past or any of my future. (I couldn’t always say that, but I was Healed, and it has never been the same since.)
    I want him to say good job, for caring and loving others.
    Our God is good and has protected me and shown me favor, how could we
    ever deny this great love of his. May God bless everyone who reads this sight and believes. He will always out-do our best and he gives more than we can ever expect, but we must give back too.
    Love thru Jesus Christ and always.

  • Carolyn Singleton

    I am filled with over whelming joy at:the color of the sky, the shape and movement of the clouds,the wind teaseing the tree”s, the futtlering of a humming birds wings.All the colors in Gods creation and the Majestic ways everything is set down here on this beautiful earth. Then I put all my thoughts on God and how he birthed all this from inside of Him.All the love and glory that comes from inside of Him is more than I can even imagine. It takes my breath away.The list of everything I look at and see would be endless, but my greatest Joy is when I think about my name being written in the Book of Life yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hoooooooooooooooooo.
    with great Love in our Lord

  • sacha

    i live a joyful life by keeping all my focus on jesus and praysing my god every chance i get.

  • hazel

    I live a joyful life by never letting obstacles bring me down. and just having faith that something good will happen for me.and never giving up.I will always help people who dont have much. I love helping others.

  • julie

    i am not to trusting about ministers on tv. alot of scandals and mis use of money donated in GOD’S name. one day i was channel surfing and came across joel osteen, i was very surprised, i watched him and loved his sense of humor and the stories he told. he was for real. my mother and i are trying to find a church now. thank you,
    julie s.

  • judy

    i love to watch you preach and i need to find joy in my life i have so many struggles that sometimes the devil trys to tell me that happiness and joy will never come … thank you for your show because i get my spiritual fill when i watch it and i need that in my life i love God and i know he loves me sometimes i just need a boost

  • jennifer blair

    I too love the way Joel preaches. He makes me feel like there is hope for me. That god still loves me no matter what. I want to learn all I can to have a closer tighter walk with my lord. I have had some realy dark times but with God and a little help from Joel I know I can make it!

  • Faye

    I Love to hear Pastor Joel Osteen. I’m not in good health, so when Pastor Osteen comes on tv I injoy hearing him. His wife Victoria is a wonderful woman. I have six children, will I have five now. my son was killed on I-26 Oct.27, 2006. God called him home. I have three girl, one of them adopted in 1997, I have had her with me seens she came home with me from the hospital, June of 1996. She didn’t know that I adopted her until a woman told her two years ago. I Told her that I had prayed for a brown eyed baby, and God sented her to me. I love her just as I love my other children, because you don’t havto give birth to a baby to be a mother. And just because a woman gives birth to a baby doesn’t make her a mother. God helps me get through the day. I’ve needed him alot seen my son was killed, that was hard and hurt more than anything I have ever been through, even 28 years of my x betten me. God help me get through that as well. He has been here for me when know one else was. My faith in God has never been any stronger than it is today. I tell my children and every one,” I may not know the anwser, but I do know the man with the anwser.” I Love God, and I thank him every day for my children, all of them.

  • Tess Cornelius

    How do I live a joyful life? How can I not? Each day when I awaken, I realize that I’ve been freed from my past sins. My life is a clean slate. I am almost overwhelmed with the joy of knowing my Lord Jesus. I couldn’t keep from having a joyful life if I tried.

  • Elaine James

    Iam joyful because I lost my job in Nov 2008, then I divorced my husband of 35 years who was verbally abusive then I got a DUI in Nov 2009 I had faith in the LORD it could’va been worst. My job was stressing me out and my husband was stressing me out. Losing my job was a blessing becacuse the stress could have killed me. If I stayed with my husband he could’ve killed me and driving under the influence of alcohol could’ve killed someone else or mysself. But I’m still alive. I feel that I’m blessed and I thank the Lord everday for all the blessing that he has given me.

  • Melanie

    HOW DO I LIVE joyful life.The wod of the BIBLE ,PRAYER AND FAITH. THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAs made so let us rejoice and be glad in it. palms 118:24 JOHN 3:16, PHIPPIANS 4:13

  • Margaret

    I live a joyful life by keeping the Word in me at all times for all times. I am a work in progress and I have found accessing God’s Word not only by reading and listening and watching Pastor Osteen has given me the tools to be God’s Word in my home, in my work, and every where I go. As I prepare to live fully in God’s abundance for my family I have seen the enemy work extra hard and was able to meet him outside the gate in Faith because of the Word in my heart. Ive overcome the past so that I wasnt looking for the future but am able to live in God’s now because of Faith.

  • Margaret R.

    God has been in my life ever since I was a child. I praise, honor and worship the Lord all day and night. I cannot even think of not including God in all I do. He’s my hope in everything. Joel Osteen uplifts me and continues to motivate me to stay in Faith no matter what. His humbleness is unique and sincere. The way God likes us to be. It doesn’t matter how much or what you have…what matters is how you use it…Is it for God’s purpose? I love helping others and listening to those who seek for that help. The simplest things in life that seem unimportant to others is what I look for. When I do find this and act upon it helping those in need, it makes my day.

  • Dawn Williams

    I live a joyful life by recognizing that life is precious and being thankful for all the many blessings in my life. I also believe that each day is an opportunity to find beauty in the world, reflect, and to share a laugh by not taking myself too seriously.

  • Sandra Douglas

    My life is joyful, because Jesus hung bleed and died on the cross for me so that I can could have Joy and everlasting joy. Each day that I’m able to wake up is a day to praise him for all things and with praise come a unspeakable joy inside. Just call on the name of Jesus and he will give you a joy filled life…

  • Merelyne Ray

    My joy in life comes each morning when i get out of bed and see the wonderful world God made for us all. As Pastor Joel tells us we have
    a choice, to be a whatif person or say good morning Lord this is the day you have made I will rejoyce and be glad in it. Some days it seems hard to say that because of the pain in my body but Jesus always
    helps me with these things. I watch Joel and Victoria every time they come on my TV, each program gives me a blessing.I know the singers by name and also when prayer call is on i look foe Joel’s mom,
    and his brother Paul. I love you guys. God Bless You All.

  • Melanie

    How do I live a joyful life? By choice. By surrounding myself with postitive people, and praying for those who are not. By remembering that I am not GOD, and neither is anyone else, and I am thankful for that. Blessed with four children and being there for them. Watching both my daughters play in the school band, my son in football, and my other sons artistic abilities in the distrit art show. Working as a CNA for hospice has been a blessing as well. Being able to help someone, to see them smile, to hold their hand during their last days… hoping i made a difference. How do I live a joyful life? By bringing joy to others.

  • Earline White

    I live a joyful life by thanking God for the joy I have found in caring for my husband. He has been ill for 12 years and when I awake each day and see his smile, I know the angels in heaven are rejoying. Because we are home bound, I find comfort in calling friends and relatives and sharing a short prayer daily

  • http://anointed Brother Jimmy Lee Williams


  • lisa

    By Remembering what God says to me each day. I Listen to his voice in different areas of my daily life. Sure somedays are better than some but the good outways the bad. I focus on the Good things and know with out a doubt who I am in Jesus,son of God. What does that mean? To have Peace within is to love your enemy and know God is with you ALWAYS!

  • Deanna Brown

    I thank God for each day that he gives me and the blessings that he gives me . I admit at times that I feel like I fail and start to worry but as it says in the bible God doesn’t bring you this far to abandon you and he won’t put more on you than you can handle , so when that happens I go to my private place and cry and pray and then feel better cause I have left it in God’s hands. Then I look at what I already have and know an answer is on the way relying on God is my Joy


    I agree to the

  • Cyndi

    What gives me joy is helping other people obtain their dreams. I work with college graduates assisting them in job search and attainment. The journey from graduate to employee is often a long, frustrating process, especially in today’s economy. It makes me happy when I can facilitate this process for them, not only in career related subjects, but also in overcoming personal hurdles. I believe I am a good Christian role model for them where it truly counts.

  • Kennetha HUtson

    I live a joyful life by remembering the things that I am thankful for and not dwelling on those things that i do not have. having the health of my children after they both were very sick w/ seperate serious illnesses in 2005, constantly reminds me of the miracles God is able to produce and how blessed I am that they are still here with me. I am ever mindful that it could have gone the other way at any time. I consider myself to be a true blessed child of the king and it is that belief that carried me thru those trying momeoperatednts

  • Dana

    By not focusing on the negative, but rather channeling my energy towards the positive and tuning my knowledge of intuition.

  • Renee

    Everyday as life begins its journey, we all may come stumbling upon some rocky roads within the day span. So for I as one individual would live life everyday the best way that I can. I would say a prayer and remember who has made the world. For he is the almighty one who can come and make the world a better and peaceful one. I always call on him who will and always hear me. No matter what the situation may be, I will make my life a better living as I know that he is right next to me guiding me through it all.Thats just me.And thats what I truly believe in my heart and faith.

  • rose mortimer

    i live a joyful life by praising my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for dieing for my sins. i live a joyful life by leaving my burdens with Jesus and allowing Him to lead me.

  • Yvonne McKinley

    I live a joyful life by TOTALING TRUSTING IN GOD….When things get tough, (job, money problems, family not have peace) I trust in God and then the peace surrounds me, like arms holding me tight, I feel peace and joy and there are not words to describe the joy that comes from totally trusting in God for everything. Joy beyond what you could imagine.

  • Peggy

    Where can we (I) find Joy? That is a question that most of the world looks and searches for an answer. I am put my hope and faith in God. That wherever I am there he (God) is also. In the good times and the bad time. Holding me and helping me when I can’t do it myself or even when I think it’s me. I know it’s always him. You can find joy if you but look in the right places. Those places are your heart and soul. God himself. Your family, the people that need help, just giving of yourself with no thought of getting something in return. We think that material things will bring happiness, but Solomon shows us that’s not true. What I as well as others should do is to start looking in the right places. Then God will give us all the joy we need. For if we don’t or can’t find contentment (joy)within ntese places, we never will.



  • Ree*

    I live a joyful life when I have my Lord beside me every day. Sometimes I might forget– to remember He is there, but in an instant I know I cannot walk alone. I need Him to guide me, to help me remain joyful in knowing I will spend eternity w/ Him if He will have me. This alone makes my very existence JOYFUL. Everlasting happiness, proclaiming my love and my life for Him, will bring me to the final stage, EXALTING HIM for eternity……

  • Donna

    I live a joyful life by being greatful to God for each new day and the opportunities that it brings.

  • Joy T Winer

    I live each day with God in my heart. Speaking to Him and Listening to Him. I do the things that he guides me to do which is taking photographs. I feel that He puts things here for us to see and to share. This is a gift from God.
    In Jesus Name,
    Joy Winer

  • David Pixley

    I live a joyful life because I know that Jesus is my Savior. HE has promised to never leave me or forsake me. I know that whatever happens to me is ok because in Romans 8:28 the Holy Spirit tells me that God works everything out for my good because I love Him and He has called me acccording to His purpose. I read my Bible constantly to feed and grow my faith. I have learned as the Apostle Paul to be content in whatever state I am in. I am totally disable and only leave my home to go out for medical appointments. Someone asked my wife recently if I was bitter toward God. She truthfully replied that I still loved God as much as I ever have. He is with me and He is in control so I am fine. I claim Psalm 91 as the protection I need when the devil attacks. I also have a joyful life because of my eternal futuren\ assured to me by the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the 3rd day after His death of calvary to buy my pardon from sin.

  • Sheree Plunkett

    I live a joyful life by being a person of integrity, and by being actively present in all of my daily activities as much as possible. I practice integrity and obedience to God’s word as much as possible, because I feel this is what identifies us as true Christians. When we love ourselves and each other we are most like God, and we show appreciation for the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I find when I’m the most loving in all of my interactions and relationships, I feel deep satisfaction with myself, and I am most joyful. But I keep myself aware of where I should be as close to Jesus’ example as much as possible. The bottom line is I’m most joyful when I remain in the word. I try to keep up with as much spiritual reading as I can get my hands on, and I share all the material with my family and friends. They have been very helpful to me for all of my life, and I am blessed with success and abundance in many areas of life.
    Love and Blessings,
    Sheree Plunkett
    Gainesville, GA

  • JOYCE harkins

    You can live a joyful life by tusting God in all you do and say. If you love him he will bless you and make your life joyful.

  • Steve Kovacs

    I live my life because it is a joyful journey each and every day. Until you have to wake up each mourning and thank God for this new day and this new journey, this gift He has givin me today. The gift of a new sunrise and the gift of being a saved person all past forgiven even when I know I surely don’t deserve it. Life is so beautiful I just can’t see how anyone could not be joyful each and everyday of there life? When the pain is harch and you don’t want to geet up but you still do it because you god will be there to help even when you fall. When your body doesn’t always work the way you remember it use to, at least you have the ability and the gift to get up and enjoy what god has given you today. I just thank Him for all he has given me so far, but I thank him everyday for everything He has in the storehouse waiting for me weather it is here on earth or in heaven with Him, it is a blessing that we all need to be thankful for everyday of our lives. He died on the cross for me and for all of us so we can be joyful and thankful everyday of our lives.

  • Kris B.

    To make each day these best I can. I inspire others to live their dreams. Knowing God is everywhere and with me all the time.

  • Tracy S.

    I live a joyful life by volunteering my time to different organizations and my church.

  • gary mickle

    your message give me hope and inspiration

  • yolanda walton


  • lupe Banda

    I believe to live a joyous life, can only be fulfilled when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and the more we get to know him the more joy he will bring to our lives.

  • Cynthia Zambrano

    Every day is a joyful event for me, walking for Jesus,
    and serving the needy.

  • John M.

    I live a joyful life by knowing that as I go through my day He is by my side. Starting my day I am in silent thought with Him. As I work I take a moment to breath and take in His unending Love. When I eat I am thankful for what He provides for me. Driving I speak to Him asking His forgiveness for not giving myself to Him as often as He wants me to. At home with the ones I love I enjoy the abundance He has brought into my life. Finally, when I put my head down to sleep, I surrender myself to the His will.

  • Susan Laude

    I am continously on a joyful journey in life. I have Christ as my centering, and because of this I have internal peace, joy, and happiness. Sometimes I find this mystifying if a negative event occurs in my life, but I remain feeling glorious inside because I know that Jesus is in control of the sitiation(s). I may not like the outcome, but it always turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Jesus brings me eternal joy in an internal way. I could never feel this happiness from external pleasures or material items. They never satisfy, only create glutony of many sorts. Jesus is always there, never lets go of my hand. He remains the same forever and ever. God gives me the strength to do things and these accomplishments are to His glory.

  • antionette neeley

    There are many ways to live a joyful life but if you really want to live and be the best in life… a servant to others. In the beginning, we were predestined to fullfill certain duties given by God. To find out, we are to ask Him what exactly is His will for our lives in order for us to live a joyful life. He already knows what makes us happy. So God being the father, we are to ask Him what makes us happy. Paul says, “Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.” (1 Corinthians 9:19) We don’t belong to ourselves, we belong to each other. Our hearts are so big. Our love is so strong. God wants us to be so happy. Keep others first and watch just how joyful your life will turn out to be! Much Peace and Love Sincerely.

  • Anna Facey

    I live a joyful life by thanking God every night for giving me my life back after breast cancer, and every morning for waking me up. For always answering my prayers, even when I do stupid things. Performing miracles in my life, and that of my family members. Helping those in need, and not expecting anything in return. Having my mother and all my sisters and brother in my life. For giving me strength and perseverance so that I can be a living testimony to others.

  • Frieda Gracelyn

    I live a joyful life, by living a contented life. Having a thought always in me God gives me the best, and God provides me with everything which is more than enough for me.
    In midst of all my situation what I am undergoing, it is the salvation and the confidence for my eternal life gives me a joyful living.
    i believe God made me in his image, In all my ways, God helps me to reflect his love in me

  • Rev. vumthang Sitlhou

    I live a joyful life despite facing multifaceted problems in our daily life. I knelt down and pray to the Lord every morning askng for forgiveness and for victorious life. Indeed the Lord is at work in my life. I experience his power and strenght in my daily life. He answers my humble prayers. Though I am insignificant servant he use me for His glory and I enable me testify His amazing grace in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Melvela Johnson

    I was living a ungodly life and I been through alot of things,I don’t wont to go in the past cause it was very bad and painful. End last year in Oct I got saved and before I was wounded and in pain, I love and forgive others who mistreated and wrongdoings to other and to me. The more I been focus in God words I receive the joy and peace,
    I say it daily The joy of the Lord is my strength.Everytime time I say that I be joyful every months, days, weeks, and years.I’m so very
    Grateful.Thank you Father God.Thank you Jesus

  • Patti

    Well I broke my femure bone 4 yrs ago and it changed my life drasticly, I have a metal rod from my hip to my knee and always have pain in that leg, I also live on the 2nd floor so I dont go out much at all. But I live a joyfull life because I have Jesus Christ in my life and he alone gets me through all my days and the pain.I try to study his word everyday, and I give him All The Praise And Glory numerious times a day because I know with out him I couldnt get through all I do.And I tell everyone I talk to it’s only through the Grace of God I can get through this. God is Good!!! And I praise and thank him for all he does for me.

  • http://yahoo kimberlycoleman

    i live a joyful life by thanking god daily for hislove for me for being by my side to guide me through rough times d,thank you jesus for being with me when i lost my dad.

  • phil

    I live a joyful life by chosing a positive attitude each day. I look for guidence within my meditations and prayers to God and Mother Mary.

  • JJSherman

    I had a life where my Mother didn’t love me, and now that my son’s are grown they don’t seem to care, but I give thanks to God for me growing up in the Bahamas, and studying his words in school prepared me for what my future was to be, I don’t have friends or family but I have the love of Jesus that I feel in my heart and soul every day. I cared for my Mom until she passed away last year May a day after Mother’s Day, and celebrated my 55th birthday on May 16th to me that was a blessing to honor her in spite of the way that I was treated. I told a lady today that God is so good, May of 1954 my Mom was pregnant with me celebrateed Mother’s Day with me still in her wombs, gave birth to me on the 16th of May, and she left this world in the same order and I am her first born, I must be so special that God allow me the same stone the building refuse to become the head corner stone. what a joyful life I can live to know that I did what God ask so many of us to do and that is to honor our Mother, and Father. Many ask me why did I cared for my Mother knowing she never loved me, I simply say to them that God told me to do so, and I did what He ask me to do.

  • Lois Bell

    I was married for 15 years to a pedafile who lied to me constantly took money from our checking account for self things and we almost lost our home twice and land. I was the only one working and then after my Mother died in 2005. My sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer and died in 2008. Then my Father died at 95 years old after being in and out of Nursing homes and Hospital for 4 months. He died peacefully at home with me near by. God has taken care of me all these many years when I sought to divorce my selfish husband in 2008 and living back at home with my father until his death. Whenever I have a crisis; I pray to my Lord and savior and he answers my prayers in his time. I depend on his guidance to give me peace of mind, strength, and wisdom to live as I have been out of work since last July. He is my safe harbour in the storm of life.

  • ramy kupukaa

    How do you live a joyful life? When I wake up in the morning I thank God for the day I am about to enter , through out the day I try to leave a good inpression of happiness and my faith of Jesus Christ to all that I meet , I love to smile and let my light shine , even though I do not always understand what the Lord has planned for me I try to follow what ever it is he has planned for me and at night I give thanks to him for everything that I am .

  • YJaramillo

    I live a joyful live by accepting the things I
    cannot change for I carry much baggage
    that only the Lord our God is waiting daily
    to lift it away his every presence lives in all
    that is pure of heart so I live with joy every
    day knowing I live in Christ.

  • Ann

    I have been tested and re-tested; been through the “fire and the flood”; almost given up on my marriage and life itself; was rediculed, abused, had a great job until I found out that almost everyone around me whom I trusted conspired against me while I was recovering in hospital from mild stroke; end result lost the job; travelled almost every week-end for 3.5 years to a correctional facility to visit one of my children, who did his own thing until it caught up with him; my heart has been broken so many times, that I use to say when I’m dead and they do an autopsy, they’ll find pieces of my heart floating around inside my body; but through all the tears, sadness and despair, and days when I didn’t even wanted to get out of bed. One morning after a restless night, I awoke with this message in my head, wrote it down: It goes like this>> For as much as I’m in pain, there is a mother who got the worst news of her life last night, at least I can still speak to my son, despite the things those people have done to me, they only took my job not my life, and I am so glad that the first thing I said was I forgive them, that through all of this I’ve had few sleepless nights and I haven’t run out of fingers to count them on, and most importantly God, as long as you Love me, what more can I ask. So, Thank you God for the priviledge of another day, the Blessing of seeing the sunlight again, for without You none of these things are possible. Amen

  • Cynthia Brandon

    Dearest Pastor Joel Osteen,
    I lost my father two years ago June 2010 and I said Lord God he was in his eighties, my aunt died less than a year later and I said Lord God no more suffering, my play son died less than a month later and I said Lord God he didn’t know what hit him, my uncle died less than a year later and again I said Lord God no more suffering, another uncle by marriage died within weeks and I said Lord God no more suffering. But when my husband died November 9, 2009 because of the love and strength he had in JESUS and the love and strength I have for JESUS and the love I have for my husband I screamed out devil you are a lie, I will serve the Lord God Almighty thru it all. It’s funny how death affects us you see my husband was my hero that I prayed for. Hummm I even wrote down the prayer first. And God answered but I failed to ask for longivity, but God needed him most. I still weep for him at night or when I’m alone or even when I’m in church. You see when God gives you an angel He exspects him to return when he’s needed back in heaven. Lord I thank you for my angel you lent to me and I know I’ll see him again one day, AMEN!

  • Cynthia Brandon

    In closing I forgot to put I live a joyful life by praising God. AMEN!

  • Clara Bristol

    Pastor Joel:
    Just want to say that I enjoy your preaching and teachings, they have added much to my life. I live a joyful life by, “Being obedient to Gods word. By praising and thanking God for each minute of my life, the lives of my family, pastors, church members and other loved ones.
    By sharing His goodness and helping to build His Kingdom”. God gets all the glory for everything in my life.

  • Elena

    We can live a Joyful life by choice… God is with us and it is waiting for our “Yes” to let him come into our hearts and allow us to see with his eyes, ear with his ears, talk with his words, feel with his heart … Once we have surrender to Him with all our heart, mind and soul the path turns easy. We can see all our blessings and we learn to be a blessings to all who are around us.. So they can see thta with God we can reach peace and will shine with his love. Respect, kindness, compassion, trust,forgivenss, wisdom, will be part of our daily life and all around us will reconize us as children of God and they will see how easy it is to say to God… “I DO, come into my life” With God everything is possible !

  • Flecia Reed

    I live a joyful life, by acknowledging him in everything that I do. I aloud him to direct my path from the rising of the sun, until it goes down and even beyond. I cherish everything that life gives me whether its good or bad. Knowing that the crosses I bare in life is no comparison to the one my father had to carry. I allow the light that he has placed within me to shine so bright so that others will see the goodness GOD has instilled in me. And, I smile after all I am a reflection of him.

  • Wilma King

    I live a joyful life every day, because it could be my last. I have many reasons to be down. My husband is in a nursing home. I lost my job my unemployment has ran out. I can’t pay my rent this month and can not find a job. I have given all my problems to the lord and I refuse to worry about them. I read your book Your Best Life Now on average about 4 times a year, along with reading the bible. I have two children that I try to set examples for. I don’t want them to see me down and out. I want to show them that thru my trust in God that all things are possiable.

  • nicole

    Joy, such a great emotion. No matter what life throws at you I find joy in the fact that my lord and savior is always with me. Even if those around you make your life miserable and try to take away that joy. The thought that keeps me going is my god is walking with me through all of it. The light at the end of tunnel. We as christians are to be the light to those who dont know it. It is not a easy path but the joy and faith and consistant love that god gives us. He gives us the strenth and we can find it in everything if we look. god is good all the time. And I am so joyful that My lord god is walking with me even is seems that the whole world is on my shoulders. Thank you lord for giving me my joy each and every day.


    I am a cancer survivor for the past four years now, and will not surrender.I AM SO blessed, and i live a joyful life by having God in my life every minute of the day. He is the love of my life, he is the person i say I LOVE YOU TO every chance i get. I look for God presence in the people i see every day of my life. I try to do things that is pleasing to God because what we do, we do for God not for man. Thank you Joel keeping doing what you do best and God will do the rest. You are my inspiration Thank you Veronica

  • Diane

    As a grateful Believer in Jesus Christ and a Survivor of Domestic Violence, I live my life serving, loving and offering hope/encouragement to others who are in domestic violence/dysfunctional relationships. There is certainly no joy in being abused physically/non-physically. However, God’s Word brings the entrannce of light into the midst of our pain/darkness. My life is a witness to our Lord’s saving grace and transforming power. Joy is sharing how God loves us with an amazing, everlasting love, He is close to the broken-hearted, He abhors violence, He hears/answers our prayers for help, and He is our protector and defender against the enemy. JOY = Jesus–Others–You. God Bless You.

  • Joan Rainbolt

    How do I live a joyful life? That question hit me right in the face and heart during our revival at Bethel Baptist Church this week. I suddenly realized that I had let some things that have happened in my life take my joy away. I made the decision to Praise God in all circumstances and I will not let satan take away my joy again.
    I will Praise God my Father and Jesus my Savior in all things.
    My motto shall forever be, Have Faith in God.
    Thank you, Joel, for your service to God.

  • Grace


  • Dominica M. McCoy

    I live a joyful life, first by always giving thanks to my heavenly Father at the beginning of each day. I also, put my trust in the Lord to protect me and guide me through all of my adversities. I try to remain positive in all of my thoughts and mediate on my obstacles.
    I always seek out the Lord’s guidance in helping me to overcome all of my trials. I have been very blessed in many ways from GOD. He has always made a way for me even when there wasn’t a way.

  • Dominica M. McCoy

    Sorry about the typo: meditate

  • Deborah Bowers

    I can try to live a joyful life but, true joy comes from the our God and Father in Heaven, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can have joy in my life ever day because He’s living in me. His joy that doesn’t depend on things being wonderful in my life it’s the joy that He gives that no matter what I’m going througt I have joy, the joy that surpasses understanding. HE IS MY JOY!

  • Gail

    I live a joyful life by giving thanks each day for the wonderful Blessing I have been given by the Lord. Where do I begin, the list of Blessings go on forever. I give thanks for my living next door to my 84 year old Mother. My three children are the greatest gifts to me by the Lord and through these three gifts, the Lord Blessed me with four more precious Blessings in my grandchildren. Each day I look around I see the sadness and pain in the world and my heart breaks. That makes me even more grateful that I have Jesus in my heart and in my life. Every day I speak to the Blessed Mother as well as my patron saint, St. Jude. My life is so full having them in my heart. Thank you Dear Lord for showing what is important in this life. Amen…

  • maureen hovestadt

    I live a joyful life since I had trouble with that ex-wife, Debra, who came after me and started some serious damage to my life. I just made friends with her ex-husband and she almost caused me to lose my job, spread rumors about me which I still see people believe. I am really realizing what the human race is capable of. I had my car broken into since she knew someone who worked at the dealership. I would find my windows rolled down; the trunk open.
    I had breast cancer surgery last summer. I realized what is the most important. I don’t take everything personal nor do I worry about my bills not being paid on time. I just do what I must in this world. I don’t allow people to upset me since it is their issue, not mine. I sing in my car all the time. I wake in the morning and I pray. I thank God that I was given another chance. I have started going back to church. It is something that I look forward to. Listening to Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen have taught me much.

  • Jennie Batte

    My joyful life started when I begin claming Jer. 29:11-14..I was a single Mother (for 15 yrs.) ever since my son was 4 yrs.old ..working and going to school..very little money, struggling every day, driving an old Ford van with over 200,000 miles. However, I never gave up (by the way, I was in my 40’s, adopted a son at 41). The living Lord said in Jer. “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, plans for your welfare, not woe, plans to give you a future full of hope”..Now, I am re-married to a wonderful man, have a great home, I drive a luxury car..I don’t even have to work!!
    The Lord really blessed me ( I am now 61)! JOYFUL LIFE? Yes, through Jesus, faith and prayers! I thank the Lord every day for what I have! Also, my adopted son is a blessing from God…Thank you, Jesus!!

  • Carmen Fernandez

    Good morning, Joy firt just the fact that Jahweh(God) sent his begotten son Jeshua(Jesus) to die for me that really gives me Joy it makes me sing praises unto his name, and share this joy of salvation to peple that needs the same joy I fell Glory to God! We have a good God if only people really realize and invited Jeshua(jesus) into they’re lives they would have joyful lives, amen. Ihad a car accidend 12 years ago and bacame quadripelic broke my neck Jeshua(jesus) is been my fortress my rock, my shield my everything in this life, He’s my best teacher my Daddy my Doctor, Alelleluyah!!

  • Jody Doan

    Dear Joel Olsteen, I listen to you on Sundays or Saturdays or when ever I can find you on the t.v.
    How do I live a joyful life? I have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren and I stay in touch with all of them and their families all of the time. I have them over on Sundays for lunch after church. I am interested in all of them and I talk about how proud I am of them for being a Christian and saved.
    I also still work in my own business and work with all ages and races. I think that helps me realize we are all the same. I am 78 and looking forward to a cruise my college is taking to Greece, Italy, and Turkey and France and Spain.
    I am thankful to God for you and Victoria and your family. God Bless You. Jody Doan

  • Your Name

    How do I live a joyful life? Being grateful is a start. I am grateful for everything regardless of thinking why the heck am I grateful for what he or she said when I can’t think of one thing I liked about that particular comment. There is all kinds of examples EVERYDAY that I am justified in my own mind that I really am not grateful for this or that. When I pray about it I do see a reason to be grateful and then I get in the habit (through God) to not even have the negative thoughts enter my mind as much and because of this “being grateful no matter what” I am really enjoying life so much more and I am seeing WHY I should be grateful and all kinds of good thoughts are with me through out the day.
    Does this happen just like that? Nope at least for me it just didn’t happen but when you start a relationship with God, you will not believe all the cool things tht actually happen. I played football in the NFL and when I see some of the players act the way they do I pray and feel so bad for some because they will see later (until they become truly grateful) how much is missed without God. The same goes with the greed that is involved with wall-street, bankers, government
    the list goes on. Without being grateful you have so much wasted energy on the negative emotions. Because I don’t pay attention to negative emotions when I see these destructive behaviors I am living a joyful life and I don’t even let myself actually see or react negatively because I see something grateful in everything.

  • Diane Krupa

    I live a joyfull life by thanking the Lord everyday for my children, grandsons and all my wonderfull familly. I was just baptized last June and my new life began with the Holy Spirit.I have bypolor and lived a life of drugs and drinking. The Lord has helped me to become a better person.I pray to him all day long for helping me to become a stronger person. I have the whole world in my paryers, hoping it will help those who are suffering. Beliving in the Lord and having Faith will get you through life. God bless everyone. Thank you, Jesus! Yesterday was National Prayer Day and I hope we all connected in some way.

  • VictoriaDain

    Living a joyful life is first done through conciously deciding to live life joyfully. Through daily affirmations, prayer, blessing, forgiveness and release I give praise to God for all that HE has given me in my life. Being aware that HE is the only source of all good, no matter what factors may enter to disturb me in my life, knowing that HE is in complete charge and that by asking for Him to take control of everything in my life has helped me live an incredibly abundant life. Life has not gone without it’s challenges, but the attitude of gratitude for all that life presents has made all the difference in the world.

  • Detra Parson

    Living a joyful life means…. Being saved….Wrapping your heartstrings around God and never letting go.If you put God first in your life…all else will fall into place.

  • Anita A.

    I try my best to not focus on the negative, but to focus on the positive. For example, I recently had a badly herniated lumbar disk that extruded into the spinal column and pressed on two nerves. I had to undergo surgery and I was scared – would I be able to walk again. I put my faith in God and I realized that had this injury happened to my grandparents or my great-great-grandparents, they would be crippled for th rest of their lives. I had the advantage of modern medicine and faith. I’ve gone through the surgery successfully, and, although my left leg is still numb, I am walking, with a limp, but I *am* walking. This is an outcome that would not have been possible 50 or more years ago. So, every morning, I wake up and remember to thank God for all he has done for me and say to myself “Today is going to be a most wonderful day!”.

  • Mrs Avie Marie Johnstone

    How do I live a joyful life? First of all I must tell that I watch your services as often as I can. I attend Calvary Baptist Church of Los Angeles. I wake every morning praising God because he has been so good to me. In the lowest point in my life God was there for me, when I lost my job, which left me strugging to pay bills, to by food for my family, I finally lost my mode of transportation; my car. So, I felt like that was the end. The Pastor continued to preach sermons on having “faith” in God and if my prayer were sincere that God would supply all my need. So I got down on my knees and prayed to the living God and he opened up the windows of heavens for me. I received so many blessing that I could not contain them. I returned back to school and received a Bachelor Degree in Health Care Administration, next year, 2011, I will have my Master Degree in Health Care Administration, God bless me with another car,I have food. So God is my everything and I can’t live without him. Everyday before I touch the floor I give him the praise,and thank him for salvation, mercy and grace; without him I’m nothing. Thank for you word from God Rev. Osteen’s.
    Help me to pray for my husband release from prison,his nam is Henry David Johnstone, I continue too pray for him, as he do also.
    God Bless you and your wife.

  • Bro. Dayv Brown

    I was brought up where No one talked about GOD! 28 years latter, JESUS saw my urge to know him( I searhed, or was searching for him!) and received me!! Now I realize ( after finding the TRUTH about GOD)the TRUTH about life, as I searched on my own!!, and it made me a better person and caused me to live a more serious life!! I pray everyday!, that someone would see my good works and come to JESUS CHRIST!!, but it don’t look good! What one have to do is LET GO! SEEK GOD, and PRAY! NO matter how tough and rough it gets! Take it to JESUS! Through ALL of your life difficulties; find time to READ the BIBLE, PRAY(talk to GOD, Through JESUS though!) You will also find that BEFORE Abraham was, JESUS was!! (Before the worlds was JESUS was!! Before the Hills was JESUS was! Before satan(the devil)was, JESUS was!!! GOD through JESUS (everything)has OUR LIVES in his hands!!!

  • David K

    Place God first!

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep a positive attitude, and put everything in God’s hands.

  • Your Name

    Hi Joel. My name is George Holloway. I am a Navy Veteran of 31 years. My wife, Delia and I have many of your books and enjoy them very. We try every day, but fail alot.We love our LORD. I am entering your contest to win one of your AUDIO BOOKS. In JESUS NAME. BROTHER GEORGE.

  • Rhonda Link

    Hello Joel. My name is Rhonda Link. I am a 36yr old single mother of 2. I’m not interested in winning any “prizes”. What I am interested in more, is telling you how much I respect you and your ministry. I have read some of your books and they have changed my life. God bless you and your family for giving hope to lost souls like me. My family, children, and myself are all going to have a better, more blessed future, due to ME having the right people in my life guide me into seeking the Bible and God’s living and breathing word. Through Him, I am a new created clean and pure holy vessel. That is all the thanks in the World I need 2 becoming a better me. To the future in God’s Kingdom and The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Anything is possible with God. Respectfully, your fellow believer…..Rhonda Link

  • Jack

    First I begin with 20 minutes of meditation and then I begin prayers of supplication, blessing my ministers, our staff, friends, a Hollywood actress that’s in deep trouble, persecuted christians in other countries, various ministries, our armed forces, my local government, state government and our country and then I ask God to guide me in my daily endevors. Throw in a reading of the Bible and I’m good to go!

  • Gail Phipps

    Every morning when I first wake up, I immediatly start,with my hands reached out towards the heavens, praising God, I say it over and over and over, Praise God, Praise God, And I start praying for God to help me keep the devil away from me and my family! Keep him away from my home! Devil you have no place here in my home! God is here, and “as for me and my family, we will praise God!” I do this all day long, and listen to as much Gospel music as I can, watch Gospel programs when I watch T.V., because I feel if you keep yourself and your home filled with the gospel atsmophere, you will, and yes, I do feel closer to God. Keep praising God, keep your home filled with Godly things, and it will definitely make a difference!

  • Gail Phipps

    I also have two books written by Joel Osteen. My husband bought me my first, and I received the second from a church member for a chrismas gift. They are very inspiring, uplifting, and motivational! I have read them both over and over! I love hearing him speak, (or preach) whichever you want to call it. But I do love him, If I ever heard anything bad about him, It would just kill me! Please Joel, don’t let us or God down! We love you and Victoria! Love to you and your family! And God Bless your ministry!

  • JoAnne Roberts

    The way that I live a joyful life, is by getting up every morning falling down on my knees and thanking God for the many blessing’s that He has bestowed upon me, then I meditate, pray, and then I start reading God’s Holy Word. And after I pray, meditate, and read my bible, I go for a walk, and communicate with God while I am walking.

  • Linda Davison

    Joel Osteen’s ‘Living In Favor, Abundance, And Joy’ Audiobook Prize Package what a great giveaway. I watch his broadcast in Oregon every Sunday as Joel Osteen’s messages are so uplifting. Being disabled and learning to now live with a disability had put me in a deep depression. Reading his book have me a new meaning that God has a purpose for me even though I thought I was done. I could not get up to change the channel on the TV after I had by back surgery. What a blessing I even can watch on the computer if I miss a broadcast on TV. My dad bought me a book that I cherish from him a few years ago. Hope is back and my faith is strong, and even through the pain I feel so blessed. Thanks to such positive messages from Mr. Osteen and his wife that I can be the person that God intended me to be. This is how I now live a joyful life! ?
    Linda Davison

  • Linda Davison

    Joel Osteen’s ‘Living In Favor, Abundance, And Joy’ Audiobook Prize Package what a great giveaway. I watch his broadcast in Oregon every Sunday as Joel Osteen’s messages are so uplifting. Being disabled and learning to now live with a disability had put me in a deep depression. Reading his book has given me a new meaning that God has a purpose for me even though I thought I was done. I could not get up to change the channel on the TV after I had by back surgery. What a blessing I even can watch on the computer if I miss a broadcast on TV. My dad bought me a book that I cherish from him a few years ago. Hope is back and my faith is strong, and even through the pain I feel so blessed. Thanks to such positive messages from Mr. Osteen and his wife Victoria that I can be the person that God intended me to be. This is how I now live a joyful life! ?
    Linda Davison

  • Linda Davison

    Dena Ross, can you delete my first post as I did not mean to send that one. Thanks Linda

  • elinor wheaton

    to have an abuntant life is to have GOD in your life&the holy ghost.

  • sandra

    i want to come to your church and see u u are so awlsom you really till the truth but i am disabled right now no money comming in yet but when i do i will come and see you watch you on sundays i love jeses i am going though a rough time and jeses is there for me helping me all the ways amen i go to a church called new hope in leavenworth kansas it is a good 1 i have 2 off your books getting more when i can love your fan sandra hartshorn

  • elinor wheaton

    to have an abuntant joy is to have GOD in your life&the holy ghost.

  • Jane Dorn

    Everyone has problems and concerns. I believe that we must trust God. Call upon God daily, sometimes many times a day just to help your faith grow stronger. I have a Marine son in Afghanistan, I have a grandchild with a disease, I have family that worries about everything. Give it to GOD! He will never let you down. Even when you can’t see him working he is. God is good. The more inspirational reading, video, CD’s, etc you have the more it encourages you to keep hanging on. NEVER FORGET, GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD AND HE REIGNS FROM HEAVEN ABOVE & NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST ME OR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS CAN PROSPER, THAT’S WHAT GOD’S WORD SAYS AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE IT. GOD’S WORD DOES NOT COME BACK VOID!!!

  • Dorothy

    I begin each day repeating the following affirmation, three times:
    “I choose to Love and Serve God through Jesus Christ.”
    This helps me focus on trying to fulfill the plan that God has for me.
    I find that I can truly feel joy serving others with the correct mindset.
    I am blessed because God has allowed me to experience true Christian joy!

  • Barbara Smylie

    To have an abundant life Jesus Christ has to be the first and formost in your life. To have faith to believe in the things you do not see because He (Jesus) told you so.

  • Loretta Weber

    I live a joyful life by not letting negative things bother me and not letting my mind get boggled down with them. Aslo, believing that I will be going to a better place someday and not having all this negativity keeps me going and keeps my mind healthy.

  • Michele Roberts

    We have to strengthen ourselves in God in order to have a joyful life. We can’t allow ourselves to be influenced by the world around us, because the world has no joy to offer. We have to get our joy from the word of God, from His promises, especially the promise of what is waiting on us once we depart this earthly life. We can only find joy in God!

  • http://http: Crystal Touchstone

    I start EVERYDAY by addressing the Lord before my feet hit the floor & I give Him praise that I’m alive and I’m aware this is His brand new day and ask for favor and blessings to be a blessing in this unsettled time we live in….Oh, and I don’t forget to put my Amour before I leave the house. That is is where my joy and peace start–1st thing in the mornin’.

  • Rosemary Paradiso

    menstrual to

  • Michele Mansfield

    I live a joyful life by trying to see the good in everyone. I try to have a positive outlook in everything that I do. Give people the benefit of the doubt and SMILE ! More often than not I get a return smile. Doing ministry work with the local homeless shelter also helps me live a joyful life. I like knowing that I’m making a difference in others lives. And finally knowing that I am loved by family and friends also helps.


    I live a joyful life by first giving joy away. I believe in that what
    we want most from life, we should first give. Living each day in obedience to God, and leaving all the consequences to Him. And ALSO
    remembering to tune in each week to JOEL’S program,which reminds me

  • Belinda Morales

    I know that the only way to live a joyful life is to keep Jesus first.I read the word of god everyday and pray for god’s wisdom and for his will to be done in my life.I pray for family,friends,our country and all of the ones who don’t know Jesus as their PERSONAL SAVIOR.Trust in Jesus Christ and the word of God then you are on the right road to a joyful life. Praise God!

  • Michelle Toney

    I live a joyful life by being a blessing to others. I would rather help others than have them help me. God has given me this gift and I use it to the best of my ability. Thats how I live a joyful life. Enjoying God’s everyday creations, waking up to the beautiful sunrise and giving thanks for all of His many blessings.

  • Nanette Sullivan

    I just love and need to here positive speaking from Joel it keeps me striving to be a better person.

  • Betty Fields

    I have been down a long, bumpy road and had a lot of obstacles through life. In the beginning, I was in the dark about the great things the great Lord above could do for me and my loved ones until one day I was introduced to how prayer and sacrificing things in life can and will work out in the end. I receive a daily inspiration almost everyday from the Joel Osteen web page and it is definitely that (Inspiration). I feel that God is specifically speaking to me. I live by these inspirations. Just want to say thanks to Joel and his staff for making my life joyful everyday.

  • Peggy Trick

    I live a joyful life by living simply, loving generously, caring deeply, speaking kindly, and leaving the rest to God.

  • Peggy Trick

    I live a joyful life by living simply, loving generously, caring deeply, speaking kindly, and leaving the rest to God.

  • Lisa Romero

    Im just shy of three years young in my journey with the Lord, and as I grow into a deeper relationship with my Savior and BEST friend, I am seeing that a joyful life isnt what most people would perceive it to be.
    A joyful life is from the inside..its not necessarily a feeling of joy, as if your really happy about something…to me a joyful life is having the joy of the lord within you no matter what the circumstances appear to be around you…a joyful life is evident when a person has the peace of god even in the toughest of situations. Basically..when you can PRAISE the LORD in the storms of your life and cast all your cares and burdens unto him….KNOWING that he is working behind the scenes to turn your circumstances into testimonies….That my folks is living a JOYFUL life. Your JOY comes from the STRENGTH of the LORD…AMEN!!!!!

  • Gennie Tolliver

    shalom and thank you for the opportunity. i believe that this is a two fold question, meaning it will provide me an opportunity to enjoy bro. olsteens audiobook but also allow me to realize; by my writing the steps i have changed to enjoy a joyful life. I first appreciate where i came from. i was a very angry person but it was because people only accepted me for what i could do for them. i knew i was set apart as a lil girl. GOD GIFTED ME. UNIQUELY. i always tried to FIX people, and this was because it kept me from dealing with me. ONCE i truly allowed JEHOVAH to rest in me, LIFE BEGAN. i’m not afraid of death anymore, i appreciate the changes i’ve made, and i allow people to be where they are. JEHOVAH gives us the ultimate FREE WILL. i just speak his name WHEREVER I GO. I LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY BECAUSE I NOW TRULY BELIEVE THAT HE LOVES ME AND HE CHOSE LITTLE OLE ME. HE HAS IN DEED GIVEN ME FAVOR, GIFTS, & ABUNDANCE.

  • Ven Duru

    My day begins with a prayer of thanksgiving to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and ends with same because He alone knows my inner most mind, weakness and faith. Everyday is a struggle to satisfy our human needs and to balance it with our christian life to the glory of GOD. In all, my joyful life revolves around ” DOING UNTO OTHERS, AS I WOULD WANT THEM DO UNTO ME.
    To GOD be all the glory —– Amen!

  • Loretta Sue Wilson

    The joy of The Lord is My Strength —having been housebound for almost 15 years, unable to do anything or go anywhere (hitting rock bottom – unable to help myself or anyone else –my dear sweet husband asked some friends to come to our home & pray for me –I had been bound by fear all my life; but my life had become unbearable because the fear controlled my very being. After this prayer, I was completely filled with JOY –something I had never known before. This joy to me is a PEACEFUL feeling that no matter what comes or goes my way, the sweet peace of Jesus and The Holy Spirit fills my mind constantly that My Savior Jesus Christ is in control; therefore, there’s no use for me to worry fret; because it is all up to Him —this joy is being able to tell people what He means to me and what He has done for me —hoping with each testimony that they will come to know this Joy that is deep within me now; and I pray that it shows on the outside as much as it is there on the inside so others will see this joy and ask this Precious Savior into their hearts. I pray that I never loose this JOY of The Lord, as it is the most precious thing in my life and has given me the desire to serve HIM all my life.

  • Carol King

    I live a joyful life by understanding others are different. This perspective allows me to love without conditions. Because I am happy with who I am, and not perfect,I don’t expect people to make me happy or be perfect! I look forward to every day as an adventure in faith and one where I can encourage someone else along the way.
    Hey, why just make lemonade? Try lemon pie, or lemon cake when life hands you lemons! A joyful life simply means you are not so consumed with your stuff that you forget all of the other people around you who could use a prayer or even a hug!
    Joyfully Yours,

  • Mary

    “Today is the day the Lord has made,I will rejoice and be glad in it!” As long as I am obedient to the word of God, joy is in my life. As long as I have a forgiving heart, mind and life, God blesses me meeting all my needs which brings joy to me. I wake up rejoicing and feel blessed. Even though I encounter negative people or a negative world, I tune in to the love and protection of Jesus Christ which dwells within my thoughts, actions and life. For everything that comes at me, I cast my cares upon the Lord for He cares for me. I’ve raised four children as a single mom and I have not lost my joy in life because God is my pilot. He gives me the Love, wisdom, guidance and faith and I am just a happy, joyful and obedient servant of His.

  • Mary Manigault

    Joy, Joy, God’s Great Joy. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I wouldn’t have the Joy of the Lord dwellling on the inside. It’s a price to pay for this joy. It can’t be brought with money, you have to deny yourself and follow Christ. Ask him to forgive you of your sins and to come into your life. Reading the word of God, and knowing that God is able to keep you no matter what it looks like. That’s JOY. Listening to God word being reassured that you can have the Joy that will give you peace of mind. I can testify of this because it took God to give me this Joy when I was in an abusive marriage he gave me Joy and that Joy gave me the strength that I needed to get me and my 2 children out of that abusive environment.
    God’s Joy gave me hope to know that I could still have a loving, caring husband to come in my life and treat me as a Queen. This Joy I have the world can’t give it and the world can’t take it away.

  • Mary

    I wake up with a grateful heart, thanking God for another day in my life. This gives me joy. I love, care, have compassion and forgive others on a daily basis. This clears my heart of any impurities and leaves my life open the the joy and blessings God wants to give to me. I rejoice and accept daily with much thanksgiving. I try to be a righteous and obedient servant of God because when trials come my way, I trust that God almighty will put everything in His divine order. And He does! Thanking Him in advance and afterwards fills my life with unspeakable joy. This is the honest truth!

  • Carolyn

    One should live a joyful life by trusting in God in everything one does, says, thinks with the realization that all steps of a Christian are ordered by God. A joyful life is realizing that God is my strength and my peace. He is my source and that whatever comes my way, I can trust in God that He will bring peace and that joy will come from my situation. It may not be as soon as I want it to or how I want it to but “trust” in God for he brings joy. I thank God every morning I wake up that He has blessed me to see another day and that I will rejoice & be glad in it. When all else fails, I know the joy of my life lies in God.

  • randi ford

    My husband is confined in prison right now, and I I always watch your TV broadcast I live in Hockley TX which is a long way. Please put in a prayer for Gregory Allen Wright, Thank You
    God Bless
    Randi Ford

  • Paul McFarland

    Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Praise the Lord with music and with the way you live your life. Share with those who have less than you and not just worldly goods. Share the Word of God.

  • Karen

    Living a joyful life is to live for the Lord and let His light shine through you in each and everything you do. Every single day, give thanks to God for all things great and small. Realize that nothing is small in life, as all things are great when lived in obedience to God. Love yourself,as well as all people because we are all made by the same Creator. Always be honest and kind to everyone. Stray from the wicked ways of the world and do only what is righteous and pleasing to God. Always be willing to help others,out of love,without expecting anything in return. When others hurt you in any way,having a forgiving nature and letting them know this will help you through. Pray for everyone. Lead others to Jesus so that they may experience a fulfilling,joyful life. God is definitely the way,the truth and the light and our joy is only made possible through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He is always there and will never leave you. This promise is the greatest joy!

  • Connie Brunson

    Joel I really cant tell u what joy is, I have been through so much, I stay depressed And try to stay by my self, Back in 1998 I had back surgery and the dr. was on drugs he cause me to get blood clots and in May of 1999 they had to cut my leg off, and replace my arota all the way down into my legs, I have to stay on blood thinners for the rest of my life, ( I hate it ). My husband had cheated tht i know of 4 times I had a car reck in sept of 05 its messed up my good foot and it hurts all the time it broke and crush all the bones in there and while i was still in the bed after another surgery on my right upper leg it broke the bone and it came out, So i have pins and scews and rods in my upper leg and right foot and back, it hurts all the time, I havent found a place to fix me a leg tht i can walk on all day without hurting, and in march of 06 my husband walked out on me and 3 grandkids and me stuck in the bed for a younger woman, he filed for a divorce in 07 the divorce is final but the property settlement is not finish, I dont under stand it… and im raising 3 grand kids by my self, and on feb 14 of 2010 my only son was shot and killed .I can go on and on .I lost a husband tht i loved dearly and then my son. So can u tell me What is Joy > Connie Brunson

  • Mercedes Henry

    God is definitely the way,the truth and the light and our joy is only made possible through Jesus Christ. He is always there and will never leave you. This promise is the greatest joy! I have Cirrhosis. I now look at death right in the face and know God is the only way. He has saved me so many times I can’t tell you . I had AML and I was born in a house in 1951 with no incubator weighing 3 lbs. God has saved me(maybe to let you know of his Goodness) I only know he has a plan. I’m a small part of it!

  • Yvette Brown

    How do I live a joyful life?
    I personally live a joyful life whenever I find myself not leaning on my own understanding but on God’s. I was in a relationship with a man who talked about marriage and wanting to pursue a relationship with me. To this day I still don’t know what his true intent was, but I found myself loving him and losing me. I found myself in pain, frustrated, and hurting and I did not know why. I know that the God I serve did not have this in mind for me. It was unhealthy for me. I found joy when I let go and let God. When I turned my feelings and emotions over to the care of God, that is when I started to get back my peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding, that peace and joy that the world did not give and the world could not take away. I try to stay in prayer as often as I can because I know without God there is nothing. Keep me in prayer. God loves you and so do I.

  • Opal Ronning

    How do you live a joyful life? I believe living a joyful life is living a life that is based on living an intentional life. Making the most each and everyday. I believe to live a joyful life it has nothing to do with how much money you have, or where you live, or what kind of a job you have. I believe it has to do with the internal perspective you have each and everyday. I believe joy is not based on circumstances but on attituded. I believe I may not be happy with my circumstance but I can find joy in knowing who is in charge of my life. I believe my thoughts can bring me joy in matter what my circumstances are around me.

  • Sara Foraker

    To me, joy is knowing that the Lord wakes me up everyday and gives me the power to take in His beautiful world every single day! I live in constant pain, but I take the time every day to thank Him for letting me see another glorious day. I try to share God’s word every where I go and help others to find their way to Jesus. I worship Him all the time and I try not to stray away from His way. I let Him do his work through me in what ever way he sees fit. God is truly wonderful!

  • Mark Spizer

    great post as usual!

  • Raya Perejogin

    I live everyday as if its my last but do what I have or need to do, this way I am at peace with Yeshua (Jesus) and ejoy my life by the Grace of Yeshua (Jesus)

  • susie


  • mike nelson

    Lead a joyous life? I have to be honest; I do not live a joyous life. My job doesn’t pay enough to survive, let alone live. That is live life like all those others that have monies to spare for vacations,doctors, and just even some luxuries. But as i look at this i am reminded of my character and humility. I have never given up on my values,beliefs, or principles even though i have wanted to so much. I am joyous i have not yet let this world break me or kill me as it does to so many more that don’t see any way out of thier turmoil and trials. I would like to thank GOD & Jesus for giving me that is my JOY!


    I look at a flower and realize how much God loves us.

  • Arlene

    I live a joyful life with God first. I follow him and he makes me happy. I am sure I would be very sad if I had not turned my life over to God. He is my best friend. I love to listen to you Joel. You are so wonderful. I search for you in the mornings and then a smile is on my face when I find you. You make my heart feel with joy and a smile.

  • Y. Harris

    I read God’s word daily, pray continually, and ask God to be first in all I say and do. Prayers for my enemies, loved ones, and all others are continually in my heart,on my mind and lips. There is nothing I do not seek the Lord for even forgiveness for thise who have offended me in any way. My one heartfelt plea is that I will continue to serve God with every fiber of my being according to His will.

  • Olympia Silva

    How do I live a joyous Life? I thought for awhile about what I would write here, I hope this answers the question.
    I find joy in each day me and husband have together, he had a severe accident at work right before christmas and we thought he would only have limited use of his left arm and hand. But through prayer and belief he is making quick progress.We have been married for 30 years, we were only kids when we decided to go against our parent wishes and get married at 19 and 17. Today although we have had some really tough challenges including the illness of a child for 9 years and her loss at 10. We held each other strong with faith and hope that we were so lucky to have had her in our lives, although it was short we were blessed because she taught us so much.
    Each day we find joy in the smallest of things that God puts in front of us. May you all find the same. God Bless!!

  • Barbara

    I trust the Lord Jesus with all my heart to guide me and give me strength and peace. If not for Jesus I would not have a purpose in this life. I have been blessed with so many things that only Jesus Christ can fullfill. He is truely my best friend!

  • mary johnson

    i live my life by saying thanking u lord for waking me up today see to my children grow up to be some body. i have a big joyful smile on my face feeling real good about life. i the know the lord is on my side and my very best friend.

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, and I am secure in the knowledge that there is nothing greater than God. He will see me through all trials and tribulations.

  • Norma Tyson

    I think on His goodness constantly. He is in my rememberance and my present and He is my future. These are the things I think on. When facing hardships or problems, I remember the Cross and the blood shed for me and I just smile. There is comforting joy knowing that I am of worth to Him, Jesus, who loves me unconditionally.

  • Cynthia Bragalone

    When my daughter was DOA at the age of 8, scriptures from the bible popped in my head and asked GOD to bring her back and give her a long and fruitful life. After 45 minutes of being DOA, GOD brought her back to life. She saw Jesus while she was DOA and in a coma and her details of Jesus and his lamb is a constant reminder that Jesus is alive and he lives within each of us if we believe in him. Her recovery is a daily reminder that GOD exists. I reflect on those that are suffering and had suffered which gives me all the reasons to be joyous in GOD and be thanful for what we have around us and what GOD blesses us with and that is life and children. For all of us who are healthy should not complain but be thankful for what we have. From my daughters encounter with Jesus, I feel ever so joyful that he exists and we will one day be with our Lord.

  • Robin Whealton

    I am a single mother and I lost my job one year ago. It has been very challenging to say the least. I took a part time job just with the idea being, it is better than nothing. Well, I just lost that job as well. Due to finances, they had to let me go. Despite all of this, I live a joyful life because everyday I wake up and know that I am not alone. Every second of everyday, I am loved. I have my health, I have my beautiful children and that gives me hope as well. Focusing on the positives and not the negatives brings much joy to your life. Just knowing I am a daughter to the most high fills me up with joy! There is a lot going on behind the scenes, things I do not see but I know, God is in control and he will never forsake me. If that doesn’t bring me joy I don’t know what would!

  • Your Name

    It has been a very difficult time for me to grasp how to live a joyful life. I once had a very beautiful life and I thank God for that life everyday. I pray for the end of this system as we know it and Armagedon to come so I can be with her again. I am blessed with two boys and 6 grandkids but loosing my beautiful wife two years ago to heart failure has left me in sadness everyday. Not a day goes by that I do not cry for my loss. I know I shall never recover. I pray each day that God will take me to her as soon as I have completed my time on earth. I want so much to be with her that I feel guilty leaving my children. I do not want to leave my boys but I am so hurt over my loss. At times I feel so guyilty thinking the way I do to think about the loss my chyildren will feel with my demise. One of my sons who is 44 years old cried to me the other day when I told him that I wanted to go to mom, (my pet name for her).
    He said to me, Dad do you know how that makes me feel?
    I tried to explain and I hope he understands. I could tell you that the way to live a joyful life is to put your trust in God and I do but the joy eludes me because my loss is so monumental. Everyone should have know her. My beautiful love, wife mother and best friend.

  • Anja G.

    I live by the law of attraction. I imagine a joyful life and that every obstacle is just a lesson. It works and I have been blessed with the knowledge that I can direct my life to be the way I’d like to live it. It works…it’s wonderful!

  • Tracy S.

    I give my time and energy abundantly and unconditionally.

  • Nelly M

    Many ideas and definitions can be given to this question, but the best one that the Lord has impresssed on me is “We must know Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” first! Whether children, young or adult, if the love of God has been implanted in our hearts, our lives will have a purpose, a real meaning in life. And although we may not uderstand it at times – what we go through, choices we make, etc., we are guided by the Holy Spirit, the one that gives guidance and instructions as indicated in the Scriptures. I believe the joyful life will follow with trials or tribulations but He will always be there – to sustain us!! Rest assured – He is there!!

  • http://Blessings; Terrie

    I count my blessings every day for continued health & family & friends & having God in my life to watch over me as I go through breast cancer knowing he will never leave me or foresake me.
    I give my energy to others in need.

  • jacklyn

    Wake up everyday and be thankful for everything. Sitting all day at your job doing the same thing over and have a job. Having to take public transportation because you don’t have a car…not only do you have money to travel, transportation is accessible and you have somewhere to go. Having aching feet from standing at work…not only do you have a job but you have feet. My mortgage is due every month, thank God I was able to have a mortgage, now I just need God to help me pay it off!

  • Rebecca

    By conversing with God throughout my day, doing things that I enjoy, spending time with family and friends.

  • Beverley Collins

    I remind myself that what God has given me I must use to His glory as my gift to Him. I say “I am but one but I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. What I can do I ought to do. What I ought to do by the grace of God I will do. Lord, what would you have me do?” This the motto of the The Order of the Daughters of the King of which I have been a member for 27 years. Following this motto has allows me to life a thankful and joyful life.

  • Brad

    By helping “other” wether its a kind word, a smile, letting them but in front of you at the store, doing something for others will always come back as joy!

  • Renee Snyder

    I ask the Lord what he wants me to do today. I ask him for Mercey for myself and my family and I give thanks always for everything.

  • Sandy Smith

    I live a joyful life everyday by caring for the people God has put into my life. No matter how tired I am sharing moments with the ones we love and helping make their dreams come true and loving them when they are in the valley shows the love of Jesus who always had time for everyone.

  • Vasantha Premaratne

    Live in total surrender

  • Debra Mack

    I try to remember what the Lord has given me every day and thank him each an every day. Try to pass it on to my family. try to help people that needs the help more than i do. Just love to thank the LORD for everything. God bless

  • Jot Thomas

    Entering to win Joel Olseen Book

  • Emma Nwabueze

    I wake up every morning, draw open my window curtain and see the beautiful day that is gift from God to us. I pass by my neighbor weaving hand, smiling, seeing them weaving back with smile. Go on with my day by day activities with happiness and smile on my face. Chatting with every person that I can chat with. Try to help as much I can to every needy that is within my limit by letting them feel love. Thanking God father in heaven in my spirit for everything that is happening or had happened in my life. Especially, for have blessed me with peace, wisdom and understanding. Letting my close loved ones understand the source of my joy and passing my blessing through to any one who can understand the joy of being a human being that Christ Jesus loves. I enjoy every day mostly when I remember that God loves me that 2000 + years ago, He let His beloved Son to surfer for me. Jesus Christ the Son of God I love You, You first love me.

  • Bobby Blackburn

    I live a joyful day by speaking to everyone that comes into my store to shop with me and while speaking with them I try to always say something that will put a smile on their face. I always make a point to tell them to have a good day or a better day if they seem to have have a bad start to the day. I know that my day always seem to go better if I can keep a smile on MY FACE! Praise God!

  • Judy Marhefka

    I thank God not only for the joys in my life but also the trials that strengthen my faith and make me stronger in Christ.

  • Betsy Spidell-Hernandez

    I thank GOD for the many many blessing he has givien me, and PRAY that there will be so many more to come as i get stronger in FAITH.

  • Neita Archer

    I kiss my husband, play with my dogs, Thank God every morning that my Mom is still here and remember that Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad it it–

  • Victoria

    How Do I Live A Joyful Life? I’m not sure how to live a joyful life, I’ve tried to be happy but not doing such a good job. I hope to learn more through Joel’s words from God. I watch his Church service on Sundays when I get the chance and it is simply wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity and God Bless You All for loving people. We need so much more of that in these especially difficult days.

  • Stephanie

    I live a joyful life by being myself and by singing the song that’s in my heart evety chance I get.

  • Constance Carheel

    I live a joyful life by keeping God first in my life and praying in the spirit daily to my Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. I ask myself in every situation what would Jesus Do?

  • Ade Kurniawan

    How do I live a joyful life ?
    I share my joy with others by giving smile to other people. Whenever I meet a person who looks in a burden, I’ll try to open a chat and later on try to ask him or her to share his or her burden. Let him or her to know that there is a Person Who really loves him or her and finally asking him or her for a prayer together.

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, an hold tight to God’s promise that no weapon formed against me shall prosper

  • delia parker

    I live a joyful life because I win every day God wakes me up. Long as I put him(God)first.Some days be hard but I keep going because He said there will be good times and bad but my good will out number my bad.

  • Annette cotton

    In order to live a good life,we need to obey the ten commadments, repent daily treat people like you would like to be treated in life.This is how to live a joyful life. stay in the holy word daily-read our bibles daily, fellowship with other saints, Just give all of your problems to God because he is a Big God only he can fix all of our problems in life. Please pray for me, I”m a single parent of (3) children ages 22yrs. 17yrs. 14yrs. I am beliving God for my mate a man of God. A man that Fears God like I do,and to love me for me and not what I have and love my children, I have very smart and good children Thank God. Annette Marcus,Jeremy, Latoya she is (6) months pregant with MY first Grandchild Pray for her to have a healthy son.

  • Stephanie

    True joy comes from accepting Jesus as your personal Savior, because come what may, He’ll never leave us. Joy also comes from fulfilling your dreams and desires in life. There’s no since in living all these years and having ideas, dreams, and desires hidden in you that you never accomplish. That’s a very miserable feeling.

  • Debbie Gabrielson

    I live a joyful life by looking for the beauty of God in everything. I love what God has created, our earth, our children, our homes. There is something joyful and awe inspiring in everything that God creates. I look hard for that everyday to put joy in my life and inspire me to be a better person.

  • elizabeth milan

    True happiness and joy come from letting Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior into your heart, believing he will always be with you no matter what,. through all your trials and tribilations, loving him more then anything or anyone, cause he is and always will be the Alpha and the Omega, Praise be the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Scott A. Baker

    By being the best person I can possibly be with a smile. Knowing that God is working on a plan for me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil.4:13 I also live a joyful life by worshiping God. By listening to Christ like music,I feel the presence of God. Joel Osteen inspires me when I listen to him. I believe your time is now and to share the word of God with others.
    All things are possible. It is up to God when they happen.
    God Bless,
    Scott Baker

  • Petra Martinez

    I live a joyful life because I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I ask God to show me His will. I try to be like Jesus relying on the Holy Spirit to guide me. And in all things I give thanks and praise to my One True Living God!


    Before getting out of bed in the morning I say out loud………..”This is the day the LORD has made,I will rejoice and and be glad in it…..Greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world…..LORD use me today…” What great days and opportunities GOD has given me, what great joy in being used to lead others in a closer walk with HIM. The ultimate joy in leading others to know HIM personnaly.HE doesn’t need me, but gives me an awesome privelege of being used by HIM .Every day starts with anticipation!

  • Marisa

    I try to make my daily living joyful by, doing what I can do about certain things or situations, not worrying about what I can not do and let God take care of it. Stress will ruin joy in a big hurry.



  • Tracy S.

    I live a joyful life by appreciating the simple things in life.

  • Ann Y.

    I live a joyful life by remembering it takes work. I choose
    ON PURPOSE, with effort that I can be happy. Knowing that repitition persuades me I try to be mindful of scriptures throughout the day. Words can’t say how thankful to God I am that I am not where I used to be and I’m very excited that good things are happening in my life. Also, knowing I have the tools through Gods word to help me in an unfortunate situation is a relief. Glory to God is man fully alive!

  • One In Him, Mary B.

    Everyday is a new adventure being led by the Holy Spirit. Being available for God to work through me, Is My Joy. What a thrill just taking care of a simple phone chore, only to have Him speak to the heart on the other end. My delight, after the akward pause, to find business turns personal and I get the pleasure of touching a life through Jesus. One obediant act after another creating a day full of testimonies, whether face to face or a nation away. He is present in everything, everywhere… truly these are the days my cup runs over. How would I ever be anything other than a witness with all He has and is continually filling me with? I am in a state of supernatural bliss, held and changed by the heart of My Lord Jesus.

  • Debra Bekstrom

    All of the Joy in my life is given to me by our Heavenly Father with each moment in my life, and with every step I take in my walk through life. The journey I have gone through has taught me one thing; The only way to truly live a joyful life is by the constant self reminder that we need to stay in the passenger seat and remember God is the one and only driver to get us where we are truly meant to go.

  • Rhonda Jenkins-Williams

    The way I live a joyful life is by knowing whose I am ,knowing who has me(God’s got me)and remembering that the joy of the Lord is my strength(Nehemiah 8:10).I put God1st in everything I do or think.I go to Him for everything!!! For it is in Him(Jesus), that I live, move and have my being.I don’t know of anyone who would give up their child for me and love me unconditionally, at all times, regardless of the situation. How can I not live a joyful life. I have all I need in The Lord. It is a great feeling and it gives me joy to know God has a purpose for me(my life).But the fullness of joy came when I actually found what God’s purpose was for life and allowed God to position me to walk in His purpose for my life. I can’t wait for a new day because with a new day comes new mercies, Hallelujah! Which gives me joy. That intimacy with My Father also gives me unspeakable joy… sometimes I praise,study, worship, pray and then sometimes all I can do is cry(tears of joy). God reveals so many wonderful things to me. Other times the joy I have is like fire shut up in my bones especially when I allow the Holy Spirit to have His way with me. Wow, Just His presence alone comforts me, his love bubbles over in my soul,goodness and mercy follows me constantly giving me a peace that surpasses All understanding, which completes me and allows my life to be full of joy!!! I have God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the whole armor of God, he feeds me, gives me living water, He leads me on the right path and protects me too! He’s also prepared a place for me to be with Him for all eternity! Ha!Ha!Ha! I am a friend of God! My Father loves me and I love Him!!Wow, I’d better stop here… I could write a book just on this subject. This is how I live a joyful life.

  • sebrina

    Being a god loving woman, I enjoy the teaching of JESUS CHRIST our lord and savior. I try not to miss Joel program. I would love to have this CD, It does not matter, if I win or not. I just want people to watch this man of god and how god is using this vessel to bring the word of our savior for all to hear and to save all our lost brothers and sisters, who don’t know, how good and faithful our lord JESUS CHRIST is to those of us who know him.

  • Your Name

    It took my awhile to figure out that there is a big difference between acting happy and actually living joyfully. Thanks to the fellowship of AA and God who helped and guided me in to Spiritual living, I now have the wisdom to know the difference. I am more aware of being in God’s presence and living one day at a time. The amazing thing is; even through adversity, I know joy! Hallelujah!

  • Edith Finn, Fort Smith, Arkansas

    My Joy is a gift from Father God. A free blessing that I deserve only from the blood of His Son Jesus. I have been blessed since the age of eight when I gave my heart, body and soul to the Lord Jesus. Only God knows the many times he has protected me. With the help of the Holy Spirit I look for the best in everyone I meet. I am not to judge them even when I have been told negative things about a person. I know in my heart God made them in His image so I know they have good in them. I am God Protected and God knows the joy and love I have is not because I am so good but because He is the good in me. I trust Him to take care of the things I can’t control and He gives me the Joy I need to get through each day. Praise the Lord Joel and Victoria Olsteen are annoited by the Holy Spirit sharing their time and blessing the lives of so many people searching for encouragement to make it through another day. Thank you Jesus for Christian Ministries on television for people that can’t go to church for whatever reason.

  • Jessica Mastronardo

    I live a joyful life by beginning and ending my day with prayer, thanking God for another day, another sunset, things I have seen through the day, people who have touched me, little things, the clouds, the smell of fresh cut grass, a soft breeze, a singing bird.
    All gifts from God,,,, to me.

  • Hazel Levant

    Before I get out of bed, I begin praising God for all that He has done. Then from there I spend time with Him or I should say He spends time with me. It all depends on what He expects from me because some days I begin the day with songs of praise and thanksgiving, praises on my lips, reading the Bible, or quietly listening to Him speak to me. Let me tell you everyday ain’t gravy and if I went by how I felt I would absolutely have no joy.
    The joy of the Lord is my strength. Jesus said, no man can take it from you (joy). I “joy” in this God so loved the world (me) He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever (me) believes in Him shall have eternal life. Can’t beat that with a bat.

  • Tonya

    Living a joyful life is a matter of choice! Being a servant and giving on a daily basis is a decision one choses. By being able to provide a bit of happiness to someone else who has less, or who just wanted a listening ear can bring about joy and give a self satisfaction. It takes practice because every day will bring on something different, but you have to make up your mind that today will be a good day and you are Blessed by the very best! Just giving to someone else for a short period of time can bring about joy! It is not always the big things that matter, but the little ones! The smile on a child’s face after you have read their favorite book with them or helping someone make a decision about a gift for a loved one can bring on a change in attitude if you count your blessings daily. Answering an elderly person when they ask you a question or just listening to your own child – what a joy you bring to them! And, yourself! God wakes you up daily – after saying thanks! Go about doing what you were meant to do, on or off the job (if you are fortunate to have one) and make it about someone else every now and then. At the end of the day, you should feel good about yourself and have a type of joy to add to the fact that He loved you enough for another day to brighten up your day as well as someone elses’. There is a whole lot of joy within just that!

  • Wanda Cornelius


  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, and pray.

  • Ed Enriquez

    I Live a Joyful Life mostly, by just living. I praise Jesus each morning when I wake and at the end of each day….simply because I’m breathing and able to work and give my kids and wife a roof over their heads and food on the table, thats joy enough for me but, it doesn’t stop there. I have Jesus as my Lord and Savior, a wonderful family, a terrific boss and great friends….what more can a man ask for!!

  • Maria Pena

    I live a joyful life because it is Christ in me Now ! The old things have past and God has molded me into a new person ! That is how I live joyful because I remind myself of how Big God’s Love is for me and everyone else who believe ! AMEN !

  • Tracy S.

    I EXPECT to have a joyful day everyday!

  • Susan C

    I live a joyful life by seeing or talking to my loved ones every day. If I can’t arrange that I at least email them.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  • hankiee

    I try to close the world out to give me peace.

  • jeanine bland-soronen

    My life is joy filled, for the most part, when I see the people whom I love, happy and joyful themselves. My family, extended family and friends mean the world to me. My cats are included here too! God has richly blessed me and I need to make sure that I thank Him every day!



  • John Bob Hayden

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for 12 years I am 54 years old and my girlfriend is 51 we watch Jole every Sunday for such a long time if weather permits we dont have cable we use an antena. We enjoy his jokes at the beginning of his service so much and then we share it with everybody at work and then his service is so inspiring it lifts our sprits up for another week of hardship and the threat of Loretta having no health Insurance. I can’t afford to get one for Loretta so I feel so down for it but with Jole’s service it brings both of us up and we know God will be there for us when we need it and Jole helps us remember that.
    Jole is a special man who can lift the sprits of suffering souls
    if he falls in the sight of man I would still follow him because I know he would be sorry for his mistake and ask forgiveniss he lifts my soul.
    Sincerely John Hayden

  • Movita P

    I live a joyful life by putting God first, sharing Him with others and obeying His Word. I also laugh a lot. And of course, I smile most of the time. I really love people.

  • laureth caton

    by understanding his words

  • karlotte mckenzie

    I live a joyful life buy respecting other and caring for them in ways memories will last ,i enjoy life by taking care of my kis and suporting their eeds , enjoy life by serving god first and puttng him before mein everything i do



  • Marjorie Windsor

    I finally married the love of my life after 25 years. I was raised by a Baptist minister, but I strayed from the Lord when I started college. I married and had 2 beautiful daughters, but divorced after 16 years. My new husband removed me from an abusive relationship after my divorce and led me back to God. I am working to relearn my faith and trust in the Lord for all my needs. It’s a hard road sometimes, but I have joy knowing my husband and God are both there for me no matter what. Joel’s books have helped both of us grow in our faith, and every sermon I watch speaks directly to me. Miraculous how God works to get the message to me!

  • julie tan

    To me,to live a joyful life is to be like Christ, to talk like Christ,think like Christ n feel like Christ to all we meet n live with.Be it at work,play n even anywhere so that when people see me,they will see Christ n feel the joy in us radiating out of us n transforming them to be like Christ n feel joyful that i too have.

  • Alice Alexander

    Trust and obey!


    I live a joyful life by givieing my life to Jeses Christ and allowing Him to take complrte controll of my life.I give all my needs and desire to Him .I also seek advice from Him by believing the word of God in the Bible

  • Maria Velazquez

    Elihu said it best in the bible in the book of Job, to see the greatness, power and glory of God more than the human suffering, to be in his presence to exalt him him when there is no breath in our lungs from the exhastion of pain, to live and know that my love for him is stronger than any persecution, hurting word or devasting action, to know I can count on him to have wings like eagle, strengh like a buffalo and my soul pants for him like a deer for the streams of water (Psalm 42:1), that I can lift my hands and know he will uphold me with his righteousness, that even if my mother and father forsakes me, the Lord will receive me (Psalm 27:10), that all my tears he has counted them and prepares me to now to show the path for others to come to his kingdom for I have found the love of my life who has showed me to endure it all, forgive and be healed in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. I finally have found happpiness and since no man has given it to me no man can take it away. He took my heart of stone and gave me a new one and I can live my life with hopes of eternal life and dwell in his day in the New Jerusalem. I use to be like the woman in the well or the one about to be stoned but now I am his and can enjoy the peace that surpasses any peace this world can give. I AM IN LOVE and I am a Jesus embassador!

  • Milton Payne

    I live a joyful life by thanking God every morning when I open my eyes. It is confirmation that God’s purpose for me is not finished. I take the time to stop and look around me and take in the beauty of God’s creation. I ask the Lord to open the eyes of my heart to put His will above mine. There are people out there that I can lead to Christ and what can be more joyful than that?



  • Sue Byrd

    I will live a joyful life after I am through grieving for my best friend, my husband. Taken out of this world way to soon. But, if I put my love and trust in God, I can be free from this pain.

  • Cheryal Boles

    I have had multiple challenges this past year, both financial and marital. But with my faith in God and his word I am finding my way thru all the muck and muss. I will be free from all the pain and grief that has been sent my way.

  • Linda Hollingsworth

    I live a joyful life by waking up being thankful for having another chance at life. I keep joy in my heart by loving and forgiving others and myself on a daily basis. My main focus in life is that God gives me the ability to be a blessing to all those that I encounter. It may not be financial but thru a kind word or a hug. Joy fills my life when I can put a smile on the face of the hurt,the lonely,the abused,the outcast,the lost child trying to find thier way. All those things are what makes me have a joyful life.

  • Erin Patricia Hooks

    I give everything I have to the LORD and let him do with it what he wants, He has blessed me so much, I try to give it back to him by letting people see him in me

  • Laurie

    It is very simple to me. I follow God’s word and his teachings, every day is a day to serve the Lord in all my actions words and deeds

  • Wendy Kohl

    To be honest, I struggle with having joy in my life. I pray everyday and really give the Lord my best. I am constantly surrounded by hatred, evil, lies, and a lot of weird drama. I praise God through this time, and I hope and pray that all of this will work out for His glory. It is tough to keep smiling and keep my chin up.
    I just started taking some certification classes to enhance my degrees and skills that I already have. I have to drive about an hour and a half to get to the classes. I would love to listen to the audios on joy and abundance during the drive. I feel that I would be blessed beyond blessed getting more positive in my life.
    Even if I do not win, I would appreciate any prayers from people reading this. I do believe good things are coming, and I do trust the Lord completely to deal with the situations in my life.

  • Suzanne Burgess

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. I am so grateful that it was caught early and I am almost done with treatment. I fully believe it was through prayers my from friends and my church that I will beat this and enjoy the rest of my life with my husband and 3 year old daughter.

  • martha

    The way that you live a joyful life is by keeping god first and foremost. Be kind to people and help others that need help. I have also been going thru financial hardships and unpleasant things in my relationship with my fiancee. But I know thru it all this is all a test to make me strong and stay joyful because weeping endures thru the night and joy comes in the morning. Stay positive and turn our faces to God he will give us the joy that we need.

  • Lori Lynn Klein, Realtor

    I live a joyful life by begining and ending my day with prayer.
    Blessed to be a realtor and help people that thought they never could buy a home. Sometimes it may take a year or even longer. It is not about how quick you get the deal done it’s about giving your clients all of your commitment and genuinely caring for them, their family, their needs and wants. It’s all about the clients comfort and welfare. The client is the main focus just as Christ should be our main focus daily.

  • Your Name

    Also I repeat these words over and over again to myself when I feel like I am alone and scared: “You don’t have to worry, And don’t you be afraid, Joy comes in the morning, Troubles they don’t last always, For there’s a friend in Jesus, Who will wipe your tears away, And if your heart is broken, Just lift your hands and say, I know that I can make it, I know that I can stand, No matter what may come my way, My life is in your hands, With Jesus I can take it, With Him I know I can stand, No matter what may come my way, My life is in your hands”

  • Lynne

    Hi Joel. I love watching you when I get a chance. I sure would like to meet you and your wife someday. Thanks. Lynne

  • Caroline Crouthers

    I am a woman who is passionate about people who are “forgotten”, who have had abuse of all sorts in their life; I am passionate about each person I come into contact with, knowing that they are appreciatied for who they are right now in time, and they deserve respect and care. I am passionate about animals receiving love and also about letting children be children.
    In my professional life, I am a woman who is a very hard worker, who takes personal pride in the work she does, no matter how menial it might seem to the general public. I always do my best, and usually am excellent at multi-tasking and taking on challenges. If someone fails, it’s ok, it’s part of learning about how to do better and be better as we know more. I am encouraging to others. I am fun to be with. I enjoy adventure but also enjoy a basic routine where I know my assignment and can relish in the comfort of doing what is required of me. Change is good when I understand it.
    I am one who is candid and straightforward, and who is always proactive instead of reactive.
    I believe that life is made for living, that God wants us to enjoy our time here on earth, and wants us to love one another.
    I am respectful of those around me, I honor our public service workers, and honor our leaders, even though I may not agree with them.
    I am a lady, and request to be treated kindly and respectfully.
    I am a mother and take that role seriously.
    I love being a mentor and a role model.
    I am passionate about the things I believe in. I care deeply. I seek a future that is better than the past, and do my best to always improve and learn more.
    I’m not afraid of the unknown, and don’t use the term “worry” in my vocabulary. I face life head on, and take it as it comes.
    I’m smart, resourceful in a pinch, and can make a mountain look like a mountain instead of a molehill if I need to. I think tests are fun. I think life is a blessing from God. I am me and there is no one else in the world capable of being all that I am. God is totally given all the glory and praise for whom I am today. He alone has carried me through my darkest hours time and time again. He alone is my refuge and strength, and I call on Him to send praises of glory up and to ask for His favor and mercy when I’ve fallen short.
    I love my life. and I am honored to be a child of the Lord of Lords.

  • Precious Young

    I find that you can lead joyfull and happy life when you obey the laws of God and being lead by The Holy Spirit Of God.

  • Wanda Wingo

    I do my very best to live every day as I know God would want me to. I treat others the way I would like to be treated and help others when I can. If I have days when I feel like a pity party for myself, I just grab myself up and say ‘look around you’, there are people in much more need than myself.We just need the faith of a very tiny mustard seed and we will be taken care of.If God provides for our feathered friends than surely He will provide for us.I’ve seen many weeks where the bills and bill money did not match, not even close but by the grace of God,He pulled us through it.I am in a public business environment so this gives me a chance to take the extra time to speak of Jesus and maybe just lend an understanding ear to those in need and guide them to our great creator!He can & will be there for us if we allow him to be.We walk away from Him, not the other way around.He is always still there waiting for us.I am just thankful for every day He allows me to get up in the morning to have a better day than the day before!

  • Geri Ann Massaro

    I start my every day with prayer and by putting my trust in the Lord to get me through my days. I ask him to be by my side at all times (especially since I started a new job) and I have asked him to be my eyes and ears, my heart and soul, in every situation that I am confronted with.
    I also have absorbed one of the most important things that you have taught me to date and that is to never let anyone steal my joy and every chance I get, I tell my friends and family the same thing, do not let this person steal your joy and ruin your day.
    Seeking the knowledge of God has opened my heart to recieve his word and to listen for his voice within me. With the good Lord by my side, I feel safe, secure, happy, joyful and most importantly loved. :)

  • Nancy Stere

    My joy in Life is Jesus Christ as my personal Savior I`m his Child.
    being free to worship God in the church of my choice. He takes my hand and leads me everday throught this troubled world and tells me not to be fearful.and how he provides all my needs and I know someday I will be with him either by death or in the clouds in the rapure.I know he died for me for all my sins that I might live. I want to live my life for him.He is the joy of my life.

  • deborah thompson

    laugh all that you can,make sure you enjoy the time you have left here in your life,stay away from negative people as much as you possible.

  • Mollie

    I make my life joyful each day, due to when I awake, I thank the Lord for letting me live one more of his beautiful days here on earth with my family and friends. I try to help everyone I come into contact with in the day, and even those I don’t know, I try my best to say something good and cheerful to them, so they will have a blessed day too. I try to do my best each day to show others I want them to treat me the way I treat them, and it works, try it sometime. Always follow your heart and what the Lord is telling you. If you happen to be wrong about something, be the person God wants us to be and accept failure and apologize and try to aim higher next time in your goals. We are only human, and God would want us to follow his words and do our best, but also, just use our common sense he gave us.
    Have a blessed day!

  • michael boehm

    I love to wachted you. someday i wood like to meet you and your wife

  • phyllis desantiago

    jesus entered my life after i had a baby i had post sysdome i felt like i was going crazy in i started praying for help in the corner of my room the spirit of jesus he help me thur i thank him everyday. in the name of god, holy spirit . thank you

  • frelinst

    I find that every day that I don’t talk to our Lord, that day doesn’t go as well as the others. It is essential that I thank our Lord even for the small things in our lives.

  • Grace Dixon

    I live each day a joyful life, because I trust in the Lord with all my heart, and lean not to my own understanding, in all my ways I acknowledge Him, and He directs my path.

  • Joanne Vanderheite

    Even tho the stresses from everyday life are there, I put my trust in the Lord, I also try to help someone everyday, even if it is to just bring out a smile. I treat others as I would want to be treated. And last but not least I am very Thankful for the little things in life…!!!

  • Your Name Augusta Lange

    I enjoy all of the little things and find there are more of those than the big bad things that happen to us all and seem to knock us down.
    I enjoy looking out the front window this spring when a flock of robins landed in my tree. They come every spring.
    I enjoy looking out when the tree was covered with white flowers and seeing a cardinal preched among the branches.
    I enjoy beyond measure the little child with all the potential God has installed in him or her.
    As a Christian and retired minister, I really enjoy seeing my 10 year old grandson navigate the web until he finds Joel Oosten and then hears his sermon when he gets home from school. He has a learning disability and this has helped him beyond measure. I tape the Sunday services for him sometimes.
    I enjoy being able to say “I am a child of God and nothing else matters.”
    God Bless us all.

  • Emily Turano

    I find the way to lead joyful is to first and foremost TRUST IN GOD, put no expectations on people, circumstances, or feelings. When I cast my care on Him, He is much more capable to handle whatever needs to be done with FAR MORE WISDOM than I. It’s also important to have an intimate relationship with Jesus on a DAILY BASIS, not just in Church. The more I put my hopes and trust in Him, the more Joyful my life will be and has been.

  • Ejoke

    I live a Joyful life everyday by meditating on God’s word, I realized that the days which is often, I take out time to study my Bible, I get excited and when I get to school people think something great physically has happened, even though I have not gotten what I want (which sometimes is difficult) but when I remember what I read in the morning, I am excited.
    But most important in the mist of it all, when I pray I try to leave all at the altar, else my day will be horrible.

  • Doris Clowney

    You can live a joyful life by getting a personal relationship with the best friend you can ever have MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS.Study his word hang out with CHRIST like people,understand that nothing happens unless it goes by GOD first.

  • gina summerville

    i try my hardest to live a joyful life but it is difficult i’ll give you that each day presents a challenge but i trust in the lord and think positive and think on the good side and that it will always get better can’t get any worse could i guess but usually doesn’t …thanks g

  • Liana

    I do not belong to Pastor Osteen’s congregation, but I think he is a man who was called of God, in these days to deliver powerful messages from above! I would love to one day, be able to go to Texas and listen to him live when he is delivering one his many messages from God. I have his book “Your best life now”. He is truly inspirational; in his sermons, he is also very positive in his attitude and inspires one to do and be the same way! No one can say he is not a man of God.

  • Jeff Matthias

    Well , let me begin with saying that litening to Joel started me on my spiritual journey. God spoke to me an gave me a calling to preach and teach his word. At 53 yrs old I went back to school full time, and work full time. I attend Grand Canyon University studying Biblical and Pastorial studies, and hold a 4.0 gpa. I serve two churches, where I am a voliteer middle school youth pastor, and the other church I have started a motorcycle ministry, and do publich outreach. I am also in the ministry as a usher at the second church. I am usually in church 4 to 5 days a week. Call you blessed , Jeff

  • randy de priest

    i made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of GOD by doing so i have been blessed in so many wonderful ways thanks be to GOD bless you joel

  • Gina Fieselman

    By waking up with Gods word and prayer and seeing my kids happy and content and remembering my blessing, which are many. My fiance and I, which we were put together by God because we both prayed for the right mate have been reading Joel’s daily bread book and its been a help to us both thru the adjustment of his life melding with mine and that of my teens.

  • Bill Mielke

    Its great to be alive and well! Life provides us with many chalanges and If you have faith and a positive attitude, you can overcome almost anything. I love being positive and helping people, whether its physical, a consoleing word, or even financial. By helping others I feel that because of me they can become closer to God through me.

  • brendaconstantly read parkman

    I try very hard to start my day by giving thanks for the grace of GOD, to being alive and well for one more day!!!I also read the WORD and do a study of the WORD! I think about the all the positivity in my life,and praise GOD for it.

  • wesley turner


  • Miss Kelley

    Since coming to know Christ as my Savior, I have learned to appreciate every opportunity to love him. Whether troubled or joyful, it is so comforting to know He loves me more than I could ever imagine. I have learned to leave all of my worries and fears at his feet, which was such a difficult concept at first. I delight in my prayer before meals and in knowing that now even my children are more focused on the content of our prayers and not just a blessing of our food with a poem, or memorized statement. I wake up each day with a smile and even when I lay my head down at night, I may be weary, but find a smile on my face and peace in my heart when I pray to Our Father. I look for the Lord’s gifts and blessings in all areas of my life. Amen.

  • Phyllis Janes

    I try to live a most joyful life by praying to God everyday & giving him praise for what He has done & given to me in my life! I haven’t always been there for him like I should but have asked for forgiveness many times..& He loves me no matter what…so I asked God what I could do He answered give back & ask & you shall receive..So I try everyday to contact a friend,stranger,partner anyone..try to listen & even give to strangers they can’t believe it Why they ask that you would do this for me I answer I am retired so I have the time & many talents like for instance recently stopped in a new beauty salon got a haircut & told the lady that she needed different advertising since I had done that in the past I suggested many things to her & then did it for her to help her new business then that same day within 2 hrs God gave back to me by putting something in my path that I had asked for Its a miracle..People can’t believe this but its true & happens every single day if I let it I go out & talk to people & I find that they just need an encouraging word or help & I see if I can do it or lead them in the right direction I have given rides to perfect stranger I’m careful though & they say God Bless You! or give food,clothing what ever it takes I volunteer for Hospice & its not going to stop there You see I am blessed for my Mother left me with 1/4 million dollars to be paid in 13 yrs monthly but I will be not be selfish like some would be I will be passing it on to Gods people & thats really how I got it to begin with Praise the Lord Anyone reading Please try it You will be Blessed in many ways THANK YOU LORD!

  • Polly Williams

    I live a joyful life by obeying God’s commandments. I find joy in God’s gift that allows me to become the hands and heart of His Son Jesus by volunteering in my community, helping someone with their groceries, talking to someone or simply just listening to someone. My joy comes from knowing that I was born a child of the “Most High”; He lives in me. His Son died for our sins and when I leave this earth, He has already prepared a place for me. A place where I can sit at his feet and and be blessed, praising Him forever and ever. What could be more joyous than that!!!

  • Pamela Clifton

    I live a joyful life just knowing that Jesus Christ died for me on that cross and shed his blood for my sins, that I might have life. ” IT’s GOOD TO KNOW JESUS!!!! ” It’s also a joyful life knowing that if I obey his word and his commandments, and live for him that I will see him in peace. That’s a blessing!!! I love the lord and I love inspiring on his word, which is a GUARANTEED!!!

  • Cathy Clayton

    There are some days when I feel like I just don’t understand why all these bad things are hitting my family. I get on my knees (or pray just where I am) and ask God to place his loving arms around me and let me know everything will be alright. God’s will is for us to be well and through the blood of Christ, we are healed. I have been facing many challenges lately but never stop loving and worshipping our sweet Lord, Jesus. He will always be 1st place in my heart. Loving Him, always, brings joy to my life, now and forever!!

  • Maria Pizzurro

    When I was a small child I learned of the words and prayers: ” God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”
    I learned the words in Catholic school as a young girl and found out I was in good company with others who also applied the wisdom of these words to pressing circumstances and issues. The prayer gives me a sense of peace, serenity and joy because I realize to apply my best effort to any daunting situation and then to let go worry for the results after I have done my best. There is a tremendous joy and safety in having this type of knowing to let go and release all inward and outer concern and to put my acceptance into my higher intelligence and God.

  • Robbie Fry

    I spend time with my 15 month old granddaughter. She reminds me to live life with the joy and wonder of a child.

  • Jean Ryan

    It took a long time to get here, but I finally realized that no one else can control my future and no one else is responsible for my happiness. Therefore, I try to live each day to the fullest and shrug off the small stuff. I have recently removed all of the negative people from my life. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I get down, however, I look around and realize how lucky I am to have two wonderful healthy children and wonderful pets and a really good healthy life. When I want to have a pity party for myself, I realize that there are so many people out there actually suffering and I do not have a right to feel sorry for myself.

  • Monica Reyna

    How is my LIFE JOYFUL? THE LORD.
    He has Delivered me from HELL!,in Oct of 09 they found me in the trunk of my exsboyfriends car and him hiding in the attic of his house. I was life flighted to Memorial Herman Hospital were I was in a coma for two weeks. I had such severe bleeding in the brain They told my family that I would never be the same if I lived. They told my grandmother that the best thing for her to do was to but me in a home. She said no, and took me home in Dec.

  • David Hudspeth Jr

    I am trying to re-start my Quixstar Busness and need Gods help and the more people pray the better we are. I no longer have a job, was layed off March of 2009. Thank you for everything you do.
    My God Bless you all
    David Hudspeth Jr.

  • Jennifer Heinze

    For me, living a joyful life is about doing for others. I can’t express the sheer joy I get from the small things, like opening doors for those who need help, offering my spot in the grocery store line for someone with only a few items, or bringing my kids to help at a giveaway event my church holds where we collect “unwanted” items and allow the community in need to come in and take what they need to just survive.
    I know there are larger things out there I can be doing, such as working in a soup kitchen or organizing food in a community food pantry (which I do), but I find the smaller things are more meaningful. They allow me to teach my children that every little bit counts, no matter how small the gesture. And if I know I made a difference to just one person by being kind, that’s more important to me than anything. Jesus isn’t just in the big stuff, He’s everywhere. If I can show Him to others, even in the tiniest of ways, I know I’m on the right path.

  • Pamela Clifton

    I live a joful life just knowing that Jesus Christ died on that cross and shed his blood for my sins that I might jave life. ” IT’s GOOD TO KNOW JESUS!!!!! ” It’s also a joyful life knowing that if I obey him word and keep his commandments, and live for him daily, that I will see him in peace!!! I love the lord and I love inspiring on his holy word!

  • John S Wines

    I have been a reborned again Christain since 1963. I am 61 yaers old and I have not lived a life that I am proud of. But I know that the Lord loves me and know that I don’t deserve it I am thankful that he sent his only son in our place so that we may have everylasting life.
    I try to live today to try and serve him in any way that I can. I know that he is coming soon because the way the world is going.
    I love listening to Joel Osteen on Sunday nights on the ABC Family channel.

  • Mary

    My mother died of breast cancer when I was 15 years old. Takeing care of her for the time that she remained here i was always sad and struggled to understand how she could be in such good spirits and have such great pain. She always told me that someday I would be rewarded for the love and care that I gave her. Though she died months later I still could not understand how God could take her. After coming to Christ years later I know what a joy and blessed relationship I have with him.I give him thanks for all that he does in my life.Now each day I start out with God by my side and I know that I will never be alone. Now I have such a joyful life and enjoy every minute that I can study his word and just soak up the gospel.

  • Jolinda

    As a cancer (melanoma)survivor, every day is a gift from God. After my first surgery, my oncologist told me that patients with stage III melanoma had only a 15% chance of survival. That was in September of 2008. I found that with the power of prayer and God’s grace, I was able to survive a year of Interferon therapy, the discovery of a recurrence and another major surgery in March 2010. I discovered how many friends I had and how many people were praying to give my husband the strength to be my caregiver and for me to fight the cancer and recover. I also discovered a wonderful resource in Caringbridge, which is a website that provides a way for people with critical illnesses to write about their journey and communicate with all of their loved ones and friends. My illness has helped me to refocus my priorities. It has helped me to decide that even though I am on disability right now and that this illness has made radical changes to my finances, my lifestyle and my body, I can still find joy in my life and that is because I have developed a closer relationship with God.

  • Nora Akin

    I was saved October of 1969 at 23, not really understanding what it was all about, I moved on to a somewhat night life. Then in December of 2001 I came back to Christ. I lost my brother in Feb. of 02. Some twenty days later I found out that I had cancer. Mother passed away July of 2002. What a year. Between July and October God healed my cancer. Amen. But had to go through a series of Radiation. On the last treatment they shock it, and because of it, I had to be amputated. It was Sarcoma Cancer of my left leg. During that time my faith was and still very strong in Christ, I am very thankful that I am where I am at and not six feet under……I had told god even before I was healed, that if I must pass on, that would be ok, Lord, for you had died for me on that cross. I praised him continuously and love him so dearly. God thank you for all that you have done for me, I’ll truly be a testimonal for you giving you all the glory and praises. In Jesus name AMEN!

  • Biju Thomas

    i live in joyful life just knowing jeasus christ

  • Robert Loosier

    I am working to restore joy in my present circumstances by becoming a more generous person – one who helps others who are in need (by both spiritual and financial gifts). Sometimes it’s a struggle as the workload is great and seems to be increasing. But God’s promises are true! As i “water others” my own spirit is enriched and encouraged. The “joy of the Lord” truly comes into our lives as we freely share God’s rich blessings that we have received with others in need. The formula of Thanksgiving + Generosity = Personal Fulfillment and Joy! I’ve found this to be true in my own life.

  • Cecilia Lewis

    I live a joyful life by pursuing God because my faith, my peace and my joy is found in God and in him alone. Although I face many trials as a disciple of God, I allow the word to be my answer key, my comfort,and my promise that this two shall pass. I know that the joy of the Lord is my strength and that even at my weakest point, his strength is magnified. See when I am weak, he is strong and in that I am joyful and content.

  • Cheryl Lawhead

    A year ago I was convinced my life at 55 was fulfilled as God would have it. I was laid off my job- living with my grown son-his wife and 3 of my wonderful grandchildren. I was convinced to meet a man for lunch. Not a man my white anglo saxon family would approve of- but a very handsome Honduran. In my eyes he was not only very white but had no accent at all. Lunch to me was a lark. I laughed etc but really saw no basis for a relationship. He pursued me- like no I’d ever known–I asked him why-his response was- he felt he had a death wish, his job kept him away from his adult child (his only child) he had no friends in my city so he laid in bed at night watching YOU Joel Osteen- and stuffing his 58 year old body with comfort food. He saw a “blog” I’d posted about wishing I could find a man of faith, who loved a very simple life – giving of himself and enjoying nature-
    so he wrote me. After we met he says God told him I was to be his Godly wife. For a year we’ve shared the most amazing relationship -but it’s centered around Christ. I learned he belongs to the Promise Keepers-but doesn’t just walk the walk he talks the talk. I’ve learned so much about a Godly love for a man- and how a man of God treats the women he cares for. I’d been widowed twice and divorced once and still didn’t know the love of a Godly Man- by meeting him I’ve learned so much, and one of our “routines” as a couple is watching Joel Olsteen deliver his sermon-then discuss what we both got from it. Reverend Olsteen so many things have happened but they were all gifts from God and now having Joel and Victoria (we feel your part of our family) in our daily life we are amazed at the JOY and PEACE we find every single day.
    Thanks so much!
    Your friends in Christ
    Cheryl & Ed

  • Soraya Carrasco

    Living a life with joy is remembering that HIS joy is our strength. Being thankful for all that I have and even for all that I don’t have because Father knows best and if I don’t have it, HE knows why. . . and that is good enough for me. He is STILL GOD no matter the circumstance I’m in good, bad or indifferent, that mere fact that I have been forgiven and that he uses me for His honor and His glory even through my iniquities. . . give me JOY. The opportunity to see my children and my grandchildren, as is given to me through HIS love and mercy bring me joy. Being living testimony of HIS forgiveness and miracles. . . brings me joy. :-)))

  • linda

    I always known the lord and I’m very blessed my life has always been very hard since I was born and my mother wanted to give me away then she died but I was blessed to have had my grandma things in this life are really hard but with Christ who loves us we can always know he is with us no matter how bad things are he always comes through no matter what I always put my trust in the Lord he has always took care of me

  • tamika thomas

    I live a joyful life by walking with faith and believe in god. That he can do anything at all. God strengthen me and has a purpose for my life. I overcame battles I never though I could imagination. God has a plan for me I just have to wait and believe. Anything you going through god will turn you around and get you through the place you need to be. The road is not easy and sometimes you get off track but that one day your life will be full with joyful of god working through you. Being joyful to me is even though you have issues in your life you still can smile and thank god everyday for where you at. Because it will get easy with him, put him first and all things are possible.

  • beverly j. jackson

    I live a joyful life everyday, I am thankful for the Lord wakeing
    me up. I am thankful I can function, My 87 yr. old mother is
    living with me, and my daughter. I am thankful fo her still being
    around. So everyday I live a joyful life because my three
    child are doing well, they have good hearts, they serve the
    Lord not only by going to church, but also by helping others.
    I try to help others not only by deeds but also by a kind word
    and listenting to them whenthey need to talk, and always
    praying for them.

  • Sharon

    I live everyday by believing everyday that I have my illnes it doesnot have me…By rembering to count all my blessings and being Thankfull…and that to hold on and not to give up 5 minutes before my miracles become realities…Blessed Be…

  • Gareth Washington

    By commuting with Jesus on a daily basis. I have learned that Christ is my source for living abundantly, healthy and weathy. Each day I ask God to open my eyes to his Word to learn and understand his grace and mercy. I forward to sharing the blessings God provides to me with others around me. As others are blessed they continue to share with others. Knowing that he provides for me and helps me to share with others especially the ones in need. Amen!

  • Maria Rogers

    I have been clean for 1year and 2months,I had to die spiritual before i could learn to live.Today i no that GOD had plans for me,because he said so.He uses me as a tool of his word,That bad can become good I no for sure he has a place for me in this world.I no he did’nt make me to live the life i was living.When i surender,things stated happen that i had no say over,HE put me back in school,placed aroof over my head so i no longer have to sleep under a bridge,He gave me a little peace.He has given me back my eyes so i can see the tree as they change from brown to green.And when i wake up everyday,I no that what ever comes my way don’t run slow down and no that GOD IS EVERYTHING OR HE IS NOTHING!!!!!!! Sometime’s when i am in class,the math work gets had but I open my mind and close my eye and open my mouth and pull in GOD.So you see life for me is being blessed to do what he wants me to do,and not what i want to do.I don’t no if you understand ,My writing or spelling.But i am sending this.Thank you for taking the time to read it.I AM HAPPY TO LIVE TODAY!!

  • Dorothylee Hans

    Each day when I wake up, I pray and it brings a smile to heart and soothes my soul. I keep my eyes closed so I can hear the birds giving me their sweet sounds arousing my spirit to a new height. A joyful life to me is being contented with what I have, being there for others, trying not to waste and harm our environment and trying to see and bring out the best in each person I can. I love life. Even when it is hard and sometimes unforgiving, I try and put a smile on my face and in my heart. God gave us so many beautiful things to enjoy and they are all FREE! I have learned to seek and enjoy those gifts. I have tried to share these gifts with others. God, who my mother often referred to, as the great master artist, as each sunrise and sunset is different, the many and bountiful beautiful flowers, trees, mountains,oceans, sun, stars and moon; even tolightning bugs that grace our yard with “God’s light”. Everything and person is beautiful in their own way. All the sounds of the early morning and the soft sounds of night are there for us to enjoy, each a masterpiece (either in sight or sound) and God created all of this for us to enjoy. These are my joys. I actually get thrilled when I see a flower open, or see a wren building a nest. I was blessed by a mother who saw the intrinsic value of life and taught me of God’s many gifts and to share them with others. Another gift from God is love. With all the beauty in the world to enjoy, love is just an added gift we enjoy from God and others. This is what makes my life content.

  • Victoria Harris

    Hello I lost my son 08/18/2007 to murder. I was in St. Louis @ the time of thr tragery and to fly home knowing the I would haave to funneral arrangements. You have to know thar what Satan intended for your evil that God will turn it around for the good for them that arecalled acoording to his purpose.It is not easy and it hasn’t been easy for me but I am enjoying the relationship that i have with the Lord(MY FATHER IN HEAVEN) the Joy of the Lord is my Strength. You have to stay prayed up and have faith for the unseen and believing God for my land flowing with milk and honey to be a blessing to his kingdom. Because if you seek his kindgom first and his rightous all these things will be added unto. You have to be bout Our Father’s Business,just as Jesus his son who died for us all that is how my joy comes. I have not always been saved,but I thank God eveyday and know to God Be the Glory

  • Katherine Miller

    Good Morning,
    I find each and every morning a joy. I have a great job working with and helping to transport Special Needs Children to their schools. After working in retail for so many years I was so thankful that God lead me to this job I am so blessed in every aspect of my life.
    Joel comes on every Sunday morning where I live and I try not to miss his message.
    Thank you
    katherine miller

  • Cathy West

    I am an alcoholic in recovery now since February of 2003. Had it rough growing up picking up my first drink at around 8 or 9 years old. God has always been in my heart and in my life. Because of the Lord and sweet Jesus always watching over me and my ongoing never ending faith in him and Jesus I have overcome my addiction and deep depression. 6 years ago the Lord gave to me a wonderful, loving and caring man who I married even after I promised myself I would never marry again because of so years of abusive men in my life. I never gave up on myself because God and sweet Jesus never gave up on me. My Husband Kevin loves the Lord and sweet Jesus as I do… With ALL our hearts. I have always felt joy in my heart because of my faith, and because of my committment to the greatest most beautiful thing in my life… God and sweet Jesus. All you have to do is follow god, always always go to him in your time of need and talk to him. God loves it when you talk to him. And when you do talk to him do what I do… Be sure to ask him how he is doing… Something I imagine most people don’t take the time to do. There is absolutely NOTHING that is more awesome or more joyful in this world than our heavenly Father and sweet, sweet, sweet Jesus.
    With the two of them you will NEVER, EVER go wrong!!!

  • AprilAnne Potter

    I have always tried to live a good healthy and lord bying life style. Now that my health has taken a huge dip and i am disabled and in a wheel chair and facing most every day in pain and discouragements. I still feel my believing in the lord and watching joel osteen has kept me living a life i will always be blessed to live. I may not be able to change the health issues completely but i do feel i am blessed and just watching the shows on sunday that joel speaks from gives me the up lift and will to carry on. i so love his shows and wish I had the chance to meet him. you are one of the very best when it comes to sharing the spirit. go joel you rock in my world. Thanks and god bless you and yours aprilanne

  • Terrance Fountaine

    My life joyful but by the grace of God. He is my light and stregnth. My joy comes from Him because I do not have the strenght to be joyful all by myself. Each waking day, i ask God for forgiveness and I ask Him to cover my children and my family. I praise him regularly. I believe that becuase I praise Him and I seek him, he allows me to recognize his glory. I see His glory in the breeze on a hot day, I see his glory in the rain that makes way for beauty the next day, i see His glory in my son when he wants just to sit next to me, I see His glory when the children I work with, light up when I walk into the room, I see His glory when I’m singing and tears are streaming down someones face. And His glory keeps joy in my heart and in my soul. He keeps me joyful. When I think about His goodness and His mercy and the things that could have happened to me, my heart overflows with joy. THANK YOU GOD

  • Iris

    by taking it one day at a time…that’s how i live a joyful life!

  • rita bassford

    hi joel,thank you for the great shows on sunday,you are the way i start my sundays,that is somthing that makes me happy along with going to the park and walking every day,being thankful for all the beautygod has given me wishing and praying for others that they to be greatful for what they have….looking outside yourself is not the ans.they seek, the beauty is within its the god self and i found itto be a lesson i had to learn along time ago…..i get up every morning and thank god for another great day in in the garden of life rita

  • Larry Ledford

    I feel Joel is a truly called by Jesus a man of good,but he is just like use and have the same daily struggles we all have because the devil is allway raging to control or lives.The devil is not after the sinners he all ready has them,the devil is the evul one that is allways on our backs and he want to destroy evre christitans life if we let him.But keep the faith and hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only wat out.Just pray for me and my twin girls I raise on my own there stepmother is having use put out of our home this week and I just put her name on deed to my house last year and me and my girls have lived here in home for 14 years,but gods people are putting use up in a halfway house,and God does provide for his children,when all god said he would give was food and rayment he allways goods a step more.Praise God our father who send his son to die for oue sins,and give the greasted gift of all.Joel just pray for use that God will keep use safe and things for use will out shine all the bad the devil has thrown our way. God Bless You Larry,Summer,& Susan Ledford

  • dddiva

    Each morning I set my intention to squeeze every last drop of joy that I can from the day. I am a firm believer in LOA. Before bed I count my blessings and remember all that I am grateful for (well, not all, but a fairly lengthy list.
    During the day I thank God numerous times, for the little things and the big ones.

  • Rebecca

    As a single mom with not a lot of money, I find joy in time with my son, time spent with my loving pets. My son and I enjoy whatever spare daylight time we can working on planting vegetables and flowers and reading books both educational and inspirational.

  • Ginger Sullivan

    I have had many challenges to overcome but I still tried to find hope throughout those times. I don’t have much family now that my mother has passed so I depend more and more on the good Lord for my provider for all things. At times, I feel like Job, but like Job, I know God can restore all things. To God be the Glory-I find my everyday joy in the small, simple things he gives me.

  • Eileen Tracy

    Hello,i would like to thank GOD for this oppertunity you have given me to try and win the messages waiting for me in Joels inspriring lessons.I watch Joel on Friday knights and Sunday Mornings.I can only live in joy by the grace of GOD.He wakes every morning and with the faith i hold in my heart i am able to deal with life.I find my joy my hope and faith to be the only way i could possibly live he day. i work in retale and i keep my smile and my joy to share with so many i see that don’t have any joy or hope in their eyes.some time itd as simple has HI can i help you with anything for them to realize they are some body and express joy on their face. I have such joy in helping people.I can do this because a simple rule.
    Heart. Thats the way i find my Joy.

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude,and know that God is cradling me in the palm of his hands.

  • Nancy L.

    I lost my faith in God when my father passed away. I was very close to my dad & feared the day when he wouldn’t be in my life. That was four years ago. I can now accept the fact he is gone. I am living my life as my father did. Providing for my family, making sure they are safe and helping others in every way that I can, even if it is a simple gesture as holding open a door. My father came to this country when he was 5 from Albania & people would make fun of him because he couldn’t speak english & dressed differently. I only know from what he told me on how hurt he was. I also live a joyful life knowing that I am a good person & I treat everyone as a person as they are, not by their race, the way they dress or language they speak. It’s cliche, but it is the simple things that are joyous!

  • Kay Willard

    I live a joyfull life by playing with my children,husband, my pets, fellowshiping with my church family AND by NOT watching the daily news.
    It is real easy and after a while you don’t even miss the news. Something really important like the time square bomb scare, someone will always tell you about. Everything else will just steal your joy.


    My son was murder July 23 2008 from an home invasion. The same day I died along with him. After his interment,that night i came and cryed liked i never cry in my life. I got on my knee’s and prayed and asking God where do I go from here,at the same time wanting to died myself.I got a pin and notebook and start to write,how goog God have been to me by letting me live those joyful thirty years that he was here on earth.I thank God everyday because now I have his five girls that were left here and by knowing his sprit lives and I will see him again in another life someday.I am so thankful that God gave me peace joy.Now I go to church more,I love more,I treat everyone the way I want to be treated and I praise God all through the day because any day could be your last.this is now how I live an joyful life.

  • Shawn Pendergast

    Every day I wake up, I thank The Lord for being on this earth “one more day”; also for my health, my family, my friends, and hopes that this new day be as fruitful and abounding as it may be for all. I talk to Our Lord, Jesus, all the time, because it makes me feel good; sometimes when I’m depressed, praying and talking to Him seems to lift the depression off my shoulders, not always right away, but when He sees that it should; when I wish my dad (who was my everyday rock and mentor) was still with me today because I still need him to help me with those tiny minute problems or answers, or gigantic problems-he always had a way of making everything better; my mom & stepmom, because every girl needs their mom from day one-mothers know best-I wish my daughter could have met my mom, she would have loved her! My stepmom was right up there, being in our lives for 27 years, she was extra special too! But the Lord saw a higher purpose, for whatever reason-partially to take away all their pain, he chose for them to GO HOME, to be one with Him again. It’s taken many years of missing and crying and wishing He hadn’t wanted them so early in my life, but I believe over all the years, He saw that it was for my good. They raised me from a baby to a young adult and taught me all my manners, sense, values, knowledge, love, and how to be the best person I could be in any situation. I KNOW it has made me stronger, even though I often wish they were here to listen & help, instead of trying to figure things out on my own. But I also KNOW that The Lord and my parents, hear me and watch over me daily, and I often attribute my decisions and actions to THEM, that they still and always want the best for my daughter and I and know that no matter what, things will be okay for us. All of this combined helps me live a joyful life-KNOWING the Lord watches over us and as long as we “believe”, we will always be okay!

  • Trina B.

    I find joy in spending time with my family and friends. I truly enjoy spendng time with nieces and nephews, they bring me joy. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I Thank God for them everyday and I also enjoy spending time with my fiance’ whom I’m about to marry on July 24, 2010. That brings me joy because I was married before and it was a bad marriage because I didn’t wait on the Lord. God has blessed me with a wonderful man this time, I just had to be patient and wait on the Lord. That is truly joyous!

  • Chuck Mead

    I live a joyful life each and every day by accepting what God has given me and being happy with everything that I have as a person. I have been given a great wife and three lovely children and four of the most beautiful grandchildren you could have. I have had problems in my life, such as a child being born at 1lb 3ounces, losing a steel mill job after 15 years, going to college at 37, not having a full time job after college for 5years, getting a job in teaching only to be laid off due to funding after six years, being called back and now having to think about a lay off again, having a son get hooked on drugs and alcohol, and a little financial problems. But you know what, God has taken me and my wife through each and every problem and made us stronger. He has never put on us more than what we could handle. To this date I am so,so thankful that I am just a bundle of joy. People ask, how come you are always smiling and in a good mood. My response; Hey, I am able to get up out of my bed each and every day and do what God wants me to do. He has given me this chance and I just enjoy it so much. I will not let life and the evil within it get me down. I know that God has my back. I still am a sinner at times, but he knows that I love him and do my best to follow his teachings. I make mistakes, but I learn from them. He has given me this teaching opportunity and I appreciate it so much that I don’t want to disappoint him. I will take whatever is tossed my way and move on, because I know he is there for me and all I have to do is ask for guidance. Financilly I’m not rich, but spirtually, and happy wise I am the richest person on this earth.

  • Geraldine “Gerrie” Walker

    I live a joyful life by spending time in thanking the Lord our Savour Jesus Christ for all of the blessings that he has bestowed on me and my family. There was once a time when I would try to make things happen for me by doing them myself, but then after I became saved I realized that many of the obstacles in our life are too much for us to bear alone they need to be put on the altar of our Lord for him to help us handle. Once I began doing that I started to feel a huge weight lift not only from my heart but also from my head, to be able to wake up in the morning to realize that God is going to take care of me and my worries, to understand that the reason that I have so much joy in my life is because he loves me and provides for me because of prayer and the leading of a good life in the face of the Lord. It is because of all of this that I am leading a joyful life. Amen

  • theresa

    I am glad that I have found the lord as my savior. I am goign to church more now and I thank the lord that I can get up everyday and walk. I pray for my mom for getting better.

  • Raquel Ruiz

    Everyday I thank GOD for another day of light. I begin my day with a big smile and continue to carry it with me until the end of the day.

  • Joy Vavra

    I am a 52 year old women 3 children The youngest 13
    i was into drugs and Alcohol My Husband went to prison,for selling drugs I was left with two children ,no job, And a addict.My husband got 15 years.I was lost,I did not no what to do. Few years past and my Girls was going to this little Church they beg me to go I could do nothing but cry.about the third Sunday I went to the Alter, I felt the lord wrap his arms around me.and He held me while I cried.Needless to say He change my life, he delivered me He gave me a new life I wake up every day thanking Jesus for what he went threw for a sinner like me. He gave me life again.My husband is home and a Deacon in the church.I joined six years ago. Can you fell the joy he has giving me? I could keep going for the lord is the Joy in my life



  • Darnel

    I live a joyful life by just remembering the reason my maker put me here. He wants me to be happy and make others happy and live life to my fullest. You taught me to be happy just the way he made me because I am fully loaded. Once I realized that I knew that I could do anything I wanted and it gives me joy to share your words with others. My friends and family all know that if they get a gift from me it will be something with Joel Osteen’s name on it :-). Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. God bless you Joel Osteen and thank you for explaining to me how much God loves me. Now I can go out and love others more.

  • Phyllis Lightner

    I live a joyful life every day because Jesus died not just to save me from my sins, but to make me a new person in him. He broke to bonds of sin and stood in judgement for my sins so that I don’t have to. He knows I’m not perfect and he loves me anyway.

  • Joyce Hurt Hume

    I love to hear Joel he seams to be able to preach the bible in words that I understand better than when I read them. In October 2008 I had a triple bypass, even when I went into the hospital knowing it was my heart I wasn’t scared I knew God was beside me all the way. We live arounf 150 miles from the hospital that I was in, My husband stay the hold time. My kids came up at night working during the day, The day of my surgery my kids were coming they were leaving @ 5 am to get there before I went into surgery. they were running late and they had taken me down to the holding room before surgery. I told the nurses that I couldn’t go into surgery until I saw my children, she call and they were stuck in traffic. I told her no I had to see them, she then left the room and they all the kids and my husband came into the room and I knew I would be okay we hug and kiss and I told them I would see then in a little while and they went out of the room. The nurse came in and I told her I was ready, she looked puzzled I told her I had seen the kidas and I was ready. Everything went ok and a could of days later I was talking to my daughter and I told her If I hadn’t seen them before going tosurgery I wouldn’t going to let them do the surgery. she said mama we didn’t get here until you were already in surgery, I told them what they were wearing and that was right So I know God had put them in front of me so I could go to surgery. It was like God was on my shoulder the whole time. He was right beside me and my love for him has grown more and more and I now know “MY GOD IS REAL” I lov telling this so that people will know that prayers do get answer. Thanks you for letting me tell what God had done for me and gave me a new life.

  • Norma Robertson

    The acknowledgement that I am blessed to be a blessing gives me great joy. Every morning, when I wake up, I ask the Lord to send someone in my path to whom I can be a blessing. The Lord has sent people of different races, cultures, religions,social, and economic backgrounds. I have been blessed to have many of them live in my home, and to observe their transformation from various forms of abuse to the experience of salvation.
    Being a witness and winning souls for the Lord is an experience that I longed for, and I am excited to be actually doing it.
    My joy comes from helping others, and knowing that GOD is my refuge and strength,and my help in times of trouble.

  • sandy Brackett

    Every time I weak up I thank to the Lord for another beautiful day that I am able to see and I thank him for my body and soul, ( I’m single so will thank him for my padres and 4 brothers the continue getting alow and my family and friends) then I continua thank him for what will be my day and for the negative people that I may find to give me strength and smiling face to pass what ever situation I will go into and I will asked him to help me to continue living my life every moment and every day with joy and and I will asking for help me to pass it to those who will need God help this moment to be that birch to bring them back to the Lord with love every thing is possible amen.

  • Joanne Hibl

    I would like to read this book

  • Princess During

    I live my life, one day at a time according to God’s purpose and will for my life; meditating on His word,; fulfilling the ten commandments and living the principles of Rom.12. Also fulfilling the great commission to GO.

  • Adrianne Bowden

    I live a joyful life everyday by thanking God, first and foremost for giving me life, health, and strength. I have been blessed to have another chance at life December 2008. Exactly, a week after delivering my baby girl (3rd child,already have 2 boys), I almost bled to death. I was at home sitting at my computer in the rear of kitchen, doing some notes for an audit that we were having at work (social worker). And, I was not having any pain but I just began to pour out blood which began to run out of my computer chair. Again, I was not in pain or discomfort. My grandmother came into the kitchen and she asked what was wrong. I had no answer. My husband was asleep. He came in called 911, they came I stayed for some hours, they waited until the flow slowed down. There were no x-rays or anything done. Later, that night, I had taken a nap but that night my family could not awake me. I had gone into a comatose state. The ambulance were called back out here and there, I stayed from Christmas Eve 2008 to New Year’s Eve. I was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) unit, three days on ventilator and on life support! Wow……mind you I had never been hospitalized before other than delivering my babies. I was already anemic (low blood level). Needless to say I am a MIRACLE, because I had bled completely out (no more blood in my body). Due to that, I had severe memory loss because in the midst of all of that I had a light stroke on one side of my brain. Well, I could not stay at home by myself so our family members took turns to babysit me (along with my new baby). I did not know my children,and did not remember ever having my little girl…wow! Well, unfortunately the OBGYN left some of the birth placenta in my uterus which caused all of the chaos. But I am better now, but not all the way. And guess what I had just finished a 3-year Master Degree Program in Social Work and am not able to use it right now, but God is able! However, I live a joyful life because God is good and he will never (and has not ever left me) nor forsaked me. I live everyday with joy in my heart because I know that I have a purpose here on this earth and that is to serve him. Mind you, my husband and I were about to get a divorce as soon as I had finished my degree program, but look he litearlly had to take care of me and I have to depend on him for many, many things. And at one time he was literally my other half (brain). So I know that Jesus is real and that his word is true, we have never discussed DIVORCE again. Because “what God has put together let no man put asunder.” However, in more ways than one it has been a blessing because the Lord knew that I needed a break…and this is what I call a FORCED BREAK! Thank you Jesus and God Bless:)

  • martha williams

    my answer to that question is mediating on god purpose and what it is that he really wants me to do in life. this means being obedience, faithfully and truly, a difficult task to take on sometimes, but if I could just do what he ask of me, then others surcumstances will come in place, on is being stress free, financial situations improving, coming together with love ones and family and friends as well.
    In the book of John 5:14,15 it states asking for anything according to his will he hears us and we know if he hears us we know that we have the petitions of him.
    There it is, its in the Word, meaning faith, patience and understanding. If I would mediate on that daily. Imagine the impossible, what a mighty God we serve.
    Asking for a joyful and wonderful he will give me and others more of that to come.
    Martha Williams

  • Mary K.

    I live a joyful life by living according to the words of God. I listen daily to the bible on CD in my car, I cherish the people in my life as Gifts from God with gratitude, I remember how amazing God’s love is and I follow Paul’s words in Philippians ” Rejoice in the Lord, I say Rejoice”. True joy in found not in life’s circumstances but in how you deal with them and I choose to deal with life in true JOY of just knowing that I am here to finish the race set before me as a passionate Christ follower. I strive to be an example to those around me, so they will feel my Joy and then I can SHARE the Joy of the Lord with others, which of course leads to a joy filled life. True Joy can only come from God’s Holy spirit living within you, given to each of us by God’s Holy Grace & Mercy, AMEN!

  • Diana Shobe

    The way i live a joyful life is in knowing that God has spared my life for a reason and i owe everyday to him. I am sooooo thankful when i wake up and see another day. I was having a heartattach and didnt know it —– 3 different times. I have 4 stents in my heart from 3 different instances and he spared my life. On of those times and artery ruptured and I was bleeding inside…he took care of me…I had a double colon resection and he took me thru it…..I have a daughter with 6 children who is a single parent and her 6 children live with my husband an I Monday morning thru Saturday when I take them to her. She does not have a car or liecenes and I am her taxi. I live my life and hers too. I should complain…..but I am sooo happy that my life has been spared so many times and all the grandchildren are well and healthy and that I am here for them. My daughter had a boyfriend who beat her up and burned her house down ….. we have been through alot of drama ….and are so glad we are here that with the help of God we can help give them a life. Bad choices have been made on her part but she was raised right and with the prayers of all who read this, I know God will turn her life and her bad choices and her misfortunes around! One day, I ran out of gas at the pump. I went in to pay for the gas with a check, They didnt take checks. I said the gas is in my car, what do you want me to do….a voice from behind me said “I’ve got it.” He laid the money on the counter and was gone…I went to give him a check….but there was no one in the store or the parking lot…..I believe it was sent from God. There have been so many different miracles in my life that no matter what comes my way…..I know the outcome will be the way He the Almighty wants it to be. No, Life aint rosy…..but God is there every step of the way. And when I see a penny laying on the ground, I used to say “see a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck….I now say “In God we trust” and no matter what or when, i say a pray and it stops me from my busy hurried life and reminds me that it all belongs to
    God and leave the penny for someone else to find. He is my strenght and my salvation and my hope is in him. I thank him for this opportunity to share his goodness with whoever may read this.

  • Nancy Taylor

    How To Live a Joyful Life…
    I wake up every morning
    Midst the newness in the air
    To welcome my Lord Jesus
    Into the day’s affairs
    Indeed I freely give Him
    Myself as life begins
    For I need the love becoming
    In my dearest Friend
    I know that whatever happens
    God will be right by my side
    To help me and assist me
    In the wonder of surprise
    I find the joy embedded
    In my blessed soul
    Because of Jesus’ honor
    And the hope His heart bestows
    There is no other joy than
    The one my Lord provides
    Despite the ills and chaos
    That may suddenly arise
    by Nancy Taylor

  • frederick e akies

    I live a joyful life, because every morning I open my eyes; I start thanking our heavenly father for wakeing & allowing me to see another day. I remember Joel Osteen said in one of his recent sunday messages, that, it is all in our perception of all things; that causes use to respond & react the way we do to all things. I make a habit of wanting to be in a positive mind set at all times, that way it is easier for me to recognize when other people are not.
    I try to always look for the good in everything and everybody; unfortunately, some people have found a home with misery, and they love it there. You know, they say misery loves company. Never wanting to or intentionally being mean is not in my character. So I stay away from people and situations, if I feel would cause me to not be in my higher self.
    This mind set along with Joel Osteen teachings, have made me a better person. And that you have to be a true believer, to have a peacefullness about yourself; that a non-believer, would think doesn’t exist.

  • Debi A.

    I wake up and as soon as I open my eyes, I say thank you Lord. I know he is with me and my family always. Two years ago they said I had lung cancer, I stayed so focused in the word. When I woke up from surgery, they took a third of my lung, but no cancer. It has been a long run, but I always love the Lord. I had to resign from my job of 13 years, as a single parent, I pray so much. The Lord has got me through the death of my parents, my niece. I only have my two sons and it is the best feeling when we are sitting together on Sunday morning at church. Its the best feeling a mom can have. I am having to start over in my life. I know the Lord will put me in the right job and bless my two sons as well. I trust him with all of my being. God Bless you and have a blessed day.

  • Karen Wallace


  • Melissa W.

    I live a joyful life by focusing on God’s word and applying it to my everyday life. I write quite a bit and enjoy writing devotionals for our church.

  • Dianna Kujawski

    Living a joyful life…….
    How do I do this? I take one day at a time and trust God to get me through each one. I take time to appreciate the beauty of the world I live in and volunteer to help others see the beauty in this world.
    I also spend time in worship and prayer. If I am not walking iwth the Lord how can I be joyful. He is my main reason for living. I hope to instill that joy in all I meet by my actions. I am part of the worship team, I lead children’s worship and I teach a childrens group weekly. I want to share the joy of the Lord with all I come in contact with.
    Blessings to all!

  • Debra Campbell

    I live a joy ful life because i start my day with prayers, talk all day long to God and say my bedtime prayers also. Blessings to all!!!!!

  • Nic Anderson

    My name is Nic Anderson, I have been a christian for many years.. I have been in prison before thats were i had my very first enconter with God.. praying in my cell feeling his warm embrace fill my body and soul.. my biggest fear was knowing that my mom is very sick.. my mom is a lung cancer patient, she has been one for 27 yaers now.. i was just in chicago over the weekend to see my little brothers wedding.. & to see my mom.. to see her laying in a bed at home not able to do anything is very hurting to see… but i know that she is in Gods hands just like us all are also…. I just want you to know that when i have seen you on t.v. i get a real inner feeling that God is present.. The same feeling that i get when i go to church.. I have been a memmber of Cleft of the rock family church in Sanford Michigan since 2003… I just wanted you all to know that im thankful that God is keeping my mom alive so that she can be that example to family & friends that God is love…!

  • Patty Winigman

    I try to help anyone I can, I watch Joel’s TV ministry and try my best to follow the things he talks about. I just love wakeing up knowing I am going to see my friends and family ONE MORE TIME.
    I TRY TO LIVE LOVE LAUGH as much as possilbe AND THANK GOD I CAN.
    God BLESS you and your’s.

  • Walter Vasquez

    I think is great to have people as Joel, is very important to help others, because is what Gos wants from us. I like to watch Joel’s Videos.

  • Barba Phipps

    because I have made Jesus my personal savior and live my life as a Holy Spirit filled Christain,i believe I will bear the fruit of the Spirit as described in Galatains 5:22. this joy is the source for a true joyful life.

  • Priscilla Rios

    I just love Listening to Joel Osteen and so does my son.He is 11yrs old and he has Autism and he jumos for joy when he hears him.He listen to him everyday and also plays his Dvd.I thank god everyday for giving me my son and everyday he makes progress because he has peace with god.

  • Janet Thornburg

    Joel, is probably one of the most soothing minister on tv. He has helped me tremendously with taking the high road instead of reacting, an age long problem with me. I think he is wonderful along with his wife Victoria, are great inspirations for this generation. He brings the bible alive in such a positive manner. One of my favorite watches on tv. I wish I could do more to promote his ministry and I am standing in faith believing that Jehovah Jireh will make that possible. In the spirit of Christ, +Janet Thornburg

  • shelly

    my name is shelly, i am 36. i have not always led the great life. i am a recovering meth addict, 13 years clean now. since then i was a drinker. for a long time i could hear the lord telling me to get ready for his favor, that my time was coming to glow with his light. last october i said to him, lord i am ready! it felt as if he touched my soul. since then i have not had one ciggeret,drink or anything else, it has been over 200 days and i still feel the lords gift with me everyday. my family is so much happier and are starting to talk to god which is something they never did before. this is just the begining of a glorious life,all thanks to god taking time for me. now i want to thank you for letting me tell of my victory and friendship wiht jesus. god bless you.

  • Ella Mae Thigpen

    Joel what a blessing you are to so many people, your sermons/comments are so uplifting, encouraging, and inspirings, always looking on the bright side. I have modeled my life by trying to always find the good in people, and only looking for the good, remembering to concentrate on offering a helping hand by always lifting them up and never, never, do anything to shove them down. I also try to start and end each day by searching God’s word for the pattern for my life and

  • Vivian Perry


  • Vivian Perry


  • Rhonda Baskerville

    Each morning I call to touch and agree with my prayer partner around 5:30 am prasing God for His mercy and grace. Being apart of the hard hit recession and losing my job in 2008 help me to focus on how awesome God really is. My greatest joy is my strenghth in God and this isn’t a cliche but real living. If it wasn’t for God during the drought of my financial dilemma I don’t know how I would have made it. Being grateful and thankful of where I am in this exact moment is a feeling of unspeakable exhilaration. My heart is overwhelm and because of His unchanging hands, I live each day as though it was my last. I truly believe that my eyes nor ears have seen nor heard what God has for me. He is my rock, and my strenghth and because of this revelation I am truly in love with Him, He is my joy.

  • larry ellis

    the way to live a joyful life,love jesus chirst,and your self….

  • Beverly Nance

    I trust the lord and watch Joel every week.

  • Peggy Madigan

    When I was a child, I was taught about Jesus, son of our Lord, God, and the teachings and rules to live by according to the Bible,(King James Version).This early education taught me how to cope with, illness, death, loss and relationships with others. I have a sense of peace and joy within myself, which, I attribute to the abundant gifts our Lord,God, has given me during my life. At the age of 61, I am grateful for the gift of wonderful parents who led me in this direction, and for the abundance of a long and joyful life, all of which, the Lord God has favored me.

  • Victoria Martin

    My name is Victoria Martin ,I am 40 year’s old and I am so happy to have the Lord in my life every day and Joel as well.
    I love his book’s and Victoria’s book’s as well,I have so much going on in my life now and with out our Lord I don’t no wuth I would do with out him.
    Back in 2009 in Apirl of that year we had got a call that my mom’s sister and her husband was murdered in there home in Bassfield,Mississippi and we had to go home for that and when we got back from Mississippi,My son Cody was put in to ICU for his suger he at that time did not no his suger was 680 and now one year now he is a type 1….With out the faith that I have in the Lord I don’t no how I would had got though all of this. So Joel is the one I see on TV every time he is on and back in a day my mom’s mother was alway’s going on about Joel Dad and how he give her the will to go on and have faith. My God Blass you and your family Joel & Victoria we love you so much.
    James & Victoria Martin

  • Gilbert James

    I have purchased most of Pastor Olsteen’s books, and I strive to live according to the teachings. Pastor Olsteen’s teachings have helped me know that God favor is all around me, even within me, as me and through me. This helps me have victory over thoughts of self doubt, worry, and fear. This thought gives me confidence to move forward in a positive manner. I also believe Past Olsteen when he said that no weapone formed against me shall prosper and that I am more than a conqueror. Pastor Olsteen’s teachings are so encouraging and helps build a positve self image psychology. Thank God for Pastor Olsteen, the family, and the ministry.

  • Nancy Loyd

    I live a joyful life by following the teachings of the Bible, Jesus and my Mom. Mom always taught us to do right by others and ourselves.
    Mom is in a nursing home and watches Joel all the time as I do. I am very Blessed to have such a wonderful Mother that raised me in the church and to follow Our Lord and Savior. If I were to win I would share the books with her.

  • Aida Ramoz

    I writing this in regards to my Mother. My Mom lived a Joyfull life. She was blessed and faithful. Mom was diagnosed with cirrosis and heart disease and she was not able to walk the last few months of her life, but she never gave up hope or lost her faith in God. She even lifted us up when we came to visit. She alway’s red her bible and prayed for her family and friends. She was loved by all who new her. Momma passed on April 15th, 2010. She is missed very much, but we know that she is walking with Jesus.

  • Linda J Johnson

    Praise the Lord to every one. I believe that Our Lord is our Teacher, our instructer and our Friend. More so than ever We the people need the Lords leadership. To know that Joel Osteen is a worker for Christ is one of the best feelings a beliver can have.Joel Osteen is one of the most positive speakers, Preacher, workers of God ever. I love the manner of his delivery to the world, not just his church. Its like the world is his classroom. I thank God for the position that Joel Osteen is in. If I ever get the chance to go to Texas to be in the same house of the Lord with Joel Osteen will be a very Gloryus time in my life. My son Clint Johnson just got Ordined in our church. He too has always been led of the Lord. Bless you all . Linda Johnson from Los Angeles Ca. A child of the King.

  • jacqueline poss

    My name is Jacqueline, I’m 47 years old. I have had a trying life, yet I am by no means down and out because of it. I believe in my Lord and Savior with all my heart. I struggle in faith at times but He is quick to pull me back in and show me His grace. I lost my father on christmas eve when I was 6 years old and watched my mother struggle to keep us all feed. She always seemed to keep it going, she was the strongest woman I had ever seen. Now at the age of 68 I am struggling to take care of her, no regrets though, I feel I owe her that much. But it’s not me, it’s the pure love from JESUS that keeps me grounded and it’s the words Jesus spoke in His holy Bible that inspire me and the inspirations from those like Joel Osteen. This is the life the Lord has appointed me to endure and I will remain steadfast in this life until He takes me home. God Bless…

  • edstanford

    When life gets too tough, trust in God.

  • Rick Burch

    I live a Joyful life by waking up every morning with a prayer to thank God for all of my blessings and for each and every hardship that life brings me. I have learned that I am much stronger than I ever dreamed posssible and I have been able to change the lives of many people that want what I have and that is the unconditional love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I am blessed to be a Servant leader of leaders that have no problem being part of a business that talks about our Christian beliefs and I have added two Pastors to our staff so as a Christian based business we walk the walk and talk the talk every day. I have met amazing people in my journey including Pastor Paul Stringer and Bishop Joe Garlington and many others that have helped me understand how to lead a joyful life and the lessons are my gift to all that come in contact with me as CEO. Walk in the sunshine and stand under the spout where the blessings pour out!

  • Bert Saraco

    I live a joyful life simply be realizing the truth that God has given me everything that I really need. It doesn’t always feel that way (or look that way), but when it all boils down to the most essential issues of Life — God’s made a way.

  • Kevin Purtell

    I find Joy in little things every day.
    I find joy in challenging myself every day so I can stretch myself and grow. I find joy into stepping into my next more radient self.
    I find joy in helping others step into their next more radient selves.

  • Zeny A.

    Like everybody else, I have my share of mountains to climb. All along the way to the summit of each mountain, our Lord is always on my side if not carrying my cross. I live a joyful life by being thankful for the life that is given to me each day, for my family, and most especially for the knowledge that our Lord loves me no matter what. The footprints in the sand always reminds me that we are not alone and we need to live a joyful life and love one another.

  • lois mcmahan

    I have been battling cancer and several reconstruction surgery , having no immune system Im having a few issues with staph infections. I just found out today my breast cancer is in remission. Thanks to joel sundays tv service. He picked up my spirits and i never lost faith and i know god was walking every step of the way with me. Joel gave me courage to get up every morning and live the day to the fullest. Thank God for joel. God bless lois

  • Joseph Aurelio Mendoza

    Hi, my name is Joseph Aurelio Mendoza. I am an undiscovered published author. I wrote Heaven On Earth A Guide to the Kingdom. I am filled with an unlimited source of joy. I sing all day long and put a smile on everyone I work with face. I lift everyone spirit in a passing moment. I enjoy being silly and I am filled with child like behavior. I truly see everyone of every different faith as a divine child of the most highest and this allows me to have so much appreciation and love for everyone and it fills my heart with joy!

  • Mary Constante

    I have been faced with he biggest challenge of my life. My 51 year old son who is bipolar has gone manic and is now in jail. He is not
    the son I once knew. I have had to put a protection order for a year.
    Hopeully, He will be healed in mind,body and Spirit. I believe in
    miracles because every night I have a conversation with my Lord Jesus
    Chist to heal him, give me the strength, wisdom and direction to go
    forward, each day. This experience has made me more Spiitual because
    I have had to rely on Him and to let my EGO (Edging God Out) take a
    leser role and let Jesus carry him . I pray that he will find Jesus
    as a personal Savior in a real and healing way. Christ cast out demons and we put labels on things when really what we have done is
    filled our life with the dark side of Life instead of allowing the
    Fruits of the Spirit rule. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, THIS I FIRMLY

  • Ruth E Neal

    My Friends and relatives say that I am old, and poor. I am almost 78 years old, but that is not very old. I have no money, but I am not poor. My Father supplies all of my needs. I own my mobile home
    and a small dog thinks she owns me. I have found that the big things in life are not important. It is the little things that mean the most. A new flower just opening. I blooming dogwood tree. A small dog trying to catch a squirrel just out of reach. A kind word given or received. A hug from a member of my church family or other
    friends. The Word of the Lord in “the Owners” manual. The messages at church on Sunday. The sound of the birds in the trees. The sound of the wind as it blows through the trees, making them seem to be dancing.

  • sadia debora

    i always watch you and i think that your the best out there

  • Your Name

    Everyday I am thankful for my wonderful life. I try to reflect on all the goodness that God has given me . The people that I meet and surround myself with, nature and all its beauty. There so many things to be happy about. To be able to help others even if its just a friendly smile.

  • David Vaughan

    I am a 49 year old man, married to a beautiful wife. We have twin 5-year-old sons. We have a gorgeous home and property. Everything seems to be going very well for us. Yet, there are times when my wife and I get worried about how we will raise our children. We attend church on Sundays, and we pray at meals, etc. We read spiritual books and religious books. I am a recovering alcoholic for 19 years, and I have received a lot of support in AA meetings. But still, there is something missing. I request, and God requests, that you allow my family and I to receive your audiobook so that we can have a life of excellence. We would be grateful for it, and we are willing to send the book and disc onto some other family in need. We thank you for your response, and hope to hear from you soon.

  • James utley

    Dear Joe,I just want you to know your services are the reason Ive been able to look at life alot differrently now Ive been in and out of prisons all my life do to my use of alcohol and drugs its a shame Ive wasted so much of my life feeling a victom of society Ive buried my first 3 children my only brother 2 marriages have pretty much become a loner through life with the exception of my mother and sister but now I look at what I can do to make other peoples life better and even though my life hasnt changed alot Ifind he always gives me enough not to be selfish or greedy but thankful for the chances to bring a smile or some sort of happiness to others Ive been clean and sober over a year now and I do find life alot more rewarding please pray for me for guidence as I will for you and your beautyful family.

  • Elaine Holder


  • Teresa Neal

    My joyful life begins every morning when I praise and thank God for everything. Then I get up and wash myself in the blood of Christ. I then feed my spirit man with the living word of God. I then put on the full armour of God. I then am ready to go out into the world knowing that the “Joy of the Lord is my Strength. Praise God !!

  • Elaine Holder


  • Shirley w

    I find joy by going outside and surveying the beauty God has created for us. The flowers, trees, birds ans critters are all so amazing. I also find great joy in seeing my son, a true gift from God, just having grown from a baby to the wonderful young man he has become. Daily I also read God’s word, that always seems to be just what I need as well. Go outside and breathe in the air, the breathe of God.

  • Lisa

    I am 37 year old female for whom the past year has been a difficult one. I was laid off from my job, am struggling with with various health issues and sometimes feel very alone.
    However,something that has kept me going is my “gratitude journal”. The journal is a notebook in which each day no matter how difficult things have been, I write at least one thing I am thankful for even if it is something as small as having enjoyed looking at some lovely flowers my neighbor planted in his yard.
    I also gain a great deal of inspiration and hope from watching Joel Osteen’s television program.

  • Dede Day

    I feel that we are here to touch art least one persons life with the Love of God to prehaps bring them closer to becoming a christian. I work in the health field and I have many oppurtuities to touch peoples lives with Love. Many people in my field just do there job to get a pay check but I have always felt that you also inrich your life by giving love it makes your heart swell… to me that is how God loves us and even though I am around death and pain I still live a joyful life in my heart just knowing that I have helped ease someones pain even just by a little bit.

  • Debra Goforth

    Dear Joe,
    I am 56 years old and have been married for almost 37 years with two beautiful children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I have worked for 36 years and just last year got to retire and spend more time with my grandchildren! They are truly a blessing and being with our children and grandchildren make life worth living. We are members of a small Baptist Church in our community and I am also blessed to have my Brother and his family going there also! My husband and I love to watch your ministry and if we are feeling down and out you pick us up!!God Bless you and your Family!!

  • carlos

    woke up in the morning n pray to god everyday read the bible everyday n go tew church.An i also gain a a great lessons from watchin joel ostenn.

  • Tommy Wakefield

    I live an enjoying life because christ is the head of my life and each day is a gift. I know that Jesus died for my sins and bled for me so I have no other choice but to let my light so shine so others might see it and come running and say what must I do to be saved!!

  • Joel Deaner-Rogers

    I find joy by playing with our 4 year old Son Franklin. We adopted him in July 2007, at the age of 17 months from China. He was very sick when we first brought him home, and our Doctors tell us that he would not be alive if we had not adopted him. I am happy to say that he is a healthy and happy 4 year old little boy, and he has been a blessing from God to my wife Christine and I.
    Both of us have been pastors for almost 30 years, but our greatest joy has come not from the blessings we have received as pastors. Rather our greatest joy has come from our son Franklin and the faith we see him developing each days of his precious life. He is truly a gift from God in our lives!

  • maureen hovestadt

    I have always did whatever people wanted me to do. I was not always happy. Five years ago I had problems with an ex-wife and then I had breast cancer surgery and that is when I decided after much praying and deciding that God is the only One I can depend on. I read a lot about joy and living the Way God wants us all to live. I realize I cannot control the way this ex wife thought of me nor can I control what my coworkers or drivers on the road think of me. I am encouraging my friends as well.
    I enjoy my grandchildren and all my neighbors. I don’t worry about why my neighbor doesn’t talk to me at that moment. I am happy to say my life is coming around and I do know that I will experience stress and worries but i am not going to get caught up in all the craziness.

  • Idella P. Hill

    How Do I Live a Joyful Life?
    Being blessed to wake up is a joy. As I give thought to the layout of my day, framing my moves to what I will do next, I count it as joyful. Knowing sometimes what I will face at work and sometimes before I leave home, I quietly say thank you Lord for another day. I try to channel my thought toward positive things that will get me through the day. I have been blessed with good health and a spirit to help others. I feel that my life is joyful because I have a willing heart and a loving spirit to ease others pain or confusion because I have joy and my joy comes from having a relationship with God. To know you can cast you cares upon God is calming in the mist of life’s storms. Believing that God loves and cares about me in spite of your flaws and short comings gives me hope to keep going. The joy of knowing God is to rest in his peace. I live a joyful life by lying down my sword to face life’s struggles depending on Gods guidance. There is power in the name of God, being able to lean and depend on him; I count it all as a blessing.

  • Bonnie

    Suffered a near fatal accident (my horse kicked me in the face) and had brain damage to boot. Got up and got back to work (and back on a horse) through recovery. I thank God every day that I awake and believe in the following:
    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is a mystery
    Today is a gift, that’s why we call it
    We all need to value every single minute of every day. Joel has reassured me over and over in that belief!

  • Gerald Randall

    After living a sinful life for 50 years, I finally contacted my sisters pastor and surendered my sinful heart and sole to christ.
    It took a long coaching from pastor Steve Swenson to turn my life around, but thank god he never gave up on me.

  • Mary Wingard

    I would like to share a amazing story to my life. GOD pick me up after
    losing my home, car,savings. God bless me within 2 months with back payment from disabilities payments. He wake me up everyday with the kiss of life. He gave me a promise of never leaving me in times of
    problems.My God restore my faith with his power of loving me with a path to truth and his rightness. I can never count the stars in the sky that shine brightly leading to my creation of the greatest story that was ever told.

  • Jain Elstad

    I live a joyful life by smiling and laughing and helping other people laugh everyday.I get up each day and ask God to help me be of service to others.When I am making others laugh and seeing them have joy-I am in-turn very joyful.

  • Rogena Spencer

    How do I live a joyful life? I live my life a day at a time as if it were my last day on earth. With that in mind I know that the joy of the Lord is my strength and by knowing that, I smile and be happy and content with whatever comes my way. When I think of where my savior Jesus Christ has brought me from, I get nothing but joy in my heart and spirit with praise and honor to Him. I am a sinner, saved by God’s grace and thankful for that. I treat all people with respect, I love all mankind with the love of the Lord, I talk to God everyday in some form or fashion. By doing this on a daily basis I have no other option but to live a joyful filled life, one day at a time. P.S. I am a person in recovery and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has brought tons and tons of blessings into my life. If you do not know Him, get to know Him, and you will experience that same joy, abundantly!

  • carol bibeau

    I was following your family for years and really liked them all. But i’ve not been as close to the Lord as I used to. Please send me your audio book. 133 spring st., auburn, me 04210

  • modell lewis

    i thank God every day as i think were i could of been on this day and it was not my time.about four years ago i was driving home on the interstate and werte i live cars are flying big trucks. as i was about to exit to my home a car hit me in the back , my car was going to the brick wall thats all i could see i said Lord im not dying up here and i hit my brakes and my car flew back across the highway about a few inches from going over a clif. i just dont know how i did not get hit while flying back across the highway. my car just stop and i just sit there some one stop and call 911 for me but who ever hit me did not they kept going didt know i was hurt are not but just a bruis knee bump head but im bless my angels was with me and my God i thank him everyday its hard talking about it brings tears to my eyes now just telling you how awsome our God is modell/nor. va

  • Maxine Whitcher

    I enyoy playing with my 6 year old great grandson. He is a joy. I teach him that AGod blessed me when he gave me him for a grandsom. I love listening to your program. Sometimes it is hard to geyt. NO SIgNAL

  • Dennis C Schaffer

    Too Whom this may concern.
    I only have a few words to say,they are as follows.
    You know what god does for you an your love ones. He does these things in his time not in ours. PLESE REMENBER THESE WORDS.
    1902 WIGHT AVE

  • Melissa Kearney

    I look at photos; I tell stories and share the joys of the day; I watch my husband breathe when he is sleeping and bask in the glow of my 2 year old as he serenades me with a new song he made up as he strums a “guitar” (comprising of any object that remotely looks like a guitar); I watch my older two children laugh and giggle as they watch their 2 year old brother; I call a friend; I watch my students “get” an idea I had been teaching; I feel the belly of a pregnant friend; feel the cool breeze on a hot day; laze into the arms of my hubby; find my lost keys (or thought or socks or shirt…); put on an outfit that I feel confident in; small things; daily appreciation; an unexpected compliment or affirmation; remembering how blessed I am; meditate; I just do…whatever I can to bring me closer to others.

  • richard hall

    god saved me 30 some years , i have a family and some
    are not saved. they enjoy listen to you very much .
    please send to me so i can pass them on .
    thanks and may god bless you and your family .

  • Yolanda Ciezobka

    After losing my husband two years ago then having to stop working because of back surgery I was beginning to feel like Job. I moved back home with my parents, who are both disabled, and God opened my eyes as to how selfish I was being feeling sorry for myself. Now everyday I thank Jesus for his peace and the opportunity that he has given me to share his love by helping my parents with everyday things. I am so blessed to still have both of my parents and I daily claim for all of us a blessed Ephesians 3:20 decade.
    Thank you Joel for your inspirational messages! God Bless You and the Church.


    I Start my day out every morning my thanking the good lord for this brand new day and know he will guide and driect my steps, i pray every morning for my audlt children that they find there where to happines i like have, because of joel i was able to change my way of thinking and my life, how do i live a joyful life by helping anyone that needs my help wether it be a homeless person that needs some change or a new co worker at work always try to give them the confedence that they can do anything the set there minds to, i love helping people cuz joel helped me and i have god on my side that will get me through anything and send me what ever i need to stay in good spirts and stay postive thank you for this chance to win this tape to help me pass on all the good thing to others that need me to help them

  • Sandy L Murray

    I live a joyful life by always trying to be happy and grateful. When I first wake up at morning time, the first thing I do is say thank you. I am thankful for just waking up. As I prepare for my workday, I continue to give thanks for everything in my life such as my, family, job, home, etc. Giving thanks sets my day in a positive motion and automatically puts me in a happy state of mind. Things just always seem to go good for me when I start my day with gratitude. I also try to end my day with a positive and happy thought too. Before I go to sleep at night, I always try to make my last thought a happy one. I truly feel that if I can wake happy and go to sleep happy, I am setting myself up to live a good and happy life.

  • SuzanneWA

    A life filled with Jesus has got to be a “joyful” one! As I enter my “twilight years,” I am blessed that He has walked my path with me, saving me from bouts of ill health and leading me to the abundant life I am living right now. Though I’ve lost two husbands who died, and been hospitalized more times than I can count, my Savior has seen to it that I am able to live fully and joyfully NOW. I had to move recently, but it was made easier by my being able to bring my two “angels” – my cats, Tinker and Purrcy – and that they finally are able to feel grass under their feet after being “house cats” for 5 years! I thank God every day for saving my life and bringing me to this time when I can truly PRAISE Him for the JOY I experience with HIM daily. I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth, because HE is in my heart.

  • Sally Mentzer

    I find joy in my life and live it that way due to my family, children, grandchildren, husband, my dad and others in my family. We have had our share of misery, loss, emotional and physical loses as well. The joy I feel comes from loving my God and He me. I know I have a place with Him someday. My 12 grandchildren are my blessings. Such love they give and give is a fantastic joy to me. My one granddaughter, who has ceribal palsy and can not speak, walk or respond to certain things, gives so much love and joy to us all.
    She is my joy. I look at her and think “how can anything be worse than what she lives with daily. Her struggle just to get up in the mornings, her beautiful smile and happiness she gives to us is fantastic and shows us continually the love God gives us all.” May husband is another source of my joy in that God gave him back to us. We nearly lost him 6 years ago due to blood poisoning, gang green foot (which he nearly lost), and a heart attack on top of all this. It the joy of knowing God was with us all the way throught our ordeal. He is now alive and loving life to the fullest, knowing full well that God put the right doctors in our path, the right diagnois so the doctors could treat him right, and the medicine and a new machine that healed his foot so he did not lose it. So you see I live the joyous life of mine knowing full well that God is always near and ready to help if needed. Thank you for letting me express my reasons for my joyous life. I love to listen to your sermans. They bring me such joy and get me through the week. They are so upbeat and thought provoking at times. You always leave us with an upbeat message. Thank you, Joel.

  • Cathy Lee

    I ask God each morning to find favor in me and my daughter, and to guide our intentions to be vehicles to his Glory, not “crash dummies” for Satan. I thank Him each day for giving me the gifts of motherhood, poverty, humility, and all my “struggles”. God moved me a year and a half ago to donate my perfectly good car to enable a less fortunate, but equally greatful, family to not have to rely on public transportation for the first time in their lives (We have none where I live). I have never looked back, but only look forward in the path He leads me. I remember every day that I’m walking to the job I’m fortunate enough to have, in the wonderful town I’m happy to live in, smelling the beautiful bounty of clean air and flowers He has created, that I am blessed to be in His grace and to be a faithful follower.

  • Sherry Tabor

    I thank God for His dear son JESUS…The joy, peace, love, and strenght I find/found in Him each day of my life. In 2004 I went through a very hurtful divorce of 32 years. My husband at that time no longer want to love me or God. So he left me to hurt me and wanted my life to become a living hell. But instead, God kept me strong and now after seven years, I have grown to know my father God in a very real way! Nothing could ever stop me now. I love Him and each day of my life, He have been there for and with me. So I would like to give to other hurting women these words….There is life after a divorce!!! Please live.

  • Alicia Works

    I live a joyful life by living each day as if it were my last. I thank God for where he has brought me, for loving me and for finding favor in me. My prayer each day is that I be a blessing to all those that I come in contact with. I appreciate being a child of God and like a child being excited about her Father, I share the joy He has given me every chance I have. Tomorrow is not promised so living each day as if it were my last allows me to live as God would have me and to love Him even more.
    Continue to Be Blessed, I appreciate all you do and for bringing God’s word to us so plainly.

  • Melinda Duncan

    The last year or so I have had alot happen. I have been so thankful that God has helped me through it all. My grandmother passed away in June of last year, and because she couldn’t attend church we would was Joel Osteen every sunday. She loved the sermons and I learned alot. So when my step mother passed in January I knew that a big change was coming my way. I gave up my job to move back home and help my dad raise my nephews. I have two boys of my own and I have enjoyed waking up every morning knowing that God woke me for a reason! I enjoy life to the fullest in Gods word. When you have the Lord walking beside you nothing is impossible. He may not answer you when you want but he is always on time. Thank You, Joel for delivering the word to us in a beautiful way!

  • Janet Kennedy

    Ienjoyed reading the comments of the other people. My life would be nothing if I did not believe in jesus Ccrist. I thank him everyday for my family my life my health and all that he has given to me and what i know Iwill still get. Our country is failling but i trust god to get us out of this mess, and bring people back to Christ. That is what keeps me from going bananas, I pray for all , our country family friends .I have good health a great life and wonderful family and great old and new friends and owe all to my beliefs in the lord. I really like joe Osteen when I find him on Tv ilike to watch him and my husband likes him and my daughter Bobbin and her husband Jeff. God bless every one. Jan

  • Jo Dean Waggoner

    I live a happy and joyful life by keeping my eyes on the Lord.Threw all that life has stored for me only He is whom fills me up. Every day, every minute, all that I do it is he that walks with me and beside me in life. My eyes are lifted up to the heavens. Jo Dean

  • Marla

    It’s a joyful life knowing that there are people out there that I can help and influence for the better. It’s being able to not only forgive others but being able to forgive myself for the mistakes that I’ve made. I believe God forgives me for my mistakes and it makes me happy to know that He is with me constantly helping me is mysterious ways day by day, minute by minute. Life is a joy knowing that I can trust Him with no doubt and He will never do me wrong. That is very comforting and He brings peace into my life when I need it the most! That my friend, is something that is very joyous to me!

  • Mark Prigge

    I am a great listener to your broadcasts and they have helped me very much thank you and God for inspiration and listening to his voice Your feind in christ Mark

  • brian gaucher

    I wake up in the morning, and I know the Lord has heard my prayer.
    I try to keep the Lords words, in my heart, and in my thoughts.
    Each day is a new beginging, I try hard not to judge what God has
    given me.

  • Janice Berns

    I had always looked at the negatives in my life and never took time to look at the favor God had given me for by his Grace I was saved from both spiritual and physical death not once but four times. God at one point in my life sent a powerful messenger to me. A time in my life when I thought about taking my own life. I was hospitalized and ready to be sent to a psychiatric facility. The doctor they had assigned me introduced himself but didn’t talk to me for three days but I saw him constantly watching me. Finally he called me in for a session. I wouldn’t talk to him so he ended the session, as I was walking out the door he said just one word to me. I can’t even remember what it was. After he had said the word this inner voice said “He Knows” God has sent him here for you. A flood of tears and emotions hit me buried since childhood. Upon my release a few days later, the doctor told me that if I hadn’t opened up to him they were going to commit me. He told me he had been assigned as my LAST Chance. A week later I walked out those doors and have never looked back. I live in joy each day knowing that it is good to be alive and to have experienced God’s favor and to give back to others through counseling. Each day I wake up and began giving praise to God and speaking in gratitude for what I have been blessed with every day Life, Family, Friends and Provision. For now instead of the negatives and lack I see Mercy, Favor, Grace and Abundance.

  • Brenda Smith

    Dear Mr.Osteen, Thank you for this opportunity. How Do I Live A joyful life? First Just by the blessing of being able to wake up to another day. Truly I have been given many Blessings that have given me a joyful life but greatest of blessings is the three beautiful children that i have been given, I thank god for them as they have given me much of the joy i have in my life. And my recent blessing came in the form of an opportunity to change my life by being given the chance to go to college, where I now attend Le Cordon Bleu college of culinary Arts in Las Vegas NV. where in mar of 2011 I will graduate with an associates degree. Then If god gives me yet another blessing will help me open a community center in the small town i live in az. If possible will you please pray for me to gain the insight as to if this is where he wants me to do my work , and some insight on how to get my funding if it is ,as i know the need is there . Hope you dont mind me utilizing this opportunity to get a prayer request to. I am also a big fan of yours and you have touched my life with many of your sermons,hopefully when i graduate and can afford to I would like very much to see and be in your concregation . but until then, since i have moved to vegas i can’t find your sunday show on these networks so if you can find that out for me I will tune in every sunday. thank you so much for being a blessing to so many people. Sincerely and God Bless Brenda Smith

  • elainabennett

    God is a beautiful God yes he is he has been a truly blessing to me and my friends and family he watches over me each and every day by night by evening and by midnight hour and i know he’ll continue his blessings i thank the lord jesus all the time hes a good god a merciful god a wonderful god a blessful god God will always be in my life and all my family and friends what a joy and i always keep the faith in the lord in jesus name amen””'”!

  • Norma Babb

    First you have to seek the things of God, put God first and the things He has for you will follow.Everyday were given the choice to decide to have a joyful life or not.Love is the greatest gift of all, but how we apply it decides its outcome for the day.
    Love you show to another can bring joy to them and your reward is giving that.
    It reminds me when jesus said “If someone takes your coat…give them the other one too”. Ajoyful life can apply to different ways such as,sharing a smile to make someone happy, opening a door for a stranger, reading a book to children….But the most joy i get is when i look up at that cross and see a love that meant enough to our lord to share with us!Thats the greatest joy anyone could have…Im so glad He shared it with me.

  • Gladys L Hobson

    The enemy has tried to get me down by attacking my finances. But when I watch Joel, he gives me a feeling of hope. His messages are always encouraging. I have purchased several of his CD’s and went to “Spend a night with Joel and Victoria” when they came to the FedEx Forum in Memphis. I ask God to make a way for me to support Joel and Victoria’s ministry along with some other ministries that has blessed me with encouraging sermans. I’m asking and believing God to bless me with the Publishing Clearinghouse sweepstakes winning so that I can help finaince God’s Kingdom. I am also believing God to make away for me to be blessed with more of Joels Osteen’s upligting sermans and his books. It would be such a blessing for me to win Joel Osteen’s audiobook “Living in Favor…” and/or any of Joel’s books in audio versions. I have been diagnoised with ADHD. I don’t fully comprehend when I read. Thats why I pray for finances so I can order Joels sermans so I can study my Bible as I listen to the sermons.
    I have to be honest, I can’t put everything on the enemy. I need to do better about reading and studing my Bible. I am in my 50’s and suffer with pain from degenarative disc and joint disease. GOD is healing my body. I have gone back to school and I am raising my teenage grandson. I got the BIBLE on cd and I listen to the cd often. But, I still need to make it a point to study my Bible more. That’s another reason for me wanting to buy Joel Osteen’s sermans on DVD, CD or to have his books in audio version.
    I believe what Joel talks about when he says, The devine favor of God is at work, working everything out for my good becuase I love Christ Jesus. And nothing is a mistake. Normally I don’t check this email account often. Tonight I believe I was lead by the spirit to go into this email account. “Win Joel Osteen new book on audio” jumped out at me. I normally don’t take the time to enter to win anything. But recently, the spirit has lead me to enter the Publishing Clearinghouse Sweepstakes (which God is going to bless me to be a winner; and the spirit has lead me to enter to win Joel Osteen’s audiobook. I beleive God orchestrated this entry and HE is orchestrating my Publishing Clearinghouse Sweepstakes winnings!
    I’m a winner!
    Hallelujiah! I give GOD the glory!

  • Gladys L Hobson

    I live a joyous life by living for Jesus every minute of the day, every day of the week and 52 weeks of a year and ever year from now until Jesus come. I’m a winner, since I welcomed Jesus Christ into my life and since I’m filled with the love of GOD.

  • Sheila Strickler

    Dear Joel Osteen well let’s see where should I start.When I Was 19 yrs old,I gave my heart to Jesus and 4yrs later walked away,listening to your sermons every sunday has really uplifted my life,I’am going to be 60 this summer.Since listening to you weekly broadcasts for almost 8 months, I have rededicated my life to Jesus. I know there is something out there for me to do for him.Please pray for me that he shows me and leads me to his will.I’ve missed 41 yrs of bible study and christian fellowship.I would love to wake up and listen to your audio of living in favor and abundance. Please pray for me that I stay steadfast in his love. Sincerely, Sheila Strickler

  • Linda Crowder

    How do I live a joyful life in this world that almost seems like it has truly forgotten about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Well, I put him first in my life. I pray, read the word and stay encouraged in the hope and love that he shares with me daily. I say uplifting words in my conversation, I do things that help others. I am a devoted wife, loving mother and grateful grandmother who goes about her day, just praising God for favor to have the opportunity to be all of these things. I live life like it is a blessing, by appreciating my days and what they entail. I realize that being a true Christian that obstacles will come, but it is how you stay in the word of God and handle them, is what really matters. The other day, I was meditating with the Lord, and not of our sorrow, but out of truth. I was talking with the Lord and said, Lord, if I was to die today, I would be blessed. Because, my hope is to reign with him, and secondly, my life is richly full with my family and children. I have problems, numerous ones, my outstretched family is not as close as they should be. But, I have learned to be appreciative of life. When I start my day, I focus more on the bright side, that I am not in a war driven country, that I have food to eat, that I do live inside of a house. It is the small things that we take for granted and let the enemy keep a scale over our eyes, so that we can’t even appreciate a simple phone call from someone. I am grateful that God loves me, in this vast universe, he really loves me. How do I know, because everyday, he gives me peace. Peace, where I can laugh, smile and even have a pleasant conversation filled with joy. Because my life is not wrapped up in the misery or downward things of life. And that is how I live a joyful life. I realize that I am blessed and that my heavenly father loves me, my husband and children loves me, and a few others. I find joy in knowing that I don’t have to have everything that I desire, but what I have, I am blessed to have. I have joy because of the Holy Spirit that rests, rules and abides in my life. I have joy because I am alive today, given one more day to share with you and others about God’s goodness in my life. I have joy in my life, because I have hope that one day, I will see my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and walk and talk with him, and thank him for loving me!

  • Joseph Nwabueze

    By studing the Word of God daily, and rejoicing as I am covered in the shekina Glory of the Lord, giving me better understanding of the word of God, hence causing me to share this glory in the way I live my life in all that I do, say, hear, and share, to His glory, and love for mankind.

  • Ronald Weaver

    I enjoy watching you on TV,

  • Lenora Stanley

    God has trully shown Favor, Abundance and Joy to my and I. This May 16, 2010 we will have been married 36 years. God gave us 2 beautiful children and 7 grandchildren. My husband and I with the help of the Lord conqured drugs when we were young adults. We prayed the Lord would help us, and he answered our prayers. My husband was diagnosted wit a fatal medical condition 2 years ago, I prayed to God to take care of the situation, again he answered my prayers. Today we continue to be a God fearing and loving family. These are only 2 examples of My God answering my sincere prayers. I try to introduce this God of mine to anyone that need the Love,Peace and Comfort of a loving God.The blessings in our lives have trully been,and I continue to pray that his loving mercy continues in Favor,Abundance and Joy. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Fannie Kyles

    Each day I pray for God to help me practice the Fruit of the Spirit. I know that love joy and peace is part of that Fruit. Just by doing this it help me to be joyful through out the day.

  • Janet Hall

    I live each day as if today is the only one that counts always mindful of each consequence for each choice I make. With the goal of becoming what God created me to be, not what society, trauma, and the world has tried to make me believe. In this I seek HIS truth through HIS word on a continual basis implementing HIS way in my life as best I can and trusting HIM to take care of what I can’t. HIM of course being my LORD, SAVIOR, COUNSELOR, KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR, HERO, BESTEST FRIEND, ONE TRUE LOVE, AND MY ALL IN ALL, JESUS!!!!!

  • Jenn S.

    I live a joyful life by living in the moment and in him.

  • Antoine Moliere

    The happiness that I have in my everyday life is the fact that Jesus
    has discovered the way to resurrection which is not as simple as a
    physicist discovered the atome

  • Janis Denman

    I have enjoyed so much watching your shows whenever they are on my whole family watches every chance we get, and please to let you know you inspire so many, thank you and God Bless janis

  • Allorrah Be

    Every day I live in Faith, Abundance and Joy because there are so many Teachers appearing in my life now! I have only to turn on my computer and they are there, teaching me many of the hidden mysteries of Quantum Physics, Universal Laws, Secrets I had not learned about from other sources. I believe God is resurrecting US as he resurrected Jesus the Christ so long ago, and my faith brings me great Joy every day. I have all that I need in this abundant Universe, and more is coming to me every day. After all, God already created every possible thing and it is all within each of us! Jesus was right: It is not I that doeth the work – it is the Father within! Praise God!!
    In Love and Light,
    I AM Allorrah Be
    I AM That I AM

  • Beverly Hogan

    I live life daily by asking God what is His will for life today and ask Him to Order My Steps and to know that my purpose is to serve Him by serving His people.

  • Stacey

    I live joyfully by being aware and thankful of his love and care by the blessings that surround me and those that I love.

  • joyceechong

    Everyday is a day that God has made…and I will rejoice in it.
    When I am sad , I remember the happiness I experienced with God and that will bring a smile to my otherwise sad feeling.
    When I wanted to cry, I will remember God hands that wiped away my tears, and that will bring smile to my eyes.
    When I wanted to run away from all things , I will remember the beautiful creations of God that will relax me and help me stay put at my place to admire them ( the creations ).
    These are the joys in life that have brought me thus far … and I have wanted to give up many a time but never surrender to them b’cos God always gives joy abundantly until it overflow. That’s how I feel about being joyful in the Lord.

  • michael spence

    I Look at him on sunday morning very good i like him

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, and pray.

  • Charity

    I pray/say affirmations every morning as well as recording gratitudes in my gratitude journal. I record and interpret my dreams which assist me in living my life. I choose to give and project love and blessings whenever I remember. Blessing just because it is a gift I can give. I consciously think of what to think about so that I know I am projecting good to return to me. I often feel paniced and anxious due to change and make a special effort to ‘Be still and know that I AM’.

  • Davida Randolph

    I live a joyful life by helping others and sharing god’s love with everyone around me. When you are full of the Holy Spirit, you are full of His joy and it should be shared with the world!

  • Janice Hill

    I love to read and listen to Joel Osteen, book and cd’s . So please enter me in to win. He is a great inspiration to me and my family and friends. I pray that God will continue to help him and keep him in his care as always.I thank God for the mind that he give me to pray for everyone, and not just myself.

  • Janice Hill

    I live a joyful life by praying and reading my bible every morning, I love to help others,and just listening to the word channel every morning. I live a joyful life by enjoying my husband and going places with each other, always smiling makes me happy, cause Jesus is the one that allow me to live a happy and bless life inspite of my ups and downs, the good and the bad, I learn to just sing songs. I love to encourage other people and show love to all. I thank God cause it is because of him I’m still here. Pastor Joel is a very bless man and I love his serveice that he have. I pray that God will continue to bless him and his congregation with many Blessing.

  • Emma Jolley

    I conduct daily devotionals the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night before I go to sleep. During the day, I encourage, uplift, give of myself to the needs of others, and I display love to everyone I meet or see. I spend a lot of time with the future (the children) trying my very best to help them in any way that I can. I strive each and everyday to be better than the day before. I experience abundant joy, happiness, and peace of mind each and everyday because I strive to live in the will of God each and everyday.



  • Christina

    I found out 4 months ago that I had cancer. At first I didn’t let it register in my mind. I kept it to myself. I had surgery to get as much of the Cancer out. This is when people started to realize that there was something wrong with me. I met a friend that I’ll cherish forever. She introduced me to Joel Osteen. I was given audio-books to listen to.
    Joel…………….It took me 3 minutes to figure out what I needed to do to rid my body of this darkness. I LET GO AND LET GAVE TO GOD. I found an indescribable inner peace. I changed my attitude about the cancer thinking, “It doesn’t have me” I’m in control and I have it. I started going back to church two times a week. One on Sunday and the other on Tuesday mornings intended for the ill. I went through 90 treatments of cancer! God healed my body and put me in control. I get out of bed every morning and say “LORD HELP ME TO REMEMBER THAT NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME TODAY THAT YOU AND I CAN’T HANDLE” So now with God and with Joel I am a cancer survivor.

  • Bruce Brickel

    my wife and i have been faithful church attenders for the 62 years we have been married. we have been blessed with more good sermons than i care to count

  • Audrey Grant

    I live a joyful life by obeying God’s two greatest commandments. The first is to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. The second is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Living by these two commandments has enable to me to be a better Christian. If I can keep my love for God first and foremost in my life and in my thoughts, I know through Him I am able to do all things. My confidence is strengthened and my mind is focused. Loving my neighbor helps me develop all sorts of Godly characteristic, such as compassion, humility, and generosity. Treating my fellow man right isn’t such a task, but a way of life. If I base my life on these two principles, all the rest seem to fall in place. In loving God with all my heart, soul, and mind, when situations arise throughout my day, I react in ways that I know are pleasing to Him. I find myself wondering what would Jesus do. When I have the love of God dwelling within me, I have peace and peace certainly makes my life joyful.

  • Susan

    How do I live a joyful life? Hmmm…I know this is cheesy but all I can say is I make a conscientious effort to constantly think of someone else in need, for example if I hear someone coughing I get up a offer a glass of water. If someone looks lost or confused I offer my assistance. I just try to do three things nice for someone everyday to say I earned my wings today just in case it is my last day here on earth.

  • Marie A. Gade-Aranda

    I live a joyful life by keeping God’s word in me by going to ABUNDANT LIVING FAITH CENTER in El Paso, TX with Pastor Charles Nieman! Great man of God! Been going for over 26 years and I LEARN by Pastor Nieman’s great teaching! Also his wife, Rochelle; WOW! With these two planting the word in me at every service NOTHING, can keep me from have the God-kind of life that only He can give me and everyone that attends ALFC! I was “empty” until I received His word and I actually “do” His word; thank you Pastor Charles and Rochelle for what life can be through His word! Marie

  • Magnolia Bartz

    I just know that God is with me every step of the way and that he is going to make everything ok. I pray every day to be surrounded by the white lite of the holy spirit and that he is protecting me, leading me, and guiding me like a father should.

  • Tracy Smith

    I receive joy by giving unconditionally to others.

  • ALma A. Garcia

    i live a joyful life by being a servant as unto GOD. That everyone I come in contact with everyday see GOD through me and that I continue to live my mantra: Happy moments, PRAISE GOD. Difficult moments, SEEK GOD, Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD, Painful Moments, TRUST GOD & Every moment THANK GOD!
    There is no other way to live except with GOD!!!!!



  • beverlyprather


  • Lynn


  • andrea

    I live a joyful life, by starting and ending each day honoring the Father. By having a thankful heart, releasing grudges, bitterness, failures.Each day my heart is softened even more, when I stay in the moment with God, I am becoming even more of a good reciever, of what God has for me, my eyes have not seen What He has for me,HE will do exceedingly Abundantly above what I can think or even imagine, pondering upon these promises is a gurantee to be able to live a joyful life.

  • Dolores Strum

    I lost my youngest daughter and both of her childre in a house fire in 05. She was 28, the children were 6 and 2. I have to say I have been angry at God over the years. However I have never given up that he had a reason for this tragedy. I still love God and try to live as he would have me live. He put me here for some reason and I have accept His terms. God bless all.

  • Carol West

    I wake up each morning thanking God for this another day. I pray for peace and faith. If I have put my burden on the Lord there is nothing more for me to do with it. All you need is love. God promised to never leave us nor foresake us. God’s promises are true for He cannot lie. If He said it will be then you can bank on it.

  • Consuela Roberson

    Having 100% full trust in God is living a joyful life (no worries), because things happen on a daily basis that will try and steal your joy, but when you totally depend on God and trust in him, No one or nothing can steal something God is guarding!!.

  • Dona B.

    Easch and everyday is a great joy for me. They say the God is always with us and I know this is true. @ of my children died in a housefire in 1989. It was a dark period in my life. In all that time, God was holding my hand through it all. Now I am married to a wonderful man, have a great extended family. God has blessed me with this life and all of this joy that I have and see from the time I get up to the time I go to bed.

  • dianna mcnamara

    I love joel osteens I WATCH HIM EVERY SUNDAY ON TV I TAPE IF I CANT watch that sunday I understand more about the lord when I watch him on sunday I got to go to his church in texes and I got to meet him in person I love hereing him preching every sunday.I have some of his books and his bible

  • Marilyn Flynn

    I live a joyful life by realizing God loves me, and that He gives me each new day as a gift — to Praise Him, to read His Word, and see the beautiful world He’s made, and to help others. I live a joyful life knowing that I can leave all my problems with Him, and that He cares enough about me to take care of them for me. I live a joyful life because He lives.

  • Penny farria

    I live a joyful life by putting God first in everything that I do reading Gods word mediating day and night, praying and just having that peace that the lord has given us and being filled with his joy. When you have that life is filled with joy.


    I live a joyful life by giving him the highest praise!

  • Karen M

    Approximately 8 years ago I moved an apartment building after I had been in a car accident that nearly took my life. It wasn’t my time yet though. I am in a wheeelchair for the rest of my life on Earth, however I have learned a much better appreciation for what He has allowed me. I had noticed a bible study was held once a week, but I was not interested. One morning about 2-3 ago I was in our community room working on a puzzle with another tenant. She noticed that the preacher was entering the building, announced such to me, & invited me to the study. I couldn’t come up with a good excuse quick enough why not so I attended with the thought ‘just 1 time won’t hurt.’ I haven’t quit, and hence I am a MUCH happier Christian woman.

  • David Johnson

    There has been many obstacles in my life and God has showed up just at the right time, from the foreclosure of our home, family sickness, no income or food(family of 4 with 2 weeks of food due to a higher income the year before), and the Deployment.
    When I came home from the deployment I decided to take up an online course through Crossroads College to become a Christian Counselor. During one of my classes I had to take a test to find out my weaknesses and strengths. That test, opened my eyes and made me realize why I am the kind of person I am today.
    My strength was compassion. With all the hate and cruelty in this world we need to show more love and compassion.
    I work on being more Christlike on a daily basis and it starts with compassion and with compassion anyone can live a joyous life.
    Once you fall into the things this world has to offer, sooner or later the Joy will leave but God will not and I believe that only through Jesus,Gods only son, You can have a joyous life.

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, and give God the praise. He is my provider, my comforter, and my shelter through the storm. Through him I know all things are possible.

  • KAREN R.

    I live a happy life by doing and thinking of others first ! Knowing that with the love of Jesus Christ all is possible !

  • estee dancil

    i live a happy life when i make others life happy by the help i can afford and when the lord grants everything i ask him in his own way in his own time.

  • Vincent Fricker

    I serve and honor “Jesus” in all that a say and do.

  • Gloria Gutierrez

    You live a joyful life by loving everyone and forgiving those who’ve trespassed against you. You cannot enjoy God’s full favor unless you walk in love and forgiveness.

  • celeste arruda

    Hello, you live a joyful life by first loving God,upmost n then yourself. I also say to always forgive in your heart n be totally honest in all you do n say. Give share n worship. do unto others as y would do unto yourself. Praise God! always. love one another as God has loved us.walk the walk n talk the talk of sincere being.
    God Bless
    Celeste :-)

  • cassandra martinez

    although i try to live the way a christian is suppose to live i am finding it very difficult and have had many trials and tribulations my life hasnt been what i want and i would like to change that

  • Kathy Scott

    I live a joyful life by putting my kids first. Work/Money is no where near as important as my boys.

  • Linda

    My joyful life is my waking up grabbing my bible studying about one hour and singing a song to God, and when I’m done saying, “Thank you Father, let’s go and see whom you’ll have me make contact with today!” And proceed to give love and happiness to those I come in contact with.

  • Laura

    By acknowledging and reconizing that God is always in control .Waking up every morning with praise for my Lord and a heart felt thankfulness of what he has done for me. By reading his word it gives me confidence to go through my day and be his child and to be a blessing to someone in some way each day. I in turn know that I will recieve my blessings. By putting God first and trying hard to live by his command that we should love our neighbor a ourselves keeps me focused and very happy. The peace I receive is like no other. The road is always a little rocky but I have an excellent guide in the Lord my God.

  • Tonia

    You live a joyful life, by putting God first in your life-you need to love him and serve him and let him bless you-you also live a joyful life by making time for your family-God wants families to be together forever and knows that one of life’s truest joys is found in family life.

  • Darcey Harris

    Living a joyful life starts with a daily affirmation that God is in control and nothing happens in your life when you put your trust in Him that He can’t handle—allowing God to lead you in giving and forgiving—this Mother’s day I sent small tokens to my children thanking them for being their mother—as they are my gift…and I so grateful that I have a attitude of gratitude! As Dr Maya would say ‘wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now’.



  • Nova

    Living a joyful life is having the assurance that God loves me more than anything else. No worrying everyday because I know that my God knows what I need and that all I have to do is ask and believe in all HIS promises because he is true to his words. Not fearing death, or death of a love one because I know, I’ll be meeting my Lord and Savior, and that’s what really matters most.

  • Debra Zipp

    I live a joy filled life by celebrating life. Each and everyday, I am thankful for the life that God has given me. He has brought me through so many difficulties that each morning when I rise I thank Him for that ability. And when I get up I start with a smile, share the possibilities of joy with others at my work, that they can obtain through Jesus, and when I lay my head on my pillow at night I know that the day has not ended with out The Lord being Praised for the gift of life that he has given me. All this is said because I am in recovery from major depressive disorder and at one time wanted to take my life. Now I share the joys of life with others.

  • Anna M Flournoy

    Good morning to all, God is the joy and the strength of my life.I have learned that all things are possible when we have faith in God.I read a scripture from Paul’s writing that said”I have learned to be content in whatever state that I’m in” and it truly works. No one understands how I find joy even in the midddle of sorrow.But I know that God’s word never comes back to us void. I pray a lot about everything that goes on in my life. There is another scripture that says ” All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord” so I take the bitter with the sweet and keep holding on to God words. This joy that i have can only come from God through Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, and honor God.

  • Marie Edwig Isidore

    I Live a joyful life by staying connected to My God every living day. Iam thankful for being alive and I bear in mind that every day is a gift from the Almighty God.

  • Cynthia Washington

    Giving thanks to God daily is one of the things that I do. Reading or listening to God’s word everyday or night or both is something else I must do. Also, going to the Senior Citizen Home talking and listening to the seniors there. Volunteering my time with the seniors brings a joy to me. Sharing God’s words to those in need as needed.
    Continue To Be A Blessing,

  • Christina Davis

    Just four words:
    Be Thankful For Everything !



  • elinor wheaton

    a abundance&joyful life is to wake up every morning &thank GOD for a nother try to help people&try to get them to turn to GOD&get saved. elinor wheaton

  • Gloria

    In Christ Jesus

  • John Frogge

    I love watching you on TV.. God has truly annointed your life!!

  • Connie Smith

    By laughing,loving and living the best you can each and everyday.
    Dont hold a grudge forgive,and be grateful and go on, life is just to short to be pig headed.

  • Tracy

    I find joy in doing unexpected things for others.

  • Marc

    Unfortunately I don’t lead a joyful life which is why I’m hoping to win this.

  • jody smith

    making Jesus Christ a priority first and foremost!

  • rebecca hackett

    I don’t let the small stuff bother me. I just move forward.

  • Louis Wilson

    I finish a copy of it yor time.Big accomplishment for me;since I very seldom finish books.i know I will enjoy his audiobooks.

  • Carlena Warren

    to joel osteen i am a big fan of yours and watch u on sat nites i fullfill my time having the lord in my life and going fishing with my husband u and your wife bring enjoyment to our life when we watch u on tv some of your sermons really get me some of them really put chills dwn my spine please keep up the good work and hope to hear from u very soon

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude,and give God the praise.

  • Angela J

    Don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Rachel Robertson

    I never worry about what I don’t have and instead am grateful everyday for the things I do have.

  • Shellie

    When I get discouraged or feel angey I turn to God and ask him for patience and guidance. A small prayer of thanks throughout the day always makes me feel better and happy.

  • Terrie Walker

    I love to watch, read and hear Joel Osteen every chance I get.
    I listen to Christian radio KSBJ, etc. channels
    and feel so calmer and at peace whenever christian music
    is played.
    Texas Terrie

  • Tracy

    I live a joyful life by encouraging others.

  • Eileen Sadler

    striving to do God’s will will bring joy to your life.

  • Sharon Seneker

    I lead a joyful like by sharing with others and volunteering to help those in need! Thanks!

  • Gloria Spence

    I live a joyful life by enjoying Jesus. I am so happy that Jesus died for our sins and that He rose on Easter allowing us to have an opportunity for eternal life. I have realized that God is almighty. No matter what the problem, He can solve it. God is everything you need. He is joy in sorrow; the perfect hope for tomorrow; the light where there is darkness; the prince of peace; the everlasting Father. He is a mighty God! With this, I have assurance that God is my everything. I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him and for new mercies that I receive each and every day. I am happy in Jesus Christ.

  • Chrysa

    I appreciate every day and try to make it count!

  • MaryAnne

    I remember one thing from Joel that helps me…a smile is a sacrifice…I have learned to smile more and that makes my outlook not seem so bleak sometimes…making my life more joyful.

  • juanita

    To Blest To Be Stressed.
    My Joy is that i’am given another day to share my love and my belief that I have for My Lord My God Jesus to my family and friends or just any one who wants to know why Im so calm,understanding,I just say I have come along way for all this.The only way I receive these blessings are threw My Lord My God.

  • Sand

    I live a joyful life by blocking out negativity from my life.

  • Heather C

    I make note of all the things that make me smile throughout the day, and try to think of those when other things tend to get in the way of them. It’s amazing how many things can make me smile these days.

  • Kerri R

    By having faith and treating others with respect

  • donna mullins

    every morning when i wake up, i thank God for another day on this Earth to enjoy the beautiful flowers,sunshine,rainy days,to show others how much joy and happiness and love He has given my heart to share with others. i thank God for ALL i have, which is my 3 boys, my church family and for helping me rid of my addiction.i truly have a wonderful joyous happy loving and peaceful life through the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ :) it’s as simple as that!!!

  • Nancy J. Freid

    I am so moved with Joel’s sermons!!! When I feel fear, I remember that all is well in the present, I am enough, I have enough, and that God has never let me down. If I do my footwork, he gives me results beyond my wildest dreams! Guilt and remorse live in the past, fear lives in the future, and God is in the now!
    I go out with a giving, loving heart, and reap the rewards of the satisfaction I feel for being kind and loving to all that I meet in my daily life.

  • Carla Pullum

    I put all my trust and faith In Jesus and he gives me a Joyful Life!

  • Nicole L.

    I don’t sweat the small stuff, keep a positive attitude, and pray.

  • Gianna

    God & Family to start..

  • susan smoaks

    i live a joyful life by giving thanks in all times, good and bad

  • Tracy

    I find joy staying in divine order.

  • melissa

    i live a joyful life by enjoying my family and friends.

  • DanV

    I do by appreciating my family and spending time with them

  • Sharon Seneker

    I find joy in serving others. I am a recent SALLT graduate. That qualifies me to be a lay minister in the Lutheran Church. I give my 1st sermon this Sunday, May 16th. Wish me luck! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  • Buddy Garrett

    I live a joyful life by being grateful for all of my blessings.

  • Kayce

    I spend time with people who bring me joy.

  • Sand

    I live a joyful life by serving others.

  • kathy pease

    i live a joyful life because of my kids and my hubby without them my world would be a very lonely place.They have gotten me through many tragic events in my life and they are my foundation :)

  • Dorothy Burke

    I want to ive a more joyful life, and Joel Osteens inspiring words to help me on my journey to become closer to God Which of coure is the way to joyful life.


    I’m a 62 year christan female, disabled. and when able I help people in my church and community who are in need of my help, by preparing meals,running errons, picking up prescriptions, or just sitting with them,keeping them company. the shut-in are so lonely and need to know we are there and have a prayer for them & still care.Also God Gives so much to me than I give to them.sometimes I can forget
    my own troubles while I tend to them. I have been in pain so much in my life that I know how they feel & I just want to let them know that
    someone is there for them. My Church Shelby Bible of Shelby Twp. MI.
    keeps me inform of anyone that I can sit with or help out in any way.I pay extra to get the insprintal chanels on tv so that I may get
    God’s word any time of day or night when I need it. thank you,
    Your Friend in Christ, Joan Locklear

  • Rose of San Diego

    I live joyously by bringing joy into the lives of others and serving, serving, serving.

  • Angela Winesburg

    I surround myself with joyous individuals, thanks!

  • rebecca

    By loving and being loved


    Knowing I am Christ’s and that I face nothing apart from Him.

  • Karen Gonyea

    By loving :)

  • Mandee

    I live a joyful life by having faith in God.

  • Kayla Pease

    I live a joyful life by remembering those in which i have lost and knowing that after i leave this earth I will be reunited with them. Its what keeps me going!

  • Mary Hall

    I live a joyful life by stopping and taking a deep breath and reminding myself of what’s really important–God, the love of family and cherished moments.

  • Ed Nemmers

    I smile.

  • manza arthur

    By doing the best that i can with what God has bestowed on me

  • Pamela

    I live my life with purpose.I worship God the Father through Jesus Christ, I sing praises unto him, I praise him by adoring his presence and all that he is, as I know of him. I’m full of Joy remembering daily that I have a Lord and Savior that created me for a reason so my life has meaning. I’m joyful knowing that I have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.. This is at the very least my daily walk, which brings me joy..

  • jean dalton

    i am bless to wake up in the morning and thank God for my childrens health my health. and the blessing all around me God is good everyday.



  • Christina Nagy

    I enjoy every moment that God blesses me with the love of my life and the miracle son that I prayed God would bestow upon us.

  • marianela vega

    I heard all the negative and positive things about the church and Joel in the media but I find that every one that does not understand is of afraid. I for one am positive when I hear God and positive that Joel speaks truly from his heart

  • Your NameHelen

    I agree to the privacy policy. And I really enjoy hearing GOD’s word, on the T.V. or radio. I pray for GOD’s guidness everyday. And I enjoy reading about Jesus.

  • John A Ajiboye

    I live a joyful life in Christ trough is love, mercy, favor and his strenght. for the Joy of the Lord is my strenght. I listeen to JoelOsteen program every sunday morning before I go to my Church, His word of hope, courage and hope keep me going, Amen.

  • Janice Barger

    I know Jesus is beside me everyday and I lean on him for love,support and wisdom and I PRAISE the Holy Trinity for all I have, all I’ve done,all I hear, and I’ll I will accomplish in the Lords name.

  • Cindy

    I thank God everyday for all that he has given me in my life and trust that he will always provide for me.

  • Crystal

    I thank God for Everything and everyone daily. I pray constantly and my actions towards others show that I am committed and blessed by his mercy and grace. Going through tuff times a present with grad school, finances for my home and living, death coming in daily from family and friends, illnesses. I pray alone, family and congregation. Praise be to God our father for supplying all our needs. He stands with me and all of us daily. Amen

  • Lira

    I believe that the Lord has already fullfilled me with infinite joy by allowing me to be part of His plan. As the bible says: “He knew you before you were born” My heart and my soul rejoice to know God, the creator of the heavens, the flowers, the trees, the stars, the sun, the moon, thought about me and made me just the way He delighted in. I love my God, who is my Heavenly father, my companion, my peace, my guide, my all. I live my life the way He teaches me how because I know I give Him joy and delight knowing that ” He called me by my name and I have heard” There is nothing else that can give me this immense joy.



  • eva flores

    I would love to recive what you have for me God bless you

  • tamie

    i thank god for everything hes done in my life and thank him for my wonderful husband and twins and the baby thats on the way he saved me from being in a car accadent serveal times thank the lord for that

  • martha m zurita

    I enjoyed the life when I think , and help to other peopole only for help not hope that they me nothing to me. I served like if I serve to
    Jesus or God,with plaseure of served.

  • Joyce Davis


  • Dianne

    I’m a living testimony. Have been thru a lot and gone thru a lot and is still here to tell the story because of the grace of GOD.

  • Rhoshena Lattin

    I live a joyful life by believing and trusting everyday that God will work things out as he sees fit. He knows what is best and I have to trust that in any daily occurence that it will work out for my good. Giving thanks brings joy to my life as well because I know he provides all my needs each day and I am truly blessed!

  • Kimberly Garnett

    First I would just like to say, how much I enjoy hearing your messages during your services. Your messages really do hit home, right in my heart and soul. Your welcomeing smile, the sensational feeling I get inside when you are speaking Gods words. You are truly gifted and bless and it is a blessing to me to be able to see and hear you. I do believe in God my heavenly Father , and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, whome I’ve accepted as my Personal Saviour. My life has changed so much in the last 3 in a half yrs. I feel for the better , even though I’ve been experienceing a lot of issues and challenges in my life during this time. I’ve been jobless, finances rocky, it has been very hard. I’ve been afraid and scared of the unknown. I’ve been worried and stressed out. But I keep praying and I call on the Fathers name, and I continue to trust and believe that God has me and my best interest in his loveing hands. He’s brought me a mighty long way, I know he is able to work anything out. I THANK GOD FOR LOVEING ME LIKE HE DOES… God is Great, I Thank God for every thing he has done, does and will do for me, he is merciful and his grace keeps me moving on. AMEN.

  • Betty Cummings

    I live A Joyful life by most Important by Walking by Faith.I put all My Trust into God and what His Word Promises me as A Daughter of the King.I choose not to dwell on the things I cannot Change But to hold onto God’s unchanging Hand.I realize that I could not make it through my days or my nights without God’s Leadership and Guidance.I ask Him to direct my Footsteps.I ask Him to let me have the mind of Christ and only think those things that are positive and that Edifies and Glorifies Him.I ask Him to only let me say the things He would have me to say.I ask Him for A Servants Heart.I choose not to look at the circumstances in my life.But to look at the Promises that He speaks of in [Matthew 5:3-11]I also choose to put on my Spiritual clothing the Fruits of the Spirit in [Galatians5:22-23]I also realize I want less of me and more of Him.I ask God to let me be A woman after God’s own Heart.To be the kind of Servant the kind of Wife Mother Grandmother Friend that He can be proud of to call the Kings Daughter.I Give God all the Praise all the Glory and all the Honor of who I have become today.I realize we as Christians need less attitude and more Grattitude.I realize that even though Storms come my way that I am Standing on the Rock and I will not be Shaken.I have Refugee from the Storms.I choose to live my life as if today is my last day as The Word states.I choose to live my life as being Who God called me to be.Not to live it to be a people pleaser but a God pleaser.I choose to live my life thanking God every morning I wake up for keeping mr through the night.And for Starting my Mornings with asking God what can I do for you today.Always thanking God for Having Favor on me.My pastor told me that i am to keep my Mind made up my feet planted deep and my Heart set on the King.And everything else will line up.I choose to live my life giving by a portion of what Jesus died on Calvary to give me.A new Birth.The Greatest Gift my Salvation.Prayer is the key to my every situation I face.I choose to live by Faith not by Sight.I choose to live my life Jesus died for me I will live for Him.Unto thee,O LORD,do I lift up My Soul.I love this in [Psalm25:1-22]I pray Blessings on your Ministry Pastor Joel.My Daughter is 15 her name is Ashley she Loves to watch you and she said she can relate to your teachings.Please remember my Husband Fred he is lost and in need of being Saved.I hold onto the Promises My whole house shall be Save.God Bless you and Mrs Osteen my friend and My Brother and Sister in Christ.


    im a recovering addict but by the grace of GOD i know he has all power in his hand. i can always use GODS inspirational guide. I’m still holding on. GOD didn’t bring me this far to leave meGOD say the best in me when every one else saw the the worst in me and i thank GOD for saving a sinner like me.

  • willie ezebb

    I would like very much to receive the audio book.

  • Patricia Brock

    I begin my day by telling Jesus Good morning then I say a prayer. I ask God to give me words to speak, And I ask for wisdom and compassion. I ask God to moisturize my heart. Then I go about my day hoping to be a blessing to many and make an effort to be encouraging to everyone who I come in contact with. Living a joyful life for me is bringing joy to others. Having Jesus in my life makes its soooooooo easy to be joyful he is my joy!! God Bless!

  • Denise Brown

    Joel: I have your book Your Best Life Now, and it is such an inspiration I can hardly put it down, I would love to share it but I’m selfish with this book, I am telling people to go buy the book and how it will inspire them also. I will share certain parts of the book with a male friend of mine, only because he is like myself, trying to get our lives together. I’m looking forward to purchasing all the books you ever wrote, I will not stop until I get them all, meanwhile I hope you keep writing, I’ll keep purchasing and inspiring others on this end to purchase also. You are my blessing and inspiration, and I thank you for all you have done for me, between your books and television programs on Sunday, my life will be complete!

  • Your Name: Lillian Salway

    How do you live a joyful life: First of all the joy of the LORD is my strength now! I am a born again christian that accepted Jesus Christ later in life, when I was 34 years old. it has been 31 years of life with Jesus Christ! I did not have this pure joy prior to my born-again experience. I find delight in the little things now in life e.g. smelling the roses and seeing the little children and their antics or the creatures God made; I see the animals and nature makes a difference to me now. They have become more alive to me now than ever before. I see the water, the flowers and the green of the grass appears so alive now and I do appreciate the beauty of God’s creation more than ever. The Word says “the things here are only a mirror of the things that are in heaven!” At one time it was taught to me when I was a child growing up, but I couldn’t see it then until the LORD lit up my life and blessed me with the Holy Spirit. He enables me to communicate with Him in a closer way. Yes, the joy is alive now and life truly is more abundant with joy unspeakable and full of glory that I didn’t have before. I love the LORD with all my heart and am joyful as long as I continue to be in God’s blessing. God’s blessings keeps going and going….

  • Geraldine

    i live in South Africa and i always have an appointment with Joel on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and from his preaching i have come to trust more in God. as a sinner i now know that i was forgiven a long time ago. i have achieved a lot though i need more but trust is my moto now. i have come a long way and the road has and is still rough but i trust that the door is opening bit by bit and eventually will be wide open. I live by trusting, Him that He is in control of all the areas of my family and i. the mountain is crumbling what a thought!!!I always say thank you for the small, big and unknown blessings powered to us all. Praise Him.
    i know iam late for the competition but i am glad to learn from others.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jan Adams

    I start my day praying and thanking the Lord for loving me and giving me this day to serve him. I ask for his blessings and his guidance in my words and actions that day. Some days I’m tired, some days I Cry and some days I smile and some I just listen. By letting God know that I want to please him, I let go of my control and let him handle the stresses in my life. And last I try to show love to my family and friends.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment alberta hight

    My joyful life comes from asking the Father, Son and Holy Ghost to lead and care for me daily. He does.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Troyonia

    How do I live a joyful life? First, I thank the Lord for my many blessings and the blessings he has given to others daily. Then, I try to keep his commandments in whatever I do daily and ask him for his guidance and forgiveness if I should stray. I try to think of what I can do for others and give do respect to everyone that I meet. I try to incorporate as much as possible Biblical words of guidance that I listen to regularly(on TBN every morning to get a good start) from such dynamite speakers as Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn and Joel Olsen who teaches us all what the scripture says as the Word of the Lord.
    Bringing joy and sharing love with others is the meaning of life. Thinking of others first is truly my joy.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment beatri ce

    Would love to have that!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Cynthia Lloret

    I live a joyful life, by excepting all that GOD bestows upon me everyday. By listening to the birds of the sky and listening to the sounds in the wind and praying to GOD for all living things and all that he has bestowed upon us all if we would only listen with our hearts.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Barbara

    How do I live a joyful life?
    I put my trust in the Lord. When you have the love and power of the Holy Spirit in you and walking beside you, nothing but nothing can hide from that Light. The Lord who made the Heavens and the Earth loves us all enough to forgive us when we ask for it. With that kind of love, how can you not be joyful?!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lena

    I live a joyful life by trying to do or say something each day to inspire and help someone else. My mother always said that we were not put here on this Earth just to be consumed with ourselves, but to lift, and make someone else’s life feel a little bit brighter. As I grew older, I have come to realize and understand the good feeling you get on the inside when you help someone else. It makes me feel so good to see that smile in the eyes as well as on their faces. God is Good all the time!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment larille watkins

    To live a joyful life doesn’t come easy at times so I have to keep my mind constantly on the things of God by watching christian programs on tv, playing gospel music in my car and by reading, standing on the word of God. Praying when I don’t feel like praying, fasting and saying no to my wants. It’s difficult sometimes but when I take that step to do these things I experience the fulfillment of living a joyful life.

  • http://GodcreatedMEtobejoyful!!!! Kelly Luebbert

    Giving makes me joyful. Food, clothes, books, a bible, money, hugs, smiles, listening ears, or my time. Being a true maidservant for God gives me daily joy. I work three jobs to take care of my family and I never miss any opportunity the Lord gives me to spread my joy with others hoping it may be contagious. God gives me great opportunities to witness everyday. He keeps me and my joyful ministry in an exciting whirlwind and everyone who knows me, knows that’s what brings me true JOY!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Susan

    I live a joyful life by:
    Prayer, Hope, Faith and Love.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Annette

    I live a joyful life by putting the past behind me, being thankful for my blessings and keeping my family and friends in prayer.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dana

    I live my live being joyful by having faith in God and enjoying my family and friends accepting those things I can’t and those that I can.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Cassandra

    I read my Bible daily and pray and also spend time with my family.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Cheryl Cox

    Sometimes it is hard to see through my tears. But even when I can’t see, God has promised to be there loving me, strengthening me, and giving me what I need to face each day.
    God wants me to enjoy my faith journey. God wants me to enjoy the day that He has given me. In order for me to do that I need to sow the seed of faith, and sow the word of God in my life every day.
    God loves me and I am precious to Him.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Henry Smith

    With an attitude of gratitude I place myself in position to receive new insight on how to best use this wisdom and direction; with prudence and reverence; good luck to me.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Susan Sandro

    I’m living a joyful life by believing that it brought joy to Jesus to endure all He did, despite the shame and suffering – for me. He promises a joyful life, it may not feel all bubbly, or make me jump up and down, but it’s there in my heart. I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kathleen Colburn

    I try to live a joyful life by grounding myself in God’s love and Jesus’ love for me. I know I don’t say how grateful I am to God for every second of every day that he blesses me, yet I know he loves me and continues to bless me because I am his child. That is the most awesome thing to know that you are never alone, that you are always loved, blessed and protected no matter what, no matter where. I am humbled to know that God is there now and forever, for me, for always.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Debra Troxell

    I LOVE Joel…

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