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What Jermaine Jackson REALLY Said About Michael at His Press Conference

Earlier today Jermaine Jackson gave a press conference addressing the few known details surrounding his brother Michael’s death. At the end of his emotional speech he says, “May Allah be with you Michael, always.”
Interestingly enough, many media outlets, including The New York Times and ABC News Australia are misquoting this expression of faith.
The New York Times claims the quote was, “We all loved being with you Michael, always” whereas ABC News Australia says it was, “‘May our love be with you always, brother.”
Michael Jackson reportedly converted to Islam in late 2008 after he took the shahada, or oath of Islamic faith, in Los Angeles at a friend’s home. He had been raised a Jehovah’s Witness–which he spoke about in depth in an essay he wrote for Beliefnet in 2000. Jermaine became a Muslim in 1989.
Check out the video of the press conference. What do you hear him say?

  • nazz

    May ALLAH be with you always, Michael.



  • Alana

    I think it’s unmistakable that Jermaine said “May Allah be with you Michael, always.” I don’t know how these major publications heard otherwise.

  • sonia

    i am so happy to know mike died a muslim.may allah grant him peace and happiness in the eternal heaven.alhamdulillah.allahu akbar

  • concerned

    There’s only one way…His name is JESUS


    the truth is in islam every humanbeing is born as a muslim what mike did he revorted to islam not converted may allah forgive his sins and may allah the lord of the heavens and earth the lord of man kind be with him always ameen


    they all came with same message theres only one god and do good upon your self and upon other humanbeings love not hate is the key to heaven

  • Sha

    That was surely ‘Allah’ being mentioned. I can’t believe the international media. They just report what they think is being said not what was actually said.

  • Your Name

    Jermaine Jackson, thanks for the prayer you offered your brother in Islam – Michael Jackson and I call on all Muslims all over the world to pray for our brother Michael Jackson. May Allah forgive him his sins and reward him Jannatul Firdaus, Amin.

  • Anonymous

    This is the typical media: biased and one-sided.

  • Kristina in Louisiana

    People will remember Michael Jackson as the cute young singer all the way through his skill of dance and voice.
    May Allah be with you….is the name of God in Arabic, and not to ever be misled to any other word the media is trying to change.
    Mother Nature gets all the credit when the media uses this term with natural forces of the earth. God is always mistreated when the ignorant try to skate around the fact that God is God….and not Mother Nature.

  • Faridah

    May Allah Bless his soul. Ameen

  • Denise

    I was viewing a news commentary on Michael Jackson and he mentioned his belief in Jesus,not allah.I do believe that Michael is in heaven with Jesus,God and the angels.He will come back with Jesus when 1Thessalonians4 occurs.It’s not the last time we’ll see Michael or any loved one who believes in God and JesusChrist.Praise God,he’s good to us even in our grief.Remember Michael will be back!

  • yunusa k abubakar

    may ALLAH(swt) grant jannatul firdaus to our late brother in islam Michae , ameeen

  • yunusa k abubakar

    may ALLAH(swt) grant jannatul firdaus to our late brother in islam Michae , ameeen

  • http://Salaam khayyriyyah

    May Allah peace be upon the family


    I heard him plainly say ‘MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU”. I did not know that Michael converted to Islam and this caught my attention because I took shahada about 5 years ago. It’s not something you just hear because you want to hear it. It was very, very plain.

  • Your Name

    I heard it too. Don’t know which brother converted to Al-Islam.
    Peace, Wardah

  • Sairamehnazahmed

    I couldnt stop crying after knowing of his demise.
    But one thing I am very happy about is that, he converted to ISLAM..
    So finally he is at peace.. I look at it as since he spent all his life through pain and abuse, Allah (swt) guided him in the right path just before his death.

  • Syed Arbab Ahmed

    There was no one like him who was as popular as he was all over the world where people don’t even understand English, so many careers he started as so many people copied his style of dancing and make a career out of it & how many trends he started are simply countless, we all will miss him for ever.It was a tragic end of a story which started with a bang of wonderful wonders, I don’t know how many super stars will continue to self destruct themselves.

  • Your Name

    John Paul Gabriel Jr. raggly interpreted sonname changed to Keita, resulated from Micheal Jackson, and Twin Brother Jammie Jackson, as incarnated to James Gabriel Jr. Born in the virginland. In St. James. His Pleading for the ajointment of twin brother john case. But His Twin brother John is requesting to procoeed the case now. On verdict John request that, On the pending case, the acusations of Rap, murderer, is all false. Because me couldn’t remembered any act of such in his past or present, Because he has no imagnation or such. So he laid is “case”.

  • Mike cH

    If we ‘think about’ the world ‘from which’ Michael J. came, the world he was born into and that world to which he would return we’ll find THREE things absolutely, ‘in common’ to all three of these–
    his Spirit
    his Soul
    his Heart
    Of these Three, when he died, he died through tragedy of Heart, Soul
    and Spirit…
    One thing he ‘tried to do’ during his whole life was bring Joy to America, then the World. He found ‘many other things’ along the way.
    Once he realized that his physical Body and Mind had let go, he too would leave us, but still with the simple messages of community and joy.
    If there are memories and mourning ‘to be had’, please go and do these and spend the time speaking to Michael’s Spirit, Soul and Heart, they are still living things. But remember, Michael wanted us to celebrate and be ‘in Joy’ with our Body and our Mind.
    a-da-nv-to (heart of ‘all that is’)

  • Xavier_Ninnis

    Hardly surprising that MJ would’ve adopted another faith considering how much of his childhood misery was due to his father’s membership in the JW cult.
    Sad that he was unable to rid himself of the immature need for the foolish and illusory solace of religion itself; but tragically, the poor man was so damaged that he could never escape the all too frequent human need for such self-deception.
    So terrible for us to have lost this hugely talented man so soon, but such a mercy for him to be, at last, at peace.

  • Your Name

    Michael Jackson was a very gentle man amongst a world full of egotistical maniacs. His selflessness and his love for mankind will never be questioned. However in spite of all of his expressions of love, there are still those who chose to try to destroy one of the finest human being,, and the media and expressions of his Greatness will continue to be expressed by the world. As popular as Barack Obama, our president is, his popularity frails when it it compared to The King Of Pop, The King Of Dance and The King of Charity, which is another word for love. God Is Love, and Michael Jackson was a small expression of that love. Woe unto those (Fox News and others) who paded their pockets at this beautiful young artist detriment. Vengence is that of the Most High. R.I.P. You are the King of Song, as well as the King of Dance, and mostly the King of Love. Miss you brother, Poetryson

  • Your Name

    I can’t believe it; it’s hard to accept Michael will no longer be physically with us.
    Michael is not dead. Michael will forever be alive in our heart and soul through his talent, music, and good deeds. He was and will always be a part of our lives.
    He entertained us, lightened our hearts, and marked special moments in many of our lives.
    He peacefully united all races and nationalities with his talent and music.
    Enigmatic, exceptionally talented, complex, creative, eccentric, extravagant, down to earth, humble, gentle, sensitive, and vulnerable, there will never be anyone like him; he was unique.
    Everyone loved him as was his main wish.
    My thoughts, prayers, and all my love are with his mother, children, and family in this difficult time, I understand what you are going through. How lucky you were to be chosen and entrusted by God to take care, raise, guide, and be part of the life such a special person. May God bless you and give you the strength and resignation you will need in the days to come.
    Rest in peace Michael, you are now finally free, and free of all that tormented you on earth.

  • Mahmood Hassan

    Is the media skeptical about things like this after the trip and speeches of Obama to the Middle East? It’s a sign of restlessness for nothing. May Allah bless and forgive us all.

  • susan

    He clearly said, “Allah”. So, now what? Does that mean people should love Michael less? more? How sad that it comes to this. We are all Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Hashem, God’s children… whatever Name we call on. Blessings to all. May Allah be with you always!

  • Your Name

    May we say whatever we want to say, we are no less than dead people if it is not today, it is going to be tomorrow.
    We applause Michael for his telents and his very beautiful songs, his way of performance, and his warmhearted voice. But, He is ash to ash. Everything he has done, has gone with him. Nothing will help him in his grave, nothing but good deed toward what he was to beleive in is truthfully to His God.
    I am saying that, but I don;t mean Michael(Might God bless his soul, and have mercy upon him)per se, but I mean every one of us, who is alive today, who writes his/her condolence for Michael. I am in a place to remind everybody that we should take his death and everybody else death as a reminder that our existence on this world alive is going to have an end?
    So, we should be prepared for what is after death?
    I, for one, beleive there is a perminent life after this death, and I beleive, too, that we will be questioned about the good or bad thing we done on our this world’s life.
    So, Michael, I beleive, he is now in a place of question and answer by God’s angels. So, we pray God, to reaffirm him in to get the good deed. Amen.

  • Mike Hanson

    I say Allah is the same as God or any other name indicates the same meaning?

  • Your Name

    i wrote a similar comment and this thing would’nt take the truth so thats why there are wars because man is too geedy and ignorant that there is only one God is the same as Allah they are of the only one and is one regardless of mans opinion of which is the name that does not matter worship the one and live in love peace friendship loyalty honesty truth trust and faith, amen!…….cck

  • Isha

    As-Sal?mu `Alaykum Michael ?????? ?????

  • Your Name

    Young,old,still born anytime will die,it’s just a matter of time.No
    one wanted to die prematurely,but we don’t own our own breath,there is God who is the author of our lives.Death is not a choice,it’s a
    fact and natural.Jesus’ death and resurrection vanished the sting of death,it is said in the Bible.He had lived,died and resurrected and
    ascended to heaven and is preparing a place for all of us who loves
    God.By faith,hope and love for this truth in the Bible,death indeed
    shall have no more sting to all of the living who receives him.Though
    Michael’s death is premature,it doesn’t mean he is gone.His legacy
    remains in our hearts through his music.Everyone have his own share
    of suffering,joys and goodworks and Michael like anyone lived his
    life accordingly.May he rest in peace.

  • Sandra Shabazz

    What does it matter what Jermaine said to Michael? That’s between Allah,Michael, and Jermaine. Allah does not intend for us to know everything. But!!! Just for the record,I heard Allah.My Lord,My God,,My creator. There is not God but Allah.

  • Sadiyah Noor

    From Allah we come and to Allah is our eventual return. May Allah forgave Micheal for whatever sins he committed knowly and unknowly and bless his soul and may be attain Jannat.

  • AUS

    Time to get the fact checking right mass media. Especially in Australia.

  • Gloved one

    May Allah be with you, plain, clear, and simple…. Generation X was defined by you…we will miss you

  • Your Name

    Micheal Jackson, accepted the call to Islam, and should be respected for his bravery.Yes, he was brave enough to weather the storms that passed over him, and Allah knows best, Allah is all merciful and oft forgiving, and May his soul rest in peace, Ameen!!To all who knew and loved him, he was an icon and a phenomena of this time.He was unique, and we shall remember him and so will generations to come.

  • Emory W

    He clearly said “May Allah be with you always Michael” Rest In Peace Michael a true icon of our times. May you have the recognition and blessings that you so richly deserve in heaven.

  • Asgar Khan

    From Allah we come and to Allah is our eventual return. May Allah forgave Micheal for whatever sins he committed knowly and unknowly and bless his soul and may be attain Jannat.AMeen.

  • Lukmahn

    Truly ALL life comes from ALLAH, and unto HIM shall we all return. Its more than evident that MJ will be remembered and honoured more as the pop idol that he was than the real, human and Muslim behind that image.
    In his belief net article, he did mention that popularity robbed him of a much craved for ‘normal boy’s life’ and indeed, it did rob him of so much freedom and more throughout his life. But if he did willfully take the ‘shahada’ and embrace Islam, no one has the right to rob him of that too, especially now that he is dead.
    Islam categorically reminds us all that there is no compulsion therein. At the very least the world should respect his personal convictions. May ALLAH grant him clemency for all his transgressions and admit his soul into Jannah.
    Innah Lillah wa Inna Ilaihi Raj’un

  • Tahir S. Abdallah

    Let them say all what they need to say let them give their own interpretation they are always against islam and giving it wrong direction but they know the true and deep in their heart they believe Islam is the only religion of mankind.
    May Allah bless jermiene and also may the soul of micheal rest in peace and be in Aljana fidaus.
    Allah is GREAT let them say all they need to say Allah has all ready assure muslim islam is for him and he will protect it.

  • Your Name

    I liked Michael for his work, and for whatever he was. Despite several controversies, of which Allah only knows the true background, Michael was a personality, a magician, an enchanter, a performer, an entertainer, and a loving person.
    I strongly hope that the news of his conversion to Islam is true. If so, I pray for his forgiveness. May ALLAH bless him with peace. Ameen.

  • Laila Muhammad

    Surely Allah is the greatest! May Allah be pleased with our brother Michael, esp. his acceptance of Islam! I pray my beloved brother peace, for he has accepted [Islam] and has returned to the one God…Allah!

  • Krismann

    The words are very clear: May Allah be with you always, Micheal. The reporters need hearing aid.

  • jenchen

    Michael Jackson was replaces long ago by a look-a-like-as are many of the wealthy-people who are powerful and who are worshipped-that is why his children are white. These look-a-likes-include the Saudi royal family-and many reclusive such as Amma in India-the Mossad controls them and their wealth-they are jews-that fake Michael Jackson is a jew replacement-from the Mossad.-test the DNA it won’t match his family-unless the testers also work for the Mossad. They replaced Goebbles and Hitler-see the Photos-they replaced Sister Luci of Fatima. The Mossad are just the Russian Bolshevic Satanists of Today-they ultimately want Nuclear WWIII-only nuclear bombs can destroy your souls forever,

  • billy snappers

    Yeah, Islam is the only religion of mankind, uh huh, yup, I’m sure everyone in the world agrees with that…not:)) Each to his own, bilbo. All religion is delusional bs, so there you have it.
    R.I.P. Mr. Jackson.

  • Jawed Kalam

    Why is it a ignomony that a person’s belief will be an issue specially if he has passed away for the hereafter.
    If Michael Jackson converted to Islam so be it. Lets forget the controversy and pray for the repose of the departed Soul.
    Why is it that we marourselves in controversy and not do what is right by us???

  • Ak

    May Allah forgive all his sins he committed knowingly and unknowingly and Bless MJ with Jannah. Irrespective of his faith, race or religion he indeed was a great entertainer, a legend in himself and perhaps we would never see such a brilliant star in many many years to come. Cant forget MJ , you are in our hearts all the time.

  • Danena

    Why can’t we ever just let someone die peacefully or try to disgrace them in some way. I think he has been through enough through his life, let him rest in peace with the angels. He is with the only true God and he needed another angel to sing in his choir. So let him rest in peace please, he was just a greater entertainer and there will never be another one like him or Elvis.

  • tara farida

    Islam is a religion of peace..Islam believes that all people should be treated the same..because in front of Allah everybody’s the same..
    I think, its a truly from heart prayer of Jermaine Jackson to his beloved brother..May Allah embrace Michael in Al Jannah and he is now free from all the pain in the world..for the family, the true prayer and sincerity will make Michael smile there…i love U too Michael..please rest in peace..amiin..

  • R.

    There should be more evidence before announcing such a thing…There is no proof that MJ was converted to islam…he has a new album released duing 2008…this article is so false.

  • R.

    This article you published actually make your site NOT trustworthy at all…I don’t like to speak about dead but all I know is that If MJ was converted to sth before he dies, It sure must be that he converted to someone that’s not originally how he was born. I don’t want to talk about the dead but your article is very unreliable.

  • Yoldash

    I believe he said “Allah” Allah in Arabic means GOD. No Difference as the Hispanics calling GOD – Dios. Same thing – different language.
    All in all – I hope Michael is at peace with himself. May God Rest His Soul.

  • 100py

    Whatever Jermaine (or any other of the jackson’s) say is a complete JOKE all nonsense about how close they are as a family. I mean they all should just shut up already. Michael is the only thing they have to “brag” about. Jermaine speaks with such a phony phony tone in his voice it’s sickening! All they are doing is making fools of themselves, and so into denial how Michael DID NOT WANT TO BE BLACK. Altho it seems like all black people entirely ignore this, making themselves look stupid. Just law low blackones, you’ll project a far better impression.

  • 100sy

    Why is the fact that michael jackson is a muslim even an issue? i guess because people are so ignorant just how many people are muslim. Wake up america, ah ya, there are a whole lotta NON CHRISTIANS in this country/world.

  • zezu

    If MJ converted to islam it is a blessing for him,he will be luckiest person.I wish 1OOpy try to know a little bit of ISLAM before saying something stupid.

  • Shedrick Claycomb

    Why is it such a shock to everyone that Michael converted to Islam. Islam means peace and wasn’t Michael trying to find peace. Well by converting to Islam he found it. The other thing is that when the slaves were brought to America they were not Christians. They were Muslims. If you do not believe me look at the movie Roots. Watch what
    Kunta Kinta is saying on the ship. He is saying “Allah Uh Akbar” This means God is the greatest in Arabic. Black Americans don’t continue to be fooled by the propaganda. Those slave masters beat your religion out of you just like they beat your names and heritage out of you. Do some research and find out who you really are. The American Black man was made, not born! Assalam Alaikim!


    the luciferians created the popularity of michael jackson,and then michael of late had begun to become non compliant with these sub human skunks,so they trumped up charges and then a period of indecision and then very probably a reversion to the islamic faith which was a definite no ,no for the luciferians and a elimination was the only route for the soul sellers…like princess diana …it seems michael paid the price at the hands of the skunks

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