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Enter to Win: Doreen Virtue’s ‘Archangel Michael’ Book

virtue-archangelmichael.jpgAre you in tune with angels?

Angel expert Doreen Virtue regularly contacts angels and has written numerous books on the celestial communication and heavenly messages she receives. When she needs extra courage and support, she contacts the strong warrior Archangel Michael.

In her recent book, “The Miracles of Archangel Michael,” Doreen shares personal stories and insights on how to contact Michael for help during tough situations.


Want a copy of the book? Beliefnet and Hay House Publishers are giving away five copies (one per person).

Post a comment below by Friday, February 27 in answer to the question: How has an angel or archangel helped you?

Make sure to include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The 5 best responses–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors–will each win a book.

Please read the official rules before entering.

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  • Chester Martin

    It looks and sounds like a greatbook and I would love to read it.

  • Fiona

    One night, I was followed home and attacked. The man was on top of me strangling me, I couldn’t breathe and saw my life flash infront of me, I knew I was about to die, when suddenly I had a surge of strength and rose up. My attacker over twice my size. I believe Archangel Michael helped me, I don’t think I would be here otherwise.

  • Nicole

    After six miscarriages, I prayed every waking moment for an answer to these losses. Recently two of my most wonderful and selfless friends have offered to be a surrogate. I believe these offers are answers to my prayers from many angels and archangels.

  • Andrea

    I decided to kill myself and was contemplaiting whether I wanted my body found or not. I was in such a hopless depression because I could find no solution to the incidious grip of my alcholism and heroin addiction. I knew it was just a matter of time before I went back to prison for the rest of my life (3 strikes). I tried to stop drinking and using drugs but my brain and body were disconnected. My body did not listen while I was commanding it not to drink. I thought I lost my mind and was finally, truly insane. I had to kill myself to escape myself.
    As I was sitting there, a strong voice from outside and above (yet I heard it inside too) told me that if I killed myself, it would be the worst and final tradgedy of my life and I could never correct it. It was an angel. Angels have blessed my path of recovery and I’ve been gratefully sober for over 11 years.

  • http://angels jeannine

    I believe that agels watch over me every miknute of my life. i believe the Lord has blessed me in so many ways and to numerous to count and i cannot imagine a life without the Lord, our God and his company of angels.

  • Wayne

    Yes – Angels have been and continue to be with me – a long time ago when in the military overseas I was involved in drug usage and almost died, I coudl clearly see and hear two entities one angelic and one a small devil arguing over me, I remember shouting “yes I was worth saving” and the “skirmish” was over.
    Today many years later “drug free” I incessantly call upon angels for guidance and know in my heart that the little coincidences, the books at the right time, the right siutation, or help with a relationship has been as a result of a ‘collaborative” effort between myself and my spirutal “friends.”

  • Eileen DeWane

    I was born on the feast of the Guardian Angels-October 2nd. I have had angels looking out for me all my life-during life-threatening times i.e. a car accident that left me paraplegic, a severe bout of septicemia, etc. I know their guidance and strength personally and feel I wouldn’t still be here without it!

  • Tina

    I know with all certainty that Archangel Michael is real.
    I have a 6’3 physically abusive husband who drinks heavily at times. When this occurs, it is best for me not to be anywhere around him. I try to hide somewhere until he passes out or falls asleep in bed. However, sometimes he gets mad when he drinks and won’t go to bed early.
    One night I had a bad migraine and decided to go to bed early. I knew he was drinking heavily and I was worried about the consequences of falling asleep before him. I prayed for an angel to protect me before falling asleep. Since I was in such extreme pain, I knew I would be helpless to defend myself in bed that evening.
    I guess I fell asleep pretty fast after that. I dreamed (and actually felt) that someone was standing next to my bed. I was scared to death that it was my husband and turned over very quickly.
    When I looked over, there was a very tall and LARGE angel, with huge wings on his back, standing there holding my little dog and petting him. I asked him who he was (and without actually talking to me with his mouth) he said his name was Michael and that I could go back to sleep because I was safe. (Obviously he was protecting my little dog too.) I slept peacefully the whole night and woke up feeling wonderful the next day.)
    So I can honestly tell the world that Archangel Michael is real.
    I personally met him!!!

  • Sandra

    I must begin by saying that i’m bilingual(spanish/english). My story begins with a dream in which I was introduced to “the man of my life” whom I have known since I was 15 years old but had not seen for 29 years. A sweet communication began between the both of us and I found myself falling in love with him, but it was a complex situation. Due to past disappointments and the circumstances surrounding our situation I had many doubts and a lot of fear. One night i was particularly fearful, vulnerable and in such despair that I asked God and the Angels to give me a sign if he was the man of my life, and right at that moment I felt “something” telling me to look at my computer which i had seen a thousand times. I turned, then I saw the answer right there on the computer ..CCS.. which pronounced in English but understood in Spanish means (SI, SI ES) YES, YES HE IS. As if that was not enough, when I went on a bike ride the next morning, on the bike was a sticker with the initials CLS (SI EL ES) meaning once again “YES HE IS.” I laughed at the cleverness of my bilingual angels and as you can see there not barriers when it comes to bringing peace to one’s heart and life.

  • Amy M

    Before I share my angelic encounter, I must tell you that I was an atheist at the time of this event. I had grown up in the church, but left at a young age. Due to what happened concerning my toddler son and his angel, I started questioning my atheism. I no longer deny that God exists, a loving Father who watches over us all.
    My now 16 year-old son was just a baby, not yet a year old, when he developed night terrors. Each night, without fail, he would sit in his crib, stare off into space, and scream for hours without end. He was not awake, nor was he asleep. My child was trapped in some sort of limbo. I could not waken him, I could not comfort him. I could only stand by helplessly and watch.
    This went on for more than a year. His pediatrician could offer no help, stating only that he would eventually outgrow this disorder. And so it was echoed by all the doctors who looked at him. They could do nothing…
    Early one Saturday morning, I was helping my mother set up for a yard sale, paying little attention to the middle-aged, heavy-set woman browsing our wares. I must have looked exhausted, because my mother asked if we’d had another bad night. I told her that we had, and that is when the woman approached.
    She apologized for eavesdropping, and introduced herself as a Wiccan High Priestess. She then asked if she could pray for my son.
    I must point out that, at that time, I would have balked at a Christian offering me the same type of help. My apologies. It’s just that I left the church for a reason, and was still hurting…
    Anyway, because I so desperately wanted help for my son, I accepted this woman’s offer of prayer. After giving her my son’s first name –Michael– she turned and walked away.
    I thought no more about this strange visit until I awoke the next morning. My son had slept peacefully through the night! It was the first time he had done so in over a year!
    While visiting with my mother, we tried to piece together who this woman was, and where she might have come from. We both agree that she did not have a car, and was definitely walking. We also agree that she is not, and never was, a resident of this tiny town with a population of only 534. She was definitely a stranger.
    She could only have walked in from a neighboring town. But, that would have been impossible! The nearest towns in either direction are 5 and 7 miles respectively. So where did she come from?
    I believe she was an angel, sent to help my son by God above who knows all too well the pain of watching a child suffer…
    Yes, she was an angel, sent by a caring Father who wanted his wayward daughter to find her way home…
    She came to me when we needed her most, and presented herself in the only form that I would accept.
    My son has never had another night terror. In all these years, he has never had so much as a bad dream. I believe our angel remains with my family to this day.

  • mindy

    i have had numerous “close calls” in life where an angel has interceded and pulled mo out of harms way, there where over 6 some people say coincidence i say too coincidental to be coincidence thanks for the giveaways

  • Your Name

    This account is actually of how Archangel Michael saved probably several people. Several years ago, I worked at a small trucking company where I did a lot of the drivers’ paperwork and accounts payable. I had a dream one night that I was at work, organizing the drivers’ paperwork in such a fashion that I would paperclip a polariod photo of the driver to the stack of papers when I was finished. There was something very special about this photo, though. In each photo, the driver was sitting on the green grass beside a tree, and this massive shadow enveloped them and most of the ground. This shadow was of Michael, the Archangel, complete with tremendous wings and his arm upraised with his sword in hand. I knew that Michael was protecting all of them. A specific driver, though, stuck in my memory after I woke, and when I got to work that next morning, I had to tell him about it for it seemed very important that I tell him he was being protected. Just about a month later, while he was driving a tractor trailer unit on an interstate, this specific driver suffered a severe heart attack. But in the midst of this attack and his pain, he was able to control the huge rig, slow it down and pull over on the side of the road to a complete stop before he died. Obviously Michael was with him that day, protecting him from crashing and helping to keep safe the other drivers on the road. I will never forget that dream, nor that driver.

  • Your Name

    I have been closely aligned with Archangel Michael since I was a child. However, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I was made aware of his name. He has been with me every step of the way and has helped me through so many life events I can’t begin to express my gratitude and gratefulness. As busy as the Angels always are, it constantly amazes me at the swiftness of their responses and reminds me of what true blessings are. Their answers are not always easy to understand but God certainly did some of his best work when He created them. I am very grateful for their presence in all our lives. As always, Thank You Michael for everything….K.

  • Your Name

    I have had several instances where angels have helped me, especially when I was married to my husband who was physically and mentally abusive to me. It was an angel who finally convinced me to leave him and to go where he couldn’t find me anymore.
    I joined the Navy and was accidentally knocked off of a 20 foot cliff to a dirt road below. Absolutely nothing was broken. I have Fibromyalgia but I could have had spinal injuries. I am positive an angel was holding me in their arms as I fell.
    And lately, I just moved to New York, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough money to do this. Out of nowhere I received a 500 dollar check from my insurance company which was just what I needed. An angel was there to help me with those funds at that time.

  • Your Name

    I am posting for not myself but my son Brian who is a United States Marine. When my son informed me he was enlisting he told me, “Ma, I’m not afraid.” He also told me he was a defender and protector by nature. Therein lies the real reason for this particular post/request to give my son your book of Archangel Michael. Sometime in the last year, after his first deployment to Iraq, my son got a tatoo- as most Marines do. But this tatoo on his arm is of Archangel Michael. When my son was definitely in harms way I would pray and receive acknowledgement that he was always safe. Sometimes it was a quick thought that I needed to talk to him. Other times I would just know he was well. When I saw his tatoo, I sent him what I could on the angels from most high.
    This past holiday, my son visited with his bride and I took a picture of them while out with my other 2 children for dinner.
    When I had the film developed, the photo of my son and his bride had a rainbow reflected off of a wall where there was no water or lighting.But if examined closely, the rainbowis actuallythe backbone/wings of another holding hands out in the direction of them both.
    Since I was a young girl I have believed in angels and as an adult I know I can call on them to protect me and my loved ones.
    Blessings of Peace, Hope and Love,

  • Your Name

    I was very young and always believed in angel. I always felt there was someone protecting me. I was about 9 years old and a man tried to make me enter his car, something told me to ran away home, which I did. One year later, my girlfriend’s brother tried to rape me and he had my foot in his face and let me go back home. An angel was there again to protect me.
    I still believe in angels and many times I ask their help, and they do help me. A month ago, I was in rehabilitation of an ankle fusion wich mean I could not walk and I my left shoulder and my two elbows hurts very much. I told them that I could not stand it anymore and within a week, It didn’t hurt anymore. Thanks to my archangels.
    I like to read Doreen’s books, I’ve got many of them already; I really appreciate what she is writing.

  • Jodie

    Last year around March I was living on my own in a flat just outside London. My birthday was coming up and I was feeling rather vulnerable and alone, wondering if I really had any friends at all, and if I should go ahead with organising my birthday party. I held a fear in my heart that no one would come.
    One day I went to the public library near to my flat with the intention of taking out a few books to read in my spare time. For some unknown reason I picked up a history book about London, and straight away opened to a page with a bright colour photograph of Piccadilly Circus, and just above the famous coca cola lighted advertisement was an LED moving sign saying ‘Happy Birthday Jodie’ … I could not believe it. I had to look again, twice, three times. My heart lifted. Soared actually. It was more than I could have expected. My Angels lead me to this book as a birthday gift and I have never forgotten the gesture. Thank you my Angels :)

  • Your Name

    I LOve to read everything about Angels. I would love to get the Book about the Miracles of Michael the Archangel. I really need his help in my life right now. To be able to get in tune with him is a miracle in itself. I would really appreciate it if I’m considered for a book.
    Thank you…Charlet

  • Your Name

    I have been a believer in Angels since I was visited by my Grandmother,who was deceased,when I wasa child. She appeared at my bed and told me she would always be with me to protect me from harm.
    Later in my life I began attending Dr. Doreen’s Angel Therapy Workshops. What I learned there has been invaluable. I would love to win the book that would help to futher my understanding of the Miracles of Archangel Michael.
    Thanks to Dr. Doreen, Angels communicate with me fairly often. They are a source of peace and knowledge,and most of all a source of enlightment.

  • Your Name

    I have had many connections to the Angels over the years, and was taught to call on them daily. One day my friends car was stuck in the deep mud. My friend who has a bad back could not push, so my petite Mom and myself struggled to push it out till we were hard pressed and little Mom was covered in mud. Finally I could push no longer I said ANGELS we need help to push this car. Suddenly on our last push the car seemed to slide out of the mud like butter. My friend who was guiding the car came out and said waht happened? I said to him, I just called on the Angels, he just shook his head. I knew they had helped Thank you Angels!

  • Your Name

    I am a great believer of angels as well as I am a believer of God himself and have been in tune with them my entire lifetime. I have truly lost count in my 54 years of living that I almost died or depended on them to steer me away from danged or just simple things as to assist me in findings that i was looking for. when in tune with them they will help you. In my life, I survived a very bad case of phenoomia at 3 yrs old. at the age of 7, i fell backwards into an in ground pool and was rendered unconscious by hitting my head on the cemment on the way in, I suvived a house fire at the age of 12 and the list goes on until recently when i was on life support and the doctors had no idea what happened to me and didn’t expect me to pull through it is common knowledge for me that GOD and my ANGELS are keeping me safe and helping me and I DO HAVE MANY THINGS TO DO FOR GOD HIMSELF WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF MY ANGELS..

  • Margaret

    I have never had an encounter with an Angel that I am aware of. But I know they are here with me because when I am at my worst mentally and physically I just ask them to assist me with the pain I am feeling and the depression that is just awful. I have been very ill since 2004 and have had to leave my job. There has been many times when I have been so depressed that taking my own life seems so easy but, I pray to my Lord and Savior and ask that He grant premission for my Angels be with me at this terriable hour. While I am praying I sence that I am not alone it is a very warm feeling and sometimes I will hear a voice tell me “Just go Rest”. I will go and lay down for a while and when I wake up I feel so safe, so loved and I feel at peace. I know that Angels are amoung us. Just because I have never seen one I know they are there just by the way I feel after a nice long rest.

  • Ms. Maury

    Archangel Michael is one of my favoutite’s that I call upon, being on crutches, and having to use public transit, I call on him everyday for protection. I always make certain that I thank him after a safe return and show how grateful I am. The subway and bus system here in Toronto is full of crime, so this is why he has become an important part of my life, and my condition may result in me ending up in a whell chair. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are always in my prayers. I know they exist because here I am writing after a year of being on crutches! They are truly gifts from the Almighty God and his son Jesus.

  • Joanne

    I believe that I met St. Michael in a physical form back in December 1996. I was grocery shopping at a supermarket in Philadelphia and upon exiting the store, it started to pour rain that morning. Well at that time the supermarkets in that city did not allow one to have the shopping carts leave the front of the store, so there were gates up and I had to pull my car up to the front of it and unload my groceries into my trunk. I had an umbrella over my head and as I was exiting my car to get my groceries, a man dressed in a long coat and hat, helped me with the groceries and said, “I don’t want to take your bags, I’m just helping you put them in the trunk of your car.” I said, I believe that you won’t take my groceries, and he said it again, “I don’t want to steal you groceries…” Again I said I believe you. After all the bags were in the trunk, he asked me if I was a Catholic girl, and I replied yes I am. He said would you do me a favor and say one Hail Mary for Michael. I said that I would. And then as I got into my car, he came over again and said, “Remember, one Hail Mary for Michael”. He didn’t go into the supermarket and I saw him walking away. But after I looked for him, I didn’t see him again. When I got home, I immediately called my girlfriend and explained what had happened to me. She loves angels and she said it was St. Michael and that I should show devotion to him. I asked her why would I have to show devotion to him. She said well you work for a law enforcement agency and he is the patron saint of law enforcement and you probably need his protection. Well ever since 1996, I found a prayer card to St. Michael and pray it everyday with one Hail Mary for him. I do find a lot of feathers too, well I have a down coat for the winter, but in the summer I see a lot of white feathers too.

  • Clara

    I am a firm believer in angels..I know that my guardian angel is Michael. I have personally contacted my angel on several occasions and for so many reasons. When I am troubled about a situation, I can contact my angel and get the guidance that I need.
    There has never been a time when I needed him that he did not come to my rescue. I truly believe that angels are sent from God the father for our help and guide.I was born with a physic ability to contact angels. And I found out at an early age, the name of my Guardian Angel..whose name is Michael.
    He has caused many miracles to happen in my life..too numerous to mention..I would love to receive the book about this angel. But if I don’t receive the book, I am still very confident that angels do watch over us.upjvvm

  • Karen

    Several years ago I was involved in a EEOC case. I thought I would never have a chance to win. My angels were looking over me when they found the best attorney I needed. To make a long story short I did win my court case, and on my way home on the train, I looked in the sky their was a very large angel clapping her hands, I could not stop looking, I felt like she was saying congratulations Karen you won, and I was with you the whole way.

  • Karen

    My daughter was severely depressed. The doctor was a quack. I prayed to God to send the Angels to wrap their arms around her to feel the relief she needed at that time and to watch over her. She was a mess and trying to just survive day to day. She went to the supermarket to do her shopping. She had major anxiety and the fear of going out. When she was in the store her money for food was in the side pocket of her pocketbook. She was in the checkout and their was a woman that was being checked out in front of her when my daughter discovered her money was missing out of her pocketbook. My other daughter was with her at the time. All she needed was losing her money and not being able to pay for the groceries to put her over the edge. It was a hardship just going to the store and doing this shopping. When my daughter realized she had lost her money she was distraught. The women in front of her told the women at the register to put the groceries on her charge card for my daughter my daughter did not want that but the woman insisted. well she paid for my daughter’s groceries and even gave the receipt in case she needed it. She said to my daughter to go up to the customer service desk to ask if someone found the money and brought it to them. My daughter listened to the women after my other daughter told her don’t waste your time, no one who finds $150.00 on the floor is going to return the money. My daughter told her she was going up anyway because she figured she had nothing to lose. When she asked the customer service rep at the counter the women said how much did you lose. My daughter told her and she said someone found the money and brought it to them. Both my daughter’s could not believe it. In fact the women at the desk made a comment that it was a miracle that someone would return the money like that. She said my daughter was very lucky. When my daughter got home she wanted the find the women’s name on the receipt to try to find her to pay her back and thank her. When we looked at the receipt, we could not even read the name. It was because it was to sloppy to read we just couldn’t make it out. I believe that God only gives you as much as you can handle in life. I believe when I seen her falling and prayed for the Angels to help her get by this period in her life, they were there. They come and help and leave without a trace. I don’t think this was a good samaratin I believe this was an angel. This is not the first time I ask for the help of angels. Everytime they came and went without a trace.

  • Your Name

    I always believed in angel, they were always there to protect me and help me in my decisions.
    I was around 8 years old; I went to a store near my home to buy candies. There was a man on the sidewalk who asks me to go on the other side. I looked and saw a car, something was telling me to run away home which I did. My guardian angel was there to protect me.
    A couple years later, my girlfriend’s brother tried to rape me in the garage. He received my foot in his face and let me go home. My angel were there protecting me again.
    I had ankle fusion because of a bad accident and could not walk for four months. My left shoulder and my two elbows were hurting very badly. Since I could not walk, I had to use my arms and my left foot to move around. It hurt so much, I could not bear it anymore. In a sunny day, I was looking at the sky and said to Archangel Raphael and Michael, “ Do I have to suffer so much? I don’t want it anymore, that’s enough. Within a week, I was fine, the pain was gone. Again my angels were there for me. Whenever I need help, they were always there to help me in my decision or anything else.
    I really enjoy reading Doreen’s books, they help me a lot and I wonder why I did not start reading her books sooner.

  • sonshine


  • Betsy Ortiz

    I would like to share one of the many experiences that I had with Archangel Michael.About seven years ago I was struggling financially, emotionally and I thought I did not have a way out. So I became desperate and I look up to the sky and ask the angels for guidance and strengh to go on with my life.I just saw clouds but somehow I had peace in my heart and later on that day I got a phone call.It was my son who just happens to call because he had the feeling that I was distress;in the middle of the conversation my son tels me”Mom I had something to tell you but I am a liitle scare because i dont know how this is going to happen”.Then he tells me give me a minute, after a brief pause, he begins to talk to me, but this time I noticed that His tone of voice has changed {at that moment I realized that in fact there was a message for me coming from the Angels}.the message was”Betsy!I Am Archangel Michael and I have a message for You; You are Light, You are Loved,You are Protected…I told him Thank you, Thank you, Thank You. I was in tears of joy as i got my answer in an unexpected way. My son told me that He has asked Michael to work for Him and to be a channel for Him.His voice was from a space of love but also very firm.Since then I feel his presence almost every day. Thank you for give me the opportunity of sharing one of the many experiences that I had with Him

  • Your Name

    I lost my mom very suddenly 6 years ago. I was struggleing at the time with my spirituality. After she died I was so mad. I didn’t believe there was a God because if there was then I wouldn’t be in this much pain. A friend of my gave me Doreen’s book “Healing with the Angels”. That was it. After I read that book I know I would find my faith again. It is stronger and different because of my belief in the Angels. I believe Michael is always with me and my family protecting us always. Then 4 years ago my granddaughter Ava was born. I have told her many stories of the Angels and she tells me she see them and that they protect her too. I have never seen one but I feel them all the time very close to me. I am very greatful for Archangel Michael big giant wings because they protect us always. Thank you for listening. God Bless.

  • Your Name

    I have always believed in Angels. I think that they can help you through many situations. My son died in 2004, from Aids related pnemonia, I was with him at the hospital when he died. He looked at me through the glass door of his room in ICU, as if asking for permission to be released from his pain. I told him I loved him and that it was okay. He turned his head and looked straight in front of him as if he were seeing someone talking to him. He took his last breath and closed his eyes. He looked at peace. A few months after he died I was lying in bed asleep, when I heard someone call me saying mama, what did you cook? It was my son’s Chris voice, I told him what I had cooked, he said okay, I love you ma, and that was the last thing I heard before I went back to sleep. I know now that it was the Angel of my son’s coming to let me know that my baby was doing okay.

  • Anonymous

    During times of emotional turmoil I have had my doubts over whether angels were real or not. When your faith is shaken you feel that nothing can bring you back to believing. But, one particular life event would prove just how wrong I was and alter my view on the existence of angels.
    Two years ago my younger brother ran away from home. It was during that moment that more than ever I needed to know that everything was going to be alright. He hadn’t returned home that night and it was cold outside..among other things me and my family were deeply concerned. He had never ran away from home before or done anything remotely viewed as unacceptable behavior. No one was sure of what the outcome would be or if he would return. The police were called, we went out looking for him along with many good friends and relatives. No one could find his location.
    I remember being so worried that I couldn’t think about anything else. I of course did the only thing I could think of to do..pray and ask the angels for help. I asked that they watch over him, protect him, keep him warm and to help us find him or bring him back home. At this moment I asked the angels if my brother was okay and to my utter shock a female voice answered me back with “He is fine.” Her voice sounded like a whisper and from another plane of existence but I sure heard it clearly. I couldn’t fathom this..could this actually be true?
    I had a hard time sleeping that night and needless to say when morning came around all I wanted was my brother back. I remember the angel’s message and the real miracle of the story is that me, my sister, and grandma(A LOT of people) were all praying for him and his safe return. Early in the morning my mom had a very strong feeling of where he was and she proved to be right. He was still walking when my mom spotted him and at first she thought she was seeing things. He was very far away from home in an area he had never been before and he was lost. Needless to say with him being a little dehydrated he was fine just as this angel predicted. I am now convinced this had to be one of his own angels letting me know his condition.
    Do I believe in bet I do! Ask the angels for help and they will deliver no matter how dyer the situation appears to be. I have learned this time and time again even when fear tries to override my hopeful outlook…the angels have always been there through it all and always will be.

  • Marie

    The Angels and archangels have helped in my past turmoils, abuse (many forms, and I was traumatized from a past relationship. I had my struggles, worries and fears. Archangel Michael was the first one to come into my life. He is always been my protector, my guardian, and a friend.The angels and archangels gave me therapy for a long time. I tried not to think about the past. But the angels never left my side. I learned to stand up for myself, from the abuse of others. I became a strong person because of them. I have changed and because of God,I thank his wonderful messengers that they gave me healing, to help me get through the valleys. I stumbled many times, but I had faith in God and his Angels. I now know that I can trust in them. They have unconditional love for everyone. I’am never alone. They shed light into my life. I learned on thing: I’AM LOVED.

  • Your Name

    I have never had an Angel encounter, but that does not keep me from believing in them. When my loving father pass in 2005, pictures were taken of all the flowers at his grave site. When the pictures were developed there was a big orb just the box that held his urn. I knew it was my dad or maybe an Angel came to take him home. I am going through a lot of rough stuff in my life right now, I am very ill and have had to retire early from my job and things are very hard financially I have prayed and prayed and all the praying to my angels is starting to pay off. I got a check in the mail for reimbursement of all my medications and it helped me to purchase the medication that I need for the next month, plus I was able to purchase some food that was very scarce. You see, I am a diabetic, I have heart desease, high blood pressure and I was eating things I should not have been eating so my blood sugers were very high. There were times I couldn’t even purchase my medications. I just don’t know how people do it these days. But, I feel that my faith in God in my Angels have gotten me this far. I feel so blessed and loved.

  • Tony

    About 39 years ago I unfortunately found myself in prison. I was on a 90 day observation period requested by my defense attorney. The prison was an enclosed building in a pentagon style,and nothing to do except sleep and watch TV. It was also the toughest period of my life. I was laying down on my bunk when I heard my name called, “Tony” as if someone was in my cell. I turned and looked around and no one was there. I turned to go back to sleep and heard my name “Tony” called again, but louder and more forceful. I thought I was going crazy. I got up and went out into the prison yard and to sum this experience up…Less than 20 minutes after my name was called out I accepted Christ as my personal savior and became a Christan, through a fellow prisoner, who just happened to be outside. Like he was waiting for me. As for my name being called out…I know it was an angel sent by Christ.

  • Your Name

    I saw a story about relatives of sailors that were aboard the ship Edmond Fitzgerald. During the ceremony a butterfly appeared on the bell that they raised from the ship. One relative thought it to be an angel letting them know that their loved one was alright. This was in the middle of the lake with no land in sight. This brings me to my story, I was up early one morning before first light and was thinking of where my life was headed and a butterfly was fluttering in front of my face for several seconds. I can only hope to think that this was somehow an angel letting me know that everthing would be alright.

  • Joy Pedersen

    Angels apparently thought more about me than I them. Although I believed in their existence, I didn’t give them much thought. My interest in metaphysics and spirituality led me to experiment with automatic writing. That process opened the door to receive messages from angels and others. I have received messages from my guardian angel as well as other angels who have particular areas of expertise that share their insights when appropriate.
    The most extraordinary relationship, however, surfaced when Michael, the archangel, began communicating with me. He has provided me advice and insight on relationships, business, family and friends. He said he wanted me to write a book on his perspective and when I was ready I started typing it. I was told it would be 22 chapters and each day that I was inspired to write, came a new chapter until I felt complete on the 22nd. It provides insights on relationships, money and ending war.
    Later he provided insight on manifesting money and when I thought it would be good workshop material, I started a business model to develop the offering. Instead of my usual efforts of deciding what to do and write, I just asked. In the most effortless manner, he provided me with a vision statement, mission and my bio for this purpose. As I continue to create this, he is right there helping me every step of the way.
    Working with Michael has made my life easier as well as more safe and fun. The education and awareness he provides me is not only comforting but is extremely useful.

  • Elizabeth

    One night in 1994, while traveling to Lakeville, Mass. I was a little out of my way and stopped to ask for directions. Well, i also locked my keys in my car. The teenagers at the Dairy Barn were done with their shift, and shut out the lights to the parking lot and left me in the dark. Here i was a mom of three and out there alone and scared of the dark! I prayed Dear God Let me find some change for the pay phone and send and Angel to be with me….Please! I found change for the phone, i called my friend Kelly, i also noticed a man walking on the opposite side of the road, when our eyes met he turned around and started to thumb….there were no cars coming! at one point he just stopped across from me, the payphone and my car, and i jumped on my car, so if he came near me i could go up on the roof. LOL! Kelly has triple A and was on her way with a tow truck. it took 15 minutes, my heart felt every second. when the tow truck and Kelly arrived, i sighed with relief and went right over to Kelly’s car and told her how the kids in the Dairy Barn said they were closed and i couldn’t use the phone and how they shut off the lights, and the creapy guy across the street, and she says where is he??? I said “Right there by the overpass!” Well, in the noise and confusion, unlocking my car and what not this stranger “angel” just faded in the distance. While back in my car, following Kelly to her new house, I see this stranger walking down the highway as i am taking note of him he turns around and thumbs, and disappears right before my eyes. funny thing…i call on him when in serious need of help. I call him Archangel Micheal, closest one to GOD himself please help me….

  • Darlene speer

    I believe that an angel was there for my dad when he was very critical last jan 2008,. we thought we were lsoing him when we were all called at the hospital to say our last goodbyes and then he started breaching normal and came out or it thanks to the angels that was over him and for our Lord God our saviour has healed his body and right now he is doing great, and he will be 80 yrs old on may6th Praise God he is the healer of all.,,,,,,

  • Barbara Melissa Smith

    This happened back in December of 2003. Early one morning, I started dreaming. I think that this dream had something to do with the fact that I had been praying for my son who had “friends” that I was actually cautious about. I wanted God to keep my son safe and out of trouble. The morning that I had this dream, I dreamed that my son had come into my bedroom and he sort of looked sad for some reason. There came a man in behind him (my son) that had a smile on his face and it seemed that this man was letting me know that Derek, my son, was going to be OK and that everything was going to be just fine. They both had clothes on that matched, clothes that Derek had not had in his closet and I wondered where that he had gotten them and when. This man came over to me and gave me a hug that seemed to really reassure me more and I noticed that the clothes he had on were so soft that texture of the clothes actually cannot really be described in human words. They both left after that and my son looked back at me as if he knew that he was not going to be back. A cousin of mine seems to think that this man was Derek’s guardian angel letting me know that Derek was going to be safe and OK. That is my angel story for my son died on December 21, 2003 in an automobile accident. Derek had been saved the February prior to his death.

  • Margaret

    Due to my having to go out on a medical retirement from work I have had a loss of income for the past 6 months. I know that my Angel has assisted me because, I have prayed and prayed, I have ask my Angel to intercede for me so, that things will start to get better for me financially. I have been getting calls from creditors and they are very upsetting. Yesterday, I received a call from one of them and they said they would work with me and not send my account to collections. I was so very pleased. Then about 1 hour later, I received another call from this creditor and he told me that he had gone in and talked to his boss to see if there was something they could do to help me out and they had decided to waive one months pmt. I was so shocked and please I couldn’t say a word. I immediately knew that my Angel and God were really watching out for me. I am so happy with the way things turned out and I believe in the power of prayer. Just ask and you shall receive.

  • http://http:/ Janice

    I have felt Michael’s protection throughout my life under very stressful and dangerous circumstances. Once when driving my car on the expressway
    I fell asleep at the wheel! The car swerved into the dividing strip and
    turned on its side with sparks and scraping sounds! But then the car safely dropped to rightside-up without missing a beat. I knew without a doubt that I had been divinely protected by Michael the Archangel!

  • Karen

    Seven years ago on that Nov. night I got a call from paramedics that my daughter was in a serious accident. It was a cold, rainy night and she reached over to turn the heater on and looked up to see the road was curving, she over corrected the wheel and thats when the car slipped and went over the 15 foot cliff. When my husband and I were allowed in ER a nurse walked up to me and touched my shoulder and said “your daughter is going to be fine” and she walked away but I don’t know where she went as we were in the ER room. I felt a calmness and knew my daughter was going to be ok. Then another head nurse took us to a special room to tell us our daughter had a broken neck and that in 3 hours the spinal cord could swell and she’d be a parapalegic. But I knew she would be ok. She broke the C2 and C5 bones in her neck and her spinal cord never swelled. She had surgery to insurt a plate in her neck to fix 1 bone and a halo put on for 3 months that surgery couldnt fix the other bone and is living a healthy life today with a husband and 2 darling daughters. I know the lady in ER that touched my should was an angel.

  • Your Name

    I am a recoverying drug addict and alcoholic and I had angels watching out for me eeryday. So many times I should have been dead, or picked up by a stranger. I would walk by myself at all hours of the night, stay at strangers houses. I have been raped 7 times and have no diseases. I am thirty years old and look like I am 17, I still have all my teeth, and I didn’t end up in Prison. I have a little girl that I was away from for about 1 and 1/2 years and she is so wonderful and forgiving, along with the rest of my family. Many people I know that have been where I have, have no family that cares anymore. my life is so wonderful today, I have more than I could have ever imagined. I have a baby on the way in June, and I knew I needed a car but first I had to pay of the $700.00 bill to get my license back. I called the courthouse to get that started and I was informed that it was paid off. I just paid of a bill to the Oregon department of Revenue, and the only thing that I can think was that they attached the bill to that and I paid it of and didn’t even know it. With that out of the way I needed to get a car, and a wonderful women at work, that has only worked here for about 5 months handed me the titles and keys to a car that is reliabe and perfect. I went from not even close to driving to having my license, having a car and insurance all in about two weeks. Now so many more things are possible, the flexibilty with my daughter I already have because I have a car and my life is great is amazing. All througout my life angels have been watching over me, and I am alive to tell about it.

  • Linda

    On pure Glare ice I slid left & right, Left & right, Fish tailed… Went Faster… a round & around…. I slid up A driveway took off the Mail box.. & slid on my Side Spilling my Coke on me! But I landed in between 4 enormous Oak Trees! I Love my Intrepid & besides A flat tire not one Scratch on my Car! Its A Miracle! My angels heard & saved me! Not one doubt in my mind I was Saved! I was on my Way to go do Random Acts of Kindness! To deliver hand baked Cookies & Valentines to needy, Strangers, My Daughters one who just spent a Great Deal on money on buying her own Braces! I So Believe in Angels! People & Children think I Look like one & Act like one! That’s A lot to live up to! But Being Poor Living in poverty I try my Best to Help, Save, Care, Listen & Make A Difference & earn my Right to Live!!

  • Your Name

    I remember when I was very young, maybe about 15 and I was traveling on the CTA bus in Chicago. The bus was very crowded and there was a empty inside seat, I passed by this man who appeared to be sleeping in the outside seat. After awhile he started putting his hand on my leg and I would take his hand off. He then put his hand on my thigh and he started moving his hand upward, I moved his hand off my thigh and by this time I had had enough and I got up to get up out of my seat and I had to passed by him and he then rubbed his hand across my buttocks. I proceeded to the back of bus where you get off when he got up and went to the front of the bus. When the bus came to a stop and the back door open, something pulled me back so that I didn’t got off. I guess the man believing that I was getting off got off on the front of the bus. When the bus pulled off and we passed him, I could see him thru the window and he had a mean look on his face. I know that if something hadn’t pulled me back up the bus I probably wouldn’t be here today. I know that an angel had to be looking out for me that day and many other days that I was out in the streets of Chicago…….

  • maureen

    I had been having trouble with an ex-wife five years ago. I was so stressed out because I did nothing wrong except make friends with her ex-husband. I was laying in bed thinking about this and wondering if this woman was capable of suing me or doing something worse. She did cause a lot of trouble for me. Anyway, I hear this loud and deep voice telling me that I did nothing wrong. I felt a very calm pass over me. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong but i felt so much better. At times, also, while this ex was causing more trouble I always felt that there was someone standing next to me. I felt there is a presence near me since no human was standing next to me.

  • Your Name

    When I was a young teenager. situations put me under great stress. I was abandoned by my family and had to have no contact with friends. I was totally alone in a truly overwhelming situation. I am 55 now and I STILL don’t have an answer as to how I could have solved this back then! One night I was working and terrific pain came over my body – I became unable to talk due to my throat closing and, of course, I was terrified of what was happening to me. I remember leaving work and that is the last thing I remember until I came to consciousness standing on a bridge. All I remember is thinking that if I could get below the water then everything would be OK. I never consciously considered suicide but I was being led by my stressed out mind which could find no other solution. A man in a car had pulled up and was talking to me asking me to go for coffee with him so we could talk. I refused because I was so confused. It was him taling to me which brought me out of my fog and back into consciousness where I could choose not to jump. I turned away from him and when I turned back, he was gone. In a matter of seconds. He could not have driven away in that time. Then a tremendous feeling of peace and hope overcame me and I knew that this feeling was other-worldly. I have no doubt that that was an angel sent to me to help me out when I couldn’t help myself.

  • lori

    i pray to the angels everyday before i leave my house in front of my alter. God has brought them into my life dramatically about five years ago. i have angels all around my house in my car and i always wear my music angel wearever i go. i ask them to protect me from the bad people, when i didn’t have a job i got a very good one in a nursing home, i got out of a very bad relationship and now i’m in a very loving one that is like romeo and juliet like soul mates and i ask the angels everyday to keep us together and to watch over my children and to give them a kiss i pick up my little girl angel when i ask the angels that. they help me with financial help when i think i’m not going to make it i do my worry stone angel is there. i call upon archangel michael for the most highest things that i am most scared of. my angels are in front of me, back, below, above, and beside now and always. and i thank god for putting them into my life.

  • Mary

    On a trip in the mountains of No. Carolina, I took my daughter on a short hike. It was steep & slightly wet, so the conditions were less than the best for hiking. On our return back down the trail, I asked (in silence) if Roy (my deceased husband) were with us, would he give a signal. Seconds later my daughter, who was behind me, slipped head over heels. It was a miracle that she didn’t break anything. She had a cut above one eye & various scratches – dirt & tiny rocks embedded. Angels had to be there to keep her safe. She easily could have broken her neck! Somehow I feel that Roy’s presence also played a large part. Thank God for his legions of Angels to help us.

  • Your Name

    It,s been snowing all day,and (friday)will I miss fri. nite pray or not,so I sit back,looking at T.V.(TBN).Off I go around 6:00,I,m thinking church may not be opening because of the snow,no,get dress for this hike,frist I must pray,”I just ask the Lord to be with me that nite” walking down the sidewalk was bad,so therefore I must get in the street were it,s safe.ok, as I,am about to cross the street about 3blk. from church as I begin to cross a car go pass, I cross the St.(this is it)I must have black-out because I remember just opening my eyes and being lifted up,I saw this bright light above be,then I look too my left and saw this white wing lifting me ,then I seen my Bible still in my hand as I look back for this bright light.I got to the friday nite prayer safe to tell everyone who came out that nite.(02-fri-02)

  • Gwendolyn

    I have been married for almost 11 years and I have 2 children and 2 step children. I pray for them all the time because I believe that they are going and are awesome men and women of God. My husband and I hardly go any where together unless he has to preach and he wants me to introduce him or unless I just tell him I am going with him. Sometimes I feel as if he puts everyone before me and it hurts. I prayed and asked God to give me this man but I did not ask God if this is the man he has for me or to fix his issues. I am always trying to help everyone else therefore there is no time for me. I just wish that someone especially my husband would put me first for a change. I guess I try to stay busy so that I won’t have time to be lonely. I need help.

  • Gwendolyn

    I am married with 4 children. I feel so alone be cause my husband and I hardly ever spend time together. I pray for my children that they are protected and that the become the awesome men and women that God has called them to be. I pray that I will be what God has called me to be and stop allowing others peoples comments to hinder or stop me from helping others in any way possible in Jesus’ name.

  • Your Name

    My life changed with the blink of an eye. I never went to college but spent 20 years in the legal profession working my way up from Legal Secretary to Paralegal; it was a job I was so proud of and security felt so good. One day my mom called and said she “thought” Dad had a stroke. I left work to rush to their tiny condo and convince Dad to let me take him to the Emergency Room. It was indeed a stroke. This was at a time of my third mariage. After 2 failed marriages, my guardian angel brought my angelic husband into my life. Joe took my mom and dad into our home (which was larger and wheelchair friendly). My dad passed away about two years later….I lost my job because I became my dad’s “caregiver” and missed a lot of work. I finally found another job when my mother had bypass surgery and a heart condition was found. Once again, I became her caregiver. After her surgeries things were looking up when Joe was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This was in April, 2008. I was now caregiver to both of them; dealing with insurance issues, paying bills, taking them to drs. appts, etc. Needless to say, when Joe was diagnosed I was once again fired from a job. Most pancreatic cancer patients survive only about six months. Joe’s cancer was discovered “by accident” when another test was being performed. I know this was due to our guardian angel. Our angel led us to an alternative treatment called “Cyberknife” rather than surgery (which we found out later he would have died on the operating table due to a separate blood problem he had). Joe is alive 10 months later (against all odds) and our angel is watching over him through each chemo session. He has been sick from chemo but not nearly as sick as he could be. I attribute all of this to our guardian angel. Although I am not working and have no insurance…..God is watching over me and my angel is keeping me focused on the truly important things in life….love….God’s greatest gift to us.

  • Your Name

    I have had several angel encounters, but since this is still wintertime, I’ll tell you my snowy road story. I live in Western Pennsylvania, lots of hills, and needless to say, I live on a hill. I was driving home from work and the roads were snow covered. There are two roads I could take to get to my house, one was a steeper hill, but closer, so I took that. I drove up the hill about halfway and the car wouldn’t go anymore, slipping on the snow and probably ice. I put the car in reverse, thinking, I’ll back down a little and get a better run at it. That didn’t work. I was sitting thinking what to do, when the car started rolling backwards towards a guard rail. The car spun a little and ended up facing down the hill instead of up. I decided to follow it, went back down, and went home the other hill. It was just easier to follow where the angels were pointing me.


    i am having major surgery on my throat again next can i contact my gaudrian angle for protection during the surgery. i am scared to have this surgery.

  • sylvia dean

    i was in a car accident in 1993 and it was cold and the roads were icy. my son was driving the car. he tryed to stop the car from slamming into the car in from of us. when he put on the breaks to stop the car, we started sliding on the ice right into the car infront of us. all of a sudden st michale the acragngel stood in from of my seat on the passengers side of the car and pused me back into the seat so that i would not go thru the window of the car. i know that angels are real

  • Brenda

    I just wrote a comment but it too long of a time. I clicked where it said everything would not be lost. But I cannot find it. If you can find it please read it.

  • Your Name

    How has an Angel or archangel help you ?
    Well,I think the Angels were with me,when I had my breast surgery operation on February 01,2001. I never had any kind of surgery in my life and didn’t know what to expect. But,I thank
    ” GOD “, everyday,I’m still here. I woke up in the recovery room and didn’t know where I was. So,the Angels were surely with me. AMEN !!

  • Brenda

    I believe in earthbound angels. I have met four or five. Every time I do I have this weird feeling of so much love and all I want to do is kneel down before them. Every time I am going through a life’s crisis they come to me and tell me not worry and quit over thinking negative thoughts because I am blessed. They have taught me not to worry too much. It is as if they give me hug and shoulder to cry on when needed. I believe in earthbound angels.

  • Larry M. Chin

    Greetings Doreen Virtue
    or to Whom this may concern:
    Re: How has an Angel or an Archangel helped you?
    My euphoric associations or blessed time spent with a “Guiding Angel, Angels or an Archangel“ whose name(s) shall remain basically anonymous or incognito for rationale afforded circumstantially . . in deference with the remainder of this private attestation or digest. . having post-existed both life-saving miracles within 100 yards or a football field away from each other or incidence within freeway-peripheries!
    These incidences strangely enough took place as I soloed each occasion by the freeway junctions of I-5 and I-8, immediately north of the core of San Diego proper itself as I was heading northerly on both occasions, …once during mid-1980’s and the secondary one just about a decade later during mid-1990’s.amazingly as I am recollecting that both incidences incurred only six (6) to seven (7) hours differentiation between them, and also strangely enough within a 100 yards periphery from each location; Whereas the only differentiation was that the first one occurred shortly after dusk about 7 p.m. while the other incurred shortly before high-noon (12 p.m.) equating a time differentiation of 7 hours …… given or take a few minutes leeway between them, and within a 100-yards from either incident or locale, ….. bewilderingly as it may seems; Perhaps “it may be one of the key policing areas for the Angel(s)”!
    Subsequently, the “first dusk incidence” incurred due to negligence of over-fatigued, when I fell asleep at the wheel momentarily for 5 to 10 seconds hauling an empty two-wheeled trailer hitched to the back-end of my 1967 Buick station-wagon as its reverberations awakened my dozing-off, when I headed off the freeway onto a field of ice-plants which blanketed about 6 acres without a peripheral guard-rail at that segment or juncture; Nonetheless instinctively I was able to resolved the incident only with a minute damage of “having tweaked the hitch connection without endangering any other vehicle because the traffic was extremely light coincidentally, approximating only a vehicle 100 yards ahead of my position while another equally distanced behind me as soon as I righted myself back onto the freeway after trailing over ice plants about 200 yards.!
    Respectively, the second scenario took place just before high-noon when I also “fell asleep at the wheel” once more, and didn’t regain my consciousness this time until discovering myself in bed within a medical facility in suburban Mira Mesa immediately north of San Diego’s I-8 freeway. Being so bewildered as I awakened I instinctively queried the medical staff of a party of three that hovered around the end of my bed as to my whereabouts?
    One of the members politely filled me in that I arrived by paramedics after a “good Samaritan whose name remained anonymous to this date, who made a distress-call that I had hit the 4-foot entry embankment heading into I-5 from I-8 which still amazes me to-date of my disbelief that my car had stopped with minor damages only to its right front corner portion, of a1969 Plymouth Valiant having dislocated its alternator and associative belt assemblies when I dozed-off completely, due to over-dehydration as prognosticated by the medical staff tending to my over-night monitoring of medicinal treatments only ….which luckily enabled me to informed my sublime wife with minimal delay to minimize any potential distress upon anyone‘s psyche!
    Circumstantially and consequently, both of my incidences had a serene outcomes astoundingly, which may imply that our Divine God has not made “His calling upon me yet or perhaps I may be a ‘reject’ instead, . . enabling me to tend to my “earthly angel” spouse to encounter a 51+ years wedding anniversary during the latter part of September 2008, and after her 79th birthday on December 10th, 2008 before her “mortal-graduation between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. on the 15th of December ’08 having been incapacitated or deprived of her dexterities with speech, every limb coordination, limited to tubal-feeding through the abdomen among other unknowns since her eyes were opened with minimal reflexive coordination indicating some impairment rendering an inaccurate prognosis because of her predicaments of not being able to relate her succinct senses due to deprivation of her speech ability etc. etc. from “cerebral strokes” caused by a wearingly 11-hrs surgical session totaling five by-passes in April 2007, with “detrimental diabetes II complication or aftermaths subsequently depriving the lost of both her lower limbs above the knees tragically under separate sequences within a short rehab session of two (2) months only from the “heart scenarios”, due to poor arterial circulation in her lower extremities inflicting potential gangrene which began as “bed-sores“ within her “Archeille‘s-heels” .
    With her detriments and notwithstanding that I had received a “New lease on life or a ‘Clean bill of health” analysis for my first physiological check-up and well-being from my primary internal medicine doctor in July 2008, since my honorable-discharge from the U.S. military service in 1959 or “Many moons ago”, I was still incapable of tending my darling wife’s needs to extenuate her well-being or intents to negate her tragic plight into an affable state!
    Now that my sublime wife has entered the “Estate of our Divine Creator”, enabling her to relish His impeccable loving care as perpetual solace for yours truly,. .until He exercises His personalized beckoning-call upon my attainment of the three (3) digit arbitrary age grouping perhaps .…although my beloved wife has been five and a half years my seniority graced with my recent physical proclamation above, I should stand a good chance of experiencing a three-digit arbitrary aging surety upon His consistent blessings of exceptional health from the on-set of my birth, to acclimate to the fact that she is under His auspices of “ultimate loving care” as I climax progressively many of the unfinished aspirations which my darling wife and I had mutually commenced during “better times”, among addendums that may also arise as benevolence for humanity.
    Cognizant of the fact that I had been blessed with a minimal of two Angels already, and perhaps countless more, inclusively the earthly one whom I had shared beyond five decades with as my third one, whom may also become a “Guiding Angel” for my behalf as I continue to finalize many of the unfinished aspirations assigned to my soloing henceforth, “while God’s divinity angels continue to monitor mutual instrumentalists for God’s Dreams” . . . as I relish also their perpetual divinity; .Amen! . . .sincerely . . .
    All the best,
    Larry M. Chin
    at 13712 E. Sunkist Dr. Ste 217
    La Puente, Ca. 91746

  • Christina

    When I was eight I got stung by a bumble bee. At the time, I did’t know I was allergic. Within thirty minutes my troat and whole body was swolled to double their size. We had two vehicles. One of the car’s battery was dead and the truck was with my Dad. My Dad worked on a ranch and maintained the big irrigation sprinklers. For two hours we waited for my Dad to come home. My Mom kept putting me in cold baths and I kept sucking on ice cubes until Dad came home. My Mom’s eyes kept leaking out tears and she kept me conscious by talking or yelling my name at intervals. The most remarkable thing was I kept telling Mom, “It’s okay. They keep telling me,”Stay calm there is nothing to worry about you’re safe.” Don’t worry Mom I’m okay.” By the time we got to the emergency room, I was incoherent and repeating “I’m okay Mom don’t worry.” The doctors don’t know how I survived,but I do cause I was never alone I could not see the angels, but I could feel their presense and hear their voices in my head the whole time. There was also the time at 16, I was riding with my friends back from town late at night. My friends and I had been drinking and we were coming upon a sharp corner. I knew she was driving too fast to make the turn. I remember seeing a image of loose gravel at the edge of the road and in my head “Get in the back now and get down between both seats.” So I got off the jocky between the two bucket seats and jumped to the floor behind them. Within seconds we went off the road. The car flipped twice and ended up in the ditch four feet below the road. The car had landed top down in two feet of mud. You see it had rained real hard for a week, and that extra cushion of mud kept the roof from smashing only half the amount that it would have otherwise. I could have died two different ways on that night. Either thrown out a window or been smashed to death. I will always be thankful for the voice of wisdom im my head…Two years ago my twin sister was diagnosed with Lukemia. She was born with an extra aorta. Through the love of others and much grace my sister is in remission. During her time at the hospital she often listened and counseled many of her nurses,friends,chapel sister and family through the whole ordeal. The interesting part was I think she was meant to have Lukemia at this time to help people along the way. I also believe God gave her two aortas to help her recovery time and a twin to provide her with blood or a marrow transplant if necessary. The most interesting thing is from my sister’s words “I don’t know how I knew what to say when any of them come into my room at intervals. I just know I can help them, cause it’s not me giving them answers. The guidance in their situation just comes to me. I’m just thankful I can help someone, since everyone has given so much to help me. Do I believe in angels? YES I DO.

  • Terri Beaver

    My angel story started in November of 2008. A cousin whom I as very close to committed suicide by hanging himself. I wanted to go to the funeral but was told to stay away, because of the hatred of another family member against me, my mother and sisters because we had brought charges of child molestation, against the person who was paying for the funeral. Out of spite he had the services on my 50th birthday. I knew he was sending me a very pointed message that he still was determined to get revenge. I am a single mom and knew that I would just have to trust in the lord to protect me.
    A week later close friends of mine committed a murder-suicide. They had been married 45 long years and could not take the hard economic times. I prayed so hard about what would make them feel like they could not go on any longer. I was given notice at my job that week, that I would probably be laid off in January. It was the best job I have ever had. I loved it and I was finally getting caught up on my bills. I looked online but nothing was out there. I should not have told my son because he started failing in school because of the worry. To make matters worse, I began having nightmares of my cousin telling how nice it was where he was at, and I should come and join him and my fiends. I could not sleep, I was afraid of that dream.
    After the lay off, it hit me real hard the first round of bills that I could not pay. Would I loose my home? Would we have to live in the street? I brought in $100.00 less with unemployment then it cost for my rent payment alone. I had not money for food, electricity, heat (the heater didn’t work anyway), or anything else. I had no savings and had used up my retirement and all of my credit on my credit cards when my older kids were hurt or in Iraq. My son and I were headed to homelessness and looking for work was so depressing. I would go to the websites and they were not hiring for anything. In Las Vegas if you are not in your 20’s, it is very hard to find a job even if you have experience and take care of your self.
    The worst thing was I ended up reading an article about date rape and had a flash back and remembered a time when my doctor raped me. I guess I had stored it away last year and did not realize it because I had a son in Iraq and a boyfriend with Cancer that I had to take care of at the time. My boyfriend dumped me after his successful cancer treatment so he will never know.
    I was depressed and at the end of my rope. I had some medications that the doctor had prescribed but had never used and I was ready to just end it all. I could not take anymore, I was not sleeping, I felt like a terrible mother and a bad person who could not even protect myself from a jerk who would take advantage of a patient.
    The only thing that kept me hanging on was my son. Who would take care of him? His father walked out when he was three and his adoptive father walked out in 2005. How badly would he be hurt if I did it? He seems to hate me, because he is angry all of the time. I have raised more then my five children. I know at 14 they all seem to hate you but it does not lessen the pain when you feel so alone. Because if he truly hated me what did I have to live for? I prayed everyday for guidance. I prayed to the good lord for the assistance that would give me the strength to carry on just one more day.
    Then a month and a half ago it happened. Sitting so alone in my room, reading things on positive links like Beliefnet, to keep my spirits up, I get an email from an old high school friend I had not heard from in 32 years. He ran away in his senior year of high school to join the Navy, because he could not deal with his home life. I cried for days. I did not see or hear from him again. I even tried to join the Navy to follow him but women were not welcome then. We both had changed our names. Him because he found out he had been adopted and went back to his biological fathers name and me because of being married. How in the world had he found me? Was it some kind of miracle? We started emailing each other and sharing our beliefs and telling each other about our life situations.
    He lives in Iowa and me in Las Vegas 1200 miles apart, with so much in common. We love our children; our God, the outdoor, making a difference in our community, and we both are going through some hard times and feel so alone. He keeps his sanity by being a Boy Scout leader and helping with his church. I keep mine by helping the kids in the neighborhood and walking every day.
    He is a good man and I know that I have found a great friend. I started to pull back from the friendship because of my fear of being hurt again and also of being committed to someone so far away. We had just had our first date on Valentines Day. He invited me to share a piece of cake and talk for the first time on the phone. He set the mood in such a romantic way and I have never been treated so special in my life. But I was very afraid and ready to run in the other direction because of the complications a deeper friendship or relationship would bring to my life and his, as well. I was terrified. He had already told me he did not do long distance relationships. I did not want to be hurt again.
    As I lay down that night trying to figure out how to distance myself from this good friend and wonderful man, an angel came to me and said, “God brought you together because you are good for each other. You will make each other grow spiritually like many other couples are not blessed to do. You have the gift and he will acknowledge it. If you choose this path it will not be easy but the rewards will be great. I will hold your hand as I hold his and you will not be alone, even when you are not together, I will join your hearts, it is good. Do not run away; open your heart to the possibility of God’s love. Allow it to enter and build your friendship in the way he meant it to be”. I felt and saw the angel that night and when I talked to my friend the next day he said he felt it as well. As a very conservative man I was very surprised that he could accept that I could see angels.
    We will not run because we have both been hurt in life but we will proceed forward in God’s faith that as a couple and fiends we will make each other stronger to face the challenges that lies ahead. I am no longer depressed. I have hope that with each challenge I can face it and we will survive in positive ways. My friend and the angel saved my life. I will be a good mother to my son and accept the messages that the angels give me. I will share them with the ones that are meant to hear. Life is for living and we can overcome challenges in these difficult times. We have to ask God to give us unlimited Miracles for we are deserving of them.

  • Your Name

    In 1980, I agreed to date a police officer in Carrollton, Texas. The day of the date, I woke up feeling so bad. I told him over the phone, that it felt like the flu and was unable to go. He said, he could not go alone. He has told everyone about me and I was going. He would take care of me. I got dress and was running a fever of 101. We got to the party. The party was at a camp site, for Christian Camps. It had a pool table, a ranch like setting and it had lots of bedrooms with lots of twin beds. I got there and he started playing pool and got me a strong drink. I was not much of a drinker and had not ate at all, all day. I got so timpy and my fever was going up, because I was freezing. I went to one of the bedroom for quiet and went to sleep. I woke up needing to throw up and a man was at my bedside. I went to a bathroom, that was adjacent to the room. He helped me to the bathroom and back and put a cold wash cloth to my forehead. I asked his name and he said, “Michael.” I said, thank you Michael. He said, “No problem at all.” He sit by my bed, in silence and held my hand. He did make a comment, that I should have stayed at home. I told him that he was missing the party, and I was fine. He said, “I am where, I want to be.” My date finally came and check on me 3 or 4 hrs later. He took me home and the next week, I talk to officers that was at the party who this guy was, that took care of me, named Micheal. No one seem to know a Michael, that works at the PD. I never found out who he was, but studing and learning about angels from Doreen Virtue, I realized it was him. He was around law enforcement and I needed him at the time. It all makes since. I have thanked him, thousand times over, for that one night, that he looked over me.
    Karen Neal, Celina, Texas

  • sharon

    When I lost my husband in 1997, he was working out of state. I remember the phone call; he was crying and said the doctor told him he had six months to live. He called me from a payphone because he did not want our children see him crying, he had sent for them weeks earlier to spend the summer with him in Florida. I told him its going to be OK you know how doctors are their practicing physicians, they could be wrong. Frantically he begged me to come to Florida as soon as possible. I knew in his voice, he knew he was dying. Quickly I arranged for my older son to stay in my apartment then called my close friend Kristy and convinced her to ride with me to Florida, she agreed and we packed a mobile trailer and before nightfall we were on our way. I drove straight through with few stops and almost got killed coming across a two-lane highway bridge between Florida and Louisiana. A truck driver with a double trailer started pulling into my lane after passing the passengers rear door on the right, I slammed on the brakes and prayed I would not jackknife the trailer and kill us both, he missed us by inches and his speed had to of been over 90 miles an hour, the highway was so packed it could of killed lots of people. I got mad and tried to fallow him. Kristy ask, what are you going to do if he stops somewhere, I replied whip his ass. We never got much closer than two mile behind him, he was moving so fast then turned north on a different highway, I could not fallow, but I imagined every blow I would of placed on his body if I had caught him, I guess that sufficed, I calmed down and focused to our mission. After getting to Florida, I spent one night lying next to Ron talking about everything but death. The next day I took him to the hospital because he felt bad, they kept him three days. During the three days I went to the hospital’s library and researched the diagnosis’s the doctor gave, I was devastated after reading the truth about the cancer; he did not have six months, it said weeks! I brought him home from the hospital for another two days before having to take him back. During that time I cannot begin to explain the stress I endured, his son’s were 8, and 10, and one of the hardest thing’s I have ever done in my life was to tell two little boys, whom adored their father, that he was dying soon. After telling them, everything got harder, they were mad at me, and would not talk to their father, I assume they did not want to hear him voice the word die and I was suppose to fix this like I had done when they got boo boos, and I couldn’t. Their father was placed back in the hospital the next day and we visited the hospital room and talked and laughed about old times, my step-son showed up and left the next morning back to Oklahoma. We took the boys home, I mean back to the house where we were staying and returned to the hospital and waited for the doctor to come in, when he arrived he told my husband to put his house in order he would not live much longer, turned to me and said we will be removing all fluid intake soon and we will be moving him to a hospital hospice unit at another hospital. He also explained some patients’ pass in the ambulance ride to the other hospital, so be prepared. You could of cut my heart out at that moment, and I may not have bleed. Time seemed to stop. My husband turned to me and said you should go eat something and when you get back I’ll be ready. Emotional, I had to leave, talking to myself be strong, be strong. I walked across the street from the hospital and entered a restaurant and bar, it was quite small and cozy, I sat at one of the three tables opposite of the bar, ordered some soup and a cup of coffee. Trying not to make a spectacle of myself and kept my head down, tears rolling from my face I had barely noticed there was a woman who walked pass me and said “it’s going to be alright but don’t stay here, Florida, it’s not for you” I admired her vivid red dress and her snow white hair as I turned my head toward her way, she had sat at the second table to the right of me, looking down at my soup silently speaking to myself “Sharon talk to her, she’s older and maybe she can help you deal with this.” I turned back toward her within a fraction of a minute to speak and she wasn’t there, gazing around the room, no glimpse of her dress could be found. I could not finish eating, I hurried and paid for my meal and went back to my husband. After a couple of hours they started removing the IV’s and started preparing him for transportation to the hospice unit, I was so scared, but the move went ok and he was placed in his new surrounding a few miles away from the other hospital. By the time I got there he had been made comfortable and had an IV in his arm, I asked what is this; the hospice nurse said it’s a concoction to help him with pain. I stayed awhile and then went home to check on the boys, after they fell asleep I returned to the hospice unit. He had become somewhat comatose and the nurse explained to me he could not feel any pain. They had this depressing church music playing, something you might here at a morgue, I had to change the channel to jazz he loves jazz. I sat next to him and a female friend showed up, she stayed with me and we talked for hours, we had put the hide abed down and tried to lye down but the gurgling noise coming from my husband had become to much for either of us to bare and we decided to go home and promptly return the next morning. Both of the boys were up at the crack of dawn and they wanted to see their father, I explained I needed to go to the hospital first and see if it was OK for them to visit. Knowing I was scared for their emotions. When I arrived back at the room a nurse was wrapping gauge around his legs,
    I walk over and asked what are you doing, unemotionally she replied “The cancer he has is vary aggressive and rigor mortise has sit in below his waist and we do this to keep the tissue together until he expires.” I must have lost my mind after she said that, because all I wanted to do was speak to Kevorkian and I reflected profoundly on his beliefs. I raised my voice at one point and exclaimed get a doctor in here now! All I could think about is would I want to die like this, hell no! I stepped close to his side and reached up to wipe his fore head and touch his hair and as I did I notice his teeth had fallen into his mouth and his hair came off his head and stuck to my hand…I was unbelievably angry. The nurse returned with a female doctor and she tried to assure me he felt no pain, I responded I would not let my dog die this way, then replied someone needs to turn this machine up and let him go. The doctor said, but that’s illegal for us to assist his with his death. I replied he died yesterday, what’s wrong with letting his body fallow, they both made excuses and left the room. I got on the phone and call my pastors watts line and ask him to give my husband his last rights, he ask could he hear him, I said yes and held the phone close to his ear, as the pastor finished my husband gasped and said Amen and a tear fell from his eye…I thanked the pastor and hung the phone up. I walked to the nurse’s station and explained I was leaving for awhile, knowing in my heart they would turn the machine up so he could go on, but they weren’t going to do it with me there. I prayed as I walked down that hallway leaving his room and ask god to take care of him, not an hour later he passed. The next day he was cremated and a small service was given inside the funeral home, and without the pastor ever meeting me or knowing anything, read every line of the bible that I had read to my husband the night before he was sent to hospice, I would like to believe that was him saying to me its OKs and thanks for sharing the words that helped him the same way they help me on that day.
    There is so much more to this story I cannot explain but his death profoundly affected many lives. The strangest thing of the whole ordeal was I thought hard about staying in Florida, but changed my mind and the first day back in Oklahoma I was shopping at the local grocery store and a book caught my attention about angels, I glanced through the pages and this sentence caught my eye ” sometimes angles come to us as humans and may have a bright aura about them. “ I immediately reflected on what the woman said to me in the restaurant in Florida, why would she say what she said to me she did know me, at that moment a godly calmest fell over me.

  • Caroline

    I wihses I wins it. Its to expensive to for me into the book store…

  • Caroline

    The Angels guided and blessed me all my life . Since I was a little child.
    AS i was into beginn to fall to the stairs down i know intuitive to hold me on the handrail.
    Soory my English….

  • linda hayes


  • Elaine Tramutola

    I was at work on Christmas Eve on Staten Island in NY and was called to come to my father’s bedside in Toms River, NJ. They said he was quite ill and they did not think he would survive the next few hours. My dad was gravely ill with heart disease and emphysema. When I arrived at the hospital, my dear mother who was ill with cancer herself, but hanging in there, was at his bedside. They were married for 50 years and were each other’s true soul mates. I saw the fear in her eyes, so could not show her mine. I spoke to the nurse and the house physician and they both told me that my father had congestive heart failure, but that he was too far gone to pull through. I asked if I could see him and when I entered his room, I did not see a man who was dying. Each breath did seem like his last, but his face did not look like death was approaching. My family were “good” catholics, so my mother and I asked that a priest be found to give my father last rites. One was not present in the hospital, but a chaplain, an Episcopal nurse was present. At first I was hesitant, but then I was desparate, so I agreed to have her pray with me and my father. We went into the room and Ellen, the Chaplain, proceeded to pray, and I responded to her prays and my father, in whispers, responded too. Her soft angelic voice and kind glances brought an overwhelming calmness into the room. I felt peace and my father had a smile on his face. After Ellen blest my Dad with holy water and said Fred, you will be okay and turned me and said God Bless, she turned and left the room. I noticed on her sweatshirt was the picture of an angel, and I truly believe she was.
    I went out to get my Mom to bring her into the room. She was so helpless and frightened, but when I took her to see my Dad and he was smiling she broke out in tears, she could not believe the difference. After about an hour of visiting, I went out to the nurse’s station to try and locate Ellen, our saving grace. I asked the nurse on duty; she didn’t know who I was talking about. She did not know who she was. I asked another nurse, she didn’t know either. My father was home by New Year’s Eve and we celebrated together. Though both my parents are now deceased, I often think of that Christmas Eve and I truly believe that Ellen was an Angel sent to me, to us to save my Dad and give us a Christmas Miracle.

  • claudine

    Am strong believer in Archangel Micheal for he is the Head of all Angels and works close to God. I know he hears me for if I were him I would to self ;”Oh no Claudine is asking me same question again” He knows what it is since was eight. I believe he has sent me many Angels throughout my life and thus will be ever grateful knowing a Loving Archangel is watching over me my daughter and home. Many Blessings.

  • Gillian

    My google search to learn more about Archangel Michael led me to your site. I have just read Doreen’s Virtues 8 Ways of recognising him but for me there is just a total feeling of love and protection accompanied by a strong ‘I am here’presence and my instincts tell me it is him.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rachel

    The angels never lie. When I was a small child my caregivers used to have long and intense arguments which caused me great distress. One day, I was around seven years old, I was on my bedroom floor crying for what seemed to be forever – I was crying so hard I was gasping for breath and nearly vomiting- when I felt a feminine presence and a voice clear and loud in my head telling me ‘don’t worry,in ten years none of this will matter’. I was comforted instantly by her presence, she had such beautiful, loving energy, and a great sense of calm came over me. Fast forward ten years later and the angels were right, my childhood did seem far away because by then I had become a teenage runaway involved in crime and drugs! I had even more worries, even though I had always assumed the angel had meant that I would be living the wonderful life of my childhood dreams. When I share my story with friends now we laugh at what a good sense of humor the angels have, and how right they were! I managed to turn my life around again shortly after I survived an armed robbery -it was a great wake up call. It has been my belief since the day the ‘lady’ came to me that I have always had angels protecting, guiding and comforting me and we are never alone.

  • Ellie Mae

    Ok, this is something I have never told anyone, but now, I need to tell my story. The reason I had even found this sight is due to- the quest of seeking anyone who has met or been in the presence of Arch Angle Michael. Perhaps, 28 yr. ago, I had dreamed of the end of the world. The dream felt as it went on for a month, because I could remember every detail of the dream to this day. Short Synopsis ( I met Jesus ) by the end. But a Unknown winged creature had saved me from many torments that I had been under. I treated as a dream, exhausted from the memory for months.

    About 7yrs ago while sleeping, can’t remember if anything bad happened in the dream, can’t even remember the dream. Why I can remember this is unexplained, but I met Saint Michael the Arch Angel, No question. I still can remember it visibly… He was the most handsome and powerful entity I have ever encountered. White feathered wings that expanded at least a hundred feet in width on both sides. I asked the inhuman entity who he was and he did not answer in speech; but by the mind, and he never told me his name nether way. But I knew, he told me– too hard to describe- exactly how he told me, and it was like I had known him forever.

    When I had awoke, I had a since of piece and love… never have felt that much love, inspiration, guidance, and protection as I had felt in that dream. Yes, it could have been just a dream… but why- I remember nothing before the moment this (whatever) approached me, is a mystery. The feeling was unbelievable, and now I can not put a face on it… just know that- I was so inspired, I still have a crush on something I may never see again. Just remember the unattainable beauty and the feeling that he saved me from something, so horrible that… he will not let me see that part. Really, can’t even say if it was a dream, but all memory is gone.

    Never told anyone till now, with the fear people would think I was crazy… but when ever hearing his name, I will always smile; knowing that I miss that incredible Angle that took care of me… and hope to see him again… funny, i’m crying as I am writting this.

    • Ellie Mae

      Don’t want to win anything, just needed to tell, and see if anyone has a similar story?????

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