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‘SNL’ and The ‘Palin Effect’

palinsnlpic.jpgIf John McCain is photographed holding up a “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline on Election Night in two weeks, pundits and media talking heads across the country will no doubt point to the invisible “Obama Factor” as the reason for why this a priori nominee didn’t win. What they may be missing, though, will be the “Palin Effect,” at least if last week’s “Saturday Night Live” is any indication.
The ratings for last Saturday night’s show–headlined by Palin–were the highest in the last 14 years. That’s fourteen years! Those were the days of Chris Farley. Of Adam Sandler. Al Franken was still writing for the show. That’s how long ago that was!


More important than ratings, though, “SNL” has become relevant in this campaign, and never more so than with the addition of Palin to the national stage and Tina Fey playing her on the “SNL” stage.
A show doesn’t get ratings because it puts on a great episode–it gets ratings based on the anticipation of a great episode, and such was the anticipation when Palin’s appearance was announced. America tuned in. What does tell us about our upcoming election?
Well, it could mean that even though a majority of Americans won’t vote for her, they wanted to see her. Or, it could be that they wanted to see Fey and Palin on the same stage (the resemblance is amazing!) Or, it could be that there are countless Americans who won’t tell a pollster they’re voting for her, but deep down they would love to know that a working mom who stands up to government corruption and big business can really go play with the big boys in D.C. and remind us all that leadership is really not about how you do in the media but how you do at decision-making. And there are many working moms–and working men–who respect the chutzpah of a good decision-maker of strong character. Perhaps–when behind the voting curtain–there may be a boatload of Americans who wish they could be what our founders imagined–a citizen Congressman–and in lieu of such will vote for an everywoman who has a chance.
I hope the election is closer than any of us think it will be. I hope that the McCain-Palin team pulls off the upset. I’m rooting for this not because they ran a better campaign–they didn’t–but because we’re not electing a speech-giver or a teleprompter-reader-in-Chief but rather a leader. And it’s possible that when voters get behind closed doors, the feared secret of anti-Obama racism is far, far outweighed by a nation of secret Palin fans who–if you believe the Nielson Rating Company–were outed last weekend.
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  • charlotte

    i’M SO TIRED OF THE Candidates concentrating on charisma rather than the REAL ISSUES.

  • tom

    Predators are shaking in the dark but no-one messes with my freedom
    it’s a hoax and a joke-fear and if your’e scared GO TO CHURCH, but her future looks brighter peace begins here at home,one nation indivisible and for all-don’t be fooled by what you see.

  • Karen

    None of the reasons for watching SNL mentioned applied to me or my friends. We watched to see Palin be made to look stupid as she usuallly does! She is NOT your average mom.

  • Joe

    All of these poles are one sided (biased) to one side. I believe McCain is running a good campain with the money he has for the race. I think he will win. The poles are so skewed and taken by the Democrates.

  • Norvel Willis

    i am sick and tired of the blatant racism tht is being displayed by the McCain/Palin camp and anybody else, including you, that continues to degrade Obama because of the color of his skin. He has been called a “racist”, Radical” “Terrorist”, “Arab”, and a person to be feared. Would all of tghis negative attack be against a “white” democratic candidate? Oh, they also say he is inexperienced! How much experience does McCain and Palin have? Do you think that it’s possible that McCain was probably brainwashed in the prison camps and that’s probably why he picked unknown Palin to be his running mate in the first place? She is the governor of a state of less than a half million people, and has no experience dealing with national and international issues. She doesn’t even know the role of a VP by her own explanation. Even his own party disagrees with that choice. I really don’t want a couple of MAVERICKS running this country. The position is way too important for that.I think Palin’s future is in Hollywood.

  • Kris

    I don’t understand why people think Obama will not be a good leader. He is a lot more than a great speech-giver. He is smart, saavy, compassionate, strong, and can think on his feet without needing to be harsh or put people down. These are all qualities that will make him a great president. To those who think the polls are biased, I think that is just wishful thinking on your part, but we will see in just 12 days!

  • Percy Shaul

    How sad people think this is a racist campaign. Racisim is on bama side, just ask Bill Clinton. I myself find it very difficult to vote for or support a person that cannon be trusted. If you believe in G-d you have faith and trust…if not you are on the wrong web site.

  • Bob Petersen

    The sickening idea of McCain/Palin winning is almost beyond comprehension, and I am going to be very uneasy until November 5th. If, however the unthinkable happens and McSame/Failin win, I look forward to the foreign press’ assessment of the continued stupidity of the American populace. That would be the only bright spot in this disaster. Since the Republicans have succeeded in stealing the Presidency more than once before, they could again. But as long as “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” are still more popular with the voting population than the Presidential Election, we’ll get what we deserve. This once great country could get there again, but not with more of the failed corrupt leadership style of the past 8 years.
    I won’t emigrate to another counrty if this dire event occurs, but I was hoping for a return to the compassionate, intelligent leadership of prior Democratic administrations, with the affluence, budget surplusses and plentiful job opportunities that came with it.
    Whatever the outcome, I’ll continue to work at making this a better country to live in, and for my children and grandchildren.

  • John

    I’m sad to see there are so many people posting not only negative comments, but downright hateful comments.
    The first thing is, I cannot vote for a candidate that has repeatedly espoused the ideals of “taking from the rich and giving to the poor”. I feel that if this is done, the government should have no part in the decision or manner of dispersal. It is up to the conscience of the individual. The way the Democrat Campaign is couching this amounts to class warfare.
    Secondly, I resent that my support for any candidate would amount to my being accused of being a racist. My vote is dependent on the voting record and policies of the person running for an office.
    Thirdly, I am afraid that the election is being run as a beauty pageant, and the true agenda behind the front-runners at this point is being clouded with racist accusations and collusion from the media. Whether the media is a willing participant in this is up to conjecture, but it seems that leaving out some of the factual evidence can be considered as such.
    If the House and the Senate have a filibuster majority, with a president that is of the same party, this country can and probably will, go down the road of Socialistic Fascism. The seeds have been sown that paint all business as greedy and evil. Why this has been allowed to happen is the result of the irresponsibility that was rampant in the ’60s and carried over to the ’70s.
    After the Constitutional Congress, Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government we had. His answer was, A Republic, if you can keep it. If the direction this country is traveling is not changes, we will lose that Republic. The Leftest Agenda will kill it.

  • Thomas Martin

    My God, people. Please get your head on straight. Sarah Palin seems to be a devoted wife and mother, but as far as politics and being a heartbeat away from the Presidency is more than scary. She really doesn’t have a clue! As a Vice President, she really will not be able to control the Senate, or go among them and make policy. I do not fault her for being the candidate, I fault John McCain who just wanted a pretty female to attract women voters. She is being used! I am an independent, but I am also voting for Barrack Obama as he certainly has the intelligence to pinpoint and work on this country’s problems. His track record of working among the needy for 12 years is also pretty darn impressive, particularly when compared to a candidate who possesses at least 7 houses and 13 cars.

  • Carmen Feola

    I do hope McCain/Palin win this election. They have proven in actions not just in words that they are capable of taking on the presidency. May God Bless them and protect all the canditates in this race.

  • Linda Phillis

    They watch SNL just to see how smart she really is, she makes a better actress than a VP. I am not sure we are ready for a black president but I know we are not ready for a ditator who has a side that boards on violence either, I guess a war hero is one thing and a prisoner of war another who is to say he has not been brain washed and when taking office the buttons are pushed for within to destory what is left of out mess of a country!!!!! Scarry huh???????? GOD needs a place in our world again when we take him look what happen just look to our schools…………. And we have thoes trying to take it off out money maybe this is his wake up call WAKE UP AMERICA AS a child once said god is now here not nowhere……… MAY heaven helps us as we sure have made a mess that our kids will not see the end of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION need I say MORE!!!!!!!!! KEY HERE PEOPLE NOT GOVERMENT

  • Randall Stephens

    how do we repair Washington
    Einstein said you can’t fix a problem with the same brain that
    created it so why is it that we think either candidate will fix
    our troubles in Washington follow the money we have just experienced
    8 years of thieves That will go unpunished Why is that Federal Judges have been programed to look the other way Why is that
    Help The System is Broke Not Just the Players

  • Gloria

    Please people, there is a lot of jive regarding Sarah Palin. Where did she come from. No one ever heard of her before McCain decided, since Hillary didn’t get it, he would pick some woman to secure women votes. I would not want to wake up and find that the US is in the hands of Palin. There was talk that Obama wasn’t ready for this. This women has no clue and anybody with any sense can tell that. She has never talked about issues. Everything is a joke to her, so that is why she stood out on SNL, she identifies with it. And to the person who made the comment about being ready for a black president, this is the 21 st century, what does the color of a persons skin have to do with their ability. Black people have lived with and voted for white presidents all of their lives. Give me a break. Whoever gets in we had better pray.

  • jayby

    NADER-the only rational choice

  • Debra

    What a joke! Sarah Palin against government corruption?!! Don’t believe the (GOP) hype.
    Troopergate – enough said!

  • Ed Stowe

    I wonder if I wasted my efforts in Korea. I see the American people choosing the liberal/socialist left as their choice to ruin our country. Why do I say that?
    1- Liberals have engineered this bailout fiasco by forcing banks to lower their requirements so that people that should not have mortgages got them. This started during the Clinton administration. look at the results. Do you think this was an effort to buy votes?
    2- If they retain control you aint seen nothing yet. How about taxing small businesses to the point they cannot expand and provide more jobs instead many will have to layoff some employees and many more will be forced to close their doors. How will that affect our economy can a truthful liberal answer that? That is one effect of “Spreading the Wealth”.
    3- Obama is planning on giving this “Spread the Wealth” confiscation of your money to thousands of people who don’t even pay income taxes. Does this smack of a welfare give away program?
    McCain was not my first choice but he was engineered during the early caucuses by cross over votes by Democrats voting in the Republican Primary. He was the darling of liberals due to his “crossing the aisle”. But he is proving to be a good choice now.
    There’s much more that I could go on for hours with but I will close it now because I don’t think I can change any Socialist’s mind.

  • Sheila

    It concerns me that Beliefnet would use this net page as a Plateform for this Presidential race. The American people have a full plate and if anything it should be offering more inspirational pages on how to get through these times. Some people are racially charged and even some families are divided with respect to the issues at hand and who would best solve this mess we are in. I hope through all this that who ever wins the race can offer the change that America needs to pull through this. I am tired of the name calling and the racially charged statements which would only tear at this Country further apart because on morning of November 5th we would have one more thing to repair. For once we need to stand together as one America and pull together to get through this mess!! I pray for those whose families have been destroyed by the mortage crises and those who can’t find it in their hearts to accept change or because of the color of a person’s skin can get beyond that. I pray for those who have lost their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. You see, all these troubles don’t have a color we are from the same woven cloth. We should remind ourselves that scream and holler all you want it’s not your plans, best as you might think they are but everything has a purpose under the Heavens and this might be our wake up call to pull together and start seeing each other in a different light and start coming together and use the privilege of voting just as that a vote with the hope in the end we have done all we can do to make what our individual belief count with hope that it has made that difference. WE have a lot of responsibility at stake not only to each other but to where we fit in this world and to our ultimate Creator who never gives up on us with all our flaws we can be assured that he still loves us.
    Thank God for Jesus!! and the best to those who are on the journey to healing Mind, and Spirit….

  • Ani

    I wish that someone would just come up with the truth and quit all this nastiness and name-calling.
    I see a young man who seems to hold HOPE in his hands. And I see an old man who cannot hide feelings of hate and rage. . . his expressions tell it all. We have too much of that.
    Forget the vice-presidential candidates. But then we can’t, can we? We have a tried and outspoken Senator of many years who is a fighter and we have a young woman who makes jabs and jokes instead of concentrating on the real issues.
    I can only pray that God sees fit to put the right person in the highest office in our land.

  • marie

    The polls show a massive public leaning toweards Obama in virtually every country in the world. Wouldnt this huge popularity strenghten his power to lead us all out of this global crisis ?

  • Ron

    First of all, I am retired Air Force and it would frightened me to death to know that Sen. McCain or Governor Palin could possibly be the administration to keep us in this war or place my kids in harms way just because we did not win the conflict in Vietnam (It’s over). We should not have been there (Vietnam) nor in this current mess with Iraq. We were, according to our intellegence sources, attacked by Afghanistan. No Weapons of Mass Destruction was ever found so now countless of precious lives were lost and hundreds of thousands changed mentally and physically because of greed and revenge. Are we truly a CHRISTIAN NATION? SAY IT AIN’T SO JOE! Someone needs to read the bible again or maybe my version wasn’t updated.

  • justgivinback

    i too logged on for some spiritual comfort this morning and again was bombarded with the political view of the writer of this article. i don’t care who you vote for, just make sure that you do! FYI…if you go to vote and your name is somehow not in the record book, DO NOT FILL OUT PROVISIONAL BALLOT. ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT. PROVISIONAL BALLOTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ACTUAL VOTE UNLESS NEEDED. unfortunately provisional ballots are being pushed if for some reason your name does not appear in the “book”.
    i pray for peace for all

  • Jerry Collins

    By all measures, Republicans are losing the national election. The last two GWB administrations have been disastrous in every way for this country. As the administration of the Presidency, the Republican Party has had most of my adult lifetime to overturn Roe v. Wade and they have done nothing. The comments about Palin as a working mom, free from corruption, are belied by her early support of the bridge no nowhere and the finding of the bipartisan commission that her conduct during the efforts to fire the trooper, although legal, left something to be desired ethically.
    I hope that this time the country will not allow itself to be Swift Boated by an opportunist who stood to make millions on energy during a do-nothing administration, and now has the gall to try to make millions more espousing alternative energy as a result of the crisis he helped create. Is there a wind turbine to which T. Boone can be affixed? It would have to be on someone else’s farm, of course, but his hot air might contribute something to the grid.

  • Diane

    I agree with Ani, I have never seen so much hate and cruelty in an election. I live in Ohio and the things that I have seen and heard are just disgusting. It’s been so embarassing to see some of the people at these rallies filled with such hate and hearing comments like “If he’s president the blacks will take over”, or seeing the Obama ghost hanging from a tree. A lot of people say black people are voting for him b/c he’s black, which is such an insult to someone’s intelligence. I am a black woman with a bachelor’s degree in public administration and policy who has never been on welfare and works hard every day to support my family. I’m voting for Obama because I need affordable healthcare and I share his values for what this nation could be. I can tell you why 95% of african american’s are voting for Barack and it’s not b/c we think we’re about to get a free hand out from the government, it’s b/c not since Martin Luther King has there been a figure like him for us to look up to. For the first time little black boys acttually believe that they can go to college and actually become something other than a rapper or a ball player. He has given our people hope that they can do better and be better This man has inspired not just people in our country but all over the world. Some say he’s a dreamer and naive, but I say he is all of us black, white, anyone who has been through a struggle, anyone who has faced any type of discrimination, anyone who didn’t let there surroundings stop them from letting their light shine, anyone who is an expression of the American Dream. With that being said call me what you want and say whatever you want, if your candidate makes you feel that way, then that’s who you should be voting for, be it McCain or Obama.

  • Erwin

    To have anyone write that Sara Palin is just no ordinary Hockey Mom, but someone who could bring unity to the Congress is ludicrous. Sara Palin is as divisive as McCain. She’ll bring us four more years of George W. Bush…God forbid. This ambitious woman who was found guilty of violating Alaska’s ethical standards, earns more than a quarter million dollars a year, and claims to be just a regular homemaker.
    She continues to deny the media access to ask the tough questions, and whines that Obama is guilty of “palling” around with a terrorist forgets to mention her pal McCain was guilty of “palling around with Keating, a felon.
    It’s been pleasant to learn that her value to the Republican ticket continues to diminish, and reflects horrendously on McCain’s poor judgement.
    She does look good in $150,000 worth of clothing and accessories.

  • Maureen

    anyone elected to office after calling his trophy wife the nasty things he has called her, and THAT, “my friends” is admitted by his own party, has no business in office. Palin was selected just to siphon off Hilary’s woman supporters. If elected, she ,her brood and her POLAR BEAR PIN will move into Blair House, and any thing she tries to do will be met first with “shut Up Sarah” you served your purpose , and then she will get the nasty four letter word attached to her name as well.
    And, will we EVER see where her “Fox in sheeps clothing” goes after the election, the hundred thousands worth? Sure we will. They have been tailored to her frame so they CANT be donated. DONATED WHERE? Donated my Aunt Fanny. Convenient Excuse.
    Who will pay for the family trip to the snowmobile races if they are elected? THE TAX PAYERS? WHo would have to pay for the Secret Service Detail to such a place? THE TAX Payers. Don’t even get me started.
    ALso, being a POW is not an automatic IN for the White House, or myUncle who survived the Bataan Death March would have been President LONG AGO.

  • Caroline

    Whatever happened to the days when you kept somethings private? I am the last of the Baby Boomers and in my day, we were taught about three things that you did not discuss. Those were your religion, your salary, and your politics. I signed up on this site for daily spiritual readings…not for political advice. I must now unsubscribe…God is a God of order…

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