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Katy ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Perry, One-Time Christian Singer

It’s pretty much inevitable that sometime this summer you’ll hear Katy Perry’s hit single “I Kissed a Girl” blaring out of someone’s car, or in a dance club, or in a department store, if you haven’t already. And, if you aren’t looking for any kind of spiritual enlightenment and just want to hear a cool song with a great beat and interesting lyrics, you just might find yourself dancing or even (gasp!) singing along to it, as I have.
However, as Beliefnet’s Gospel Soundcheck blogger Joanne Brokaw points out, up until a few years ago, Katy Perry was known in the Christian music industry as Katy Hudson, daughter of two pastors, and released a self-titled, faith-based album in 2001. Obviously, this is causing a stir in some circles.
In a recent piece, which explores Perry’s conversion from Christian singer to sexpot pop star, Joe Levy, Editor in Chief of Blender magazine, says of Perry, “I don’t think she fits in with other Christian music artists who transition to pop success. She didn’t transition–she stopped dead, reinvented herself, became an artist who has nothing to do with Christian music. It’s a footnote in her career. It looks like who she is now is who she wants to be, slightly outrageous and very cute. And right now that’s working.”


Ain’t that the truth! Currently Perry’s album “One of the Boys” is #1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart. And, of course, depending on how conservative you are, there’s certainly some shock value to Perry’s songs and lyrics:
I Kissed a Girl: “I kissed a girl and I liked it/ The taste of her cherry chap stick/ I kissed a girl just to try it/ I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.”
Ur So Gay: “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys.” (some of the more risqué lyrics can’t be printed here)
If You Can Afford Me: “If you want me, a cherry on top, the pick of the peck/The crème de la crop/If you want me you better do better than that tonight.”
In the same ABCNews piece, Brokaw says she finds it Perry’s about-face interesting and wonders about her motives. “I get the sense that maybe [Perry] was engaged in rebellious behavior back then (when she was a Christian artist). I just wonder what the decision was–did people not really know or were they looking the other way?”
I think that’s just one of many questions that will get a lot of people thinking about Perry’s transition and Christian music in general: Are artists using the Christian music industry as a stepping stone into mainstream radio–regardless of how “Christian” their behavior is? And what constitutes a “Christian artist” anyway? And do Christian labels even care if an artist is a model Christian if he or she can sell records?
I mean, most of the Christian rock and pop artists and musicians I’ve interviewed over the years get a sour taste in their mouths over the term–they want to be known as “Christians who just so happen to make music” not simply “Christian musicians” and often use examples like “If a Christian is a doctor or mailman, you don’t call him a ‘Christian doctor’ or ‘Christian mailman.'”
For the time being, I’m going to try to look away from the controversy, since I’m certainly not looking for any spiritual guidance from Perry or her music. I’m really just looking for some good tunes, and–at the risk of sounding anti-feminist–today’s female artists, with a few exceptions, don’t really do it for me. Avril, Kelly, and the others will never be Janis, or Joni, or Grace.
It’s unfortunate and sad that talented artists like Katy and Amy [Winehouse] will most likely be known twenty years from now for their shock value, lyrical and otherwise, and personal lives, instead of breaking the mold at a time when female artists are all doing the same ol’ thing (and not well).
I recommend Perry’s album for those who don’t care about the “scandal” or Perry’s past life. She has a great voice and a empowering spirit that reminds me of Alanis Morissette (back when she was still relevant) and I think she could really go places. I just hope she doesn’t rely on shock value alone for her next album–because that kind of stuff could get old really quickly.

  • Jade

    K then….. well I do like her the song I kissed a gurl. But the lyrics r REALLY strange and WRONG! I like the peace though.

    peace out! lol!

  • J Forbush

    I am a Christian, all I know is that Kate Perry is not a homosexual. She said tried it. That doesn’t mean she is a Homosexual. Even if she is that is her business. Besides I see a problem with this post in conflict with the bible. Thall shall NOT judge. One of the teachings of Jesus Christ was forgiveness. She is also of the race of man meaning she has freewill to do what she pleases. Also at birth there can be flaws such as having your genes flawed, meaning something in the process is mutated this can either be a female with a sex hormone balance of a male. Meaning she does not get turned on by males. Also think about a hermaphrodite the problem is caused by the protozoan to be fertilized both ways causing both genders. We need to be more open about these things. Why should a hermaphrodite be lonely their entire life because they were born both ways, they shouldn’t and there is two ways to view that problem 1) They are straight no matter what they choose 2) They are gay no matter what they choose. I think homosexual references in the bible could actually be interpreted as what the Greeks did while they were at war. The Jews did NOT like the Greeks. Also we don’t even have the original copy of the bible, so there is no way to truly verify this. I find different problems in many different translations today, so what is to say the King James bible was 100% translated with the same intention, or that it is not interpreted different from the original as some bibles are interpreted different from the King James.

  • chad

    I think she is great fuckin singer, christian or not.

  • rma

    Oh don’t you worry about judgement – God will certainly do the judging just like he took care of Sodom & Gamorrah with judgement of fire & brimstone.
    But for now the Bible teachs us to judge people by their fruits…and I’m thinkin this little number by Kate is rotten to the core.
    If you think we have a passive God you don’t read your BIBLE, and in that case you worship a god (little g) that you have made up in your imagination.
    Sorry but that’s the facts.

  • rachel

    woah dude. the bible does not teach us to judge people by their fruits. it teaches us not to judge them at all.
    and while i do believe the bible is complete truth in terms of FACTUAL happenings, i think the teachings and their applications to the present day can change. there are lots of examples in the bible such as polygamy being okay at one point (because it was the cultural norm) and not being okay at other points in time, the transition from the old covenant laws (ie eating meat, not having sex with a woman who is on her period, etc etc), and other examples. it’s possible that homosexuality wasn’t sanctioned by the bible and God (yes, capital G) back then because the cultures that did participate it in mostly used it in pagan temples and such – not as actual committed relationships.
    but besides all that, i think katy has a very good voice. the song is very catchy and i like it, in spite of the shock value. though in these times where there are so many new artists to set yourself apart from, it sort of makes sense she’d do that for a first album/single. hopefully the next one will get over that though and we can see the music behind the real girl, and not just shock value stuff :)

  • yeah

    I use to help manage a venue where Christian rock groups would come and play. It was outrageous the number of bands I had to ask to leave because of drugs or alcohol. I’m talking big names that if you were a fan of Christian punk and metal, you probably love. Being a Christian does not make you exempt from sin and rebellion. I love her new song and I completely agree with the comment that Avril and Kelly will not be the next Joni, Heart, or edgy female rockers, they’re actually quite irritating. I love Katy’s rawness and edginess.

  • james

    the term “Christian” is synonymous with “follower of Christ.” you are not a “follower of Christ” who preached that the word of God is inerrant, knowing that the word of God preaches against homosexuality as a sin.
    you may follow your own school of thought and behave how you wish and in the end slap that onto Christ’s reputation, but you certainly are not a follower of anything but yourself and the world- not Christ.
    i’m not judging either because that would be to pass sentence, not simply call the facts as they are according to reality and what the Bible says. i’m doing the latter. think about this and for the first time come to the Jesus that you so WANT to love, but whom you just haven’t loved more than yourself up until now.

  • gpholland

    the main thing is knowing without a doubt that you are saved and do not have to worry about hell,hell is as real as heaven,it said to be ahorrible place or torrment forever,thats a very long time

  • Rachel

    I’ve never even heard the song but I do know that the Bible says that we will all stand before God one day to be judged and if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior (you know… have a personal relationship with him, talk to him, pray to him, believe he died for your sins, so you can be saved and go to heaven, and try to live by the 10 commandments) than he will say “I Never Knew You”, and how sad and scary will that day be for anyone who rejects the message of God in the Holy Bible.
    Jesus came to this Earth and went through torture for all humans and died on the cross so that we may have life, If we believe the scripture John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and whosoever shall believe in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life! ( I don’t care how corny it may sound, cuz no matter how I stumble, I know I am forgiven by his wounds and I also know where I am going…..DO YOU???? God bless you all:)

  • James Locke

    (Anyone who objects to my comment is being judgmental towards me.)
    “Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.'” (Luke 17:1-2, NIV)

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