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Enter to Win: Autographed ‘Prince Caspian’ Book

“Prince Caspian,” the sequel to 2005’s “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” hits theaters Friday, May 16th, and to celebrate we have three books to give away—”The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” (movie tie-in edition). One of these books, the grand prize, is autographed by Ben Barnes, who plays Prince Caspian, as well as other cast members. The other two books are not autographed.
Want a copy?
Post a comment below by June 2nd answering the following question: “Do you have your own personal ‘Narnia’? Where is it?” Make sure you include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The 3 best responses–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors—will win one of the books.
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  • William T Walker

    Been trying to enter the contest. I am from Mobile, Alabama, right across the bay from Fairhope where the book Forrest Gump was written. Sometimes I think I was the one who influenced Mr Groom to write the book for I “am not a smart man.”
    I follow the rules on this contest and just go around and round in circles. I am NOT a smart man, but I have checked everything out and still can’t make the thing work. It is after time to start the contest —– I clicked the right icon —– (heck, I’ve clicked them all.)
    If this is a test of my faith then nany nany boo boo. I win. The circles I was led in didn’t make me mad, only kind of bamfuzzled me (that’s southernese for “scrambled my brain”). Oh well. “I am not a smart man,” Forrest Gump. “Me neither,” William T Walker.
    Vertitas vos liberabit
    William T walker

  • Anonymous

    William, in order to enter the contest, all you have to do is click on “Post a comment” (as you did to post your comment above) and answer the following question: “Do you have your own personal ‘Narnia’? Where is it?”

  • K

    My own personal ‘Narnia’ is when I rise daily and take a few minutes to read a short passage and prayer relative to trying to live each day as I think God wants me to, while meditating on spiritual growth and of communion with the divine, along with our connectivity to God and to each other. It is a Narnia to contemplate righting wrongs and to pray for the guidance to think, say and do ‘the right thing’. I like to believe we are a part of the divine and not apart from it, so it helps to have a personal Narnia of one’s own.

  • Melissa Arnold

    Hi! I’m in Corpus Christi, Texas and I wish i did my daughters have one. One is with in the mountains in Washington state the other is in the forest at a place called Gaurdner State park in Texas. They are both Prencesses.

  • Jaen

    I loved the first movie and cant wait for the next one to come out. I have always loved Narnia. I found the book and even watching the movie i will never get tired of it. it is such a wonderful book, filled with imagination and hope and somehow certain feels its home.
    I have my own Narnia and I love going there when i can that is camping in the burgh here in south africa. i go as often as i can. just to be in the wilderness and see the animals in the own homes and i always learn something new and i fall in love with my Narnia more and more every time i go.

  • michael thurston

    My own personal Narnia is the roof top of my garage. it is where I go to disaper from all of the problems of the day. The best time is during twilight when the sun is setting and there is a thick ground mist. With a thick ground mist the vally floor looks like is on fire with bright oranges and reds all a glowing. If I am really lucky the big bay horses that are pastured below will be moving in and out of the glowing mists seeming like phantoms there one minute and gone the next.I have even tryed to take pictures of the horses and the mists but have never be able to.I think and feel that the reason my pictures never turn out is because this is such a special and magical thing to see that mabe a picture would cheepen it and take away the magical feelings. Everyone needs a little magic in there lives,there heart,there mind, and there soul!I know that I do and I pray that I will never loose my ability to feel and see the magical things in this world!

  • Rhonda Frank

    My own personal Narnia is in my shower. I can worship and pray all that I need to without interruption. The bathroom door is like the wardrobe door when I enter. It is another world to me without all the cares of the day, kids fighting and phones ringing. All of this taking me away from my first love…God. So just as the wardrobe is an escape from a time of war in real life where they seem to have no ally; the bathroom is where I retreat to pray, worship and pull it all back together with my God.

  • Andrea

    My own personal Narnia is everywhere around me. A thing as small as a butterfly or as large as the sunrise inspire me to imagine different worlds and characters all around me. I love writing their stories down and reading them over and over. It’s a neat way to relive the fun experiences I’ve had with these wonderful creatures and beautiful places that live in my vivid imagination. I’ve got notebooks filled with my “Narnia” friends and their stories. Interacting with these friends, if only in my mind, helped me overcome a deep depression that once consumed me. Reading their stories again and again helps me stamp out the remnants of my sorrows for good. It also helps me have the courage to create my own story and to help those around me live out their very own stories.

  • Carol Wekszner

    My own personal Narnia is my Backyard.Where I sit & watch the squirrels,chipmunks,birds,rabbits and other creatures explore my Narnia.Ialso talk with God,my Mom,my Sister Amy(who has departed my life over 20 years ago.I find peace in the backyard with all of God’s creatures.Ialso plant shrubs,flowers,friuts & veggies & seed for my wildlife friends.

  • Shannon Blanton

    My own Narnia is in the woods behind our house. There are all types of creatures and beautiful plant life there and there is also a river that runs along the edge of our property. I go back there when I need a peace of mind or just to walk and enjoy my surroundings. My children and I go back there quite often to explore and we always find something new when we are back there. It truly is a place of wonder.

  • John Stirewalt

    My Narnia is the woods around our farm and the time I spend with my son. Especially after a hard day at work he gives the “bestest hugs”. They seem to just melt everything away. The woods have always been special to me to smell the honeysuckle and hear the whipper wills, it is just awesome!

  • Doris Mahala

    I have more than one personal Narnia place. The first place I have reconnect with God is on our porch listening to the birds early in the morning just before sunrise to watch the changing colors of the morning sky in wonder and awe of the color that God uses to color our world. It makes me homesick for heaven and the beauty God has made for me and all those who love Him and Jesus who is the lord of my soul and life. I am grateful that Jesus took my sins away and I often cry for the pain and suffering He endured for me. I also consider a place of Narnia is my bathtub when I soak a bad back and thank God for all of the blessing in my life and the many battles that He has won for me. He gives me peace while I am there and I am able to take it with me out into the world so that much of the sin out there cannot attack me and I am more able to endure much of the negative influences that get so many others down. This even amazes me that God can use me to help others in need and it gives me spiritual food to strengthen my spirit so that I maybe stronger for His service, family, love for those who dislike me and have the ability not to judge those who are judging me.

  • rachel robertson

    As a diver, my personal Narnia materializes when I pass through the “door” from air to water. It is an entirely different world underwater, with a huge cast of characters, some big, some small, some funny, some scary. They come both friendly and not, moving about both quickly and slowly. Of course, they can all move quickly if “danger” approaches. There are huge castles, difficult to penetrate by outsiders or predators, teeming with entire societies, all doing their daily or nightly activities and jobs. There are also vast plains, where anyone can be in the open, both predator and prey. There are mountains and valleys that I “soar” over the top of, looking down on all that I can see. The colors are spectacular, painted by God’s hand, and His creation of it all is breathtaking and wondrous. And always in my heart when I dive, is a very special “character”. I called him “Big Red”. He was in the Abacos at a secret dive sight, where I met him in an underwater cave. He was a huge red grouper, and he had been previously shot by someone, losing his trust in humans. That hurt me deeply, so I spent my days with him, gaining his trust. And finally after about a week, I found him “hovering” by my side, watching with me outside the entrance of the cave. He came to me daily after that for the next few weeks that I was there, and then after I left, it happened. Strangers on a private boat had spyed our secret place, and when we left, they went down with spearguns and killed everyone in the cave, including Red. I cried for days after hearing the news of his death, but he is always with me in my heart, both here now, as well as in my Narnia. You see, I found him in a cave and he touched my heart so deeply that I reached for him, and then He came to me and stayed in my heart forever.

  • Donna Hibbard

    I am a divorced mother of 3 sons. My sons are adults now and I miss them because they are on their own. I get depresses sometimes. My children did not have the childhood that they deserved and I feel quite responsible for that. My Narnia is to go back into their childhoods (which are pictures in my albums) and see how happy they were even though we were limited to a normal lifestyle.

  • Mary Croft

    My Narnia is in my soul,I just sit back and close my eyes and think of a peaceful place I saw once in a vision when I asked God “Is there really a heaven? I was sick and felt so bad and I asked the question and the wall I was looking at vanished and I saw the most beautiful place.Every pet I ever owned was playing together in the yard ,a blue lake where my late husband was fishing with our favorite malimute dog by his side,flowers everywhere and every breed of horse grazing in a valley below..I just think of this and I know Im in heaven or Narnia….

  • Naomi Franklin

    My Narnia is in my 12 year old son, Tre’s, eyes, face and smile. When he was little, we would go everywhere;the museums, the zoo or even to the library and I would just watch his face just light up with a big beautiful smile and know that I did good with him. Now as a 12 yr old, I still see that same beautiful face light up with a smile when I introduce him to new and different things, places and people. He is always curious and wants to know everything. To me this is my Narnia, to watch my son learn and ask me questions about everything, to see the world through his eyes and to tell him about my experiences and points of view as a “girl” growing up and to listening to his points of views and his experiences.

  • Tom Boughan

    In 1964,it was still sad when JFK was assassinated.The Beatles were coming to America, and my aunt sent us, me and my brothers and sisters, the complete books of Narnia. I started reading the first book,but wasn’t much into reading at the time,especial series. Especially fantsy. I read science books,especially if it contained cavemen and dinosaurs. I read sci-fi, comics, mostly. I was bullied at school constatnly. But next year, when I was down with chicken pox, I decided to read the entire series,and learned to love fantsy, even books in general from Narnia. It was tales of magic and transformation. None are same when the come to Narnia. It was my private fantasy,because none of schoolmates ever heard of it,even though I regale them on the stories. They would roll their eyes and say,”There he goes again.” But now I wonder since the two first books are now movies,successful movies at that. It helped me to cope with pain of being bullied and then when my aunt committed suicide while I read the series.

  • Louise Brouillette

    My Narnia is inside my soul…it’s there for me any time I choose to go.

  • dorothy lazorchik

    no I do not but I need one maybe if I read the books again I can find it

  • david

    i would like a singed book from people of the movie and i even watched all the narnia movies. i even wanted to be in the movie.and mi narnia is when i go to camp and i have my little adventure in the camp and everytime i go i remember of the movie and my little adventure and i hope i win please chosse me.and i always play like if i was one of the person in narnia.

  • Kathy Scott

    My Narnia is the beach.

  • Shirley Younger

    No I do not have a Narnia

  • Linda Moeller

    Any beach is my Narnia!

  • Anita W

    Narnia is the beautiful, peaceful mountains

  • Renee

    My Narnia occurs every day when I go to work. It’s always a new adventure and I’m never quite sure what to expect. But, in the end — good truly does triumph over evil.

  • christopher h

    alas, i’m still searching for my narnia

  • Jennifer Barnett

    My Narnia is a small isolated beach in Mexico. At that beach I can dream, believe, and feel peace.

  • Julie D.

    Any time I read a book, I find my Narnia.

  • John Mizell

    Would like to win

  • connie s.

    PICK ME!!!

  • Teresa E

    My Narnia is when my family and I go camping at Natural Bridge. My mind is free to dream while we walk the trails.

  • Adrienne Gordon

    w/ two kids and a dog, no, i do not.

  • Yvette Sanchez Barreto

    As a young girl, I suffered from dyslexia (still do) and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was the first book I ever read by myself from beginning to end. Ever since, everytime I read an adventure fictional book similiar to the Narnia series I find my Narnia again.

  • diane

    my narnia Christmas @ church watching the children during the plays and then watching then open presents:)

  • aBookworm

    My Narnia is in my own mind, where everyday (rather every night) I create my own fantasy world, populated with fantastic creatures, where good always triumphs over evil and virtue wins the day.

  • theodore esteghamat

    my narnia is at home, spending time with my family every day of the week.

  • Jena P.

    When I did first saw The Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The Lion that plays Aslan he portrays Jesus or God. I saw the Spiritual side of the movie. Is to love and with that love we can overcome the evil that is in this world? With that love we can also help others out no matter how different they are. We can learn to forgive others as well as to ourselves.

  • Tisha

    I love all of the Narnia books… my Narnia is at home with my family.

  • Shilo Beedy

    I use to have a Narnia as a child. I would go and play in a group of trees near my moms house. My siblings and I use to play there and called it our fort. We created a fake house and fake food. We would spend hours playing with the frogs and other animals. We lived a fantasy lifestyle each day during the summers.

  • Cindi

    Hi, Narnia can be different things to me at different times. Sometimes, it involves being around my two sons and husband and enjoying each other’s company. Another time, Narnia can be spending time alone in my craft room being creative. It can be camping outdoors and looking up at the stars. Thanks,Cindi

  • Sara B.

    My “Narnia” comes about every time my husband and I go overseas. Our calling is to encourage missionaries out on the field. I feel as though I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be when I’m out there. I feel epic.

  • Angie Williams

    This would be great as a gift for my grandbabie. I like to encourage reading

  • Linda Pinto

    I seek solice and privacy in my backyard with the flowers and trees and lots of peace and quiet.

  • Marie D

    my kids love the books

  • joy rodgers


  • mannequin

    My “Narnia” is aiding stray animals. From the time I was very small draggin animals home, I felt that was the reason I was placed on earth. Throughout my life and even now, if I see a stray, he comes home with me and I try to place him in a good home. I CANNOT walkaway.

  • sandra kao

    the bathroom – although the kids seem to get into there too

  • jenny hebert

    Great read


    cool, i wanna win it!

  • wilfred Duprey

    I would love this book for my grandaughters son he is 5 and loves to read.



  • Mamo

    Wow! I think that this is a fabulous prize!

  • Melissa

    This is a wonderful prize. These are wonderful wholesome family movies and such a wonderful series of books! These are books I feel good about my children reading and movies I know that my whole family can go and see.

  • Patrick Morgan

    If it will be signed by a Prince…count me in!

  • Mildred Perez

    I would love to win this prize.

  • Marcia

    I’m looking forward to seeing this movie!

  • Donna Coughlin

    would love to win this prize.

  • misty w.

    My own personal Narnia is a world with no war, violence, pollution, etc. Where everyone is nice and the flowers are in bloom all year round. The temperature is always a cool but warm 75 degrees. And all is well. Everyone is happy, peaceful and content.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  • Johannah B

    Narnia — so far is only in my dreams and in my heart.

  • Alicia

    I love Border BOoks

  • kindered spirit

    my personal Narnia is not in the shape of a land, it’s in my heart. it’s my family, my shelter when things get tough, my parent’s embrace when I need the courage to go on. my brother’s kind words when i start loosing hope. my values that stem from them, the good and the bad, all my memories which I cherish the most.

  • Gloria Dornin

    My Narnia would be happiness and peace for the whole world

  • Frank B.

    My home and my family are my personal narnia!

  • mary gallo

    My own personal Narnia is what i call “ME TIME” . I fill up the bath tub with hot water, pour in some Calgon Bath Beads and just soak in the tub. Just relaxation. Love it!

  • Carl Todasco

    My wife my son are my Narnia…

  • Michelle Henriquez

    My family is my Narnia. Sometimes things are beautiful and our home is our sanctuary. Other times we have faced adversity, such as when we lost our home in a fire several years ago, and in all times our kids look to us to be strong and to provide leadership. Our strength has come from our personal relationship with God.

  • S Andrew Sochanski

    My personal Narnia would be a life without pain, weather in the 50s at night, partly sunny in the mid to upper sixties, a cool ocean breeze, palm trees, nice beach with family an friends for life without a care in the world.

  • Carroll Griggs

    My narnia is a secret place in my mind where I go to escape whenever adversity or pain is present. Years ago I visited the island of Lania before it became another tourist destination. We spent the afternoon snorkeling and laying on the pristine beach, topped off by a wonderful barbeque. Now, I can take myself back to that magical day whenever I need to. It is a wonderful gift that I treasure.

  • mona aldaco

    hey watz up i watched your movie on my birthday may 16 the day it came out and it was cool and awsome so then i went with my friends the next day. i love it!

  • Margaret Yannucci

    My personal Narnia is with my beautiful baby Granddaughter, Maggie.

  • Kathy Conley

    My 11 year old swears Narnia is in our hall closet – I have yet to try it!

  • Austin Reece

    I thought this was the best movie I have seen. It shows the people in the world about God without them realy knowing they are being told. Narnia has tought me alot over the times I have watched it. I have read the books but do not have my own copy.

  • Austin Reece

    I do not have my own copy of the books but I have read them and I like them. The resone I like them is because it shows God to the world there are a lot of people out there that have read these books and watched these movies and had to see God in it. God moves in alot of ways this movie is one it is showing the people all around the world that there is a God and he will come when ever we need Him. Narnia shows so much of that like when Lucy is geting chaced by the two guys and Aslan comes and saves her. And in the first one when Peter is fighting the witch and Aslan comes and kills the witch. I believe God is using these movies and books to further his kingdom in heaven. This is why I like the books and the movies.

  • Laura Breck

    My personal Narnia is my riding stable. Time slips away while I’m there but I don’t ever feel it.

  • Lauri Sutor

    How fun!

  • christopher h

    what do you mean by a personal narnia, anyway?

  • Kai Pierre

    I personally think that is perfect just the way it is.The creatures are very interesting,especially Reepicheep and Aslan.I like Reepicheep because he is very brave and does not let his size get in his way.I like Aslan because he is cares for every body no matter how different they are.I think Narnia is at its best.I’d like to get this book because read books more than anything else,and this would make a big hit to my collection.

  • christopher h

    great contest

  • alice tracy

    I think my personal Narnia would be the library. You can enter any world you want, Futuristic, Victorian, Pioneer, all could be on the same shelf, just waiting for someone to delve in and experience a whole new world. Want to know how vampires live (or not)? Or do werewolves really move among us? How did the early settlers make it through the winters? There is so much there, something for everyone.

  • Maricela

    My personal Narnia is my Clay Aiken souvenirs. I love Clay Aiken. Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer.

  • Aislin

    My own personal Narnia, as odd as it may sound, is inside of my mind. I work 2 very demanding jobs, and when things start getting stressful I just close my eyes and create a scene in my mind that’s soothing and relaxing. It can be either an island paradise or a quiet spot in the mountains, depending on what mood I’m in. And when I read books, I let my mind completely submit to the imagery and find comfort in being completely still and doing nothing but enjoying what is on the page, while at the same time living it all through my mind’s eye. And best of all…I carry it with me everywhere, and all of the people who are important to me are easily within reach no matter which “happy place”…or “Narnia”…I choose to visit.

  • Janell Martin

    My personal Narnia is on the coast of California. The Little River Inn in Mendocino. It is on a hill top looking out to the sea. Nature itself brings such peace and calm as the ocean waves say “hello” all day long. There are walkways down to the beach and one lone bench on the green grasses welcoming me home.

  • Alicia


  • Wendy

    My personal Narnia is in my dreams. I have the most incredible dreams of beautiful places and amazing people. I dream about castles in forests, people who love me and help me in whatever is happening in my dreams, especially when I’m lost. And then I don’t care if I’m lost. Sometimes they’re not castles, but I dream that I’m moving into a new house or visiting someone’s house and when I enter a room, there’s another room, or a cellar, that leads to an underground world. Once it led to a shopping mall…
    I wake up and try so hard to remember the dreams’ story details, but I just get flashes of memory, like snapshots my brain saved for me to enjoy when the dreams are over. There are times when I’m just falling asleep that it’s like I’m watching an extremely detailed movie, but it’s not even live action; it’s drawn or painted down to the last strand of hair. I’m not an artist at all, but these pictures are so beautiful that I can’t believe they came from my imagination.
    Narnia isn’t a place of everlasting peace and tranquility all the time. It’s often a place where conflict is worked out by people who want good to prevail. But it’s always a place of beauty that we try to attain. All I have to do to get there is to go to sleep…

  • Rachel Robertson

    My own personal Narnia is a little place under our old Oak tree. I have a bench there with flowers surrounding it. Of all the things which were lost during Hurricane Katrina, the one thing which stood tall against the wind and rain was our old Oak tree. I remember when we went outside after the hurricane and found so much lost and damaged my heart sank and my soul did as well. Then we went around to the back and there among all the debris was our Oak tree. It had no branches yet stood there so proud and inviting. I knew then that our family was like the Oak tree and we too could survive anything if we had the strength and the determination. Today, that tree is my Narnia. I sit under it and with the warm breezes and smell of Magnolias filling my heart and soul I feel completely at peace and it always reminds me of what a paradise I have right here in my backyard.

  • Audrey

    My own personal Narnia, now that I’m 69 years old, somewhat handicapped, and growing deaf, is my own home. It is my little Heaven on earth, where I am comfortable, content and happy.

  • Pat Connors

    Please count us in too. This would be great!

  • Andrea Veres

    I loved this movie!!!

  • christopher h

    i dont have a narnia of my own, but i love the books

  • Stephanie Bruce

    When I think about escape I like to read the Song of the Lioness books by tamora pierce. Even after 15 years I still enjoy them. I can escape to a fantastical land and feel incredibly empowered. I love all of them

  • Timothy Glenn

    my own narnia is within me and my friends, when i go outside and meet up with my friends and find new ones, i get sent to new and exciting worlds, some things i have never seen before. i have met many cultures and all are exciting. every new day brings a new narnia.

  • Pamela White

    My narnia is the Big four Ice Caves. I take a short hike in the heat of summer and can stand near the caves and get a chill and have peace.

  • L McLendon

    In my dreams! Simple but true!

  • philip halter

    pick me

  • Nora Scott-Platt

    My narnia is within the recesses of my mind which can take me to a world of crazy mixed up people and places or to a world of peace and solitude. It can be a whirlwind of fear and terror by those evil doers to the most beautiful fairly and angel in the universe. I find my narnia every day with talking to those that have such vivid imaginations within the dysfuctional union of their own being and teachings.

  • Carroll Griggs

    Lately my personal narnia has been hard to find.

  • Melissa

    My personal Narnia would have to be just being in the mountains beside a rushing creek. Hiking and seeing God’s masterpieces in the mountains and his magnificent water falls. I feel so near to God when I am in the mountains like that. You can almost envision his footprints. Everything is so quiet except for the rushing sound of the creek and then you hear it start to get louder as you near the waterfall. Then you seen the beauty of the waterfall and the mighty crashing of the water as it falls to the rocks below. I can’t think of anything else quite so beautiful and this would definitely be my personal Narnia.

  • theodore esteghamat

    my home is my narnia. everything i need is here.

  • Teresa Phillips

    I do have a Narnia, that used to exist here. It is now in my mind,a place where childhood dreams and fantasies are still alive and well. It is a place for me to explore all the realms of magic within and without. It will always be here, untainted by time or memory. I can go here any time I choose and explore the bright safe haven that is my Narnia.

  • AngelaWilliams Vanderford

    My Narnia used to be a refuge and safe place to go and make my dreams come true. But lately it has been inaccessible. No matter how many times I open the wardrobe all I find are musty old coats and moths

  • jason fiske

    There is a little park down the street from me. Fishing, ducks, playground and a nice relaxing bank to lay on and watch the sunset.

  • Betty Shoemaker

    My Narnia is my hot tub. great place to close my eyes and dream

  • Pamela White

    I take my dog to a wetland restoration place where we are usually alone. My dog can go off the leash and I can sit and pray.

  • Elsie Sutton

    I go to church and be around positive behavior and the close present of the Lord

  • Marcia

    My Narnia is working in my garden and watching the tomatoes and peppers grow.

  • Rita M

    I just returned from a cruise to Alaska aboard an NCL ship called the Norwegian Pearl… sitting out on a private balcony enjoying the sights and sounds of a glacier was truly a Naria-like experience!

  • Peggy Gorman

    Great contest,count me in to win

  • christopher h

    i have no personal narnia

  • Rosanne Morrison

    An adorations chapel in the city I live, My all glasss sunroom and my granddaughters eyes

  • Donna Kozar

    I don’t have a personal Narnia. But I will love it in Heaven with The King of Kings.

  • Rickey Moham Jr.

    WIN WIN WIN!!!

  • Lisa Fresina

    Yes I do have my own personal Narnia. Where you ask? It is in my home with my wonderful husband Mike,with whom I have had the pleasure of being married to for almost 25 years and my wonderful children. I love my family very much and our love for each other and the Lord makes home my Narnia. Pick me! Pick me! Narnia rocks my socks off!

  • Jessa

    We all carry a personal Narnia within us as individual as we are. It is every longing for Peace and rightness we have ever had. Sometimes we see a glimer of it in a story, a song, a person or place. A reminder that there is wonder to the world beyond our personal despair.Or our personal concrete desires. Sometimes it makes us feel larger and more connected, allowing us a sweeping view of our lives. Sometimes smaller and more unique, deeply personal. Perhaps it is the undefinable call that all people have for religeon.
    For me it is knowing that Love moves through all things and gives us an opportunity to grow no matter what the challenges might be.

  • ashley

    i have a land of my “narnia” is everywhere i go and everthing i do…i have always been fascinated with other worlds and lands and planets…i see things in a different way then most…i see everthing as an adventure…when i walk down the street i can picture mythical creatures runnign around

  • patricia

    yes i do have my own personal narnia its in my room its a fantastic place just full of fun and magic and all thats in between

  • Julie

    I defentily have a narnia. it is so beautiful. when im sad and i go to my narnia i feel happy right away. there are many animals, trees that move, and even the wind says something to me. in my narnia there is no war. it is peacefull and a great place to relax, make new friends, and have fun. SO please it would mean a whole lot to me if i win. I love narnia. For Narniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Olga

    My own Narnia is in Google. FANTASTIC!! Yes i have seen the movies adnd i have read the books. Huge Narnia fan


    Narnia, I go to God and Jesus of course, can I get an amen?

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