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Watch Clip: ‘College Road Trip’

In this clip from the new Disney film, “College Road Trip,” Donny Osmond’s nerdy character, Doug, takes saying “goodbye” to Martin Lawrence’s character to the extreme.


  • margaret


  • Anonymous

    He has flipped his wig

  • Robin

    I thought it was a very cute movie!!! A little silly but my daughter and I liked it and my son and husband thought it was okay! One of the funniest parts of the movie was when they put the ear phones on the pig when Donny and his daughter were singing in the car!! I died laughing at that!

  • Anonymous

    No matter what you do to him, you will never make Donny into a nerd. He looks like he is nothing but a all american, non uptight ( most of the people today are uptight)dad. And we all need to follow in those foot steps.
    It is a hilarious movie. And every Osmond fan should see it.

  • Michelle

    Ya just gotta LOVE Donny!

  • Steph

    I loved this moive donny can make anything funny and that want he did in this moive. Donny is not nerd at all he is just have fun like he did whhen he was working with his sis.

  • Zoe Roussou

    I have not seen the movie yet but believe I will love it. Knowing that my idol Donny is in it, that’s all that matters. Once seeing the movie, will comment again.

  • Mary Olson

    Dear Donny,Marie, your brothers,
    I am a 58 years old and I love your singing. I love singing. I sing in the tub and mostly in the bathroom when I go there. I have Marie’s first record. I even listen to Oprah’s show when all of you were on it and a month ago before that on a saturday you had your family on for your 50 year.
    Let me tell you a little about me.
    I am handicapp as an epilestic, asthma, and Scoliosis, depression.
    I am on Social Security Disability for fourteen years.
    I love music and I never had the money to learn it.
    I have been in the Children Home here in Tampa, Florida, been in six foster homes, three state instititions,three boarding homes, at the time I had only a third grade education, went in 1971 to get my high high school diploma, graduatated in 1975 with award for helping the priciple with diffeent things,two years later I went to Jr. college for 1 and a half on a grant, worked in sewing fatories, restraurants, done office work, went to vocational school for Accounting I, Windows,Word Perfect I & II, Computer Graphic.
    I am trying to fine part-time work in the office field, cashier, or just a conpanion person.
    I’ve never seen my real family, I have been married twice, and never had any children. I love children. I don’t have two many friends,
    I love seeing people like you that love music and enjoy others.
    I would love to have friend like your family.
    If you and your family would like my address, let me know through my email address.
    Truly your;
    Mary Olson

  • Lori Sullivan

    Hi Donny,
    I am really looking forward to seeing College Road Trip. Anything you are in i know i must see it. Donny, i have loved you since i was twelve years old. I am now fourty-eight and can’t get enough of your music and acting.Thanks to you, you inspired me to sing and pick up a guitar when i was young. I would come home from school every day, put on your records and sing to them. Week by week my voice became stronger and i was singing better and better.I finally became a professional singer. I can’t thankyou enough for being my great inpiration. i have written fourty-five songs;music and lyrics and love it.i am married with six beautiful children and one has sever Autism Spectrum Disorder. Therfore i cannot travel to see your concerts or travel to meet and greet you. Donny is there anyway i can get a personal autograph from you? This would make my entire life and the biggest dream i have to ever come true.And of course i would love to be a friend to you and your family. I too am very Christian and love God to pieces. I feel like you and your family have always been family to me but i have never met you. If you say that you could make my one and only dream come true, you will have my email address. I know you are so busy but i will just pray that this will happen.May God bless you Donny
    Lori Sullivan

  • Kathleen Wiggins

    I havent seen this movie yet, I dont get much chance to go to the movies. I’m 47 years old and have been a huge Donny fan since 1972. I moved here to Florida from Scotland 13 years ago and I have never ever had the fortune to see Donny in concert, ever. In 1973 when the Osmonds were playing only one show in Glasgow. A friend & I waited all through the night in line to get a ticket and they sold the tickets out before it reached us. I was so upset and depressed for a few months. I have tried so many times since then to see you in concert but never had the luck and can’t afford to travel to Vegas to see you. My now ex husband who was a pastor here in Fl left me 2 years ago for a younger woman and he left me penniless, no medical insurace, nothing and with me having been a homemaker and mom for the 27 years of our marriage I have no skills to get a decent job to survive, therefore cant save up the money to get to see you in concert. I’d love to see you & Marie in Vegas but it’s out of the question due to lack of finances. Maybe one day when I’m all old and grey I might be blessed enough to see you in concert. I long for that day. Please say a prayer for me for strenght to let go of the pain of my husband rejecting me for a much younger woman. THey did many despicable things to me to cover up their afffair so no one in the church would know about it. They told everyone I was crazy and they believd them both. I ended up being run out of the church as a result. The elders wouldnt do a thing to help. I am still suffering and will be scarred for life as a result of wht they did to me, but I still live in hopes to see Donny in concert.
    Love you Donny,

  • sherri

    Dear Donny and Marie, I want to let you both know that you all are one big loving family cause I’ve always been jealous of your family. I want a loving family like you but I don’t have that many people in my family to do that. I’ve always had a crush on your brother Jimmy Osmond since he was in this magazine back in the 80’s and boy was he sexy back then. I just wished I could see a nice picture of your whole family. I need to know what Jimmy looks like now and how old he is now. Hope you can help me find some answers.

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