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Enter to Win: Daniel Kirkley’s New Album

DanielKirkleyPicforIdolChat.jpgNew Christian pop artist Daniel Kirkley is causing a buzz in the Christian music industry with his latest album, “Let Love Win.” Christianity Today and others have compared the former pre-med college student’s sound to popular singer Josh Groban.
In describing his first single off the album, “My New Dawn,” Kirkley says, “The song talks about wondering around in the darkness and just kind of being trapped, but coming to a beautiful moment and realizing that from here on, it’s a new beginning and a new start. It’s all about leaving everything that hinders you and everything that has weighed you down behind. Then realizing that there will be a new day every morning and it will be beautiful and bright. Just move forward.”
Beliefnet has 10 autographed copies of “Let Love Win” to give away.
Want one?
Post a comment below by October 12, 2007, telling us about your own new beginning. Have you ever left a bad situation to start fresh? What happened? Make sure to include your email address in the designated area (don’t worry, it won’t be made public). The 10 most original responses–based on the judgment of Idol Chatter’s editors–win. Have fun with it, be creative (but honest!), and a CD could be yours. We’ll notify the winner by email.
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  • Ashley

    My personal new beginning came almost before I’d gotten started. I was sixteen, a sophomore in high school, and had just been diagnosed with depression. Honestly, I was absolutely relieved. Finally, this monster that I’d had inside me had a name. Now that I knew what it was, I could figure out ways to fight it.
    My first step was to cut out everyone’s expectations of me to leave room for what I wanted. I had to re-learn everything that interested me, because I’d been living so long for the sole fulfillment of what others wanted of me.
    I won’t say I ever discovered an absolute “cure” or that I ever really recovered. I take everything one day at a time. I still have my bad days and breakdowns, but they’re less frequent now. And now, in those times, I remember to hold onto my faith and trust that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.
    Now, almost 8 years later, I’m still searching for my path in life. Maybe I’ll never have it all figured out. But at least it’s a sunny day out while I wander.

  • Doreen Lewis

    In July 2004 my family and I arrived in Canada with the hope for a better future. God has been faithful to us. In human terms my husband as an engineer and I with a M.Sc degree have been denied work of any degree (mu husband lifted things in a warehouse for 1 year until he was in pain and God moved him and a church brother of mine gave him contacts for a job. He is still with the company…praise God.
    I have been doing odd jobs (3 months 2 months, 5 months jobs). No company wants to hire me because they say I am over qualified and others do not think I will remain with them for long because of my training and work exprience. We have 3 children and my husband works every opportunity he can to get a dollar. So he is tired while I remain at home, on the computer trying to send out resumes with a heavy heart and wondering what it is that God has in store for me. I need to do only that which God wants me to do. I sometimes feel sad and weary but I know God brought us to Canada (inspite of the shame and embarrassment I feel at times….not contributing and depending on my husband for everything). I do not know what my children and husband think but I feel less than my normal self and I want to be a peace. I am conscious that a job etc does not make a person but I cannot help how I feel….I have been used to working even more money than my husband at times and to sitting in the house daily is hard. Truly I need to leave all to God and I do not know how.I am taking the time to write this while I give God thanks for His faithful daily care with the understanding that I must wait on God’s time and knowing that only He can help me to rest and throw away all the anxieties I feel because He is a trustworthy God.

  • Diane

    I believe that everyone’s lives have many new beginnings. My life is no exception. My husband left me at age 41 with two young children 2 and 3. That certainly made for a new beginning. I was able to raise them in the church as I had been raised. They thrived and were able to finish college and become responsible and productive adults. In the meantime, the three of us lived in a foreign country (another new beginning)pursued new careers and formed new relationships.
    The next new beginning was when I left my position in the public schools to take a faculty position in a Christian College. Finally, I was able to demonstrate my faith in a manner that served to satisfy me and inspire others. After several years I left that position to take a similar one closer to my family.
    Now at 64, I still do not know what I want to do when I grow up. However, if I had my druthers, my ideal job would be to teach adults in a third world country. I believe that each of us has so much to offer and when one avenue closes another opens. For me each new beginning has been truely that, an oppotunity to start over and continue God’s work in yet another fashion.

  • Kim Williams

    Well, I would like to say that my life has been easy……….but it hasnt. I have had a very rough life. I have made many mistakes. I got saved when I was 14. I am now 47. LOTS of mistakes. Lots of regrets. There are mistakes I can fix and mistakes I cant…..and those are called regret. I used to think the hardest thing to live with was regret. But I was wrong. The hardest thing to live with is being outside of the will of God. That is pain.
    My biggest mistake was with men. I married a man I knew the Lord was telling me not to marry. 13 years later, God released me from that marriage. One day my ex husband came by to visit. I offered him a plate of food. While he was eating, I was playing with our children. I was blowing bubbles with them. When he saw me blowing the bubbles, he said “If you dont take this plate out of my hand right now, I am going to drop it and let it break on the floor !”. I said “Why would you do that ?”. He said “Because you are having too much fun blowing those bubbles.”. Then a lightbulb went off in my head, so to speak. The Holy Spirit started showing me the whole 13 year of marriage. I saw all the times I was not allowed to sing praises to the Lord. All the times I was not allowed to go to church. All the times I was not allowed to continue having a conversation with my mother over the phone. I SAW all that the devil had done, throught this man, to take away the JOY that comes from the Lord, through the Holy Spirit. It has been 13 years now since I left my husband. I now keep a little bottle of bubbles on my desk. And ANYTIME I begin to forget the goodness of the Lord, or begin feeling depressed, I take that little bottle of bubbles, and I take out the wand, and I blow a few bubbles to keep reminding me that God gave me a fresh start, a new beginning. That the Lord Jesus Christ is the Joy giver. And that EVERY DAY is a new beginning. That every day is a new day, a day to start fresh, and clean, washed by the Blood of the Lamb. A new day to begin afresh in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. In HIM, every day is a new day. Amen…….. God bless you ALL, and have a new day today, in Christ.

  • Steve Linhart

    Sometimes one just comes in to their own. When I came to the realization “that just being me is enough” is when big changes began to take place in my life. I forgave the person that sexually molested and abused me as a child. I confronted this person with what they had done and placed the shame and indignity of their actions squarely where they belonged upon their person. Even though the individual did not have the courage to admit or accept what they had done, I decided to forgive them anyway. That doesn’t mean I have fogotten what they did or that I condone their actions, but forgiveness is a gift I gave myself so the anger and hate would not diminish the light of God that was meant to shine through me in my life.
    Since taking this action I have decided to focus on the positive things God with my help can accomplish through my life. It has maifested itself by being grateful for all God’s blessings in my life.
    Seeking God’s will and discerning what Jesus Christ wants me to do in ordinary situations are first and foremost. Loving my neighbor as myself is the second on my list. And remembering to pray, praise and give thanks to God for all opportunities to testify to His love on His behalf makes me grateful to be alive and part of His flock. So no matter who you are, where you are and what you are, you are capable of being Christ’s disciple and servant, so pick up your cross and share His word and love with another human being.


    MY situation statrted when (i) moved to another town headed north to oklahoma city, OK. i was leaving livingston, tx.- i got as far as lufkin, tx. i would say about 41 miles north from livingston. lufkin did not become my dwelling place because i ran out ofgas money, i knew that i knew my call to live there was from GOD. this (WAS) my high calling- well 18 months later my spiritual reserve surg ran bone dry. (i knew that i knew) i was suppose to leave this town but i did not-and it was not because i did not have gas money,to leave. my feelings were living there already in lufkin,I became an histonian to the city because of a stop sign,i have develope great friends there and the best pizza in town compared to the one down the road. my GOD was furios with me because i have not left yet or go back to lake livingston where (i was not suppose to leave in the first place)-but (i knew that i knew.) AND ALWAYS KNOWING GETS ME IN TROUBLE. It took the hurricane in 2205 to remove me from (ME).i just want to let you guys know that i am not revealing the name of the hurricane. i wish to protect the hurricane bcause it was created just for me to get out of there. i finally got a brand new start a new car and a new house and a new job and new friends and even the best pizza in town, compared to the one down the road. well i know now never listen to your own secure voice inside, it became to complacent-i lost my way to the promised land and i have been given a forgiving chance again. it looks like i’m stating my life back again in lake livingston tx. or until my physical body is no longer needed. and by the way i dont think i recognize your album or you as a singer, soooorrrrry so i’m giving you a chance to make me become humble through your music. GOD BLESS mrs. toni dillard

  • Stephanie Altman

    12 years ago, I was alone. I was addicted to drugs and lived with a dealer and he was very abusive. I was totally in so deep that I truly believed I loved him. I let myself go and was literally very self-destrucing. Somehow, I thought I deserved this. I could not see the light of day…every hour seemed to bring more chaos and I chose everytime to self medicated with drugs and a relationship that was not giving at all…he took and took and I received nothing but meanness.I had trouble keeping a job, hardly ever went out of the house and was scarred emotionally and physically from a life I chose to live with a man whom I allowed to totally control my views and demolish my self-worth. I was in a down-ward spiral. In late 1995, a month after being kicked in the lower back so hard that my kidneys bled and, in turn, caused a severe infection, I was treated with antibiotics. The kick was inflicted by this man and I refused treatment, at first because I felt I did not deserve it and actually…I wanted to die.
    I lay on the bed one day and cried for three hours straight. I asked God, whom I have never talked to before to send me some love…to please help me see that I can make it and to straighten my life out. I remember falling to sleep…hoping that if God could, please, send me and angel. I prayed for the first time that night.
    I awoke…several hours later and did not get out of bed. The man I lived with he did not come home that night and there was no one to talk to so I again, talked to God. Could I be so non-deservong not to have anyone realize that I had been up here in this room for three days and could he not hear me…was God going to help me, help myself?!
    That he did…what seemed like a fream then occurred and I just got up. I knew I needed to take myself to the doctor and I needed to ask a friend to help. I was scared to and I asked for God’s help and the phone rang. It was my friend, Kate, I had not heard from her for months… she has said I was a waste case and I needed help she could not give me. It was so nice to hear her voice and she said that she awoke that morning and something told her I was in danger and needed her help. I just was in amazement. I sure did need her and she came right over. Once she got there. I told her what had happened and that I had turned to God. She was not at all surprised and we embraced. It was a prayer that was truly answered. As I showered, she made a doctor appointment for me. I felt great, I took that shower and asked God to cleanse me of all the things that kept me down and I thanked him so much for his help so far.
    This gets so much better because, I found out at the doctor’s office that I was pregnant. I had truly been sent and angel… a few on them, my friend, Kate, and my son, now 11, Jonny. That day has always stayed fresh in my mind. It has been the source of inspiration for me time and time again, as Jonny and I moved on to a better life. I am married and blessedly so for 7 years now. My husband adopted my son when he was 4 and we have been very happy. I have allowed my spirituality to help me and guide my life and my faith in myself and this life had been restored and revived by God. For which I am amazingly and graciously humbled into realizing that he never allows us to be far from him and he is very real and so available to me and everyone…he literally is a prayer away and I pray on a daily basis.

  • Jennifer Hunter

    New beginnings are the theme to our lives. When things get dull or easy that’s what i go seeking. The more new beginnings we seek the greater we God for reassurance and strength. Two years ago my life was turned up side down when my boyfriend told me he longer wanted to sleep in the same room with me. I felt isolated and confused. Had I done something wrong? Isn’t this the way you’re supposed to live before you get married? My husband was suddenly a whole new man. He left behind drinking and amoking and if i wasn’t careful, me. He renewed dedication to his savior jesus Christ led him to a whole new lifestyle. Inside I was compeltely stirred inside. I was confused and more lost than ever before. What do I do. And so i got out my old bible and tried to figure jsut what was so important the my boyfriend would change his whole life. It was a revolution. I read the book “The Purpose Driven Life” and learned my very first bible verse, Phillipians 4:13. Oh how strong God made me. Broken and desperate for acceptance i resolved to God that I, too, wanted what my boyfriend had. I wanted Him to save me. Since that day I have started my life as a whole new person. Each day I approch my life with God on my side. Her is there to walk beside me and i can’t wait to do all that I can to glorify Him.
    Since then I took on Evangelism explosion training in my church and still a whole new beginning and growth in my life as a Christian. My, now, husband and I took the class together and we learning together as a married couple how to make witnessing part of our everyday lives.
    The sky is the limit. Once I took that first step each new day is a new opportunity in my life as God’s child. Regardless of the fleshly things, worldly things, that go on everyday, God loves me and I am hardly worthy of service to Him. When i wake knowing that god will forgive me for each mistake I make each day, I know that I am living in a new beginning every minute of the day. The challenge is to make that new beginning all about the glory god deserves for giving it to us!

  • Julie Podmokly

    For a long time I really didn’t have such a bad life growing up. I did get to do a lot of things that I wanted to do. I really didn’t go to church unless someone asked me to come with them. Now that I have grown up and had kids of my own, I felt that I should start going to church and one day I sent my oldest to VBS and she liked it and on the last day of VBS, my husband and I with our2 kids went to watch our oldest and put our youngest in the daycare there. We are now part of the church (Christ Community Church). We love going there every Sunday morning. My kids like being there and they learn a lot. I also fell when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest child and I think that God was there to protect my baby so I thank him everyday for making sre that my baby lived. I didn’t care that I broke my leg, I just didn’t want to lose my baby.

  • Virginia Gonzalez

    There are realy too many to count or say, I recall a time in my life when I was down and out on everyhing. I had married at a very young age, at 14 years old, by 15 I had a baby, by 17 I had another baby, I was no longer happy with the life I had chosen for me, so I talked to my husband and told him that I wanted out of our marrage, he was not working and we was always living with his parents, his step father was always touching me in places not to be touch, but only by your husband. I told my husband several times of these occations, but we had no whwere to go at the time and my husband was not going to leave his sick mother for noone, not even for me, so I desided to leave him and everything behind and get a break from tht life, at least that what I thought. I went from marriage, to drugs and partying all the time and sleeping around with other guys, just so I could get a fix and still I was not happy. I traveled from Dallas, Tx to Houston, Tx and there I meet a wonderful Christain man. This man was so nice and sweet and took me out of all of the stuff I was doing. After we started getting close, did I tell him of my marrage and that I had two beautiful daughters in Dallas, Tx, but I did not want to be married to this man anymore. I had found a Christain man and I had falling head over heels in love, for real this time, with him. He helped me to got a divorce from the guy in Dallas, and we both got married a few months later. Our relationship was solid, we had 3 more children together, and we were happy, a least that what I thought. We were into church, went almost 4 days a week sometimes more. My husband was the Minister of Music, Chior, Minister of marriages, Co-Pastor of the church, and he always traveled everywhere with the Pastor. He hardly had time to be with his family with work and church. He would come in all hours of the night. I knew he was with the Pastor, because I could call him and they were always together. After being together for almost 20 years, he walks out on me and our 3 children, which at the time, their ages was 18, 16, 13 and my youngest could not understand why her daddy did not want to be with us anymore, and tell you the truth, I didn’t either, but he filed for a divorce and now he is maried to someone else who has 2 little girls, and his wife hates it because he has to pay child support to me for our youngest daughter. She does not like my children to much, but she loves MY grandson, which at this time my oldest daughter from our marriage is staying with them so she can find a job and go to school and his wife can not stand that at all. My ex-husband tells her that she has to deal with it, because that is his daughter and our grandson. I had been a Christain for a long time and my faith went south for a while, because of our relationship went so bad there at the end. I honestly just could not understand how a man of GOD would walk out on his own family, knowing what the bible had to say about that. It was very difficult for me to go back to church after all of this had happened to us. I am getting GOD back into my life again. My youngest daughter and I have moved far away from Houston, Tx and we have moved to a small town called Rhome, Tx (population 425). I have gotten to know my older two daughters from my first marriage and we have gotten very close and I get to see all of my grandbabies now, which I give THANKS TO GOD for all of his work with me and showing me that there is always love, no matter the problem. He is always there for you. God Bless Everyone

  • Vera Johnson

    I think God looks like what ones spiritual level and belief allows in other words what is in your heart.

  • Tammie Evans

    For me my new begining really began in 98. I found out I had Ra arthritis and that I would probably be in a wheel chair before I was 30. Now with this added to what I already thought was a misarble life I will not lie I did let the devil make me start a downward spirl of self pitty and giving in, but then one night when I was laying awake crying I looked up and said why, what is it that I have done to deserve all this, a father who is a alcholic who is mentally abusive, my only child is ADHD and out of control, my family is so disfuntcional, now this. It was in this moment I realise it is not what I had done but what I had not been doing that I should have been questioning. I cried so hard that night but I felt this since of peace and calm, I know now looking back I was never alone in this battle of my life cause God was there all the time, he kept me from making the mistake of taking the wrong path of drugs alchol the wrong crowd, he kept me on the right path even though I did not see it at the time. It is this and my renewed faith in my heavely father that keeps me strong today, when asked if I am mad about my illness I say no cause I know it is all part of a plan my father has for me and then I share my story and faith with them. It is my belieaf that I was given this illness to help others cause I was in a test study for a new medicine to help with RA and it got aproved and is helping millions of others like myself. I want all who read this to know there are never alone God is always there although you may not see him nor agree with his choice of paths for you he is there and he always knows what is best for you and me we are his servants and I will always be his servant and will shout for all to hear that I am proud to call my God my heavenly father and will share his word with all. Thank you for reading and sharing my story may you all be in arms of angels and be blessed each and every day God Bless amen Tammie

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