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April 2007 Archives

The Gospel Music Association celebrates the many faces and voices of contemporary Christian music this week with the 38th annual Dove Awards. While the award ceremony is Wednesday evening , it won’t air in (limited) national syndication until next month. […]

Of the CSI’s (New York, Miami and Las Vegas) I believe “CSI:Miami” is either–depending on your taste–the most outrageous or the most prophetic. Last night’s show featured a future view on divorce that I wish would ignite a national discussion […]

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, many people—particularly those who survived the tragedy or were directly affected by it—are leaning on their faith to cope, while others may be questioning their spiritual beliefs. (“Why did God let this […]

Once upon a time there was an actor named Tom Cruise. He was king of the box office; everyone wanted to work with him. Heck, even Rosie O’Donnell had a crush on him. And then something odd happened. He jumped […]

Listening to pop/gospel artist Nicole C. Mullen’s powerful vocal gymnastics on songs like “Call on Jesus” and “Redeemer” has long been an antidote for lifting my spirits whenever I’m feeling a little blue. So it was difficult not to feel […]

“We’re always looking for a seder. This year we [she and husband Matthew Broderick] drove four and a half hours to go to a Rosh Hashanah dinner.”— Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, quoted in “Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About […]

Back when Kristin Chenoweth had her own television show, she told Beliefnet that she hoped the show would “show the human face of Christianity.” Nowadays, it’s more than the face of Christianity that Chenoweth is showing. She appears nude (tastefully) […]

From Sherlock Holmes to “Dragnet” to “CSI,” we like to see a killer get his, in the form of comeuppance when the detective solves the crime, or in the judge’s sentence, or best of all when he (or she) comes […]

I never had the chance to see “The Last King of Scotland,” which tells the tale of psychotic Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, when it first came out. I was expecting a very different movie than the one I saw when […]

Pairs of hands all over the country were clasped in prayer last night. “Thank you, God,” said thousands of mouths, exalting their voices to the divine. Were they thanking Him for good weather, for providing food, or for curing a […]