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Vatican Exorcist: Harry Potter Is Satanic

posted by donna freitas

The Catholic Church has not ever been silent about its non-love affair with Harry Potter & Company. Concerns about the series creating witch-loving children abound. But to say that J.K. Rowling’s beloved series, which has the world’s children reading like never before in recent memory, is satanic? According to Linda Morris, reporting for “The Age” about recent Vatican commentary regarding Mr. Potter, the Vatican’s official exorcist did just that:

The Vatican has never been a fan of Harry Potter, but its chief exorcist has gone one step further and condemned J. K. Rowling’s fictional boy wizard as downright evil.

“Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the king of the darkness, the devil,” Father Gabriele Amorth, the Pope’s “caster-out of demons,” said.

The “Potter” books contain many positive references to the satanic arts, falsely drawing a distinction between black and white magic, Father Amorth told the Daily Mail in London. He also said he was convinced that Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were possessed by the devil.

Comparing Harry Potter to Stalin and Hitler? Give. Me. A. Break.

  • curiouser and curiouser

    This surprises you?>

  • http://28yearoldembryo steve

    I guess Father Amorth didn’t notice that he had entered the fiction section when he stumbled accross thte Harry Potter books.>

  • James Kabala

    Fr. Amorth is a publicity hound who is NOT “the Vatican’s official exorcist” and does not speak for the Church, which has never taken any position on Harry Potter. See the following link: And even this loose cannon did not compare Harry to Hitler or Stalin; he was offering thoughts on two separate subjects.>

  • cheryl kinnaman

    I think that father armorth is as about as phoeny as they come Harry Potter is so fictional its not funny yes there is a referance to good and evil but he sure as hell is not satanic next thing you’ll be telling us is the wizard of oz was satanic its fiction get over it and leave those of us alone that like the boy wizard leave us our heros to belive in and if anything is satanic its trying to tell people what to believe in like that we have to give money to the churches out there to believe in god!!!!!!!>

  • Esther Kustanowitz

    I heard Harry Potter is buying Hitler’s desk. Harry Potter as Satan? Although I do bet that Satan would be very jealous if his best gal pal was snogging a Weasley.>

  • SWeidner

    Yes, there is evil out there in the world, but Harry Potter, give me a break. If you teach children that it is evil and not just fantasy, then they will make it evil. Teach them to enjoy fantasy and fiction and to read. There are more important issues we should be concerned about. Believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior – now that is something to believe in and teach our children about. All God’s blessings!>

  • Mike

    What does the bible say about witchcraft? See the article. The way the Catholic Church compared this to Hitler or Stalin may seem drastic, but if you consider, it can be true. Hitler and Stalin killed many people. What is being separated from God, death. The storyline of Harry Potter has to do with sin (witchcraft), which separates people from God. The gateways to our hearts are our eyes. If we see imaginations of this sort, they plant seeds in peoples minds which is a deceptive way of turning them from God. Also, the writer of Harry Potter is a known atheist. A tree produces fruit of its own kind. In other words, if she is an atheist, here writings are going to emulate what’s inside of her. Don’t be deceived, if you are saved you should and don’t see what is being said, you need to take another look at it. The devil is the father of lies, as the bible says. It is his job to deceive us. Another note, what do you think Jesus would say to this? What’s the difference in allowing children to watch movies with allot of killing and telling them its just fiction, do you really think it can’t affect their thinking? If you’d like to discuss, I’d love to share more.>

  • sonya

    I am tired of hearing people slam this book or any book without reading it. This is all about good vs evil. To be loyal to yourself and your true friends no matter were you come from. I cannot wait until my sons and daughter are old enough to read the book, they love the movies.>

  • Colleen

    Harry Potter satanic? Yeah,right! So, who’s next? The Cat in the Hat?! Get a life!>

  • myue75

    Sounds like Father Amorth is related to Delores Umbridge.>

  • Kelly

    Please the Vatican is so…Lord help them – they are sooooo BORED! With all the death, starvation, terrorism, genocide in the world, they fixate on FICTION. My God!!!!>

  • James Kabala

    Mike and Kelly: Did you even read my comment? This is a private statement by a loose cannon priest, not an official statement by “the Catholic Church” or “the Vatican.” From your diametrically opposite perspectives, you are determined to plow ahead with false information even when the truth has been pointed out to you. And J.K. Rowling is not an atheist, but self-described Christian member of the Church of Scotland (a Presbyterian church). Maybe you’re thinking of Philip Pullman?>

  • Kimberley

    Harry Potter is no more Satanic than I am, I practice Wicca and we don’t even believe in Satan or the Devil. Yes evil exists but not in a fiction book for cryin out loud>

  • Kozzmo

    “Another note, what do you think Jesus would say to this?” Thank-you Mike, What would Christ think of a well written book that promoted good moral values? Lets see, Christ celebrated life, taught tolerance, was concerned for the children. All these things are found in this epoch tale between the forces of Good and Evil. I have to assume that Christ would enjoy reading it, as many others have world-wide. Why? because its a delightful book. Lets take a test, Good promotes happiness, Evil promotes human suffering. This book has made reader’s world-wide happy. The evidence suggests that this book is good. Lets see, people fight in the name of religion, do they fight in the name of Harry Potter? So maybe the Father of Lies is directing another, more sinister force…organized religion, wouldn’t that be the biggest lie of all… Ironic, Christ had several clashes with the Pharasee’s, the more that things change, the more that they stay the same>

  • Mike

    the Vatican gets so worked up about works of fiction. They should spend more time out in the real world.Maybe thats the problem.All these child molestation scandals were happening under their noses and they didnt do anything.Maybe its time to put down those Harry Potter books and get back to doing the work they were put here to do.>

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