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It seems that Britney Spears is still following in the spiritual footsteps of her mentor Madonna. Having been introduced to Kabbalah by the Material Mom, the former Baptist was soon seen wearing a red string around her wrist and toting a 900-year-old copy of the Zohar, gifted to her by Mrs. Ritchie. Now it seems that Britney is taking another page out of Madonna’s spiritual play book by taking her four-month-old son Sean to a Hindu Temple in Malibu to be blessed. Britney even emerged from the temple sporting a bindi, the traditional red dot Hindu women wear on their foreheads. (For those of you not in the know, or who have better things to do with your time, Madonna dabbled with Hinduism around the time she made her “Ray of Light” album, dressing a la Shiva at the 1998 MTV Video Awards.)

It seems that Britney must be reading more than just fairytales to little Sean, seeing as just a few years ago she wasn’t quite sure what Hinduism was. Speaking to Newsweek about South Asian musical influences on her 2003 release “In the Zone,” Spears said that she had “been into a lot of Indian spiritual religions.” Asked if one of the religions was Hinduism, she answered, “What’s that? Is it like Kabbalah?”

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