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While on the Blog of Daniel, the Episcopal Church’s site for discussion of the NBC series “Book of Daniel”–check out the entry titled “My Bishop Rocks–Literally.” (Click here to go directly to it.) It announces a rare New York City appearance by The Chane Gang, a blues band anchored by John Bryson Chane on drums. Chane’s day gig is being the Episcopal bishop of Washington, D.C. Chane was a rocker in his 20s, until one night, while touring with a band in the ’70s, he picked up a Gideon’s Bible and found his calling. He walked away from his new band, Music Explosion, which recorded its sole hit, “A Little Bit of Soul,” only a few weeks later.

The Chane Gang will be at Manhattan’s The Knitting Factory on Feb. 3. Here’s an NPR radio story from 2004 on Chane’s musical and spiritual trajectory.

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