How Great Thou Part
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People seem to believe there are sides in a divorce. In actuality, there are not. I know what you’re thinking, bear with me. First, let me preface this by saying no mature, confident adult expects another human being to take […]

I was chatting with a few of my old high school buddies recently and I complimented one of their wives. My friend responded to my comment with additional praise about his wife. “I love guys who love their wives,” I […]

I am chatting with a few girls. “Hey, don’t talk about my friend like that!” says my friend who I will nickname ‘Rainbow.’ At first, I am startled. Did I just say something about someone I shouldn’t have? Oh, that’s […]

I remember hugging my friend when she lost her mother. “I wish you knew my mom,” she said. “I did know your mom,” I replied. “Because I know you.” I could grasp what she was trying to convey. My friend […]

I always say, “If I like you great. If I respect you – even better.” Divorce is a process. At first, it appears to present overwhelming losses, yet in many ways, it is emotionally clear cutting your life. Of course, […]

I need a 12 step program for ‘long-texting.’ My friend who I like to refer to as ‘Oprah’ (again, names always changed to protect the innocent who hang out with me) recently told me as much. It went something along […]

I hear from a lot of people in the throws of divorce angst. Undoubtedly one of the hardest things seems to be the overall sense of loss. The holidays just intensify the lack of true belonging many divorcing people feel. […]

If you look up the word ‘bully’ in the dictionary the words to not do the term justice. I believe a bully is a person who takes out their pain on another human being. A degree of bullying is to […]

I sit in the coffee shop about to write this column.  Someone I know stops to sit at my table. “Colleen, I just wanted to let you know I have brain cancer.” I am at a loss. What do you […]

Most people think of ‘intimacy’ strictly in terms of romantic liaisons. The reality? An increasingly fast-paced, technology driven, take-out dinner society is hurting intimacy in all of our relationships. Intimacy is a sharing of one’s self. A few ways to […]