For our Purim seudah, I decided serve breakfast foods. I have quite a few random hunks of challah in the freezer, stowed away for french toast, that I wanted to use up, but was too lazy to make french toast for a crowd. Instead, I made this fanstasic French Toast bread pudding from Epicurious. I am so sorry I didn’t take a picture because it was as gorgeous as it was delicious and easy. The challah bits soak overnight in milk, egg and sugar, and you just pop it in the oven the next morning. I replaced most of the nutmeg with cinnamon, and used 1% milk, but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter.
I’m also re-posting a link to my world famous (according to Zoe) noodle kugel.  This is another “dump everything in a pan and bake but everyone will think you spent a long time on it” recipe. And it is fabulous.
And I don’t mean to freak you out, but PASSOVER IS ONLY ONE MONTH AWAY.

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