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As human vessels for Divine light, we are constantly inundated with information and wisdom that comes directly via our primary light-source, the sun. Revolutionaries have known the power of this for aeons.

It is the light of the sun that feeds our pineal gland – that harmonises with creative intelligence.

Yet, we are often disconnected from our inner light. The split happens between our adult self and our child self (that person who was closer to our origin). The sadness we often feel throughout our lifetime is this disconnection with our inner child who was wild and free (until being suppressed by our parents and society). The inner child is our inner sun. The more lost it is, the more hidden – the more neglected, the more suppressed.

The inner child is always yearning for freedom – always asking us for love and attention, for unconditional acceptance. If we can liberate our inner child, we will liberate our inner light, and allow it to shine upon the world.

Who can escape the question unscathed – WHO AM I?

Who can escape suffering?

Who can escape having to face his own perception and seeing that it was all an illusion – that so much of how we lived our lives was self-limiting. We limited how we were out of fear – out of what we feared others would think/feel/react – our of fear of what it would be like to be free. When we ultimately face ourselves in the mirror, we end up asking – was it really other people that I feared – or was it really myself? All the demons and witches and ghosts I saw – were they not merely figments of my imagination? Were any of them real on any level?

Surely, then we see that we live in an illusion, in a conceptual dream that has no beginning and no end except that we will keep meeting ourselves again and again – and again.

Surely, we can see the intelligence within every particle is not cruel, it merely asks us to look, to observe without judgement, to experience life to the fullest without limitation. To be extraordinary is to see the world as it is – limitless. This is not “positive thinking” – this is realism.

The holographic self realises it projects its reality outward onto the world, and then hopes to receive something back it did not expect. It will receive everything back it expected, as that is what it created. The power of consciousness is that its telepathic, instantaneous and travels at the speed of thought.

The quantum perspective of being in a pond – is that we can gain the awareness that actually there is a whole world, a whole reality outside the pond – and with courage, we can break free of the self-limiting eco-system of the pond, and adventure forth into the world. Perhaps humble tadpoles we begin, yet to boldly go outward, we will emerge as frogs when we free our minds. This is our opportunity to liberate our fears and achieve empowerment – this is empowerment is actually self-knowledge. Our greatest power is to know ourselves.

Not every day is the same, not every pitfall the same. So many levels, so many factors, dimensions, ways we can look at something. It is always important our perception. A great starting point is simply to be aware we have a perception – we have a choice how we perceive things – we are able to change that perception. We can decide to see something differently.

Rumi teaches that we don’t need to look on the outside – we can take ownership of our world – we can decide to create a fertile soil and to plant beautiful seeds so that they may grow –“This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”– Rumi

This vision of seeing the world within is important. We can shape our reality with this. It is not that the sky will become green to another person. It is simply that out sky will be blue. And that’s all that’s important within our world. If we won’t accept negativity in our sky, then no negativity will exist in that reality. It is ours to choose. Essentially we are able to imprint our intent onto the universe. We are also able to live as Rumi wrote, “as though everything is rigged in your favor.”How liberated a perspective.

Life contains inevitable challenges, difficulties along the path. Sometimes signposts, gateways, portals, awakenings, stepping stones. It is true to say that every fork in the road, contains new opportunities for learning and growth. So the more forks you hit, the more you are being gifted opportunities for learning. Yet each fork in the road, is difficult – it may feel painful, daunting, stressful, draining and more.

It is not easy to hit tension, to hit up against a wall.

How do we navigate through the points of tension, how do we learn as spiritual beings, how do we awaken?

These are some of the questions one has.

Essentially it always starts with –

Who am I?

Some of the keys to growing in a human incarnation are listed below. There are so many (the number is infinite in some sense), yet I’ve picked six of the most important:

  • Letting Go
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Unconditional Love
  • Non-attachment
  • Gratitude

Within the gamut of spiritual growth and peak awareness, is the truth of conditioned states, that all energy is moving and changing. The whole world of consciousness is in a state of flux. All that is real is NOW, is happening in the present moment. Our only moment of choice is in this present moment.

If our awareness is elsewhere – on anything beyond the now – then it is reaching helplessly into the past (known) or the future (unknown or unknowable).

Personal qualities to develop on the spiritual path include patience with ourselves, and patience with others, diligence, being in a state of gratitude. It is also essential to have a quality of love and compassion for ourselves and for all creatures.

Buddhist Zen monk Thích Nhất Hạnh teaches that there is no way to happiness, that really it is happiness that is the way, just like peace is the way to peace.

And what if you say to me – I want to be full, yet I don’t have food.

Yes, it is like wanting to be peaceful, yet having repressed hatred boiling inside.

To satisfy one’s hunger, one needs food. To be peaceful, one needs to release anger.

Or to be satisfied, one needs to have released feelings of not being satisfied first. Then, the food will only satiate hunger if it is received by the mouth and swallowed into the body.

In a similar way, if one has not released first the hatreds, the fears, the anxieties, the insecurities, the jealousies, then one will not be able to receive the pure wisdom of knowingness, the fountain of bliss that awaits the spiritual seeker.

Within the nature of water is the clue. Water is fluid, it moves, it shapes itself to whatever vessel or container it finds itself in. Flowing, shaped by perception. To be fluid is to be like water. To be happy, we must let go. We must let go of all our conditioning and let go of all our demands for being happy. If we want nothing, then we have let go of our will. We can relax. If we are relaxed, then we have the freedom to be happy.

If we have let go of wanting to be something, then we will naturally have arrived at peace.

“True happiness is based on peace.”– Thích Nhất Hạnh

I wish you this boundless peace where you sit under a waterfall and arising from within you is a wondrous and infinite light that keeps flowing, keeps giving, keeps expanding for all the days of your lifetime.

Love and peace,

You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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