Have a Magnificent Day!

Fly above the storms


How can we fly above the storms in life?

How often do we complain and waste precious time and life force on negative and draining activity?

“Attitude is Altitude!”
Nick Vujicic

Can you go an entire hour without a negative thought, word or action?

Go 24 hours and experience a MEGA shift!

As we become conscious of our thoughts and focus, we can choose to not empower negative thoughts, stories or old patterns of thinking which often lead to negative words, actions, behaviors and outcomes and relationships.

By noticing our thoughts and not adding energy to them or following the nooks and crannies of their winding paths they lose their power.  Fueling negative thoughts and getting into the drama is like adding gasoline to a fire.  Stop adding fuel to a fire and
it will die out on its own.

We live in a cause/effect world and universe.  Our thoughts and feelings both positive and negative manifest and create our reality and experience.

We attract similar patterns, people, resources and situations to our dominant thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

“If you realized how powerful thoughts were, you would never think a negative thought again.”
Peace Pilgrim

The more we stop complaining, and let go of the drama, the more we come into the moment and discover our truth.  Why not permanently close your complaint department?

“The only place where battles should be fought is in our own hearts.”

Eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive.
Have a wonderful and prosperous day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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