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People are the greatest resource in the world.

Do you acknowledge how important you are?
How about the difference you make?

Your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions impact every other person and the entire world.  Like a stone thrown into a lake, the ripples expand infinitely and permeate the entire lake.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy.

Our focus on proper principles and sincerely helping others contributes to a better world.  Being an example speaks louder than any words.

Life presents a gift, and this gift is more valuable than all the treasure in the world.  Live with humility, acceptance and balance to access this gift fully.

From The I Ching or Book of Changes by Brian Browne Walker:
Conflicts and obstacles teach us lessons that we refuse to learn in an easier way, but they only darken our doorstep until we have acknowledged the lesson.  So long as we ignore or resist it difficulty it remains are constant companion.  As soon as we accept its presence as a sign that some self-correction is needed, or deliverance begins.  The only way to dispel trouble and regain peace of mind is to change our attitude.

1) Forgive the misdeeds of others – clean every slate and begin anew
2) Restore our inner balance and see that it is maintained
3) Do not try to force progress

If we have truly changed our attitude, we have become detached, innocent, modest and accepting.  In this state we allow progress to unfold naturally.

By persevering in what is true and good, you build the foundation upon which good fortune can come to rest.”

Our core beliefs and actions create our world and ripple out to others.

Value your values.
Acknowledge what you contribute to this world.

The state of the world depends on you!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach







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