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At the core of our being is pure light.  Our natural essence is unlimited joy, energy and clarity.  We are healthy, whole and complete.  We are spiritual beings with co-creative abilities.  We are greater than any experience or circumstance.  We are unlimited.

Challenges support us to tap into our core, strength and greatest abilities.  Challenging moments guide us to discover our true essence and glory.  They empower us to transcend our limitations and achieve amazing results…to actualize our full creative potential.

At such times we experience the full brilliance and depth of our faith and acknowledge our true connection to the Supreme Creator and Source.  The trick is to let it happen, to trust and be open to new ways.  Change is good and it is the way of life.

“The only constant is change.”

Our world is moving faster than ever before.  With over 7 billion people, the population is growing and the effects on our planet are intensified as technology connects us instantly now. Notice the frequency of natural disasters and economic and cultural upheavals.  Everything is happening faster and faster.

There is a quickening of the energy all around us.  It is a wake up call to follow The Natural Laws of the Universe and Proper Principles.  There are many more people on the planet with a greater need for food, water, shelter, health care and education.   We must come to a greater understanding to work together, share the natural resources and help each other.

We are facing our greatest tests and challenges as individuals, families, nations and as a world people.  We are all connected, created from the same creative energy.  Honesty, integrity, love, compassion and kindness are the only way.  The old pattern of greed, power, corruption and manipulation cannot sustain itself.

A new day is dawning.  We can work together.  It is time for enlightenment and enlightened leadership.  Change and transformation are occurring at a rapid rate all around us.  Our world is transforming into a more glorious pattern.  Allow yourself to be open to new ways of being, living, communicating and moving forward.  It is all for the good and for a better world.

Have faith, trust and expect miracles.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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