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cause and effect


There are no mysteries regarding our health and life.  We live in a cause/effect universe.

Yet our cultural programming can lead us on a path of not taking responsibility for our health and life, which keeps us in fear.  Where is joy, balance and harmony in our daily lives?  Look at the fast pace people are creating for their lives.  Is this natural and healthy?  People would rather take a pill or have surgery than deal with a health problem and be responsible.

Once we have the courage and focus to look within and detach from the ego, we discover our essence and energy as a spiritual being in human form.

Every condition we have is a direct result of the principles we follow, this includes our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, self-talk and the actions we take.  Every symptom we have is the effect of a specific cause.

The way we feed, exercise and care for our mind and body determines our level of health and function.  With the proper nutrients and support, our body responds by normalizing and healing itself.  The human body is a brilliant, self healing mechanism.

The key is to follow good and healthy patterns and let go of destructive patterns and eliminate them.  We have to give our body the opportunity to do its natural, healing functions.  When we overwhelm the body with stress, food and toxins, the body is unable to properly process, detoxify, heal and revitalize.

If you wonder if something is good for you and your body, just notice how you feel after you eat it.  When it increases your energy and makes you feel good, it is a hint.  Notice how you feel around different people.  Notice how you feel in your home, work, office ,etc. If you feel bad or like your energy is being depleted, this is an important hint.  Your feelings are in your body and heart, not in your head so do not concern yourself too much with your thoughts.  Focus on how you feel in your body and pay attention to your five senses.  Listen to your intuition and the still, small voice within.

We are here to uplift, inspire and empower ourselves and others.

Substitute healthy patterns for negative patterns.  Let go of negative people, relationships, situations and circumstances and replace them with positive expressions of your heart’s desires.  Be present and do your best not to waste your energy in the past or future.  Discover your optimal place and expression each moment.
You can be and do whatever you want!

Have fun, be positive, thrive and prosper!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach









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